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After all, it is related to my practice If it is not for the development of the Tianyuan Dynasty I will not rush to improve my strength I don't even want the entire Starry Sky Academy to become my demon seed. Anyone who obstructs my cultivation Whoever hurts my dearest friend god block kill god Buddha blocks and kills Buddha Master is really angry this time.

Owner The demon seed on the old man It's the last one do not Do not kill me It was His Majesty who ordered us to assist Yunhai in attacking your Tianyu Yun family. It's not that my alchemy association didn't keep the promise according to you all of these.

It's all the conspiracy of Emperor Tianyuan yes yes It is His Majesty who approves Young Master Yunhai to lead the army It is His Majesty who secretly assisted the Alchemy Association He also personally led the Imperial Forest Army to Aurora City. All the teachers and students of Star Academy all planted with magic seeds what.

Grown ups I told all I knew The devil seed is also for you don't kill me You get your life back Thank you for your kindness Lingxue has already sent it out Ok That kid has to stay with the academy.

I had to knock her out It was finally before the dog emperor's formation closed Send her and several elite disciples away Ok Just leave the salary for the academy Disciple who was too late to show up Let us guard our old bones correct Tutu is out?.

Don't mention him to me This little slippery head won't go Shouting to stay and wait for Yun Qingyan to come back so mad at me Su Tutu values ​​friendship you should be happy But I don't know Yun Qingyan Do you rush back to the academy as shown in the picture? Advance and retreat together with thousands of disciples of my starry sky academy!.

He will Mei Buchen, you four elephant blood sacrificial array It takes ten days to absorb the aura of practitioners in the formation Dean Namoro is old and cunning Will things change in ten days? what are you kidding The old body is Mei Buchen, the blood-striped ancestor of the Infant Pill Realm Little Moro, who was born with a half-step higher than that A full realm higher.

Ten days later Everyone at Star Academy They will all become walking dead for you to harvest The academy is set up How much spiritual power will it take for the fire spirit to break through this formation? i see i see Wow no master This big array can't be broken.

This array runs through all four elements Absorbs the aura of enemies in the formation as a source If we forcibly break the formation, I'm afraid it will seriously injure the people in the academy What if you directly kill the person who set up the formation? wrong wrong If the battle master is dying and counterattacks People with low aura in the formation will die instantly This formation is really insidious kid.

You want to save the people in the battle Ok Although the old man can't help you break the formation But there's a way to get you in quietly Oh Humph Sun Buping if i remember right You are Hu Xiaomo's dean's uncle, right?.

You have a feud with me Why instead of throwing stones at you even help me shut up you think i want to help you If it weren't for the old man riding a tiger How can I be willing to join hands with you The emperor's old dog Ben promised If I help him sow the magic seed.

Let go of my apprentice Who would have expected him to back out To plant all the disciples of the academy with demon seeds Careful old man Can't tolerate the grand plans of the royal family. so you betrayed the academy good but now.

And only I can help you save the academy it is good then let me hear what do you think If there is half a word I have a million ways to blow you up few less airs wash your ears and listen.

You kill jacqui News of the bloodbath of the headquarters of the Alchemy Association in the Imperial City The emperor's old dog has learned from the spies But even with the loss of so many demon species He didn't lose his temper because he has more substitutes Oh good The emperor's old dog kidnapped the blood-striped ancestor Mei Buchen.

Order him to use the four-elephant blood sacrifice array to absorb the aura of the teachers and students of Starry Sky Academy when they can no longer fight sow all the magic seeds catch all Ah He is really a good emperor who disregards human life don't you wonder Ancestor Mei in the majestic Infant Pill Realm Why is it in the hands of the dog emperor at the peak of Yangjing?.

Tsk Could it be She was also planted with demon seeds This is the third day of the siege Waiting for them to be sucked out of their aura really boring Mei Laozu or dance to me.

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