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Harvest Li Mu's jealousy Get an epiphany It seems that Li Mu Also a good chive not playing with you I only wanted your precious medicine Now it seems I want to kill you too Holy Ring of Ice and Fire.

This is the holy artifact of my champion's mansion fire tolerant Resign yourself to fate i will burn you to ashes so strong flame white ink So what if you show off your prestige for a while mortal like you I only deserve to be the Young Lord.

Stepping stones on the path to the supreme Yeah What fine impossible Holy Ring of Ice and Fire burn him Let's see if you can survive this time This is.

Phoenix body You have a phoenix body Is it a surprise? True Dragon King Body You turned out to be/double special physique Envious? This is Peerless Tianjiao The difference between ordinary geniuses proud of what.

The Divine Phoenix Body is indeed not afraid of flame attacks but don't forget My Holy Ring of Ice and Fire also has the attribute of ice And the ice attribute is Diyuan Xuanice The attack power is far better than the fire attribute The difference between genius and genius here with me Only the difference between the living and the dead Diyuan Xuanbing.

Freeze him for me Divine Phoenix Sutra Earth Vein Profound Fire Divine Phoenix Sutra You actually practiced the Divine Phoenix Sutra This skill that no one has practiced how did you do it Tianjiao's world You do not understand.

Hateful why is this guy talking so irritatingly Holy Ring of Ice and Fire Can't even beat Bai Mo he is really strong I need to work harder Hand over the Holy Ring of Ice and Fire impossible This is the treasure of the Champ Hou Mansion.

For you stop fighting get out white ink You had better Put away the sacred artifacts of my Champion's Mansion three months later i will take it back myself I'm waiting for you.

With my qualifications three months later my strength only grow faster than you hateful Li Mu this time This kind of holy soldier with the Holy Ring of Ice and Fire Come to the Kylin Secret Realm something abnormal.

You shouldn't have let him go like this think he can let me For wool's sake spare his life younger brother something is wrong with you what's wrong You actually took the initiative to talk to me the most important is.

I beat Li Mu He didn't even envy me the whole time Shikui, I got the Holy Ring of Ice and Fire he is indifferent Junior brother won't be bald by me clean it up younger brother Was he handsome when I beat Li Mu just now? I was just too strong.

Do you adore me Look at this Holy Ring of Ice and Fire isn't it nice I now have two holy artifacts That's right, brother don't forget you're a villain How can I wash it white? The Qilin Shenqiao has appeared They are all disciples of my Holy Xuanzong.

And I'm out of breath who did it Help Li Hu help me three holy places teamed up Those who are chasing and killing our Saint Xuanzong What.

Not only entered a holy place but The other three shrines are entered found two more people from Chaos Holy Land They actually caught Yue Yunqi Chaos Sanctuary Since ancient times, he has been at odds with Shengxuanzong Now.

You have two options 9 or be killed by us Either offer your baby and kneel down and beg for mercy Sheng Xuanzong is a joke four holy places The prestige of Sheng Xuanzong is not there I guess They must have chosen to kneel down and beg for mercy Sister Yue.

Are you OK run away People of Chaos Sanctuary it's not something we can handle get out Report to Zongmen can you escape Qin Yu, Qin Yu I left you alive.

You're living in the wilderness, okay? self-destruction self-destruction 7 You must bring your own death Zhao Dian Li Qinghe My Qin family blood feud Today will surely make the two of you pay in blood Qin Yu.

You your cultivation impossible He's clearly broken become useless how come let me witness your ability Qin Yu immediately.

Yoyo taxi service for you Please fasten your seat belt and let's go I'm done running a red light I'm done running a red light Luo Feng You came Teacher Jun I am everyone's English teacher My name is Junlianmeng.

Get out of the car boss asshole what are you doing I told you not to appear in front of me again Don't mess with me kid which way are you on have you said it.

I'm yoyo driver Help passengers drop things Remember to give five-star praise get it done enough Such a person will ruin our event sooner or later. when necessary Gather all your strength and get rid of him too What are you looking for?.

You should go find the wronged souls under the End of the World Rakshasa promise you I will definitely do it A single person can have such destructive power only him he a man we have no face to see In order to avoid rabbits, you find the wrong person.

Let me tell you My name is Luo Feng remember this name

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