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Bai Xiaosheng I know all the Hidden Dragon List What do you mean by this list everybody Can set the peak Qingcheng Qianlong These three lists It's my honor to be Bai Xiaosheng.

But this is just the ranking I imagined Can't convince people yet So I also open the right to play Throw your Holy Stone You can even change the ranking of the list Top Brother There is also a chance to meet the top of each list I'd like to see the top of the list Nobody wants to compete with me.

Get out of my way. I can throw tens of thousands of Holy Stones Get out of my way. I can throw tens of thousands of Holy Stones One box of collection I invested eight Lingbao I see who is arguing with me Brother Hu Neng How are you Huang Qixiong I meet you again.

The Emperor of Chu arrives Greet the Emperor of Chu It is worthy of being the Emperor of Chu This is a big show Fellow Taoist friends Long time no see Have seen the Emperor of Chu Realistic Assembly Grand Chu Event.

I only wish all the friars to show their style in the competition Achieve good results Borrow the auspicious words of the Chu Emperor My little princess returned to the palace last night I am very happy Decided to open the Royal Secret As the venue of the first round competition The martial arts of Emperor Ziwei are hidden in the secret realm He also released the token of the little princess.

Dare to ask what the Emperor of Chu meant by putting the token of the little princess The person who finds the keepsake is the first in the first round You can marry the little imperial daughter of Chu I heard that the little princess ranked fifth on the list Beautiful appearance I practice day and night just for this moment The winner must be me Didn't expect Sister Xian'er to come home The Emperor of Chu regarded her as the reward of Dabi.

This so-called royal family But he took his daughter as a popular object I will win this competition Never let Xian'er marry others Ask the Emperor of Chu to open the secret Please take part in the test This is not the jade pendant that Xian'er left for you I learned a method of finding things in Shushan Xuehai You can use the breath of the jade pendant as traction.

You can find the keepsake Find Liang Xi first I'm not at ease not to knock him out Spread the news Eliminate those who live in Liangxi of Tianling Gate Hundreds of thousands of white family spirit stones Two magic weapons A Muling vein yes.

Have you heard Bai Pu issued a reward order for Liang Xi act recklessly and blindly The leader has already said Liang Xi has no rival in the younger generation We concentrate on looking for keepsake Senior Brother Liang Xi really deserved it Rewarded by the Bai Family.

Go I'd like to see it The tragedy of Liang Xi Non knife flow Tu Haibo I received the Bai Family's reward order to eliminate you White spectrum How dare your big dog reward me Dominate the world.

Is this your strongest copy What is the strongest one Even your sword didn't come out I am lost. however I'm not the only enemy you have Come out Stop hiding You're going to die.

Not for us You have some skills Even Tu Haibo is not your opponent But you are alone How to deal with the four of us Xiao Qi I also have teammates I don't need Liang Xi to deal with you I'm afraid you can't stop me.

Let's try Watch carefully Remobilization I will abolish you The sea is infinite impossible The younger generation has reached the stage of pregnancy Is already the best of the best How can your strength approach the immortal level.

Put it another way Are you too weak Liang Xi I was just passing by You can't let go of anyone passing by Follow the instructions of the jade pendant Xian'er's keepsake should be inside Huang Qi How can Huang Qi have the power of the Shura World.

The five attribute true force array is linked If it wasn't for me, I would have these five attributes It's really hard to crack Mysterious Rain Illusion So this is the Emperor Ziwei The Five Turn Yin and Yang Divine Skill left in the secret realm The power of yin and yang It is equivalent to several times of the force of the five elements If you use the power of yin and yang to activate the secret method.

Isn't the effect multiplied Xian'er The Shura people have infiltrated the imperial palace of Chu The father is under the control of the Shura people remember Don't trust anyone You mean this meeting may be used by the Shura people where are you now? Since Xian'er can leave a message here.

It means she was here And it's safe I need to find her as soon as possible

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