【Multi Sub】《吞噬永恒》EP10:下手反杀,偶遇强敌【欢迎订阅 爱奇艺动漫站】

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[English subtitles are available] [Devour Eternity] Who is it? Don't be sneaky. Come into the light. Impressive, Young Master Lin. You're formidable indeed. You killed two Innate Level Nine.

And one Innate Level Ten. As expected from a Supreme Technique. Different Surname Brothers? It's you two. What do you want? You didn't expect us? Be smart and hand over your Supreme Technique. Otherwise…

Are you threatening me? No, we aren't. It's a deal. You killedthe Thunder King's younger brother. If the news spread, you'll lose your life. [Thunder King?] [He must be Lei Mu Sheng's brother.] [Careful, Lin Chen.].

[They're up to something.] Will you keep it a secret if I give you my Supreme Technique? Of course. What did Elder Wang and Elder Li promise you two? I'll pay double! We won't meddle in your affairs as long as you hand overthe Supreme Technique.

As for what they've promised us, you don't have to know. Really? If you're not telling me, you can die now. Naive! Do you think we don't knowyou, Lin Chen? You've depleted your qi, And now you wish to kill us likehow you killed Lin Han?.

Our cores were manifestedby the same magical tool. They're in sync. You're the one who's going to die! Foolish twerps. How much do you know about my past? Did you know what I use to take a blow froma Divine Way Realm expert?.

What? Darn it! How did you accumulate so much qi? [Worthless struggle.] Brother Li! We'll go head on! This fellow must be exaggerating! Bloody Kill Plate! That's the magical tool!.

It's over now. I almost fell in their trap. What a great bargain, kid! Why didn't you help me back there? I was trying to train you. I've used up one thirds of my Tai Qingspiritual roots in this fight. Hopefully these three won't disappoint me. Low rank royal weapon? The royal weapon intent belongs to me.

Look closely. Is there a pill case? Found it! It's a Divine Way Pill. It helps an Innate Level Tento enter the Divine Way Realm. However, this potent drug would cause self-destructionif consumed carelessly. Blood Elder! Is this an elixiror a poison? I don't want to self-destruct!.

Ignorant! With the Devouring Portraitreaching level four and adding a Heavenly Jade Flower, you'll be fine. Keep it in the Divine Mirrorof Mystical Spirit. Outsiders couldn't penetrate its barriers. Lin Chen. Think carefully. You'll need immense power to enter.

The Divine Way withthe body of holy veins. I'm going to cultivatethe royal weapon intent. With these merit points, I can afford to buy the spiritual roots. We'll let the burning firescorch this fight! [Heavenly cultivation] [is always accompanied with painand one's life and death.] [Strong powers [requires great sacrifices.].

Liu Tong Tian, do you remember the one-year promise? [Five Days Later][Outside of the Hunting Grounds] Retract! Lin Chen. Congratulations in entering level nine. The Devouring Portrait is now level three. Levelling up is really different. My use of the Golden Copper Body Alchemy.

Is getting smoother. However, my meridian pillsand spiritual roots are finished. I need to find more merit points. My Lord. The prowess ofthe Heavenly Fire Seal's first two moves are truly formidable. Continue to report his whereabouts. Yes!.

His fate determines his success or failure. The emergence of the Nine Virtual Movesof Tai Qing depends on it. Many had witnessed my conflictwith Lei Mu Sheng. I'll be suspected if I take out too much merit points. I should disguise myselfwith a Disguise Pill. Just as I wanted! Give me one high rankTai Qing spiritual root!.

Where is this rich second generation from? Young Master. The high rank spiritual rootswere sold out. Do you think I can't afford it? I'm terribly rich! I'm sorry. Hey, friend. I have nine high rank spiritual roots. I can sell them to you.

Great! How much? I'll take all of them. Four hundred thousand points will do. Such a bargain! I'll be earning aplenty! [Such a price for nine spiritual roots?] [Something's fishy here.] I'm a first disciple from an outside sect. I won't sell them this cheap.

If I'm not in need for merit points. How formidable! Of course. I'll tell you about it. There's an Innate Level Eight weakling among the elected disciples. I intend to have a gamble with him. [Is he speaking about me?] Innate Level Eight?.

Why should you gamble withsuch a weakling? For the Heavenly Fire Seal, of course. The strongest one is the most qualifiedfor the Supreme Technique! That useless bum is not worthy of it! That's it, are you buying or not? The tournament will begin soon. I'll buy them right away! Here's the transfer.

Have a look. It's done. [Zijing Yun.] [He's a royal of Zijing Dynasty.] That's it, I'll leave now. Wait! [What? Did he see my name?] I can see that… You're a nice guy!.

Just say my name if you got into trouble. I'll take care of you! Thank you, Brother Zijing. You'll win for sure. You have good eyesight. I'll leave for now. What the heck was that? It's time for me to turn back now.

I should be on my way to the Xing Terrace. [Xing Terrace] [is the largest arena of Tai Qing Sect.] [But the real secret] [lies within the depths of Xing Terrace.] [And that place] [can't be reached byInnate Level disciples.] I'm finally here! I spent four hours.

Tai Qing Island is huge. Lin Chen. There's something about this Xing Terrace. I won't speak with you in the arena. And don't use the Devouring Portrait. Or else you might be exposed. So what if I got exposed? The portrait is the core formationof the Sky Devouring Tower. So…

The Sky Devouring Tower is a magical tool! Do you understand? Yes, I understand! [Outside of Xing Terrace, Battle Arena] It's Lin Chen! Lin Chen! I didn't know that you're able to imprint a Supreme Technique! That's impressive!.

Yeah! That's right! [These people are well-informed.] So what? He's just an Innate Level Eight. Don't worry, Lin Chen. I'll take a dive for you in battle later. Bao Wang. Don't forget what I said. You'll be covered in blood today. He ignored me!.

Sure! Lin Chen! I'll be waiting. Don't disappoint me!

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