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This kid actually managed to get out of the secret realm alive How did the Royal Secret Realm mix with the Shura warriors Dare to strike at the Cultivation Conference What is the conspiracy? Lord Binding Don't you want to explain? Shura tribe appear The king can not escape blame That's right.

Must give an account Keep your voice down Don't die! Silence To the appearance of the Shura Neither do I You will be responsible for all matters of the competition Foreign invasion is such a big deal You will not know.

The Secret World opens Full authority is in the hands of Her Majesty Sian Even though I am a king without his permission I can't go in Lies are pretty decent While His Majesty is away Do you still want to throw the blame on his head? Don't think I don't know about your previous assassination attempts.

If you give up your face And hurt others Do not blame me for being merciless How dare you? How dare you be disrespectful to the King Which one of you has no eyes to rampage The royal guards are the strongest fighting force in the Chu Palace Qi Buxian is really blind Dare to mess with them.

Actually alerted the King of Zhen Dong and the Prince The emperor master and the white family elders also came Do you know who you are fighting? I don't care who he is who is in the way Within three steps You'll have no return Your Majesty, don't worry I Let me try him I.

Elder White himself has taken a shot I remember that he had reached the Immortal level before he closed down, right? Now Liang Xi is miserable Who are you? Where did you learn from? Tianlingmen Liang Xi I respect you as an elder not to make a move If you still dare to come forward.

I will not be polite Tian Gui Men How did you teach such a reckless man with courage but no ability? A stubborn old man like you who relies on the old You are not qualified to criticize Tian Gui Men Who else dares to come up I will be with you to the end If not Just shut up!.

Stay quiet Scattered Fairyland It's amazing how quickly his strength has increased I ask you one last time Do you know or not If you don't tell me clearly die This is a big deal and the danger of the royal daughter's sinus.

The Emperor of Chu will definitely investigate to the end By then I will be clear Liang Xi is calm Don't do it brutally Can't give an explanation It's your life Threatened the King and still got away with it It's not that he's ruthless It is the king has a ghost.

Stop it! We can't afford to mess with either side The Shura are coming! We have to investigate clearly I declare This secret competition ends here Things are not simple For safety reasons You will stay here.

Fairy, I'll go find Fang was in the secret realm White spectrum has been prepared This matter must be related to him Let's start with him Bring her back in peace Make me look like this I will not let him off lightly He's got a big mouth.

I'm right here What do you got? Just use it Dare to throw yourself into the net Don't blame me for being ruthless matter It's all my doing Come on You got the brains to ambush.

Still can't see the conspiracy behind Who instructed you? I tell how to get involved in the future You dare to kill me White family will not let you go Those who dare to help the Shura clan hurt me You think I will let you go No more explanation I will destroy you for the people of Chu, a traitor who eats from within.

Chen Shuci It was Chen Shu Ci who released the false news Tell me earlier So much trouble White spectrum this useless waste really can't be trusted I didn't expect Liang Xi's momentum to be so strong Now it's hard to hold them back You must win the conference crown.

Get the prize for our clan in the tournament The crystallization of the power of the Purple Emperor The calculation is really smart I can't believe I found it I'm one step ahead You stay here to hold him off Where to run Hungry Ghosts Besides being disgusting.

There is nothing great about it Don't talk too soon Take this if you can Asura All-time intruders under the Golden Immortal No one can survive under Asura Die! What power! We need to weaken it first.

Here's your chance Almost there It's up to me to break the record You can't beat me. Say it! What are the Shura planning? You made me do it! What did the Shura give you? To make you so desperate.

Nothing to do with them As long as I can keep you down Take back Xian'er What's the harm in becoming a demon It's not over yet Again Let's show you The difference in power between you and me Tell us all your plans.

I'll give you a good time You're dreaming I just die I will drag you to die with me He is going to use his power to explode himself Forbidden Land Defense Formation No. This is a four pillar formation activated by demonic energy

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