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Only monsters that have been cultivated to the highest level nine can transform into human forms Can even compete with the Holy King We are no match for her Isn't that the same as the big murderer I met in Dongsheng Shenzhou? Creation if outside I am the demon king who commands the whole clan You hypocritical humans are already my prisoners damn.

You actually have a complete avenue of curse on you i can't kill you but i can kill her first Foxtail Ring Prisoner how did you find it What kind of fire technique are you doing? Surprisingly able to restrain the evil This is a forbidden place.

What if there is no means of life-saving? Don't you want to order the whole clan? Come louder you bastard don't burn i let you go Can I let you go? I told you to let you go.

What else do you want don't you think Your incarnation is indeed pretty But I'm also a picky eater Since you know the great curse must also know To the teleportation array beyond this world for example Promise world.

The ancestral veins have not yet fully recovered The teleportation array has not been opened It is impossible for practitioners to know this secret who did you hear The Marauders have found the Teleportation Array Even helping people from other worlds take us away Don't you tell me the enemy won't attack? We have sacrificed many you.

Just to keep these secrets I've been locked here alone for hundreds of years What does it matter to me how much you sacrifice My old lady can't wait to die with this world If we completely defeat the aliens You don't have to keep being locked here. Little Fox gone oh.

You Thanks for your hard work Sorry for refining your roots I'll pay you back if I get the chance hey wait I just remembered there was a man yesterday Take a silver fox through my place Too bad I didn't catch him.

It must be my father and Uncle Yin Thank you It will lead you to find the fierce monster that really guards the ancient teleportation array about the world's secrets he is the clearest Why did you suddenly change your mind? stink man it's not because you changed your mind i see the cute little fox.

Don't want to make her sad oh oh oh Ye Yu you fly slower my dad they might be around I seem to feel the breath of the saint Thanks to the little fox this time.

Save us a lot of effort It seems that the charm technique of the royal fox clan is even better. Even the fierce phoenix can be subdued by you I really feel sorry for them You aliens may only consider monsters as an item But for the Beast Clan Monsters are our companions even family The little fox is worried about her family.

Master, why don't you comfort me? what's the use of consolation The phoenix said that the teleportation array was not opened If Qiu Tianlu was safe and sound, he should have come out long ago. now only to find them as soon as possible oh It turns out that master, you are not just good at talking. father Little Fox.

Little Fox Are you OK Ye Yu i saw my dad And Uncle Yin someone is chasing them them lingering in the rain You two are really flirtatious.

Who Excuse me, both of you Bong Bamboo hello to the two This man appeared quietly And now I can't see his realm you are from another world from the world of light Looking for a level 6 silver fox.

Have you two met bright world It's you it seems That silver fox is your monster, girl. what a coincidence i happen to have attractive interests have to say.

Your interest is really perverted and I happen to Interested in beheading a pervert like you semi-holy realm Holding a sword that never draws its sheath you will not Ye Yu just happened to be called run Bahuang Zhan.

Really touching in order to let her woman escape sacrifice yourself you let her go Rumored You are the kindling that builds the wood world The most talented practitioner The people of Wuji World will be defeated by weak people like you.

So disappointing illusion damn

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