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Without any choice We can only use the exercises and heart formulas we have learned first divided into eight parts passed on to your brothers And because of Jiuji you are among the brothers The highest degree of fusion of the power of heaven In case We will make the most complete recipe in you.

Then sealed your dantian And it is set that you can only get rid of this seal after you reincarnate so I am also a demon Back then, your father practiced the Heavenly Book Yang Jue The evil energy on my body has been washed away So essentially you are already human but the child.

In this world In fact, whether human race or demon race Or the Yaozu none of this matters good heart is positive Evil is evil That Mother how can i get you out.

Back then, after I desperately sent you to the lower realm dying Your father can only burn the last of his life set a time limit here imprison me here also for my safety Time in prohibition is almost standing still That's what made me Gou Yanquan today If forced open.

Within a year i must fall Is there no other way? Unless you can combine the yin and yang scriptures into one Practice to the extreme Book of Yin and Yang Contains the mystery of the three cultivation rules of human, demon and demon If you can realize it to the top Will break your father's seal.

Me and your father The Book of Yin and Yang has been passed down to you Just considering the reputation of the demons I'm afraid it will affect you badly So seal the yin formula a little deeper only when you are in danger will appear to protect you I see Demon God Art is this Yin Art.

The black energy that has been surrounding me is the magic energy now I will help you to completely unlock the seal of Yin Jue You will be able to recall all the recipes Feel This is the complete book of yin and yang ah Jiuer be careful what is that.

That's bloodline tracing At the cost of losing one's own lifespan A dangerous forbidden technique to find people with the power of blood It's just that in this technique, apart from the power of blood, It also implies devouring and killing intent It seems that in the picture of Qingyun Mountains and Rivers before because of space tearing Those voices that I have only heard through the power of blood so inferred.

Most of the people in black robes have something to do with my brother Fan so It was one of my older brothers who came to the door So much fanfare that I want to kill me It's really interesting report metropolitan According to the report from our spies in the Demon Realm Recently, a new demon god messenger has arrived in the demon world.

Seems like a big move oh Demon Messenger what is that person from The origin of this person is unknown I only heard that his skills are mysterious The demons only follow his lead Everyone is practicing the exercises he taught Sovereign.

Our branch in the lower bound of Qingyun Continent disappeared for no reason Is it also done by the people of the devil world? Mozu this time Are you ready to go to war with us? snort Although the demons live in the north But has harassed our sanctuary border for thousands of years they want to go to war Are we still afraid that they will fail?.

Metropolitan The subordinates also heard the news It seems that the demon world has captured a saint What The Son fell into their hands Once the Son fell into their hands The demons began to practice Could it be that The demons have mastered the secret of the Holy King.

V is practicing the techniques of the Holy King If the demons learn the holy king's skills first That's very bad Since ancient times, man and devil are incompatible Back then, Holy King Haotian was also wounded by the demon god finally fell It's time to make a break pass me rune My Heavenly Sword Sect is willing to gather at the Nine Heavens Gate.

Temple of Dan Zhenwang Pavilion and other Seven Great Sacred Sects One Hundred Thousand Army Northern Expedition If any sect is willing to answer the call Come with us to conquer the remnants of the demon clan Rescue the Son Exterminate the Demons and Save the Son kill ten days later.

The human race assembled an army of 300,000 and marched northward Stationed at the boundary between humans and demons Near Mo Tianhe And issued an ultimatum to the demons If you don't give up the Son launched an all-out attack on the demons immediately Yoyo taxi service for you Please fasten your seat belt and let's go.

I'm done running a red light I'm done running a red light Luo Feng You came Teacher Jun I am everyone's English teacher My name is Junlianmeng get out of the car boss.

Asshole what are you doing You said don't show up in front of me again Don't mess with me Kid J which way are you on have you said it I'm yoyo driver Help passengers drop things.

Remember to give five-star praise get it done enough Such a person will ruin our event sooner or later. when necessary Gather all your strength and get rid of him too What are you looking for? You should go find the wronged souls under the End of the World Rakshasa.

Promise you I will definitely do it A single person can have such destructive power only him he a man we have no face to see In order to avoid rabbits, you find the wrong person let me tell you My name is Luo Feng.

Remember this name

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