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Go out next time If you dare to leave me alone again Go to a luxury hotel I'll take you to practice my new fist technique in Xuanyuan Pavilion I can't help but think that Qian wants to be with me so much I will arrange a bed for you next time What are you talking about By the way, I will ask Master Dongfang to continue to investigate the bone eating abyss I'll let you know as soon as I hear from you.

Okay, please Miss Xiaoxue Luo Feng, you finally come back Why can't I contact you before Uh, a long trip I've heard about Huashan I'll help you then My father is still working on that What's more important now is that the Heaven and Earth Taoism Center is about to open.

What Yesterday, Mantian Sect, one of the three religions, sent envoys Within three days Let the leader of Ancient Medical School come to Room 308 of Yangcheng Hotel Out of date Great. I finally got the clue of Heaven and Earth Taoism Center But my father, he's going everywhere to seek alliances It's hard to get back to Luo Feng I'm afraid you are the only one to go instead of him.

I Well, you have the strength and keepsake of the leader You want to enter the Heaven and Earth Taoism Center again Then just be the leader of the ancient medical school No, Miss Xiaoxue, I won't hide from you I went to Heaven and Earth Taoism Center because my teacher was taken away and used as a maid I want to see her i see Do you know that this will probably bring terrible consequences.

I've made up my mind, but if there's a conflict It is bound to involve ancient doctors So you are still going to represent the ancient doctors I follow In case of any accident, we should forget our relationship immediately All the consequences will be borne by Luo Feng alone Since you insist All right You just have to promise me.

Never offend the three religions Luo Feng is so loyal How envious of his teacher Don't worry. I'll be careful Why am I suddenly more worried I can see the legendary Three Cults tomorrow How strong can it be? I'm looking forward to it My grade is too low, maybe it will arouse suspicion Let's practice our internal skills and fist techniques again today.

Speaking of which, what kind of god have I become I have to go to the Miao Village again But Chiyou Shenli Camo I'm afraid it doesn't exist at all Forget it. You'd better cultivate your internal skills quickly Yeah This is Forbidden Area of Miao Village I'm clearly practicing in my room.

Why is it hereO Did I fall asleep ah What happened when I went This is the mechanism of the altar How could I have such a magical dream This is Knife fire This dream is really strange.

Such a small Dongyou is not a treasure in the Forbidden Area Yeah Yeah what what the hell It was just a dream I told you, it can't be true Uh What about my going.

The blue fire just now My dream came true Or is it not a dream at all What the hell are you Is it really a treasure in the Chiyou Forbidden Area I will run when I go This blue fire is related to the forbidden area of Miao Village We must catch it Hey, I don't believe it. I can't catch you.

Got you Yeah It can also drill stones Ouch, I take it What the hell is this That's it Isn't this the broken stone you got in the antique market last time Luo Feng, you are absolutely stupid I actually asked me to contact Grandma for such a strange dream Song, it's true.

Can we have some trust I don't want to talk about trust Just want to talk about love Forget it. I'll send a message to Grandma But Grandmother will never believe your story Luo Feng never talks nonsense The blue fire must have something to do with the secret of the forbidden area of your Miao Village Hum, I can't even see the fire You bet? If you lose.

Warm my bed tonight Is Hasong playing so big Hee hee, what's the matter Oh, just bet No regret I finally caught the chance I'll take care of you tonight Yeah Hello Grandma, why did you call.

Jiuyun, the news you just sent is true There was an earthquake in Shenshan yesterday The root is the forbidden area It is completely consistent with what Xiaofeng said Grandmother, I'm serious Second master vvRJ vDon't overstep | vU 8 y Back on campus Because promises have to be fulfilled A new student without dependence.

A new student without dependence The confrontation started Don't worry about nothing I will always be by your side Stick to everything Kill his arrogance with my fist In this world Black and white justice Bustling city.

Sub forces Only practice Only practice Awaken oneself change danger into safety Write a legend Burning hot blood Guwu Liaoyuan Don't panic on the way across mountains and seas.

Tread through hardships and dangers Another fight for chivalry

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