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Dean resign from office because of age Whatever you do Please be sure to bring Li Yao back to Deep Sea University I'm going to Li Yao's residence Don't worry, Dean Convince Li Yaolai to report to Shenzhen University I'm sure Then please do this.

Resign from office because of age The first battle in the exam cabin yesterday I'm so hungry I Although it is a simulated animal tide I almost died Who Hide it Dad told me Don't let others find you.

Is this it Li Yao As the champion of the joint examination in this city The greatest miracle in the history of the joint examination of Fuge City What do you want to share with us As a once fallen rookie Only one month to come back and win the champion again What happened this month Please publish.

Li Yao Li Yao Tell me how you feel Tell me how you feel Li Yao I It's Professor Xie Tingxian Why is he here Professor Xie.

Why are you here Li Yao I came here at the request of President Chu I sincerely apologize to you At first, we looked away Also take this opportunity You are officially invited to join the Department of Refinery of Deep Sea University Professor Xie You're serious.

Li Yao Please choose Xingyun University All tuition and miscellaneous expenses Li Yao Our school is not only free of tuition It can also provide you with high scholarships So many schools come to rob Which school will he choose Sorry, teachers.

Everyone's conditions are very attractive however I have submitted the volunteer form I knew You will be the first Sister Xiaoling Thank you and Brother Hai for your trust in me I will never forget this more than a month How did you try your best to sprint for me.

Cut the crap I have said that As a friend Whatever choice you make I will support you Even if I make the craziest choice Whatever your choice is Do your best Become a real capable person.

What the hell are you doing Li Yao, the boy All right I knew that you, Sister Xiaoling, understood me best My dream is to become the most powerful weapon smelter So I can't apply for the martial arts department of Dahuang War Academy I'm really sorry No problem Deep Sea University is a holy land for weapon smelters.

Can definitely realize your dream Li Yao Congratulations on making the right choice In another 20 or 30 years I promise to make you Supernovae in the Kaiyuan world I'm sorry, Professor Xie I'm really sorry The Refiner Series I filled in.

Belongs to Dahuang War Yard ah Is there any weapon refining department in the Dahuang War Yard Is it wrong Li Yao Don't give up your dream just because you feel angry It's not worth it Professor Xie I'm not in the mood.

I never gave up my dream Now Deep Sea University is a holy land for weapon smelters But in the future This honor may belong to the Dahuang War Yard You should be careful Ha ha ha young people Very ambitious But you know.

How hard is this to achieve Professor Xie I am very aware of the power of the Department of Refinery of Deep Sea University Challenge it It's really a very difficult thing I set this goal There is no way out Or it will become a big joke Or clench your teeth.

Do your best to create miracles Then I'll be at the Deep Sea University Waiting for your challenge Ha ha ha wish you success Li Yao Did he just give Professor Xie Tingxian a lecture The news should be exclusive tramp.

You've already planned to take the Great Wilderness War Yard exam, haven't you Then why do you pretend to be separated from each other It made me sad for a long time Why didn't you say it earlier I want to surprise you Is this a surprise Pretty scary You've played with people's feelings Sister Xiaoling.

See Xin An I set out from Fugo Three months Made a turn from south to north Saw many incredible landscapes Met many strange people And made several interesting friends Looking back on the little things in Fuge City as different as if a lifetime had passed.

I'm in the Dahuang Fortress Prepare to report to Dahuang by bus from Ju'en Pass The only regret of this trip is I haven't found my own feeling The spiritual root has not fully awakened Only one step is needed I hope I can become a real talent here Chixiao Sect is facing the biggest financial crisis in history The stock plummeted.

Among them, Director of Chixiao No. 2 Middle School, He Lianba A large number of dereliction of duty were found Being investigated by the Chixiao Sect what is your destination? The road ahead I'm going by myself Xiaohei There are many people on the bus I can only consign you back to the Dahuang War Yard.

I promise that when I get to the Dahuang War Yard Take you out to play every day Dear passengers Welcome to take this train Enter the waiting hall Please follow the organization of the staff guide Specify the location according to the guidance screen Line up.

Waiting for ticket checking You said you would take the train Don't cry if you can't stand it later Oh, don't make fun of me You don't walk with long eyes Sorry Sorry I said you old man Did I let you go Why did you run away.

Young people, don't be so impulsive You old man are so grumpy Forget it Forget it Just a bad old man Don't argue with him It doesn't matter if I hit someone Can't let him go easily Excuse me, are you Master of the Hidden God Valley.

Mr. Ding Yinding I didn't expect to meet you here Mr. Ding I have collected all your four works From your work I learned a lot Benefited a lot hey old man.

Don't go Please stay This place is only open to the capable I'm also an able person Why can't you get on this carriage No special files No admittance You're good keep trying.

Of course I'm good Do you know who I am? He is the young master of the Jiang family The youngest capable person If the original high-speed train had not been expropriated by the military Who will squeeze this slow and broken car Occasionally take this ordinary crystal rail train It is also a rare life experience We're both dressed in such a low profile.

Nobody knows you are a member of the Jiang family If you encounter a hillbilly on the way You just can show your power That would be awesome Who dares to come to me Dear passengers We have entered a thunderstorm area Please try not to use Holy Crane as a messenger To avoid thunder and lightning.

Breakdown crystal brain What is that?) It's closed It is the vibration sound generated by the train defense system when it is excited to the limit What is there The psionic shield of the crystal track train Explosion sound What's going on Why are you driving us out of the carriage.

Yeah This big night Where can we go Dear passengers Spherical lightning hit the power symbol array of car 14 We are doing our best to repair it The next journey may be bumpy in addition Passengers with experience in quantum device maintenance should go to carriage 14.

Come again Wait for me here I'll be right back The military was forced to ask passengers for help It seems that the situation is very bad I'm a junior in the refining department of Xingyun University Third level ability person in gas refining period It's hard for me to repair ordinary quantum devices what about you?.

I'm the freshman of the weapon refining department of the Great Wilderness War Academy Is preparing to report for duty There is no grade yet But some simple maintenance work I can still do it All right Insufficient manpower One counts as one Come with me.

O s Everything is ready As soon as I opened the door, I hid behind me and rushed after me It's coming in The wafer case is used up L One more case look out Livestock.

Let Grandpa kill you It's an animal tide Old Ding I got you two helpers Let them fix the damaged machine guns Device Master Ding Yin Although you are still a low-level smelter But ordinary machine guns like this should be OK This is totally different from the foreign animals in the Federal Junior Extreme Challenge.

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