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Congratulations to the 100,000,000-year birthday of the super god May Majesty be blessed with a long life as long as the sea and the sky I call you all to come today Not for birthday celebration Instead, I have an announcement to make I'm leaving this place. Going to the human world to find my wife Majesty's fairy partner is missing in the human world We all know that you are very anxious.

But the immortal world cannot be left without a master for one day. Please think twice Yes I've made up my mind You don't have to say much Yao Guang No matter what the sky is like Or reincarnation I will find you.

Master, forgive my incompetence It took forty years to find a little clue. I'll be gone before you It's okay. You did a good job. Thank you, Master I have no regrets in this life Since descending from the world Three thousand years have passed I've been through countless ages.

Have traveled all over the human world And also enlightened many disciplines But my purpose has always been one. Over there Hold on! I must protect you Don't let them go [ __ ] It' a dead end Catch up with us so quickly.

Bastard I will fight against you Don't be nervous. I will save you Do you believe I will trust you? I said I'm not your enemy I can't see his movements at all Yao Guang Three thousand years.

I finally found you I won't let anyone hurt you this time Let go of your hand, Deng Tuzi! Even if I die I won't let you insult her The Shi wizards of the Spirit Mountain, who were the best in the world Who can believe that the descendants would have declined like you? You… How do you know my origin? Who are you? Why aren't you running?.

Ji Yaoguang's life is ours for the taking Be stay and die! Kill them all. Leave no one alive. How dare you do this to my wife? The crime will not be punished That's awesome. Even the peak ancient martial arts experts of the Dou Que Palace can't do this.

You really… You want to know who I am, then I'll tell you. I span countless eras and have a million years of life. I have witnessed all the changes in the three worlds of this world I have been numerous names since in all ages Some people call me the Saints of Heaven Some people call me the Chaos Emperor And others call me Emperor saint Lin By now you can call me Lin Fei.

Wu Mo Ling, descendant of the Shi witch of the Spirit Mountain, pays respects to the master I have just bumped into you I deserve to die. Alright, you're just doing your job. Yao Guang I'm coming to save you This is A Thousand Spider Poison Master, what is the origin of this poison?.

This poison is one of my thousands of spirit pets It is produced by the mother of all spiders and there is no cure for it except me Five hundred years ago, the ancestor of the Di, Qing Yuntian He knelt outside the palace for three days before I gave him this object To defend against foreign enemies I didn't realize that the small tribe that I saved casually before Today is the murderer of my wife . If they can't give me an explanation that satisfies me Then I will exterminate the whole family.

This Qing clan is living well now Hey! This is Qing's group No one is allowed in here. how What's going on? Attention. Attention. Stranger has broken into the building.

Heading for the president's office. [ __ ] I advise you to leave now. Or I'll treat you badly Get the hell out of my way. Is this guy even human? You are the president of the Qing Group Who are you? Who gave you permission to come in? Get the hell out!.

Do you know the Thousand Spider Poison? I don't understand what you're saying. Please leave now. The descendants of the Qing family don't even know about the Thousand Spider Poison If that guy Qing Yuntian knew I am afraid that the coffin board can not be pressed How dare you slander my ancestors of the Qing family The descendants of the Qing family don't even know about the Thousand Spider Poison If that boy Qing Yuntian knew that.

I am afraid that the coffin board can not be pressed How dare you slander my ancestors of the Qing family You should be glad I don't hit women Otherwise, you'd be dead by now. Do you think I'm afraid to shoot? Stop it, you bastard! Dad! This guy came out of nowhere And slandering the ancestors of the Qing family.

Shut up! Qing Fen, the twenty-fourth generation of the head of Qing family Greetings to Immortal God Lin Dad Why are you kneeling for him? You're an ungrateful daughter Bow to God Lin! I don't want to You.

Please don't blame her, God My daughter is too young to know of your existence. Alright I ask you Where is the mother of all spiders today? Report to the immortal god The Mother of All Spiders was previously worshiped at the Jiu You Cave of the ancient fortress of the Di tribe But last year when I went back to worship.

It was nowhere to be found The mother of all spiders doesn't move around If not driven by you it must be the White family on the other side But the mother of all spiders is a spirit animal. I can't fully control yet How can the White family take it away? It's not hard Just use the Ritual Ring that I gave to Qing Yuntian back.

Last time, the White family said they wanted to pay tribute to their ancestors. Borrowed the ring from me Isn't that they had a plan early? The same clan The Qing family has been overpowered them for hundreds of years They won't be happy about it. My son Ming Yu suddenly fell into a coma a few days ago Was also poisoned by the White family? I beg the immortal god to help save my Qing family from the fire.

The Qing family will never forget Your son is poisoned badly The toxin has invaded the soul. What But if you can get this formula together There is a chance of survival Thank you, god Here it is My bedroom.

Didn 't I get chased last night? How's Mo Ling? Mo Ling, are you all right? The killers have already killed by me Who are you? Why are you in my bedroom? Get out of here! Miss, you're awake. This is the Lord.

The benefactor He saved us last night. He's a pervert, I think. Miss It's time to go to Hua mansion today Got it. The toxin in Miss Ji's body Was all cleared. It seems that the my Soul Restoring Pill is working.

Yao Guang thanks Dr. Hua for saving her life Liar It was the master who saved the lady. it is none of your business This card has 80 million. Please accept it as a token of my appreciation. You're welcome, Miss Ji. So rich and so stupid Why not get the money for free Miss.

I've heard that the Soul Restoring Pill is not an antidote to poison. Little Girl You're questioning my medical skills. I dare not. I dare not. Hey What did you say? I can't believe you cheated on Yoguang's head Really! Aggressive! Doctor Hua, you can cure my daughter's incurable poison.

Is there really no other solutions to my father's illness? Old Ji, it's terminal cancer The cancer has spread It's really He certainly didn't have solutions Because he's just a quack with a false name Yao Guang's poison was not solved by him at all Where's that brat from? How dare you insult the doctor?.

Watch the move Hurt This… this … how is this possible? Who are you? How dare you trample the venue of my divine doctor in Western Sichuan Do not take injustice money Do not covet what you do not deserve Hua Tuo could become a generation of medical sage It was because of his excellent medical skills.

Bright and open but The descendants of the Hua family are so greedy What are you? Delaying Master Ji's illness You're going to have troubles Young man Why are you here? To treat my future daughter-in-law's grandfather.

He can't cure cancer. He's just not a good doctor And don't want to admit it. You're so good at bragging Let's see if you can cure me This is… The legendary Needle by thought Dad, are you okay? Doctor, go to take his pulse.

How is my father? Recovered Terminal cancer. healed. That's right. Next, it's your turn to show off How to disarm the Thousand Spider Poison How is my father ? That's right.

Next, it's your turn to show off How to disarm the Thousand Spider Poison now Grandpa save me Grandchildren In the presence of the ancestor, I blame the unfilial rebel I've lost my mind to money for a while Received money from the wrong side This is Miss Ji's money. I haven't touched a penny.

I beg you for your kindness You know Let this be a lesson If there is a next time No mercy I will follow the teachings of my ancestors The old man is recovering from a serious illness To take care of rest Yes.

Thanks for the reminder Here's my card Please make sure you take it If you have any trouble what can use Ji family in the future Just ask The face of my future father-in-law must be given . You're welcome, Mr. Ji. I'll take my leave now. Dad, he took it.

If this mater can become my Ji family son-in-law That would be great. I wonder how Yoguang's health is recovering Master , you've come just in time. There's a guy who's harassing the miss. You check it out quickly President Ji A new French restaurant has opened downstairs.

I wonder if Mr. Ji can come tonight What a nuisance Sorry, I'm not available . Yao Guang I'm here to pick you up from work Who are you? How did he get in? Which department are you from? Do you believe I'll fire you tomorrow?.

We agreed to have dinner together tonight Remember? Ignore me Bodyguard. Throw him out. Yes Don't be an eyesore here. You you You Stay away from Yao Guang in the future.

How dare you hit me You're a dead man. Yeah? Then do you want me to call Ji Chongwei for you? I'd like to ask him too. Ji's group, why do you have such a loser? Purple, Purple gold business card Where is the kid from? So he's Chairman Ji's guest.

I'm so blind. Offenses much Cut the crap. Get out of here! Yes Stinker I don't care who you are. If you hit me, you'll have a hard time You don't have to eat here for an ordinary dinner.

It's okay. It's just a few thousand dollars. Spending a lot of money don't know what kind of dude he is Let's go. Oh This is the 80 million that Huaming cheated away Now it's back to its righteous owner Cheated away?.

What's happened? It's a long story let Mo Ling tell you about it later For the sake of helping me solve Han Enchi today I agree to have dinner with him This guy is so aggressive. Dad. Mom. Grandpa Why are you here?.

Yaoguang, we're not looking for you. Dr . Lin Too hurried during the day I didn't have time to thank you What's going on? If you don't mind, sit down and have a cup of tea Well, I'll be glad to oblige. Miracle doctor, is really young and talented Dad, why did grandpa call him the miracle doctor?.

You're not being tricked, are you? Your grandfather's cancer was cured by him And When did you two get together? Why don't I know? Dad Don't get your head in the clouds. He's a friend of Mo Ling's Is that so?.

In terms of body and looks Why my daughter is not as good as Wu Molin Dad, alright. Report, we've infiltrated Ji Yaoguang's residence. Another ungrateful person has come Yaoguang, I'm going out for a breeze. Don't hide Come on out. Looking for death.

Over-confident You… you… What kind of demon are you? Say, who sent you here? We 're just paid to do our job. Never ask about the identity of the employer It's a rule of the road Then you're useless. Master, look at their costumes.

It seems to be some kind of special organization It's the phone that the killer dropped. Hey, did you solve Ji Yaoguang? How can you send these losers to touch Yaoguang? What? You dare to make an enemy of our Dark Night? Are you tired of living? want the organization to be leveled Just stay away from Yaoguang Hey, hey, hey.

Where's the bastard? How dare to threaten me? Don't want the organization to be leveled Just stay away from Yaoguang Hey, hey, hey. Do you know Dark Night? Yes Dark Night is the most powerful assassin organization in Xia country They have three main leaders The code names are.

Black Rose, Mandala, Petunia Dark Night Assassin Organization Its predecessor is not the Shadow Sect of a thousand years ago, is it? I'm pissed off! Where's the bastard? How dare to threaten me? I'll have you know.

What happens when you mess with the Dark Night Hey! Nightmare Sister, what's the job today? kill Ji Yaoguang If done,Two Million yuan That's a generous offer. I'll take it. What did you say? That Lin Fei doesn't have any origins at all.

Just an orphan Yes, Mr. Han. I've used all the channels to investigate Absolutely no mistake. I heard that Ji Yaoguang had recently suffered an assassination I think it was Ji Chongwei who found a bodyguard for his daughter A mere bodyguard is not worthy to fight with me. I'll play you to death This is the junction charm I made.

It can ward off evil spirits and drive away miasma. And Protect you from harm Thank you, Doctor Lin. What is this? A ghostly charm? I have to go out. You must keep this charm with you. There is a lot of trouble around Yaoguang I'm going to help her One by one, all of them will be solved.

Hello Your name is Lin Fei. Mr. Han asked us to take care of you Han Eun-Chi, Han Eun-Chi. You has forgotten the pain of your wounds Brothers One cut, 500 yuan. Fracture, 30,000 yuan No upper limit GO.

What the one who knows nothing fears nothing Are you really a human being? It seems that Han Eun-Chi's ask you to find my troubles is a lie Sending people to arrest me is the truth Don't move. Put your hands up. Hello? Tell Xiao Jiang that someone has paid off his men.

They are going to find Lin Fei's trouble Xiao Jiang Who are you? Hello? Hey! Lin Fei You' d better come with us I know you're the victim. But… the captain named you.

I had to follow orders. Sorry about that. Don't worry He won't be aggressive much longer Mr. Han Things are going well. I promise I won't let him live easily That's good. Lin Fei.

This is the results that you go against me, Han Enchi. Mr. Jiang What's wrong? There was a call from a man named Lin Fei. He said that your men had captured him What did you say? Which one of the [ __ ] guys is doing it? Take me there now. I'll let you stay here for a while.

I'll try to help you find a way. . I've lived a million years It's the first time I've been locked up Oh, there's a newcomer! Brother Someone said before Let me teach you a lesson. Yeah?.

So what are you waiting for? Since you're looking for death Then we'll achieve your aim Mr. Han That Lin Fei is being beaten up by the people inside. Don't worry No one will killed him At most, it's a half-assault. Liu Shenghao, the bastard, has captured Lin Fei.

I'll never forgive him. Take it easy. That Lin Fei… what's his background? Are you so worried about him? I'm not worried about Lin Fei. I'm afraid that Liu will lose his life Come on , drive faster. Yes Get the Linfei materials together.

I'm going to report it. Captain You are too arbitrary this time We can't only listen to the rascals I say he's wrong, he's actually wrong You speak for him Are you his Accomplice? I… I'm not Liu Shenghao, are you detest living too long?.

Leader, why are you here? You're reversing the truth, accusing Lin Fei and harboring a murderer What is your intention? I… I… Somebody threw him out. Directly expelled Yes You, take me to Lin Fei immediately. Yes.

Mr. Jiang personally asked about it Could it be that Lin Fei is more than just a bodyguard. [ __ ], you damaged me It's been half a day since Lin Fei was locked up. I'm afraid he was beaten badly Brother Is this force okay? A little more force.

Yes, yes Brother, how this force A little more force Yes yes yes yes When I was young, this was the look of Lin Xian Shi Thirty years have passed And he still hasn't changed What a god Xiao Jiang, it's been a long time.

This time, it's my fault You have been wronged I will make amends in person afterwards It's okay. These guys are fun. I'll come back sometime Brother, we know we're wrong. Strange What's up with this Liu Shenghao? The phone is actually turned off.

Hello, Dad? Sins Do you know how much trouble you've made? Don't mess with Lin Fei in the future But But that guy is just a security guard. Fart. The security guard can get Jiang to go get people themselves? If you don't want the Han family to be finished.

When you see Lin Fei later Go around end I can't believe that guy's so connected. I've kicked the bucket! Please come in Dr. Lin Why are you here? looking for me something?.

I'd like a position at Ji's Group. Such a god is coming to my company This is a great thing. That What do you think about the position of vice chairman That's too high. I need a position that I can protect Yoguang at all times A bodyguard. Or a secretary. You would like to be condescend.

It's an honor for my daughter It's just that Yaoguang fear men a little because of something that happened before What is it My daughter was kidnapped by criminals when she was young The other side said some thing about finally finding the reincarnation of the empress Yaoguang The double cultivation will certainly become a great power and so on This is.

Killing intent Don't be angry, little brother. At that time, Wu Mo Ling's grandfather guarded her My daughter was not harmed by that thug It turns out that one of the disciplines had already found Yaoguang but kept it a secret Even harboring evil intentions What a travesty! Did you see the man's face?.

He was wearing a black robe And wearing a mask It's really hard to identify Ugh! my daughter hadn't been in danger this time I really don't want to talk about that man anymore Don't worry If that person ever shows up again I'll make sure his bones are gone.

Thank you, Doctor Lin. Just call me Lin Fei from now on Wearing a black robe Wearing a mask Who the hell could it be? Supervisor, it's not good. There's a stranger In the chairman's lounge Who is this man?.

Has anyone seen him? He seems to be the one who beat up Mr. Han before. yes? Looks like my chance for a promotion and a raise is here. Bastard Is this room a place for you to come? Get the hell out of here! I don't want to hit you today You guys better go away quietly.

What kind of place do you think? You two teach him a lesson. Yes, sir. Stop it all! Mr. Han You're just in time. This kid beat you up last time And today he broke into the chairman's lounge without permission. I suspect he want to hatch a sinister plot.

Fart. Is Mr. Lin that kind of person? Mr. Han You are Lin Shao I'm not very good at discipline You don't care about the this Please forgive me No harm done.

Get out of here. Next time You're all going to get fired. Yes, yes, yes. Lin Shao I was confused about what happened before You are generous Don't be the same level as me Am I not sincere enough?.

I'm sorry, Mr. Lin. Please, you must forgive me There you go. Go on down. This kind of etiquette will not be necessary in the future Yes, yes. Thank you, Mr. Lin. Wow! That man is so handsome.

The sports car behind him is a limited edition. Song Shao Just call whoever you want to meet You don't need to pick them up in person Dumbass Can Ji Yaoguang be like other women? Right, Miss? Oh Coming.

Yaoguang I hear you're recovering from a serious illness Are you feeling better? Let's have dinner sometime. Thanks for your kindness, Mr. Song But the doctor says I need to recuperate Let's skip the food. the flowers from Mr. Song So tomorrow, let's go out and relax together.

We'd like to talk about our joint project. So Okay. Miss, why did you say yes to him? We have an important partnership with the Song family. We can't tear it up now. Ah, [ __ ]! What a noble act Without my Song family support.

The Ji family will be finished sooner or later Sooner or later You'll get down on your knees and beg me Lin Fei Look at my bow posture, isn't it very standard? It's good for a normal person This guy Hey! What's the origin of the kid next to Ji Yaoguang?.

I saw him yesterday too Not sure I haven't seen him before Go Let's find out who is he What is the background of the boy beside Ji Yaoguang I think I saw him yesterday too I don't know. I haven't seen him before. Let's go and find out who is he.

My name is Song Hao I'm a friend of Yao Guang's What's your name, brother? Lin Fei, Yoguang's bodyguard Aigoo Song Shao I thought this guy was capable of something So, it's just a crappy bodyguard. Hm.

So he is just a bully under the protection of a powerful person That's disgusting . Can you do bow technique? How about playing it? A little bit Just for fun, no problem. He's just kidding. Don't give him a hard time, Mr. Song. Hello? Song Hao's bow skills are segmented.

You are no match for him They're trying to make a fool of you. But I do know a lot Back in the day I can also hit the three-legged golden crow in one shot Three what emperor Is it a game? Well, how about a 300-meter shot? Three hundred meters.

Song Shao is so good Song Shao has practiced for more than ten years The shot is accurate and far Yes You shoot 300 meters Then I'll shoot 500 meters. Five hundred meters This kid is crazy. Bow and arrow world record.

It's only 360 meters. You don't know how to shoot a bow, but you're still crazy. Anxious to be embarrassed Then I'll satisfy you Come on, Song! I want to marry to you Seven rings, five rings, six rings. Total nineteen rings Wow.

Three shots in a row, and still so accurate. It's Song Shao Bodyguard, it's your turn to perform 500 meters. You got 19 rings in three arrows. I only need Two arrows are enough What kind of nonsense is that guy talking? Hmm. just a blindly confident man.

Ten rings Still ten rings This can't be. Am I having dim eyesight? He's cheating, isn't he? What kind of operation is this? I can't believe this kid is so good. Song Shao It seems that you need to practice your bow skills for a few more years. You.

Have you played enough? Let's go to lunch. Okay. [ __ ] This kid is too aggressive. Song Shao I'll get someone to teach him a lesson right away That's not necessary. Without the support of my Song family.

The Ji family is nothing In time See how I play Ji Yaoguang the little [ __ ] Hmm. Wow. this is not a special effect I ate the phone Identification complete No sign of editing.

I'm so low key How come I'm still somehow on fire? Yao Guang What's making you unhappy? Ugh! Song Hao doesn't answer his phone and doesn't return messages. He just lost face. He's not going to let it go. I'm worried that it will affect the cooperation between the two families.

Do you need my help? No need You don't understand this part of business either I'll just figure it out myself Mom I'm back. The tricky target of the Black Rose's big sister's offer of two million yuan I'll have to look into it. Yaoguang.

Today you and I will visit the Song family Talk about the next chip supply issue Good Do you want me to come with you? These business things I won't bother you, Lin. Daughter The Song family offered me you to marry Song Hao before Hmm.

I know I never thought the Song family would be so shameless Don't worry Dad won't use your happiness as a bargaining chip To make a partnership work I'm willing to concede another billion One billion Wouldn't that empty out the whole group? Ugh!.

Now we're at odds with the Song family. If we don't take the initiative to go soft The Ji family will collapse But if we concede a billion The Song family is still not satisfied Then we'll have to leave it to fate Whew! Chong Wei What brings you here?.

Old Song I'm still here today for the chip. Oops! Song Now the son is in charge It's a thing You still have to talk to him. Uncle Ji Now the chip market is on fire.

Raw materials are getting more expensive every day I'm afraid you'll have to add another two billion for that lot. What? Two billion? Song Previously, Yaoguang was much offended I'll make it up to you today You take a step back One billion. Is that okay? Actually.

I've always had a heart for Yao Guang How about this A marriage between us I'll give you the same price as a bride price. What do you think Nephew, let's talk business. I will not use my daughter as a bargaining chip. Well, in that case Please go back.

Two billion Any point less is free Yao Guang Let's go Wait a minute. When did you change your mind? Come to me Remember to come at night! When did you change your mind?.

Come to me Remember to come at night! Early stage of body refining No wonder they were chased by a group of assassins and fled in a hurry. You stand still. Yes This is the supreme cultivation technique of the Ten Witch lineage of your Spirit Mountain Spirit Mountain Immortal Technique Now I pass it on to you.

I hope you can protect Yaoguang I also transferred a little of your aura Run your own gongfu to digest it Yes Although there is only a trace of aura But I want to absorb it completely It takes at least two hours. I'm still in the body refining stage I can't believe that the fist wind has taken shape.

Eh This woman is the Ji family's bodyguard Can destroy two sets of killers It's really awesome! The man just now is a white man who eats dry food Not enough to be afraid of Trying to move Ji Yaoguang Still have to deal with this woman first It's easy to scare the snake.

Why don't we find someone to test her strength? It's a nightmare. Sister Rose Let your little lover boy white war out How about challenging that woman named Wu Mo Ling? What's going on? You can't handle it. Hey, hey, hey. Be careful what you do.

Oh! A character who can make a nightmare so cautious I'd like to see that. Yao Guang You're back Hmm. What's going on? The Song family is bullying you. It's okay.

I'm just a little tired. I'm going to take a break. Uncle Ji, what's going on? Ugh! It's my fault for being useless. I made Yaoguang suffer Here's what happened The kind of chips you need Is all monopolized by the Song family?.

The Yao family, the richest family in Southwest China, can produce more advanced Unfortunately, that's their core technology Not for sale to the public Yao Family Cultivation of immortality does not work but do well in the human world. Could it be that Little brother You know the Yao family.

I do have some friends I'll take care of that. Oi! Who is it, please? Lin Tianzun I need you to do me a favor. Majesty, do as you wish. I'll die for you Not so exaggerated.

I need you to sell a bunch of chips to the Ji family No problem. As many as you want. It 's an honor to work for Majesty Good. I, Lin Fei remember this favor The Yao family has agreed The chip is not the problem Thanks a lot, my friend.

Ji's group is saved A phone call The Yao family would be willing to sell confidential chips Without even talking about price at all Such a character Yao Guang Be sure to cherish it Hey! Ji Yaoguang.

Open the door for me Meng Zhe What are you doing here? In a few days Birthday party of the president of the Qing family, Qing Lixue Mr. Song wants you to be his date Here's the invitation Please leave immediately I'm not going to be his date.

Miss Ji should think carefully. The future of your group But it's still in the hands of Mr. Song Now if completely rip open the face with Song Hao there would be no room for redemption. Okay. I'll take the invitation. As for the female companion Let him find someone else.

Oops! I' m sorry. Slip of the hand This bodyguard Could you please pick it up? Master I'll do it. No need Hey, I'll give you a chance.

Pick it up. Oops. I have a backache today Hey, I can 't bend it! And I'm telling you The Ji family will be finished soon. can't bend down I can help you Bastard! How dare you hit me!.

Are you looking for death? To pick up or not to pick up I'll pick it up. I'll pick it up. Don't… don't fight. Don't. This is Miss Ji's invitation. Please, please take it. Qing Fen wants to see Immortal Master Lin Come in.

The elixir was found so quickly Not yet I'm here this time, actually. I would like to ask you to be my guest To attend my daughter's birthday party I wonder if you're free. Put it down. be there. Thank you for your time.

Sit down and play with me for a moment Please don't tease me, Master Immortal. Your board of 72 paths I can't learn with this talent for the rest of my life. I'm not gifted either I've just been alive too long. Drill a little Just to pass the time Hey.

Guy Call Wumoling out to compete with me, Baizhan. Are you from the Bai family? Did you know that Yaoguang was unconscious the other day? I don't know. I came to fight with Wumoling today. Unfortunately, she has gone out. Give this to her Byebye.

Well Bold guy Before me, Baizhan, you can stand still. Hey Who are you? A bodyguard Fie Waste my time I thought you were a great person.

Pah In those days, Chiyou couldn't be so aggressive in front of me. Nowadays, young people It' s really tiring to go to work Miss Come in and have a rest. Moling A present for you. Here.

Mine? Host's gift So Is it the secret formula of fairy method? This is the gauntlet that Baizhan gave me Why Baizhan It's the madman in the Bai family who practices martial arts.

Miss I don't think I have sinned against him Why did he suddenly challenge me? Don't worry This Baizhan Is he strong? I don't know But he is really powerful It is said that he practiced martial arts at the age of seven.

Twelve, he can beat his coach. At the age of eighteen It's hard to meet his opponent in Jiangcheng Now it seems to be in the late stage of uniting the body Just a man obsessed with martial arts Don't be afraid He began to brag again Host How can we ordinary people compare with monsters like you?.

Moling I think you should just refuse him. This Me You can fight Baizhan is not your opponent Really But I just broke through the middle stage of uniting the body Do you think.

I will BE WERONG? Moling Dare Not This Competition Will Never Let You Download. Group Announdcement Two Days Later, wumoling vs Baizhan Battle Against The Top of Greentown Mounta in who is wumoling? Emm Maybe a Master.

If the Baizhan Draws wumoling away killing jiyaoguang is easy i haven ' t felt so excited for a long time. Wumoling Hope you don't let me down Linfei What do you think is the odds of Moling winning Sixty percent Only sixty percent.

Can't it be higher? It's all right, miss My realm is not as good as Baizhan This winning percentage is already high. I'm sorry I don't know martial arts Really can't help you Moling, come here Let me teach you a trick.

It was created by Zhenwu the Great With your current skill Just use this trick I'm sure you can beat Baizhan Ok Great But not as a last resort Better not use it Your realm is not high.

If you can't control your strength Maybe beat him to death. What are these two doing? Why can't I understand it at all? I have something to go out for You should prepare well Ok Hello Welcome I want to buy a car.

Dressed so ordinary Must not have much money Just recommend a cheap one Sir This car is economic What do you think? Not good Oh no Can't you afford a 50 thousand car.

Then I'll show you something else This is a used car that has just arrived in our shop. Although a little old. It is also enough as a means of transportation Only 30 thousand Are you not clear about the situation? Ah Sir There is nothing cheaper in our shop.

Please leave if you have no money Don't get in the way here No money Show me the most expensive one in your shop. You' re not sick, are you? And look at the most expensive Can you afford it after seeing it? Stop Who taught you to talk to guests like this?.

Manager This guy is obviously a poor man Must see the best car I think he made trouble on purpose Hello sir The most expensive in our shop at present It's this global limited edition supercar The price is Buy it. I don't want to hear the price.

Ah Are you sure? Are you addicted to pretending Do you know how much this car costs? 25 million So what? 25 million too expensive? payment successful.

When can I take the car away? We'll work overtime for you. Tomorrow noon will be fine You are now a VVVIP customer of our shop Please leave an address. I'll deliver the car to you myself. OK Well Take your time, sir.

This guy can actually buy it Oh, no. My 1 million commission Well Take your time, sir This guy can really afford My 1 million commission Host Miss goes to the banquet of Qing family. Has gone out.

Ok I'll go I wonder if Yaoguang has arrived yet. Fie Enemies often cross paths Why can I meet that annoying bodyguard here? Who That's the annoying guy Where's the security guard.

Here is a thief Thief Oh It's You again Oh Isn't this Linfei? Qing family is not a place where a lowlife like you can come. You must want to sneak into the party.

Steal something. So you're still Didn't learn yesterday's lesson We all saw just now You're sneaking around over there Isn't it? Mr. Han Meng You want to die, don't pull me.

Who is so daring? Dare to steal from my Qing family? Boss Qing, you're just in time. That's the guy Jiyaoguang's bodyguard I think He is a hooligan . If I hadn't discover in time He must have run away after stealing.

Lin Mr. Lin Qing didn't welcome you in time. Please forgive me. What Chairman of the Qing Group, the first in Jiangcheng. Bowing to that guy The man who maliciously slandered you How to deal with.

Do whatever you want Our family's business depends entirely on the orders of Qing Group. If I make Qingfen angry today It would be over. Mr. Lin, I'm sorry I offended you as blind as a bat Please forgive me Out of my sight Now.

Ok ok I'll get out Wait Mr.Meng If you look down on my guests Business between Meng Family and Qing Group I think it's over. See the guest off Boss Qing, I was wrong .

Please give me a chance. Boss Qing Go away What is the background of Linfei? Even people like Qingfen bowed to him Thank you for your busy schedules Come to my birthday party. I hope everyone has a good time. Linfei.

Why is he here ? Is he afraid that I will be bullied by Songhao Yaoguang, where did you get this pendant? Ugly and weird This It seems to be called Enchantment symbol Symbol Could it be that trickster named Linfei?.

Me that That sounds quite new. What's the problem Am I wrong? Lixue, you misunderstood. Linfei is not that kind of person Lixue Happy birthday to you. Thank you, brother Hao.

Wow It's a global limited edition diamond bracelet. A few hundred thousand Be worthy of the name is Mr.Song You're so generous. Yaoguang It's great that you are here Can I talk to you alone? Sorry I can't.

Yo Isn't this Mr. Lin? What a competent bodyguard. I can see you everywhere. Brother Hao Do you know this trickster, too Trickster Just this Linfei Coax Yaoguang with enchantment symbol.

And fooled my dad around Said he is a fairy master Wow It turned out to be fairy master Lin Excuse me for my lack of Manners It turns out that Qingfen was fooled by this guy. Well, since you're a fairy master I guess the gift for Lixue is also unusual, isn't it.

Why not take it out? Let us ordinary people have a look. Why Are you still engaged in feudal superstition? That's true I'll let you today Lose face You are not qualified. Linfei How dare you talk to Brother Hao like that?.

Lixue, is Songhao provocation first. How can you blame Linfei? Yaoguang Don' t you see This guy is a charlatan And You are going to marry me. Why do you still speak for him? So the rumor that the two families are going to marry is true.

Jichongwei for the company arrange his daughter's marriage Keep your voice down Don't let others hear you. When did I say I wanted to marry you? You'd better think it over before you speak You and I love each other. Just announce the happy event in advance What's wrong?.

You Base Shameless Scold if you want. Anyway You are destined to be mine. Go away Oh I know this scene well.

You Don't you dare hit me I'm just teaching a barking dog a lesson. Why not? Security guard Get him out of here Yes , miss Stop Dad.

A good party It's all messed up by this bastard Linfei. You must teach him a lesson for me. Shut up Dad You hit me in front of so many guests. Today is my birthday. Uncle Qing Today's incident.

You have to uphold justice for me. You provoked my guest. And talk absurdities Ruin the reputation of fairy master Lin's sweetheart How dare you ask me for justice Mr Qing What happened today You must do me justice You provoke my distinguished guests.

Blab some terri ble words Ruining the reputation of Lin Immortal Master's sweetheart Dare to ask me justice Oh sweetheart he really likes me? Song Hao If you are not convinced Ask your father come here and talk to me Mr Qing.

You, for a Lin Fei against my Song family Lin Immortal Master has great favors to my Qing family I'm say some words today Who against him just my enemy Is Qing Fen crazy? For a liar oppose the Song family Qingfen just like his old ancestor Qing Yuntian.

Is a man of great affection My god What a great man of this Lin Fei First is the President Jiang Now even the Qing family is so respectful to him All right Qing Fen You just see that Have a day you will regret.

Hi Brother? Now, you come to the Qing family Help me give a lesson to someone Immortal Master My daughter done bad things to you today please forgive her It doesn't matter I didn't take it seriously.

I heard about the Song family and the Ji family What can I do for you? If you ask The Qing family will not evade I've arranged all You don't have bother it Is there anything else Immortal Master My family has been in business since I started.

It has been only a several generations practiced ancient martial arts At present, the Bai family has another idea As for the other families There are masters like Bai Zhan My son Ming Yu has been attacked If the Bai family strikes again My family afraid to Don`t worry I will make sure your family`s safety.

This is the enchantment You can take it with you against the external attacks Thank you, Immortal Master It is over yes Li Xue is still in low emotion Mr Qing, here everything is rely on you, please Let's go back first.

Ok By the way Why does Mr Qing respect you so much? and I were old friend I just give a little help Ji Yaoguang I give you another chance Song Hao Get in the car and follow me.

If not All at your peril I also give you a chance too Get out of the way And I want to ask you why are you many times against my brother? It's just not pleasing to my eyes I come from Ling Xiao.

Tao Qian's the first student Tao Yingwu Tao Qian Yes Are you afraid? What a stinky person you you are looking for your next life How dare to insult my master.

Fighting starts Begin fight Move out of the way You're blocking my lens Stop, brother There are too many people here Don't make a bigger trouble Ji Yaoguang If you don't obey me today.

Get the goods from me , no way It's just a batch of old chips Would you think just depended on it You can master the Ji family He is crazy? He actually looked down on the Song family's chips Yao Guang Don't blame me not reminding you somethings Those shareholders and executives of your company.

They are all waiting for my chip to save their lives [ __ ] My company does not have that people President Ji Cooperation with the Song family is beneficial and harmless For the future of company Tonight, you are need with Song Shao To have a nice communication Liu Cheng.

These years, my family treated you very well How dare you It's means A wise man submits to fate. Even if your Ji family wants to over Nobody Wants to buried with you, ok General Manager Han That's right?.

Excuse me I forgot lock the door when I went out in the morning I have to go home and take a look Lin Fei isn't easily master by you Song Hao, You are digging your own grave Han Enci, what are you want to do? It seems That timething is not as you expled shao doon't tROAR OWN JUNK.

Find An Alternative It's NOT HARD OH YOU say what's your IDEAS WHERE TO FID ALT ERNATIVE PRODUCTS? Yao Family as Expected, It's Lag Behinds The Trend. Every All Know the Yao family's chips never sold to the outside It is useless even if you come to and kowtow.

Liu Cheng Believe it or not, I'll suspend you tomorrow Don't be afraid When I become the master of the Ji family Get you reinstated and higher salary Thank you so much Song Shao How's that Ji Yaoguang Liu Cheng, one person.

It can't destroy our company Oh, we will See that. A Liu Cheng It's not enough to destroy our Ji Group Then We'll see President We can only cooperate with the Song family.

The company can only survive We have elderly people and children to support So can't be unemployed Intermarriage is good Please promise! Shut up! Mr. Lin It looks like all the company executives are here Humph.

We're in a meeting What are you doing, a bodyguard? Please sit down President Ji What do you mean by that? Let a bodyguard be the president President Han You say something too! President Ji has his reasons.

For this decision Let's hear it first Is this still Han Enci? Where is his arrogance of the past? This time I'll handle Ji's affairs How? Then I'll be grateful to Mr. Lin Now.

People who are not willing to compromise with the Song family Can go back to work It's all good The Ji family will never treat you badly President. Han Which faction are you? The Ji Ji and Han, the two family Glory and Shame Together.

I, Han Enci will be at the service of the company Everyone in the audience I implore you to believe in Ji's family And more importantly, believe in Mr. Lin I never thought President. Han would be so loyal Admire! We'll believe you just once.

See? What a bunch of idiots Waiting for Mr. Song to take over the Ji Group This group of people will get nothing All right Now the people left in the house All to the financial manager settle the wages Receive money and leave He.

He's firing two-thirds of the company's management Bastard Fired us The company doesn't work at all Yes Without us No need for the Song family to make a move The Ji Group will be finished Don't talk about whether it can work or not first.

You know that firing so many people How much compensation do you have to pay? At least two hundred million Now the Ji group is ready to purchase chips at a high price And the group is lacking funds You're digging your own grave by doing this There's three billion on this card Get rid of you hooligans Shouldn't be a problem.

What? Now Get the hell out of here Humph Don't get too excited No Song family's chips The Ji family, sooner or later, will be finished Dad Are you out of your mind?.

How can you laugh at a time like this? Daughter I've been worrying you for a while The Yao family has agreed to give us chips Really? Great Thanks to young brother Lin We must return the favor in the future So he has done so much for the Ji family in silence.

Gratitude is not necessary When you negotiate the price with Yao family Just give 200 million more Can't let the Yao family suffer Well Just laying off so many executives at once I'm afraid our company going to have a problem Don't worry dad As long as the news of the partnership with the Yao family is revealed.

I don't think anyone will want to leave The others can stay But those ungrateful guys They can't stay There are means With gusto Yao Guang Do catch it! Whew!.

Isn't this Conman Lin ? Where to take a taxi again? I'll give you a ride Sorry Mr. Lin Please excuse the traffic jam Here are the keys to your car All other relevant documents are in the car Ple ase check What is it?.

The conman are doing so well now The Ji family is finally coming to an end Unless the Yao family makes a move Otherwise after three days The Ji family building will be called Song You two idiots Do you know what's going on? This How is this possible?.

How did the Yao family suddenly sell chips to the public? It's not the Yao family you should be concerned about right now It's our Song family Except for the Ji family No one can afford to have so much of our inventory Ji Yaoguang the [ __ ] So she has already found a way out She's just trying to screw us over This time, song family.

Is dangerous Why would the Yao family cooperate with the Ji family They didn't have any previous deals Could it be Lin Fei? Hey, what's up? Mr. Song To wish you the best of luck in joining the Ji group I have prepared a special banquet I'll be counting on your kind attention in the future.

May I have your attention, please? I don't give a [ __ ]! Don't bother me Song Hao , what's wrong with this guy? No No, right? Yao family of southwest and Ji family have joined forces Yao family is in charge of chip supply What did you say?.

No wonder Song Hao has that attitude It's over It's all over The family of Yao in the Southwest area and the family Ji joined to be a partner The Yao family focus on the supply chips. What did you say? Oh, no wonder Song Hao has that attitude to us. It's over, everything all is over Yesterday, I supported the Ji family in the public.

That`s can't hide from my Dad How to explain it to him? Enci, open the door, quickly Oh, too bad Dad, you listen to me I was also forced to do that falling out with the Song family Enci, my son You are such a great son Was my dad mad at me?.

The Yao family and the Ji family have the cooperation Ji's stock price skyrocketed Our family will also have a good development from it Really? No wonder Lin Fei is so confident Lin Fei you are mentioned, It seems to be very capable I suspect that this time it is also related to him from the Yao family's deed Don't offend him.

Trust me dad is not stupid Lin Fei, It's time to go Where? Master, today it is the match day with Bai Zhan Only competition and no death Bai Zhan ,that person is greatly interesting It is finally reached the peak of the mountain And let's go inside.

What do you think who can win? is absolutely Bai Zhan hey Make way, the front buddy You are Wu Moling I am Bai Zhan I sincerely invite you make a good competition with me. Such being your sincere, I accepted your invitation. Please go easy on me Buddies.

This a sensational contest in the Kobudo at the city of Jiang. It`s will start. please click to follow It can say a greeting gift Not so good Good job That seems have some real skills What`s her name and where does she from? It's amazing she doesn't fall behind.

No wonder she dares to accept this challenge I am more curious about who her master is look my move Be careful with gravel Don't panic Mo Ling, she's okay? Bai Zhan`s charging blow did not work The head start has been lost Next, it turns to counterattack from Wu Moling.

I cann`t believe that Bai Zhan was suppressed Bai Zhan, Don't be hesitated Ending it as soon as quickly Do you teach him that forbidden move? Excellent I haven't met an opponent like you in a long time You deserve exhaust all my skills. What?.

Could it be that he just now not applying his full strength? On my god it is a really Superman Isn't a live broadcast? How do you do the special effects? Senior Bai, it will overdraft your life Don`t worry It's just making the body at maximum capacity Otherwise, Bai Zhan has the such fix at now can't use that forbidden move fist that with great powerful like wind and fang.

Mo Ling, pull away quickly Take it easy She'll be fine Great Emperor Zhenwu, please help me It's now Perfect strike of Zhenwu That figure just now was the Great Emperor Zhenwu? Bai Zhan used his secret move of fist that with great powerful like wind and fang The boxing moves that amazing the Kobudo was actually broken in the city of Jiang.

My Son, are you ok? It`s ok Don`t say any words I'll heal you Unexpected, this girl is so young that actually break my unique move. Young girl, can you tell me What`s the name of that move you used just now? Perfect strike of Zhenwu.

Good coincidence We are offered the Great Emperor Zhenwu I don't know would you willing to teach me this move Ye Laodao, the Great Emperor Zhenwu is offered by the Mount Wuwei Not you Greentown Mountain Can you tell me who is your Master? It's Lin It's Master Lin.

Is there a grandmaster powerhouse surnamed Lin in the Kobudoin in the city of Jiang? heard that. Ji Yaoguang surprised had an apprentice of a strong Grandmaster beside him Fortunately, I didn't make a rash move Or else, I will be killed by the person called black rose Is the task finished? Urged and urged, you only know that If I have a rash move I am afraid I have dead at mow.

Wu Moling, only is one of the bodyguards of Ji Yaoguang There is also Wu Moling's grandmaster master hiding in the darkness Adding more money Five millions That's pretty good. This time , the Song and the Ji family is fell out Tao Qian immortal is the master of Song Hao he also is at the Grandmaster level It's better to kill with a borrowed knife.

The Song and Ji families have fallen out this time Tao Qian immortal is Song Hao's master. And is also the level of Grand Master How about a trick to kill someone with a knife? Wu Mo Ling's injury in the competition is known to everyone But this dark night organization has no trace It's really cautious Hey! Lin immortal, this is Yao Zhicheng.

I'll get to Jiang city tomorrow I'm not at liberty to cooperate. Looking for me? It's Yao Zhicheng who talking about cooperation. Hello? Hello, Mr. Yao I'm Ji Yaoguang Done back to your phone.

Oh Lin Fei You Why are you being so good To me Why are you being so nice to me Because you're Yao Guang But we don't know each other well In your previous life, you were the empress of Yao Guang.

We spent millions of years together If you want. I can show you the images. I don't want to see I'm just an ordinary woman. I don't want to be an empress. And I don't want to live as someone else's shadow And you don't keep living in the past No matter how similar I am to her.

We are two different people after all You're right. Or In this life Let you like me one more time Who? Who wants to like you? I' m not talking to you anymore Are you coming with me to see Mr. Yao? Yeah.

I haven't seen Xiao Yao in some years either Ha! Xiao Yao Fairy Master You're finally here I haven't seen you in years You are still so young Hmm This is the president of the Ji Group, Ji Yaoguang.

I see Your daughter-in-law We must give you face I am Yao Zhicheng I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Ji. You're too kind, Mr. Yao. I dare not The batch of chips mentioned on the phone Isn't the offer a little too low?.

You will lose money! It's okay. Just a few hundred million It's not much Where's that bracelet of yours? I have passed it on to my granddaughter Yao Xinyi By the way Xin Yi said.

At the Age of Six You took her to the clouds to see the world Twenty years have passed She has never forgotten it. When in her childhood, she said she would marry you. That still holds true. Tell her don't has a bee in her head Find a man she likes and marries him early Once upon a time, the sea was too vast to be water.

She has met you And doesn't like other men. It's okay. That's enough of the small talk. This is the Seven Star Lamp. I see that your life span is about to end. Use this method to continue for twelve years for you How can I deserve such morality.

Received such a great favor from the immortal master To do something for Yao Guang is to do something for me Also I have something to trouble you with. Yao Guang was attacked when she was nine years old This person coveted the divine power inside her And tried to use the evil cultivation method to take the yin and make up for the yang Who is so bold? How dare he attacks the Empress Yao Guang.

This man has been struck by the curse of the Divine Witch lineage This is the only clue The whole Yao family will do everything we can to track down this people Old man Song, it's your fate. Who Remember My name is Wu Mo Ling Grandpa.

What's wrong with you? Wu Mo ling Grandpa You guys, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and catch up! Yes Could it really be Wu Mo Ling? It's her.

The fierce punch. And the smell of the special perfume in the room It must be her. Ji Yaoguang You wait for me If this revenge will not be avenged I will never be a human being This What the hell is going on here?.

Wang team, Wu Mo Ling lives here. Surrounding the villa Don't let anyone go You two, don't move. Team Wang That's her. Take her down. Wang, what the hell is going on? Ji Yaoguang Don't play dumb.

Miss Ji Last night, Master Song was murdered. What At the scene of the murder, someone saw Wu Mo Ling. So, I had to take her away. She was with me all yesterday .I can testify to that. Your confession, I'm afraid, is meaningless. Miss Wu.

The perfume you're using is personalized, right? How do you know? Because in my grandfather's house It still smells like your perfume. Yao guang Get out of the way. They're not going to hurt Mo ling Okay. Okay. You go with them.

I'm here. No one can accuse you Yes You just go with them first I am here No one can frame you ok Mo Ling, is she really gonna be fine? Actually, the main target for that people.

Is you So, it should not be dangerous for Mo Ling in short time And how do you want to do? I'll make a call first Who is Mr jiang? And he really would help us? He is Jiang Tianling What? That`s means he ….

You called him as Xiaojiang Master You came to me just for Wu Moling? That's right She was framed by someone. the Darkness Group The Darkness Group Is that a notorious killer organization? Yes.

It`s also involves Yaoguang So I'll interfere in it. What you only to do is that cooperate with me I got it Master I am will to cooperate with all my heart. Master, Wu Moling has already been taken away You know the murderer is Wu Moling Why do not killing her?.

Why? Blood will have blood contact your senior immediately Come here, play chess with me Don't laugh at my plain skills. Ji Yaoguang I want to see how do you escape this time. You die, you deserve that. Junior.

You're waiting for me right here I went and disposed of her whole family Thank you, Senior Go out of there. What's going on Let him go If not I will end your life with a broken corpse What are you.

Dare to talk with me like that You court death! You You are the Grandmaster Grandmaster What a wretched realm is that Even the Grandmaster is wretched Guy, What the hell are you? you are the pitied who are being used as guns, so I am ready to give you hope of living.

It's still not too late to go Otherwise, I changed my mind None of you can go Mr Lin, we are so sorry It `s confused for us that by the calculated for a moment. Go to the hell. You've been hit my great poisoned needles in three great acupoint. You would surely die Hum.

The meridian acupuncture of your medical Just used like this The great poisoned needles even can kill a Grandmaster this guy knows that Why do not a little panic at all? Senior I want to strangle Lin Fei with my own hands You can go with any worry. He can't move now.

I thought there are somethings more fun than it You want to try? Ok, I'll play with you You You have obviously been hit the great poisoned needle. Why you can still move? Are you say this? So terrible This guy is too strong.

I am not his opponent Do I allow you to go? You You actually ruined my meridians I wanted to leave you alive. But you are still do not repent. There also have another thoughts to Yaoguang So I will bring you go to the hell. Lin Fei.

Can you let them off? Ok, Yaoguang already interceded for you Go out now, okay? You know, The Song family and our family have been friends for more than ten years I couldn't bear that. Even if you let them go They won't grateful to you. I Am I too soft-hearted?.

Kindness is good But somebody don`t deserve it. They just don`t know what is the grateful. If not too kind how will you are so miserable By the way You're obviously fine Why do you have to pretend to be poisoned? Don't you think it's funny?.

Funny? You're actually the devil How did you cause this? It's Lin Fei. He is even stronger than Wu Moling Offended the medical We only the way is to die I'll call my teacher right away This title.

It's a shame not to work in great company. Lin Fei Where did you get this Martial Arts Express? Everything seems can be published? This is true for those who cultivate. Forgot it So what should I do Just put it aside These nonentities.

If dare to come Just crush them to death Is so chaotic now of city of Jiang? Any nonentities can make headlines. Song Hao You bring the message to the city for me Just say that I want to reorganize the Kobudo of city of Jiang. Master The Bai family in city of Jiang has two masters.

And the Ye family in Greentown Mountain also has a Grandmaster Just only three Grandmasters We medical doesn't take that seriously. I will try ways to get them to submit to us. At that time, everything in this world All will be belong to your Song family Thank you, Master I will try ways to get them to submit to us. At that time, everything in this world.

All will be belong to your Song family Thank you, Master Why make such a big movement? Do you want to die in magnificent? Everyone knows that. Lin Fei My master said You are now ruined your meridians can escape you from death.

Go Go, quickly Only the Master can dispose of him Lin Fei, You only have a few days to aggressive Master, there are something out of our control. It's too much work to extract control information I'm afraid it will take a month to finish. Let them have a rest I`m going over now.

You've been working very hard in these days. You can go back and rest ok Can I play the monitor at double speed? Of course But it only up to thirty-six times Turn all screens on Thirty-six times play surveillance video There are 16 screens here.

Master Can you clearly see that? It's just a trivial matter Start Yes, master Stop Master, found it The seventh Screen Magnify it.

This person I 've seen it three times The last time was in the building opposite the Song`s house I think he should be surveying the terrain So where was that first time? Greentown Mountain He watched the competition between Wu Moling and Bai Zhan I'll get someone to bring him in right now In vain.

Such people should not leave real information Just leave it to me okay Master, only the Ji family has not yet arrived Maybe they were to find Wu Moling's master, Master Lin Whoever Master Lin If dare to come Just all ruined.

Got it Dear Fellows and distinguished seniors I You just in the early days of refining Haven`t enough qualified to stand on this stage let Tao Qian himself come to the stage Bai Zhan You are play with fire My apprentices.

You come down Someone wants me to appear, And I will satisfied with him. The purpose of we come here today I think everyone already knows that. As long as you are willing to obey our, the Medical School. The benefits you gained is pretty great. the Medical School. It is the great school that possessed countless elixirs.

That is right I heard that it also can treat various incurable diseases I'm sorry Bai family are not interested in it. I`m getting older don't need any elixir either So Let's compared with our skills. If you win.

The Medical School is willing to listen to your order. It's a deal The Bai family accepted your bet. We haven't arrived yet How it seems that the front has already start fought Just a group of wretched worms fight against with each other It's amazing how luminous that guy is It's just a pity that it's keep for only three seconds It's about to lose.

Tao immortal You and I are both in the grandmaster Don't underestimate our Bai family Grandmasters are also divided into beginners and peaks As for you Not enough qualified On [ __ ] What's going on His protective body Gang Qi turned out to be so hard.

The friend of Bai family, your Kung Fu is not wonderful as you said. You should go back and practice more times The Grandmaster Bai was defeated by him. Today, the Medical School looks like going to dominate the world of Kobudo. ? You can challenge me. Tao Immortal really lives up to his fame. I am not a talented But want to accepted this challenge.

I heard of the famous Ye Grandmaster from Green City in the early time. Your swordsmanship of QingFeng is extremely invincible I am lucky to see it today And starting. It seems to be a big gap with the rumors Can't break the defense So pity Next, it's turn to me. The world of Kobudo.of in the city Jiang is just like that.

Are there Still somebody are not convinced? The old man you are so elderly that just fighing with strong will take care of your master masters that is lin fei you are the period why RT My Apprentice Rapidly Ruined Your Cultivity.

Kowtow Three Times Before Me I Can Spare You not to die Offended the Tao Immortal. This guy is difficult to escape the death. But he didn't seem to be afraid at all Could it be that there is someone back him? Yaoguang Wait for me for a while It will over in a few minutes.

Watch out hi What are you a liar doing at here? It's all show real skills here Yes, brother You are not his opponent. Cherish your life That's right Maybe, the master of Wu Moling can be his opponent.

Master Lin If you are looking to the master Lin who Impart excellent skills to Wu Moling That's me The world of Kobudo.of in the city Jiang It has fallen to this. A young man, you dare blown yourself as a master You are too weak I'll let you do three skills first.

Is him crazy? It's hard not to doubt that he is crazy. Such aggressive The next generation Remember do not being aggressive Extinct Shadow Palm Did you not have lunch? It doesn't feel itch and hurt What.

How can it be? Extinct Shadow Palm Did you not have lunch? It doesn't feel itch and hurt What How can it be? My, my hands This is your reverb palm force I didn't start my skills.

You still have two more skills. I I must be dreaming? Isn't he a liar? Does he Is really Master Lin? Brat You are dare to tease me Go the hell.

Well You can use more force hit me Just now, it was blow of Five Gangqi that made me fall off the stage. I can't believe this young man can accepted his two hits. Good You made me do that The strongest practice of the Five Gangqi The raging fire burns the heart It's so dazzling.

Now he must be dead Fight with me You're still too weak Three skills have finished Oh my god He seems not our human Last time, I actually took him as an ordinary bodyguard Thank god, I didn't fight with him otherwise, I couldn't image how the terrible consequences will be.

It seems that today I faced a stronger opponent But I wouldn't lose my face Water coming Trapped by my water Gangqi It's like being locked up in a water prison You're just waiting to suffocate My Master, Well done This guy is so over-confident Your death is not to be regretted.

Oh Do you want to use a finger? Break my Five Gangqi Save your effort, ok What Three skills have shown It's time for you to go to the hell. Damn it Protective gold body.

Immortal Tao Qian was killed in one second. Could it be that he is really Master Lin? Master, Master No I can't die Everything growth Wood Gangqi Don't waste.

I have ruined your cultivation. We are from the Medical School Aren't you afraid that the Medical School will crush your corpse into many pieces? Everything is Tao Qian responsible for his own death Go back and tell your owner If you dare to commit it again I'm going to come the Medical School Master, Master This guy.

What the hell he is? He dares to do that on his own Threated the Millennium Medical School It is worthy of being Lin Immortal Master Such presence It is really an immortal You were pretty handsome just now Really? And do you have some heartbeat to me?.

Of course Nope Relaxed Take it easy Right The Grandmaster they mentioned What is it? I don't know In my views.

It's no difference from ants. It's no need to boast like that I have a question for you Do you think of these three members of the Bai family Who would be the murderer wants to kill you? I don't know The Ji family and the Bai family always had no contact with each other. And let's wait Look at that guy.

Will he appeared on his own? The war in the daytime It is bound to give a bell to them. Don't know How is the investigation going on that held by Mr jiang? Hi Did you find something? Yes, Immortal Master According to your instructions.

We traced the residence of the suspicious Now he has been surrounded by us Good I'll be right there Hello There is a person Flying in the sky Shut up Nothing you can see.

Remember Yes, yes Someone triggered the hiding switch. Was this place discovered ? Stuck Inside force to the outside Force through the air Is this? Calls the Grandmaster?.

Why do you always like Evaluated my values ​​as an ant Such as you, this person It's ranked the top list names in the past. Why stay with a woman as a bodyguard? Because I just want to protect person what I care about And you really think Ranking the top list names You can do whatever you want?.

This guy doesn't care about the top list What cultivation is it exactly? I ask you Did the DarkNight Organization assign the task to assassinate Yaoguang by you? I don't know what you're talking about I'm just an ordinary dresser Enjoy my last bloom The murderer blew himself up Call a fire fighting truck.

Wait a minute The young man was still inside in case You look at the front How could that be Why even a bomb can't hurt you? I am a loser Just ask you want to know Who is your employer?.

I don't know who is my behind employer It was my superior, Black Rose who assign this task She is one of the leaders of the DarkMoon She has been always making use of Bai Zhan Follow her order and work for her I only know these It seems that Bai Zhan bring the war challenge to Wu Moling It's also your plan. Ok.

You turn yourself in If you're going to find Black Rose It's best to start with BaiZhan This network disk covers somethings Would help you a lot. Immortal Master He was a Nightmare Bastard Dare to have ideas to the people around the immortal master.

Are you tired of living? If I knew from the beginning that Ji Yaoguang has such a Great Immortal Master in his sides. I'm really couldn't take this job How to treat him is rely on you I 'll take the first step fine Black rose Mandala.

Bai Zhan Which one should start? Black rose Mandala Bai Zhan Which one should start? Immortal Master Nightmare commits suicide after confessing all his crimes In addition, the Song family has quickly fled the Jiang city.

G ot it Welcome Master Lin I don't know that Master Lin was coming here What do you want to do? I come here just for Bai Zhan Master Lin My dad said, You want to see and know something. Well Let us be straight with each other.

Black Rose of the BlackNight Organization Do you know eh Telling the master She is my lover And savior She almost had laid down her life for saving me. She What's wrong with her.

She tried to kill my lover repeatedly. You say she should be punished or not? Ah, Ah but But she saved my life If Master lin insisted on punished her eh Please take my life and pay for it. Just ask for Master Lin.

Don't involve others in my family pretty good You are a man I appreciated you As for the Black rose I'm afraid it's not pure as you imagined What This is Password of Network disk login.

She is married Her husband is one of the leaders of the Night Organization Mandala For her, you Are just a plaything to used Are you kidding me If you don`t believe Listening Bai Zhan has a good kong fu.

But pure mind I'll be able to make him work for me in a short time. This is The voice of Black Roses It's just the middle of refining fool He reached the Grandmasters sooner or later oh.

Dear So do you have some nice ways Make him work for us? As long as I put on a play Damn it Stinky woman Take it easy Here's another video to show Dear.

Tonight, you be nice to me Of course, my darling bastard Master Lin I want to solve this with my own hands you had fought with Wu Moling before You are injured a lot I don't want to you die together with Black Rose Even if it is this result,.

I will do that. And please give me this opportunity fine And I'll help you once time Master Lin What do you do? I have healed all your internal wounds Now you have a fifty percent to win what.

Various medicinal and herbs were used before And mixed my father's internal strength to nourished It didn't get any better. It`s really All healed Thank you Master I have nothing to reward you. If you need me in the future Never shirk.

Solving your business first After all, you will face this time Is someone who was deeply loved Thanks for your tips, Master Lin Now, I know that I was just a pawn for her Tonight I'm going to break off this affair with her As your good wish My dear.

Why are you meet me in such hurry? Do you miss me? I Also have something Want to ask for your help I ask you Why are you cheated with me? cheated with you? Is there somebody said something to you?.

Bai Zhan has a good Kong fu With simple mind It is Nightmare He actually told you everything. since it is so there is no need to keep your alive Why don't you fight back I'm just thinking If you can always cheat me in my life, it's great.

It's a pity You' d better to go to the hell Who is there? Guy You said you come here to break off your affair, but You are ready to die As a man Can you have some backbone? You love her with your all.

All will be lost I got it, Master Lin I know what should I do Black rose Since today You and me cut off all relationships between us Who had affair with you You just my pawn.

Since you are not willing to make pawn There is no need to alive Bailie Fist Steel teeth What can a knife edge do? Silver Sword Curtain What Bai Zhan.

Do you know what is your wrong point? Killing, just killing What to do say so many words? You are wrong with not enough to love me. Bai Zhan Do you know what you are doing wrong? If you want to kill, just kill What's all this nonsense?.

Your mistake is Not enough to love me If you love me enough you can definitely accept that I belong to two people at the same time Right? You What do you say You three views are no different from some trash TV series.

Bastard You don't have qualification to talk here Let me hear what else she can say. You still love me in your heart, don't you? You must still be in Love with me do donforms care about the worldly runly rules and regulations three people have really not good? I can't stud aymore.

That's an unbelievable statement it's. Really Hard to Listen to let's help him what's Going on? He's recoveering from his wounds. i used to be so blind. Love a [ __ ] like you How many times you try You'll end up the same.

Bai Zhan You can't escape me Hundred Martial Fists Wind Tooth When the Breaks Keep Coming will be disrupted by it I know you still have a little bit of love for her in your heart But this woman Will only bring you harm.

Yes Teachings of Master Lin I Keep in mind besides You're just making her pay for the sins she committed in this life For her Is also a relief Master.

Reincarnation of the human world You mortals with only a life span of 100 years may can't see through it. Bai Zhan beg master Lin Take me as a disciple I would like to participate Under Master Lin Get up You.

You promised Thank you, Master Master Disciple, I have a favor to ask. I know Go see her off for the last time. After all, it was someone you loved once Yes Goodbye.

Black Rose Master Let's go. In a hurry today I don't have a decent worship gift either You take this potion It will help you to raise your level. It's It's a Qi gathering pill!.

Drive first You can study it when you get back Master Your kindness is greatly appreciated But it's too expensive. I Take it I've got a mountain of this stuff here. It takes up a lot of space.

What I got it. Master is relieving me To give me peace of mind to accept this divine elixir It's obviously the lowest grade elixir in the cultivation world Why does he look so excited? To please me? It's hard for him Master.

I'm confused. Why don't you ask Black Rose the news about the Dark Side? I'm not a troublemaker. Since they want to kill Yaoguang Then I'll just destroy the organization Try the magic potion that Master gave me. The aroma of the elixir alone is soothing to the body. It's really a heavenly treasure.

This What a strong breath. I I can't believe that overnight From the middle stage of body refinement to the master realm Finished this step Next Where should I go? Fairy Master.

A message from the Medical Sect Say They say They said that let Jiang city ancient martial arts community Go to the medical clan to plead guilty And you'll have to lose your cultivation Otherwise Not only will your life be lost Ji's family will also die without a burial place.

Just the words of a mole If they want to come after me for revenge Just come on in. Your herbs How's the preparation going? Still Still missing a few of the most difficult to find flavors Let's go Go to the hospital and see your son.

If I deduce correctly Your son should only have 24 hours of life left. Mr. Qing Please come to the hospital. Your son's condition has changed I have been practicing for many years Never seen this before The patient inside.

Came out this black spider silk It hurts. This stuff is corrosive. Fairy Master Please save my son. This is the last stage of the Thousand Spider Poison Within twenty-four hours Qingming Yu will slowly form a spider cocoon Become a feeder for the toxin.

At that time, the break out of the cocoon will no longer be your son but a black poisonous spider the size of a man Hum I'll go to the medical school myself The medicine your son is missing I'm afraid it's only available there. Thank you, Master. I will not forget the kindness of the immortal master for saving my life.

I can only hope that the medical school has not degenerated to the point of hopelessness Otherwise the last of Shennong's Taoist lineage I'm afraid it will be dismissed Dad, second uncle. Uncle Qing just called and said My master, he's gone to the Medical School alone Master Lin He's trying to Save our Jiang city ancient martial arts community on his own!.

Dad , second uncle Uncle Qing just called to say My master… he's going to the medical school alone. Master Lin He's trying to do it all by himself Save our Jiang city ancient martial arts community! Dad What you mean is My master wants to sacrifice himself.

Let the Medical Sect no longer target the entire Jiangcheng city ancient martial arts community Exactly. I didn't expect Master Lin Not only is his cultivation profound Even his character is so noble Then I'm going to the medical school now Master has shown me a great deal of gratitude I can't let him go alone. Wait a minute.

You immediately contact the old Taoist priest at Green City Mountain All of you go to the Medical Sect together Boxing for Master Lin No need to contact I' m already here Master Lin's high sense of righteousness We can't just sit back and do nothing Let's go. Is my Jiang city ancient martial arts community.

I'm really afraid of him a clan? Medical Sect built on a mountain Ancient style building lofty If this is developed as a tourist attraction The tickets are not cheap, right? These two It looks like they came to seek medical help How long have you been kneeling here?.

Already It's been a day Get up. Get down on your knees You' ll be dead soon. Please save my lady. Get up first. Miss, be careful. Who told you to get up?.

Seeking medical help must knee all day and all night Not following the rules of the medical school You two should go back It is the duty of a doctor to save lives and help the injured What is this [ __ ] rule? Who are you? How dare you speak out of turn here? With your cultivation level You can't save this girl.

What are you talking about? Excellency said that my medical clan could not cure her Do you have proof? Father This kid instigated them to break the rules of the sect And sneered at us This woman is just tainted with evil spirits It just needs to be pulled out with true qi and transfer it into my body and refine it.

Master This is the consultation fee we prepared Please help us. Father This spirit stone is a good thing In that case Please, Miss Reach Out I'll take your breath for you Young man.

I'll show you. What an insolence! What? father Demonic Qi I can't believe it's demonic energy You can't be cured by anyone Don't say too early I can cure her.

Bastard If you can cure I'll make you my teacher on the spot I don't need a consultation fee to see a doctor You can take the stone back Just tell me where you found it. Even the Supreme Elder of the Medical School can't do anything about it. Can he really do it.

What a powerful mental attack. Golden Armor Bodyguard Little demonic Qi In front of me How dare you bark at me? Broken I I seem to be really well I can't believe it's witchcraft.

This kid got the inheritance of the divine witch, Wu Xian. How's that? Do you want to worship now? worship the master I'm afraid your legacy will be left here today Go! Take this kid. Open formation Young man.

You will now surrender your witchcraft heritage I can let you go. if I refuse? My bloodthirsty spirit sealing formation can suppress all living beings You'd better be smart. What a powerful force! At this rate, the body will be torn apart. One last chance. Handing over the witchcraft legacy.

Or I will make a pig out of you Torture day and night So scary Even my power is being drained away Why is the sky turning red? How come he's nothing happened at all? You're really the heir of the ancestor of the witch tribe, Wu Xian. Otherwise it would be impossible Standing in my bloodthirsty spirit-sealing formation.

You're wrong I am not his heir He is my heir Yellow-mouthed child's nonsense Today you must leave your legacy behind. Come and help Master Lin with his fist Just in time I'm too lazy to look for you guys Gutsy.

Come into my formation! Why not? Watch out! Don't come in! What's the big deal? Not true My power is being sucked out of me. I told you not to come in. Oops. Your training is not enough!.

Bunch of idiots. My bloodthirsty spirit sealing formation Not only will it take away your power I can also use it for me I'm going to use your feats Achievement of my Grand Master Look at my Bloodthirsty Sealing Spirit System Not only can it drain your power but can use it for me.

I will use your skills Help me to be a grandmaster Elder Song This array is so vicious It doesn't match the purpose of my medical school Close your mouth Now the lord is attentively to refined his cultivation. I am the master, you should follow me Wait for I become a grandmaster.

I am the master of medical school. Su Xuzi left this array It is a shelter to protected your life And now you're using it like this I don't know What's his feeling when look at it you dared to insult my medical ancestor No matter how you know the origin of this system Today there is only one way for you to die.

Bloodthirsty Sealing Spirit System Start The skills of all It's all mine Master Quickly Go You, go to the hell Get away.

Why are you not affected Could it be the power of the gods? There are still a few wise people in the medical school Let's leave some descendants to Shennong Answer me You are watch it with your bright eyes What is the true spirit of medicine Shennong Medical Sutra Healing wounds from spirit.

What The Shennong Medical Sutra is only an entry-level medical technique of the Medical School how can it be so powerful Back then, our ancestor Su Xu Zi Was quelled the epidemic used it. We didn't learn more profound Elder It's blame you for not helping me Go die.

If you can cultivate the introductory medicine technique to the peak The medical school would not be what it is today I didn't expect you have two major spirits I will not be mercy to you I have a hiding skill even the medical master didn't know about that You are so lucky to see today is worth to live the world. Dad.

What is this? Song Chengfeng, bastard You actually practiced such a demon skill Die in peace One day, I become the master of medical school A monument will be erected for you Look at my skill I What's wrong with me?.

My benefactor Do not hurt benefactor Ok, you will go to hell together You are too noisy I still alive This shield It is also Master Lin's skills you.

What the hell are you It doesn't matter who I am Just remember There I am You won 't die My heart beats so fast persecute the other members in the medical school Offend the mighty.

Medical School is going to be over Since the lineage of the Medical School has gone astray I'll clean up the mess by myself clean up the mess Who do you think you are? I am the Master of the Medical School And will become a grandmaster You dare to hurt us.

You also think too highly of yourself I How am I okay Me too You still have kindness in your hearts And I give you a Chance to change Take me to your master Great Master, This side please Benefactor, hold on.

Benefactor, I hope you can accept it You keep it It is useless for me Worthy of being Great Master Don't even want spiritual stones Benefactor He is really SPECIAL AH We SEEM BRING LITTLE Help and to do Anything and.

Increasing Some Burens Master Definitely Doesm. UNEXPECTEDLY, EVEN The Medical Scho Ol Could Not Surrenering This Guy We're Gonna Have to Find Another Way Great Master Our Master Set AT AT A ban on this retreat We can't open it from the outside A mere trifle You are the Master of the Medical School.

Who you are Dare to disturb my cultivation Master, don't impolite to the Great master Here's the thing What you I can' t believe you can break my medical array Explaining a lot doesn't get to the point Not as fast as I could have done it myself.

Disciple call to pay respects to the senior Master you You are I disciplined the medical school without a good management Please forgive me I have cleared the school for you You, in the later Should lead them to immerse themselves in the study of medicine.

Practice medicine to help the people Yes Thank you, senior Master Let our school have a way to live Don't rejoice too early If you let me know that there is something evil Never be spared I got it Get up.

Take me to the Su wen Valley where you grow medicinal herbs I want to ask for some medicinal herbs OK Senior Master here, please

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