【Multi Sub】《神武天尊》EP151:周天界中,至尊坟场【欢迎订阅 爱奇艺动漫站】

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By the way, talk more with Blackie during this time. Tell him to hurry up with the things I asked him. Got it. Let's go. Losers! Morons! What a jerk!.

Over half of the Twelve Warriors were lost. Taiwei! Why didn't you follow my orders to bring Xiao Chen back to me! Heavenly… Heavenly Emperor. Please calm down. Calm down? Do you know how long our plan will be delayed.

Because of your failure? Can you afford the consequences? Heavenly Emperor. It's not all Taiwei's fault. Who could have thought that King Kui had betrayed us? What should we do next? We should build up our strength.

We should keep a low profile during this period. Moreover, I just got great news. I found out the trace of Li Yunfei. Li Yunfei seems to be seriously injured, and his vitality is greatly damaged. Now, he is hiding in the cracks of three upper realms. We just need to tip off this news to Xiao Chen.

So that the two of them will fight to the death. Heavenly Emperor. At that time, you can reap the benefits of their fight. As long as both of them are dead, even if over half of the Twelve Warriors are dead, the rest of them in the upper three realms will be nothing in front of you. Good. I'll leave it to you.

As for you, you are safe for now. Thank you, Heavenly Emperor. Thank you, Heavenly Emperor. Enough. You two can leave now. Yes. Damn it! The damage.

That the Nine Revive Spells have done to me is hard to recover from. Li Yunfei! Li Yunfei! Remember! I will get my revenge on you. How is my father? Lord's health is deteriorating. If we don't open the the door of the Outer Realm now,.

I'm afraid he will only have a year to live. Understood. It will take me at least eight months to recover. So, there are only four months left. I can make it. I can definitely make it. Father. I won't let you die like this.

Half a year has passed. I still can't even break through to the ninth level of Ancient Body Tempering Mantra? If only there were a few more treasures from the Outer Realm. Xiao Chen. Your breakthrough to the ninth level is too difficult. Yeah. It's been six months.

And I still can't make the final breakthrough. Xiao Chen. How about we go to the Outer Realm for a walk. Maybe we can get some good stuff. With our current strength, us going to the Outer Realm is like giving the milk away for free. No. I have to think carefully. In this Zhoutian Realm,.

Is there any other way to quickly improve my cultivation? Master! Master! Good news! Master! Great news! Out with it. In Zhoutian Realm, a graveyard for the ancient supreme lord has just appeared.

What did you say? An ancient graveyard? Yes. It is a graveyard for the ancient supreme lord. And not just one supreme lord. There are countless of them! God is on my side. Finding this ancient graveyard is also a coincidence.

Some time ago, an Emperor of mine shattered a mountain peak during a fight. Only then did he discover that there was something else inside. After entering and exploring, he found out that it was a graveyard of ancient supreme lords. Well done. Blackie. Let's go! Master.

I want to come with you too. The graveyard of the ancient supreme lord may be dangerous. Blackie alone will be enough to come with me. Yes. I saw it. Greetings, Physical Supreme Lord! OK. You've done a great job in discovering the graveyard of the ancient supreme lord.

This sixth class Sky level skill scroll is a reward for you. Thank you, Physical Supreme Lord. Xiao Chen. The aura of resentment here is so strong. It looks like a great war broke out here before. But it seems nothing happened here.

The broken weapons on the ground already have zero spiritual energy. As I expected. Xiao Chen. What did you find? This graveyard is only the first floor of them. I have detected this place with my divine conscience. There are three floors in this place. The second floor is filled with the corpses of Supreme Kings.

And the third floor is covered by a terrifying force. Even with my divine conscience, I can't find out what's in there. Even you can't find out! The ancient supreme lords on the third floor are even stronger than you? I don't know. But since we're here,.

Let's go find out. And even protected by formations. See me break them! The portal to the lower floor. Let's go. Let's go and take a look. Inside this coffin, there is also an amazing power hidden in it. Xiao Chen.

It looks like this battle was extremely tragic. You're right. Next, let's see which ancient overmatches are lying here. Such a woman. Among the women I've seen, she will still be ranked among the top. Xiao Chen.

I don't know you have this kind of fetish. Shut up! Why are they all empty here? There is still some scent left here. It's so familiar. Xiao Chen. Do you still remember the guy called Spellsword Ancestor? Right!.

The scent here is very similar to his. Do you mean Spellsword Ancestor comes from this place? If that's so, then it makes sense. Xiao Chen. Since Spellsword Ancestor is not dead,.

The rest of them… The rest of them are completely dead. I'm afraid that Spellsword Ancestor is just lucky. Since he has awakened, he must have scavenged everything from the rest of them. There is nothing valuable left on this floor. That old thief! Let's go.

There's still the third floor. I hope he didn't get his hands on the third floor. Spellsword Ancestor appears to be terrified of these three individuals. So he didn't touch their coffins. Then what are we waiting for? Blackie, stop! Let me kick off the coffin lid! Blackie!.

Are you okay? It's so hot! Oh, boy! What kind of flame is this? It can burn me! I've never seen this golden flame before either.

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