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Ah stop Don't try to run by Brother Tianchen This is Uncle Gao yes This man Who is it?.

Go to Gao Bandit's family It's him It's him forehead Uncle Gao woke up Don't come here What's wrong with Uncle Gao Got a little stimulation Maybe it's insane.

These scum Damn it Life is really big Still alive You have no chance bastard You are the one You did it bastard.

Bastard wife I'm useless Looks like he remembered Please comfort me It's time for us to find the Gao bandits to make peace This is which Yeah.

Dad Bandit Bandit You finally woke up dad Great You're still alive I'm relieved to see you wake up dad.

Did Feiwei do anything to you You've been hurt a lot Have those bastards solved the problem Thanks to your two friends Mother's revenge has been avenged Brother Tianchen is right You really woke up Luo Maid I'm hungry.

Eat something first Thank you Luo Maid where? Should be You've been in a coma for three days I thought you couldn't wake up It's been three days that.

Where's this? Hotel It's abandoned here We live in These are all in Found it in the hotel kitchen Good i see You are still too aggressive.

Tianchen I didn't tell you Less than a last resort Can't Ebola be inspired I knew that guy Is the killer of my mother I can't help it forget it Fortunately, you have been practicing breathing.

Virus resistance can keep up by the way I haven't asked you Where are your stripes Ah, this forehead stay there there.

There it is Men's A bandit You are a talent It's wonderful Don't laugh I've seen you for the first time When you fully recover Let me take a look at it for you.

I don't want you to help me Bandit You chat with each other and I will come later. I went back to my room to rest ah good Almost Girl Your current physical quality.

It's near the first level It's just that the power hasn't been turned on Yeah I feel physically recently It's getting lighter and lighter Tianchen This breathing method Can you teach my father Certainly.

If it weren't for you I have taught Uncle Gao how to breathe really We are brothers dad it's me Bandit dad Open the door It's me.

A bandit Get out of the way this

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