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Don't worry Only a few caves have not been seen I was afraid that they would threaten you I can't do my best Before it converges Go away quickly Meet the people of Jiangyu Clan first When I lose them Meet you again.

Good You should be more careful Is that you The person who saved Nangong Yan Who are you from Jiangyu Dare to oppose my Holy Land Not Jiang Yu Hum What kind of holy land.

Ten thousand years ago It's just a running dog in the fairyland As for the name of this seat You don't deserve to know Holy Land Yuanshen no Even above that How is that possible? What is the origin of this boy.

Such strength Even if you have the Holy Land No matter how strong it is, it's just the peak in the middle of the cave Judging from the breath of his cave It's only 50 miles in size The three of us work together Not necessarily afraid of him Exactly Competition in the realm of heaven.

It's still the strength of the cave Two elders Let's fight together Hum able only to see the little patch of sky above It's true that I can't easily kill you with my current strength But the use of the power of the original god Are you ordinary people Comprehensible.

Nihilism Not good It's Yuanshen magic Hold fast to the original god Heart clearing formula Hateful He ran away Do Lian Jiangyu's men have such strength I'm afraid that in the future.

Will become my favorite dog in the Holy Land The guy who just ran away is really strong enough But with the burden of Xuanwu Gate and Nangong Yan They can't run away for the time being I will use the streamer cone to inform the headquarters Dispatch several elders who are good at the secret arts of Yuanshen to reinforce Against our Holy Land in the Eastern Regions I'm going to make it hard for him to escape you 're right.

Although the secret skill of the original god is powerful But after all, the scope of influence is limited Just four more elders We can use the Holy Hunyuan Qi Array When the time comes, all the secret methods of Yuanshen In front of us It's just like an illusion Has it been two days I don't know how Haotian handled it.

But with his strength, he still has immortal weapons to protect his body There should be no problem moreover I also left a part of Yuanshen in the immortal weapon As long as you don't meet the master of the Holy Land Basically safe my young friend So you are here I happen to have something to ask you.

Prince Mu Yes? Are you ready my young friend It hasn't arrived in three days The other three were crowned king Still on the way Maybe we'll be here tonight I'm here to talk to you about other things.

Other things It's about the situation in Wangcheng I have the latest news here oh The situation in Yucheng Isn't there a border blockade there How did Prince Mu learn about the royal city This matter will start from last night Because in a few days.

We are about to break into the royal city The king then went out of his body and sneaked into the royal city Want to get some enemy information first The king's primordial realm Has reached the Holy Land It can be said that in the whole western region In addition to the Virgin of Yaochi Only the elders of the holy land sleeping in the forbidden area can match Naturally, it was easy to sneak into the royal city.

But when the king arrives at the palace Unexpectedly, it was discovered by a hidden expert in the palace Two in all One is the national teacher Zhou Tianxuan And the identity of the other person Even I didn't know Who Hum Is that him.

Come so fast There are two people who are above you Did you fight Let's fight Me and Zhou Tianxuan Between Bozhong But the mysterious man made a move My god It will collapse instantly.

His strength inestimable At least in the aspect of Yuanshen Far above me what There are such characters in Tianyu mainland I just doubted before Now it has been determined Zhou Tianxuan.

It was taken away The mysterious man If it is not the strong man recovering in ancient times Only people from other worlds What is their purpose I don't know immediately ) Youyou taxi service for you.

Please fasten your seat belt and leave It's over running the red light Luo Feng You are here. Miss Jun I'm your English teacher My name is Junlianmeng Get out of the car boss.

Bastard What are you doing I told you not to appear in front of me again I must be offended boy Which way are you on Yeah I'm a Yoyo driver Help the passengers deliver the left things.

Remember to give five-star praise Get it done Enough Sooner or later, such people will ruin our major events When necessary Gather all the strength to get rid of him What else do you want me to do You should go to find the enemy at the end of the earth Record the choice of today and the pride of tomorrow.

Bauhinia promised you I will do it A single person can have such destructive power He's the only one he A man whom we have no face to see To avoid the rabbit, you find the wrong person Let me tell you My name is Luo Feng.

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