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It is an ancient battlefield that has been sealed for years In order to sharpen their disciples Open every seven years all told In three months It should be the time when the Tiannan war area opened Do you have to wait three months You girl Can't wait to save your brother.

I have been called a poison girl since I was young Only my brother and grandpa are good to me If my brother can't wake up again I also hope Brother Lin wakes up early But this Tiannan war area is in ancient times The place where our ancient gods land and the Demons fight Among them, the evil spirit is rampant All over Warcraft Want to get the liquid of divine stone.

We should take advantage of these three months to improve our accomplishments otherwise Even if we go there, it's futile I know it Sister Qingyi, rest assured Xianger will work hard let's go Let's go to see your brother One month has passed.

Younger Martial Brother Lin has no sign of awakening You know what? Actually, I wanted to find a chance to apologize to you Since the day you saved me outside Black Dragon City His current state If you can't restore the power of spirit I'm afraid it's really dangerous The power of the Phoenix is helping him recover But how to repair the spirit.

Is the tree of life It began to feed Lin Feng back This is the spirit of life I feel it It is the breath of the tree of life You finally woke up Your spirit is seriously damaged Fortunately, the tree of life feeds back You need more rest.

In this month I often dream about that day And you want to protect us The day of fighting against the evil dragon I will never forget it in my life I've never seen anything like you Special person Lin Feng You must wake up.

I'm waiting for you Girl How many times have I said My master is fine He will wake up soon You come here every day to nag My ears are going to cocoon You stupid bird Your master is in a coma.

Just don't worry I'll take care of it You even drove me away Who wants you to take care of A woman who is sentimental Unconscious stupid bird When your master wakes up I have to let him eat you for stew Bitch.

Too much bird bullying You think I'm a sick chicken You You You stupid bird Who is it it's me Brother Lin, you are awake master You finally woke up.

I miss you so much I won't wake up again Your head will be blown up by your quarrel Thank you these days this This is what I should do What did you say just now What I said.

What did I say She just said Brother Lin, you must wake up I will be waiting for you Me Me I I mean I will wait for the day when you become famous in the land of ancient gods I already said.

My master will wake up in a few days Do you believe it You stupid bird I haven't told you yet master Why are you still angry with me You scolded Qianyu away She won't deliver the medicine I'm not dying of thirst.

He called me a thousand words it seems Lin Feng doesn't hate me Qianyu Sister We have found a way to cure our brother's spirit It's Elder Martial Sister Qingyi and Sister Xianger who are back Brother Lin, you are awake brother Why are you crying.

I just got hurt Both the master and the leader said that your spirit was injured be at a loss what to do Xianger is afraid that his brother will not wake up like this Yes, Brother Lin Why did you wake up suddenly Is it Sister Qianyu? What magic medicine have you found Lin Feng woke up by herself I practice the art of spirit.

It seems to be in a coma In fact, I have been quietly recuperating my soul Plus, you've been giving me magic medicine My spirit wound is getting better I woke up Anyway It's great that you can wake up brother Are you completely healed.

No life danger It takes a long time to restore the previous state Xianger and I have found a miraculous medicine for you in the Sutra Pavilion It's called the liquid of divine stone Have heard of The liquid of divine stone It can help people wash, refine and cut marrow Zhuang people and spirits Even save people between life and death.

If you get the liquid of god stone It can not only help you recover your spirit power It can also make your phoenix spirit go further Save people between life and death Then my brother since it is so The liquid of the divine stone I have to But the Tiannan battle area is extremely dangerous.

Your injury unimpeded There are still a few months to recuperate I have confidence Can make further progress in cultivation I will also work hard to cultivate Try to get some divine liquid for your brother human effort is the decisive factor We are sure to get divine liquid.

Master If there is the liquid of divine stone I can also reshape my body You can relax Wait to go to the Tiannan battle area Let you drink enough brother How are you When the time comes, Xianger will accompany you to Tiannan Battle Area.

There is another laggard No by the way The news that you woke up It's time to tell them

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