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Eastwood Family Huang Zengtian First Family Here it is I can actually see One of the two giants of the immortal world Huang Zengtian's people Is that Can also see another giant Too really heavenly people ah.

We Luang Xie Tian In the Nine Heavens of the Immortal World We can only be considered as middle class Weaker than Huang Zengtian by more than one step Our Xuanzhou re-election Xuanzhou pastor matter It seems to have alarmed many people Oops! Disperse What does it have to do with us?.

I heard that After this Indantai is triggered Anyone who ascends this huge ring Cultivation will be sealed to the Golden Dan realm Even if they are fruitful immortals No exception Is it really that amazing? This Indan Terrace It is the Heavenly Court of Luang Xie.

In an ancient immortal tomb Excavated Naturally it has its power The legendary Indantai looks like this Indantai itself does not do anything But used on top of such an examination But it is the most suitable Finally, I can take Ao Xue's four moves Your son.

I have put the cultivation suppressed to the Fate Dan realm Come again Originally I thought Got the memories and experience of the reincarnation messenger Then I could have Everything they are good at Now it seems completely wrong Still need to work harder.

Woe is me! Woe is me! what's going on? My Lord Yu Ying and Fei Cha two aunts In the southern part of the city, we messed with people we can't afford to mess with Even the old slave also nearly died in Those people's hands.

Yu Ying and Fei Zhi Who did they mess with Today Fei trance girl To see that Indan Terrace Lord Yuying went with her The result I met a person who didn't know out of nowhere Promiscuous gentry.

Molesting those two aunts A slap away by the Fei Zhi girl The result is that the slutty boy back again with people to arrest He was also injured Mr. Qing Han who heard the news and blocked the two girls from leaving Your Excellency, please go and see If it is.

What do you say Hurt Qing Han That is It is The one who molested those two aunts Qing Han Gongzi's injury Should not be serious Don't kill me Don't kill me.

It's none of our business Hahahaha What are you? Use the Heavenly Emperor of Luang Xie Heaven to oppress me Do you know who this young master is? My lord is The first family of Tai Huang Huang Zeng Tian The ninth young master of the Donglin family Donglin Shaogong.

You use the Emperor's Decree of Luang Xie Tian to pressure me Are you looking for death? Give me a fight Level those formations for me Cut that black-clothed kid into pieces And catch those two female immortals Send them to my room Who gave you permission to run wild in my Xuanzhou City? Hey!.

You are the one who the sickly Xuanzhou shepherd You two are afraid to make a move with your hands tied Is trying to make my Xuanzhou Shepherd House to be ridden over by others? Please forgive me It's not your fault I forgot to tell you beforehand I don't get into trouble.

But definitely not afraid of trouble Who hurt Qing Han I will use his life to compensate The people of the Donglin family present here No one will leave Yes Hahahaha I'm talking to you Are you deaf?.

I gave you face, right?

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