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Since the Seven Gods don't grasp it well Hope round shoulders don't regret Yeah Don't miss such a good opportunity Eighteen Gods What are you doing here Get you back Catch me Which onion are you.

Do you have the ability to seize this God Son Give you a chance Tie yourself up Follow me back You can take less pain how absurd Suppress you Nayuanzhu Eighteen Gods.

Don't use the nanobead if you have the ability I'll help you suppress Eighteen Gods Do you think you won when you caught me It's naive The Son of God intentionally let you catch him Youming Fire The God Son is the ancient dark body.

The nether fire of the nether world can burn everything Your hand will be burned to ashes by the nether world fire This flame is really weird I have the sun god body I can still feel the slightest heat But what the nether world fire burns directly is my taboo supreme skin No pain in the supreme skin It didn't cause any harm Wail.

Cry You're a little noisy Why are you okay It's impossible The nether world fire can burn everything Why didn't you burn all your hands Waste is talk Defeat the Thirteen Gods It's as easy as eating and drinking.

The strength of the Eighteen Gods has grown too fast The nether world fire can't hurt him I wanted to keep the Eighteen Gods Let him be a spoiler Sit on the mountain and watch the tiger fight It seems that we can't stay God Son Assembly Will be the day of his downfall Have you heard from the three sons of God yet.

Reviving Son The three sons of God have not returned To urge Extraordinary period Don't let anything happen The Son of God is at ease You are the first to break through the spirit state Three more sons of God Now is the biggest force among the many divine children of the Yuhua Sect.

No other god son dares to disobey I'm sure I'll follow your lead Yeah The Son of God will wait for them Bringing good news about the obedience of other divine children Qin Shu, the Eighteen Gods' Son After you submit to the spear The Son of God will certainly humiliate you To avenge the enemy.

No more Something's wrong What's the style of panic What's up? Speak slowly Now the Three Gods are incomparable What can you do Thirteen divine sons The three sons of God have been captured.

What Who did it Reviving Son yes It's the Eighteen Gods What the hell is going on Fifteen seventeen, two sons of god Not to persuade the Eighteen Gods to join How did you get caught.

And what does it have to do with the Thirteen Gods How did he get caught Son of God The eighteen gods are very domineering The two divine sons failed to persuade The Eighteen Gods Arrest People Directly And we've caught the two gods The Eighteen Gods don't seem to enjoy themselves He also went to catch the Thirteen Gods.

Said to make you a loner, Son of God how absurd The Eighteen Gods put their words into words If the Son of God wants three sons of God He took the Son of God to redeem people Son of God This is absolutely intolerable Kill the Eighteen Gods no way.

Cannot be caught The Eighteen God Son must have deliberately let the God Son Go to Yangzhi Fukong Island to avenge All floating islands are forbidden Especially the floating island of Yang Yangming Ancestor is very powerful The prohibition is stronger on the island The Eighteen Gods Control the Floating Island That's his home court.

He can transfer the restrictions of Fukong Island to deal with me at will In his territory I'm even better than him I can't beat him Son of God What can we do? The three sons of God must be saved when they are captured Otherwise, who will dare to join the power of the Son of God in the future Be loyal to the Son of God.

Not bad People can't help But Yang's floating island is a trap The Son of God can't go There's only one way Take these three pieces of God's Son Go to Yangzhi Fukong Island to redeem the three sons of God this Son of God.

This is God's Son Jian | Is it easy to take it out This is the symbol of the Son of God The keepsake of fighting for the emperor Those who have achieved great things have their share The Son of God wants other sons of God to see How does the Son of God treat his own people Say more The Son of God Dog Club is about to start The Son of God needs three sons of God to return.

At the Son of God's Meeting Only the Son of God can control the situation Recapture the Holy Relic The Son of God is wise Leadership The overall situation is important Admirable Subordinate, go to Yangzhi Fukong Island to redeem people Divine character.

The Son of the Three Gods sent someone to redeem him

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