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It turned out to be a bloodthirsty evil leopard By sucking the blood of the cultivator to enhance cultivation It seems that at least he has the cultivation level of the Nascent Soul Qingshu, although you can practice the sword art But the sword is not enough optimistic about my sword please enlighten me.

Autumn rain Did Qingshu see clearly? Um one trick I didn't see clearly at all how did he do it eat this first Later I picked the ice lotus Alchemy for you.

The inner alchemy of the monster beast has infinite demon power If a monk eats it, he will explode and die Even if my ancestors let me die I am also willing Stabilize and improve Um How can it be Not only did she not explode after eating the demon pill, she died And suddenly promoted to the late stage of Jindan.

Xu Laozu he in the end Grandfather Xu, please accept me as your disciple I would like to join Tianlan sect V i spared you twice you know why San Niang is ignorant I don't know you, Patriarch Xu.

I know you didn't pick someone else up but why are you acting so wild I can't hide anything from you San Niang is alone and the world is so dangerous no more pretense San Niang is afraid that she will be bullied long ago. Sanniang is sincerely worshiping you today Please give San Niang another chance Okay, I'll let you enter Tianlanzong.

From now on, you'll be in charge of finding out the news. thanks but you should know I can't stand a trace of betrayal if any San Niang understands that if she has the intention of departing Sanniang is willing to die by your sword Have you seen enough? not yet out.

You are a gas refiner I can feel my breath How good are you? but Casually trick a Golden Core cultivator into becoming a disciple It must be a bit arrogant Still a beauty Waiting for Lao Tzu to pick ice lotus Why don't we have fun together.

Chen Wang Ba Dao It's Chen Kuangdao I want snow lotus I'm afraid you're dead violent cut Weeping Wind Sword Qi You are also a beauty why not follow me too find death.

Jinghong Sword Formation violent knife combine This is the Sword Intent of Transformation This is obviously something that can only be done in the middle stage of Nascent Soul explode Only saw my sword intent once then use this Qingshu is a rare sword cultivator.

You bitch How dare you hurt me then you die ancestor nothing to be afraid of break When you get angry, your power will increase Lost sanity This is the magic trick.

I remember Back then, I knew this kind of kung fu already killed by me Master, you sent me to find out the news It's exactly what you said There is a seal on the cliff Now there are several monks gathered trying to break it Why is there a dead body lying here?.

Since the seal is still there what's inside it's time to bring it back master look What a big snow lotus Sanniang, I sense something weird in the southwest you go find out Find the general location don't have to go deep.

Is the ancestor Isn't this fucking barrier from 10,000 years ago? Why is it still so hard to break? I'm afraid we in Tianwu County won't be able to find a monk We can lay down this kind of barrier Chairman Zhang specifically explained must get what's in here Even if this iceberg is dug up today You have to get it for me even if you dig it by hand.

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