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One day The Sword Immortal will surely save the Maruzhou Continent And this sword tablet It's the entrance to Sword Immortal It's the entrance to Sword Immortal My name is Xu Changqing is a genius at least six years old at least six years old.

I thought so stop for me fairy fairy don't bully my brother elder brother don't be afraid My sister is here to protect you she.

Mu Zixun is my sister but we are not related by blood great My grandson is a genius go to the sword monument have a test no response.

Qi Refining Nine Realms genius I am lucky in Sword Valley since then I knew it this genius not a genius anymore I am young and also a genius grandpa felt it.

Within a year or two at most three to five years Evergreen Must be able to gather fairy spirits breakthrough come again no this time i must pass the test.

Become sword fairy Xu Changqing Qi Refining First Heavy from the age of six ten years It's still the first level of Qi Refining It's all my dantian's fault born with a strange cyclone how much i practice.

How much does it swallow Evergreen way of practice It's been a long time you are only sixteen Can't be depressed give up Xu Fei Juling Yizhong.

Xu Xiang Qi refining triple Imposing Son of the Sword Fairy Ten Years of Resource Cultivation but no progress Still in Destiny's dream ridiculous Destiny's Son Then I will be the ruler of the Cangyun Realm.

Lord of the Cangyun Realm lost something Afraid of being spanked you Next person Mu Zixun As expected of my grandson Already in the Eighth Level of Gathering Spirits Brother Evergreen.

Don't be discouraged i teach them for you Brother Evergreen let me protect Zi Xun rest assured I will not give up I want to be as strong as my father just you just you.

Simply perfect patriarch Zi Xun is so talented Rare look good good everyone Follow me to open the seal of the Emperor Sword.

Let Zixun try the sword at the same time Let the descendants of the clan try it too Let's see who can get the emperor's sword and recognize the master you remember As long as you feel the Qinglian Emperor Sword with your heart You will have the opportunity to be recognized by the Emperor Sword If you can wield the Emperor Sword You can become the Supreme Sword Immortal.

Vibrate My Fairy Gate Raise my imperial prestige Don't be distracted father since twelve years ago Go to Fairy Sea then no news Unable to be approved by Emperor Sword become sword fairy How to qualify to find him.

My current practice Will Dijian recognize me? If you wield the Emperor Sword I'll be able to find my parents what happened what happened patriarch The situation is not good Qinglian Mirror.

Now The person who came was Wu Gan, the Ninth Demon General of Cang Yue Palace. strength near fairyland This Wu Gan seven years ago Once destroyed Baidi Fanyin Valley Could it be that I Qinglian Sword Valley today To repeat the mistakes of genocide everyone.

Don't forget the prophecy Nine Suns magic star dark 1800 years ago Has been fulfilled This Jiuyang It was the nine descendants of Emperor Zun who saved Xianmen five spirits together Magic star off.

Purple smoked girl It is the body of wood spirit is our hope to turn things around pity Zixun hasn't grown up yet. The enemy has come Could it be that Qinglian Sword Valley To be ruined in my hands at this point.

What do you think battle I am a descendant of Emperor Qing bloody battle Resist the magic gate Don't dishonor the name of your ancestors The old man has lived one hundred and eighty-nine years If we can destroy a few demon cultivators this time It's worth it.

Good good I'm already old what's the matter with death protect my youth protect my fairy gate hope a trace of sincerity A glimmer of life You wait and continue to concentrate on comprehending.

Don't act rashly condense me Qinglian Sword Formation Sword Qi Hualian Support the world Qinglian become become Is the magic circle activated?.

Lingering did not think of so many years have passed The little girl has grown so big but If she hadn't been the Daughter of Destiny The Lord will come at all costs Aren't you busy daughter of the taboo character.

Are you an idler? general Subordinates request to be pioneers rate magic guard capture this little girl Qinglian Emperor Sword I want Mu Zixun also take away.

As for others Unforgiven yes yes Qing Ming broken seal yes The power of Qingming winged sword.

Cut through mountains and rivers burn my soul burn my soul Turn green lotus into sword energy Guided by my mind Strong me Qinglian Just a few real people Dragon Claw not good.

Seal broken give this seat broken lead me Qinglian strike back this What is this so smart this is dragon eagle in trouble.

Dragon Eagle Mo Dao's mounts are so powerful Fanyin Valley now it's us again intolerable Walk let's go help the patriarch Walk let's go help the patriarch.

Be careful with the dragon eagle's feathered sword Qingming Dragon Eagle Father Mother Uncle Zi Chuan Zixun is incompetent can't avenge you Walk The Qi in Zi Xun's body is so chaotic.

No gotta let it settle this breath Inspired that little girl's blood wood spirit body really want to see This little girl will what will it be like level this valley of swords.

Don't hurt that girl as long as i'm not dead You don't want to set foot in the Valley of Swords Let's play with the little ones what are these Dark Gold Ant did not think of a magic guard Can actually control the ancient monster.

Burn my fairy Help me Blue Sky Sword Lotus get together get together Qing Emperor Lineage successor it's useless Jietian magic circle.

Heavenly Demon Array become the rumor Cangyue Palace's nine great demon generals have strong men like clouds Sure enough I can only use my trump card of Qinglian Jiangu this old man it's a last ditch In the name of the emperor.

Summon the spirits of the ancestors summon the spirits of the ancestors respectful ancestors born respectful ancestors born who is calling us how many years I'm still alive.

My family Are you in danger? Ancestors My family is invaded by the devil Junior Xu Jiushan is incompetent Difficult to retreat Also please ancestors Bowers As a descendant of Emperor Qing.

Nature is duty bound with my soul reignite The old man died for many years at this time Can still use the waste heat Eternal Qinglian escapes the void Taoism even the sky.

Emperor Qinglian Remnant spirit with my soul Sealing Immortals and Trapped Demons stupid enough to trap myself simply Condensed gas sword What Omen hand.

Sword Valley Three Heroes I wasn't worthy since they came out Then this seat will let you know What is the power of the devil big tone Guided by my sword soul Ning Qinglian killing array Emperor Qinglian.

Eternal Qinglian escapes the void Dao dharma returns to the sky This is Qingdi's no-god tactic legend The Qing Emperor holding the Qinglian Sword Only Lord Cang Yue can compete with him Qinglian Seven Swords kill Chaos Qinglian Sword.

Breaking new ground this blow It is about the life and death of Qinglian Jiangu Grandfather must win Emperor Qinglian Emperor Qinglian It's Godless But you are just a ghost ridiculous.

Condensed Demon Spirit Xuanming Sky Turtle get together Xuanwu Spirit what is this defense mask Not even the ancestors could cut it apart The Ninth Demon General of Cangyue Palace so powerful something strange today.

Why so many It's time to start Sea of ​​Mystery Heavenly Sword Heavenly Sword Heavenly Sword this this such a powerful force.

Ancestors this force I'm afraid it's close to the realm of fairyland. a quick cut Is this his true strength? Qinglian Cracked Ruined I wait.

Still a ghost after all ancestor ancestor Even the ancestors can't resist how can this be good hateful Hurry up Hold the fairy after today.

Qinglian Sword Valley will cease to exist grandfather grandfather you You must hold on I really want to see you with my own eyes Gather Faerie All.

It's all grandchildren's bad More than ten years of practice have not improved grandson useless long Brother Evergreen even if The whole world despises you you can't give up on yourself remember.

Do not use Qianlong way of practice Emphasis on Dao Xin from the heart The stronger the heart strength bigger yes yes.

I have asked Kyushu for help they may arrive before this You must protect Zixun grandfather evergreen remember remember grandfather grandfather.

I will also protect brother Changqing. Xu Jiushan Hand over the emperor sword with that little girl

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