【Multi Sub】《神武天尊》EP141:玄界众生,突破禁锢【欢迎订阅 爱奇艺动漫站】

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[English subtitles are available] The eighth form of summoning art! I can't believe that even the eighth form can't leave you with a scratch. Blackie. Your physical body's strength is horribly tough to such an extent. Not only that.

Over the last three months, I've absorbed a large amount of heavenly thunder, and I've awakened a new theurgy. So have I. We haven't taken the Xuanwu Clan nor the Shuiyue Clan. Lei Bao. What exactly is he doing? But Black Dragon is doing great. He has taken numerous clans and territories in a row.

He is very hardworking. Xiao Chen. For me, the effect of the Heavenly Thunder Body Tempering has weakened. If we keep practicing here, the enhancement to us will be very small. You are right. Ever since I reached the eighth level of the Ancient Body Tempering Mantra, I have never had the feeling to break through to the ninth.

Although I can't make the breakthrough, the gate has been opened a little for me. I really don't know what's in here. Yeah. What is this mysterious palace that has appeared out of nowhere? Xiao Chen.

What happened? Not only did we not take down the Xuanwu Clan and the Shuiyue Clan, but Lei Bao was also seriously injured. What? It wouldn't have mattered if that was all of it. But what concerns me most is another piece of information. The Mystic Realm now has a large number of Supreme Masters.

The one who defeated Lei Bao is a Supreme Master of the Mystic Realm. The Mystic Realm? Xiao Chen. Didn't you say that the Mystic Realm is shackled by heaven and earth, making it impossible for any martial artist in there to make a breakthrough in their lifetime? Yes. The Mystic Realm is full of spiritual energy.

So there are numerous Emperor Lords in there. If there were no shackles, the Mystic Realm would have been the strongest realm long ago. But now the shackles are gone. Almost instantly, there are so many Supreme Lords. And they have even reached out to the Sword Realm. If I am right,.

I'm afraid that at this moment, the Zhoutian Realm is also being invaded by a large number of Supreme Lords from the Mystic Realm. Let's go. Blackie. Let's go spend some time with the Supreme Masters from the Mystic Realm. We haven't fought in a long time. Let's go! Heaven has felt it. He no longer confines the beings of the Mystic Realm. Now,.

We can all make the breakthrough and become the Supreme Lord. I've been held back for 10,000 years and have finally made a breakthrough. I've finally become the Supreme King. My martial artists can finally show their ambitions. I also want to fight for the crown of the heavens and the worlds. All the Supreme Kings.

Come to the Heavenly Emperor Hall for an audience. Li Yunfei. You have been on the throne for too long. The title of “strongest martial artist” should be given to someone else. Unfortunately, the Physical Supreme Lord was long dead. Otherwise, isn't it great if I can kill two of the strongest alone?.

What is Li Yunfei doing these days? Your Majesty. Li Yunfei has disappeared for months without a trace. Li Yunfei's last appearance was in the Nether Woods of the Sword Realm. It seems that a great war has broken out in there. Li Yunfei's disappearance may have something to do with it. Disappearance?.

Is he being killed or seriously injured? We don't know. But in this world except for you, My Majesty, I'm afraid that no one can kill Li Yunfei. He is most likely seriously injured. Daoxuan. I can reach today's level thanks to the ocean of the Worship Hall.

You built in the Mystic Realm, so I can absorb their faith. When I unify the heavens and the worlds, you will also be the person who is second only to me. Thank you, My Majesty. The shackles of the Mystic Realm are gone? That's impossible. Master.

I've scouted it. The news is true. A lot of Supreme Lords from the Mystic Realm have gone to the Zhoutian Realm as well as the Sword Realm. They are aggressive with no good intentions. Shit. The Mystic Realm is full of Supreme Lords, which is not good news to me.

Since you're here, why are you hiding in the dark? Is this the style of your Mystic Realm? I am the Heavenly Emperor… I thought he was a tough one. It turns out he is just a loser. We can't stay here for long. Let's go. Shit.

I was so close. So close. What's wrong with the Mystic Realm? Bo… Boss! Such a mess! Tell me. Who is that man? That man is extremely strong.

He claimed to be one of the Twelve Warriors under the Heavenly Emperor, the Qisha Warrior. He defeated me with only one move. He could already reach the level of the Supreme King. Heavenly Emperor? There is even such a man in the Mystic Realm. Yes. That is what he said.

Dare to claim the title of Heavenly Emperor in the Mystic Realm. What an arrogant man. In terms of arrogance, I have never seen a more arrogant person than you. Take it to heal your wounds first. I will go to meet this so-called Qisha Warrior. Greetings, Qisha Supreme Lord. From now on, the Xuanwu Clan is under the command of the Heavenly Emperor Hall.

Long Live the Heavenly Emperor. These spineless losers… This force is not bad. Harder. Release more of your power. So that guy can sense you. Xiao Chen is really getting lazy. What a powerful Three-Eyed Wolf. Is this your pet?.

He is my friend. Who are you? And why are you here? The Xuanwu Clan is mine. You are so arrogant. Blackie. He's yours. But don't kill him.

Xiao Chen. He is a Supreme King. You don't want to practice your skills on him? This guy is so weak. I'm not interested. I'm more curious about the Heavenly Emperor behind him! His innate theurgy is the Star Power. His awakened Heavenly Power is also the Star Power.

Not bad. The martial artists of the Mystic Realm do have some fortes. Since you have found out about my theurgy, how dare you still be so casual? What?

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