【Multi Sub】《神澜奇域无双珠》EP23:海巨帝的援助【欢迎订阅 爱奇艺动漫站】

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[English subtitles are available] [The Land of Miracles] [Episode 23] Give me back my heart! Go! Wait! We've already reached the eighth level. Let's give it a try. There's the Peerless Space to hide anyway. Peerless Bead divides into two. Two share one…

Fortunately, she didn't come. Really? Don't try to get lucky. At this distance, I can kill you with my mind. Are you a pervert? Why did you take off our clothes? I've blocked the space here. If you want to teleport and escape, your bodies will be cut into pieces.

During teleportation. Give me my heart and I'll let you live. We don't have it. Are you not afraid of death? If we hand it over, we'll die too. I never go back on my words. Give me my heart and I'll let you live. Your Majesty, you broke our clothes. You must have checked our bodies.

I'm sure you didn't find anything. Otherwise, you wouldn't have let us live to now. Yes, I still smell my heart on you. What the hell? Didn't Grand Elder say it won't exist after a year? Your Majesty. What will happen if you can't find your heart? Thousand years of accumulation of mine will be destroyed. I have to start all over again. But the truth is we really don't know where your heart is. We told you last time. Our divine artifact took your heart. It wasn't us!.

Divine artifact? Hand it over! At least give us a chance to summon the divine artifact. Peerless Bead divides into two. Two share one life. Come out! I almost died. If we had teleported right away, would we end up like this? Didn't you agree? I didn't expect the Red Treasure Queen to be so scary. What are you looking at?.

How can you still think about dignity? Are you crazy? The space is not fluctuating. Let's see how long you can hide. You always say I'm immature. You were being stupid, too. You beat yourself up like this. Alright, it was my fault. I didn't teleport immediately. But I was thinking.

If we sneaked into the sea, when the Red Sea Queen caught up, it would be likely to attract powerful Blue Sea Clan. We share the same mind. Didn't you know what I was thinking? Say something. I'm sorry. You didn't mean it. I shouldn't have bothered you. I apologize. If you call me Brother, I'll give it to you.

At worst, we'll die on the same day. We are the model of good brothers. We can only stay in the Peerless Space for 12 hours. We may only have this little time left. Let's think about something fun. You mind being seen naked so much. There must be a special reason. Tell me. Tell me. Our bodies are from our parents.

According to our Magic Domain's tradition, we can't let others see our bodies. Otherwise, I should marry whoever sees my body. Marry you? In other words, if I were a woman… Think about it. I wasn't the first person to see your body, but the Red Treasure Queen. How about confessing your love to her when you get out?.

Maybe we would have a chance of survival. If you marry her, maybe you can give birth to a baby Swallowing Ant. What color do you think it will be? I'll kill myself if you keep saying. So cruel. I was wrong. Forget it. It's almost time. Should we go out now, or wait for 12 hours? The longer time passes, the more likely we'll leave.

Should we just cultivate? We can't stop as long as we're alive. Okay. What's wrong? Lan Ge and Fa Hua are in danger. Let's go find Grand Elder. Bad news, Grand Elder. Lan Ge and Fa Hua are in danger. Good timing.

We sensed that the Moon God-level Master is attacking. We are discussing this. Could it be that the Red Treasure Queen hasn't given up yet? It's on Deserted Island to the west. The Peerless Space can only last for 12 hours. It's almost time. We have to get out of here. We'll do our best even if we die! Fight! Are you finally coming out?.

Who? Now! Trying to escape? Who is that? Come out! Emperor Mighty Sea! Without permission, no god can enter the Endless Blue Sea! Stop it. You're no match for me on the Endless Blue Sea. We won't know until we fight.

Red Treasure Queen. It's those old wood. I'll give you face today. Greetings. Emperor Mighty Sea. Long time no see, friends of the Shu Hai Clan. Can you tell me what happened? I guess I was right. She didn't come after us anymore. She's a Moon God-level Master. It's only a matter of time for her to catch up.

We have to go as far as we can. The sea turtles are migrated along the stream to the continental shelf of the Demonic Domain to the north. We should be able to reach the coast of the Demonic Domain by following the stream. What's wrong? No, all the fishes are gone. Something's wrong. No, we can't stay in the sea for long. Why don't we teleport to Bitian Island first? Fa Hua. Fa Hua.

Fa Hua. Dear Emperor Mighty Sea! Did you stop the strong enemy for us? [In the next episode] Without permission, no god can enter the Endless Blue Sea. Blue. I seem to understand you. To the Demonic Domain? Can you take us with you? Hurry up, you lowly ordinary human servants!.

If you miss the delivery time, I'll step you all to death!

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  1. 10:54 lawful listening to Lan Ge's allege makes chortle, so amusing, and the technique he hit his head is moreover amusing 😆😆😆But i mediate Fa Hua ought to quiet marry that white-haired woman from season 1

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