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[This film is purely fictional.] [There is a mysterious family that lives near Changbai Mountain in Dongbei.] [They are known as the Zhang Family who live outside the pass.] [It's said that they had a strange encounter during a tomb raid.] [Their bodies changed, making them stronger than ordinary people.] [Jilin Nanman Railway] In the early 20th century, Japan invaded Dongbei and controlled the Nanman railway,.

Committing various evil acts. The cells in Number 6 haven’t been finishing their work for three consecutive days. Where are they? You are the warden of Apartment Number 6. You aren't working hard. I didn't slack off. I work in the rain every day. I'm sick. I can't do it anymore.

You're sick? Then you're useless. [Young Zhang Qishan] I have it. Since this Chinese chose to be useful, we should satisfy him. In those chaotic times, the Zhang family was divided into many sects. One of them left with the family's secret.

And fled south, but was discovered by the Japanese spy network in Dongbei. At that time, I was among them. Father. [Zhang Zezhuan] Qishan. Dad, They are going to start a new human experiment soon.

Dad. I’m afraid I can’t make it. I will get you out of here. Go and get Zhang Zezhuan. You're not old enough to be fully hot-blooded yet. You can't defeat him. There are too many strange masters here. Don't be impulsive. I can't watch you die.

Protecting the family secret is more important than my life. Father. Quick, hide. This guy is pretty good. He survived so many rounds of this. What do you think sir found on them? Let's go. [Fire Breather].

Don't shoot. Let me play. [Japanese Military Consultant Zuo Qianzhi] Your family is amazing. When you get angry or when you are on the brink of death, your blood flows very quickly and your body temperature rises, making you ten times stronger than normal people.

Untie him. [Jilin Nanman Railway Laboratory] But if you aren't careful, your blood vessels will explode. Where is my father? The water is boiling. Make me a cup of tea. So you use pigeon blood to tattoo yourselves, such that when your body temperature is too high…

[Honorary Consultant of Guandong Governor Zuo Qianzhi] The tattoo will appear as a reminder… Things won't end well for traitors. Why won't they? Father. Unfortunately, your father failed to survive. Your bloodline doesn't seem to be pure. Your body temperature can't reach the real peak. Your father was already very powerful,.

But his tattoo was only at 50%. The Japanese want someone whose tattoo reaches 100%. You're my only hope now. Don't let me down. You're useless. I can't believe I expected anything from you. [The Mystic Nine: Qing Shan Hai Tang] You look familiar. Have we met before?.

Hey, you must be mistaken. No. You came from the Namman Railway too, right? You're doing well recently. It seems like we really do know each other. Why can't I remember you? Do you remember this? [Zhang Qishan].

The only enemy left in Dongbei was Zuo Qianzhi. [Zhang Rishan] When I woke up from the graveyard, he certainly didn't expect this day to come. I heard many civilians want to kill him. But they failed. There are many masters around him. We've killed the one who used fire.

There's another swordsman and a mysterious man who helps him run black industries. There's one more. I heard he raised a monster that kills people in Changsha every night. All monsters in the world are just mutated humans. I have my own methods to deal with Zuo Qianzhi.

[Fried Stinky Tofu] Under the guidance of my teacher, I stepped into Changsha for the first time. With hatred and curiosity, I stepped into this place that I would guard for the rest of my life. I had no idea what kind of adventure I was about to embark on here. Back then, in Changsha,.

There were many tomb-raiding families. There was no concept of the Mystic Nine Families. [Big sale] But things were already in motion in preparation for what was to come. [Er Yuehong] Thank you. Changsha city is indeed a hiding place for masters.

Rishan. Go to the Jiang family to find my agent Qin Weijun to get the evidence. I'll see you at the Defense Officer's official residence. I want to use it to bring Zuo Qianzhi to justice there and then. Sir, don't worry. [Changsha, Jiang Family] Thank you Mr. Jiang for hiding me here. These days will be over soon. The government staff I secretly contacted has arrived in Changsha.

If we give him the ledger, Zuoqian will be brought to justice. [Qin Weijun] Are you talking about me? [Changsha Defense Officer, Zuo Qianzhi] Zuo Qianzhi. Let the Jiang family go. Didn't you want your ledger? I have it.

Jiang Cailing is a nice girl. What a pity. She's still being used by you even in death. It's a pity that you weren't not attentive enough. Someone told me. I'll kill you! Xing, you're getting faster again. It seems like the experiment is successful. [Yan Sanxing].

I'm still not the fastest in Changsha. Is there anything else you want to ask? They are all in the city. You'll know when you come. But let this gentleman see how others are going to die because of him. No. God has eyes, Zuo Qianzhi.

You'll be punished soon for these immoral acts. Father. Zuo Qianzhi, what are you doing? You've been here for so long. I haven't even served you a cup of tea. It’s my fault. Guards, bring some tea. What are you doing?.

Pour some for Mr. Qin and his daughter. What are you doing? Zuo Qianzhi. Xing. You're always in such a hurry. Forget it. I'll leave the body to you. Remember, clean it up. Someone is coming. Clean it up.

Why don't you destroy the ledger to avoid any trouble? I have my own uses for this ledger. I still have to keep some trump cards in my hand. As for Zhang Qishan, some people have been wanting to show up in Changsha for a long time. I have to submit another pledge of loyalty. I'm not nice to you because I like cats.

Even if you're a rat, I would still be nice to you. Do you know, I'm lonely because I don't have any friends. All right. I'm done talking to you. My dad doesn't like animals. Get lost. My family were tomb raiders.

There are so many tomb raiders in Changsha, but only our family has so many rules. Nowadays, many tomb raider are fighting among sects. The streets are on fire. We need a sect to manage these thieves. Of course, my father wants our Hong family to lead Changsha. But I'm not interested. But he is my father.

I have to help him. I'm going to perform. You don't want to leave? [Changsha Defense Officer's official residence] At that time, Zuoqian was the Defense Officer of Changsha. I was recommended by my teacher to be his lieutenant. It was wet that day. -Cihuan. I don't know why.

I remember that day so clearly. Long time no see. Why didn't you tell me you came to Changsha? I came to accompany young people to take over the post. There's no need to make a fuss. [Special Envoy of the Military Department] This must be Lieutenant Zhang Qishan. I've heard that he's a rare young hero.

You flatter me. Come. Cihuan, let's go in and chat. Have a good chat with your future boss. Young man, you just told on me. And then you came to be my lieutenant. Are you here to make a punitive expedition against me? I dare not.

It's just that there's something I don't know that I'd like to ask you about. I'm right in front of you now, so just say it. Something about what you did for the Japanese before, about you colluding with senior military officials to pay bribes, and about you raising monsters with human lives. Your investigation is quite detailed. But the higher ups have agreed to let it rest.

Qishan, you aren't that petty, right? By the way, where is the kid named Zhang Rishan? [Changsha, Jiang Family] Who are you? Where did the people in this room go? How is your chat? I'm afraid the person that Lieutenant Zhang wants me to meet won't be able to come today.

Let's end it here. Cihuan, let's have dinner together. Qishan, what do you think? I'll go first. What I heard before must have been a misunderstanding. See you. It's not appropriate to leave like this, is it?.

I'm willing to apologize to you. I'm here to work in Changsha. Please forgive me. OK. If you make me a cup of tea, I'll forget it. Why don't you have the tattoo? How? Thank you for your generosity.

With Lieutenant Zhang around, I will have someone to make tea for me from now on. Rishan, are you okay? It's not a big deal. The Jiangs and Mr. Qin are in danger. We must catch that man. [Hong's Theater] Hong's Theater.

You two, guard the exit of the theater. Don’t disturb the audience. The rest, follow me to search. Yes. ♫Suddenly I heard the sound of golden drums and Huajiao♫ Good actor. So charming. In my opinion, there will be another famous actor in Changsha from now on. ♫Evoke my ambition to break through the gates of heaven♫ What do you know?.

The Hong family will rise in Changsha. ♫I can stop millions of soldiers with my sword♫ Great! You two, search separately. The army is investigating a case. I want to open this wardrobe and check. I've lived in Changsha for 18 years I've never seen any army break in without saying a word. Excuse me.

Step aside. I don't want to hurt anyone. Do you think you can hurt me? Is this the best that Zuo Qianzhi's men can do? Zuo Qianzhi? Harboring a fugitive is a felony. Nonsense! You just want to mess with me. Don't touch it. Sorry, I…

My son is naughty. [Mr. Hong] Sorry to offend you. I’m really sorry. Please be generous. Don't take it seriously. I’ll punish him later. Hong, apologize! Steward, throw away the cat.

Yes, master. Mr. Hong, don’t blame your son wrongly. This is my cat. I'm Zhang Qishan, the lieutenant of the Changsha defense officer. A fugitive just hid in your theater. Please cooperate with us. Sir. I've heard a lot of reasons why people want to go backstage to see the female roles. Soldiers have great desires.

But the female roles are all played by men. I’m afraid you’re too excited. Please keep it a secret. Sir, what he just said was so annoying. Why don’t you explain? No need. Sir, the murderer must have entered the Hong's Theater. This theater is not as simple as you can see.

Er Yuehong's kung fu is clearly the kung fu of tomb raiders. Changsha is an important place in the south. Many tomb raiders are here. It's not strange that the troupe has some family background. No. The trap Er Yuehong hides his cat is the set-up method of the tomb tunnel. There must be a secret tunnel hidden in this theater. Unless the owner leads you to it,.

It's hard for others to find it. You mean the killer was hidden in the secret tunnel? Yes. Then why don't we interrogate Mr. Hong? 9pm at Xiangjiang Pier. If you don’t come, I’ll burn your barracks. [Xiangjiang Pier] Mr. Hong, you asked me out to get your cat back, right?.

You don't look like a bad person. Tell me how much you want. I'll pay for the cat. If you keep the cat for me, I'll pay you every month. What do you think? You're wrong. Bro, I can't afford that much. Why don't you ask for less money?.

I join the army from Dongbei. I come to Changsha to meet young talents and help the people. Now, the war is about to start. We both have responsibilities. We should do our own duties and keep our place at peace. It sounds scary.

I think the dandy habit is just the surface of you. You are very skilled. Besides your talents, you must practice hard in private. You don't need to work so hard. You must have other ambitions. I've heard about you. You're chasing someone called Yan Sanxing. Let's make a deal.

You keep a cat for me. I'll help you catch him. And prove my family's innocence. How do you want to catch him? Yan Sanxing has a hobby that everyone in Changsha knows. With Zuo Qianzhi's protection, he does a lot of evil. There are many miserable prostitutes in Changsha. No one will ask if they die.

Yan Sanxing especially likes to practice with them. Fireflies. Fly over the steel. Lend me a lock. Lock the door. Lend me a cow. Lift the mountains. Borrow me some horses. Mr. Hong?.

Why are you running away? I've heard that dozens of women have been eviscerated since Zuo Qianzhi came to Changsha. What did you do with their internal organs? Yan Sanxing. You know in Changsha, I'm the only one who can walk faster than you. You can’t escape. Where’s Qin’s account book?.

You want to kill yourself? My blood can detoxify. I fed you my blood. You won't die for now. Tell me where Zuo Qianzhi's account book is. I'll kill you. Mr. Hong, does your father know you are here? What does it have to do with my father?.

Tell me. Did you run into the Hong's Theater? Make it clear. Sir, can we talk in private? Mr. Hong, if I were you, I wouldn't be with him. Our men are searching around. It's said that the local eight families all have colluded with Zuo Qianzhi. And the Hong family gets a foothold thanks to him.

I just want him to know that. What do you mean? Mr. Hong, do you really think it's a coincidence that I ran into the Hong's Theater? Make it clear. Tell them that Yan Sanxing is in my hands now. In Changsha,.

The real right-hand man of the defense officer is someone else. I'm just a dirty worker. He hides himself well. But this is a man you know all too well. It's worth it to die in your hands. But I wonder.

How your father would feel if he finds out? Sir. I've just gotten the news that Yan Sanxing was arrested by Zhang Qishan. Mr. Zuo, I've heard that Yan Sanxing was arrested. Not arrested. He's already dead.

Follow me. We've kept that monster for so long. Should we release him now to deal with Zhang Qishan? Don't fall into the trap. The account book must be with the monster, only then will we be safe. Find more organs. Human organs. And send them here.

Yes. The monster's appetite is getting bigger and bigger. This time, Zhang Qishan is aggressive. I'll be in trouble anytime. If I die, Changsha will be yours. Even if I don't die, I have to leave Changsha. Come here.

I'll tell you where the account book is. You know the content in it. It will help you. It will help you gain a foothold in Changsha. Should we just sit and watch? Your son Er Yuehong. He started to perform on stage. Since he's old enough to show up in public. How about this?.

He can come and work for me. Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Zuo. But my son is stubborn. I was planning to keep him around to train him for a while, before letting him out to work. You and your son will take over Changsha one day. The nine families have no leaders now. Mr. Hong, if you're willing to take charge of it, your son will need to practice as well.

So that he can be your successor. About your son's performance, I haven't been there to support him yet. It's a rare opportunity. I can invite Zhang Qishan to watch the opera with me. Tomorrow at 7 P.M. at Hong theater. After tomorrow night, I don't want to see Zhang Qishan anymore.

Where is Hong Junior? The blood on his body is just like us. He also has the tattoo. Who is he? He's not that powerful. Zuo Qianzhi hasn't stopped his experiment yet. Monster is also a part of his experiment. Will Hong Junior snitch on us? No, he won't. I believe in him.

Mr. Zuo will come to see your performance tomorrow. If anything happens in the theater, let it be. Just focus on your performance. Understand? Father. Are you working for Zuo Qianzhi? Just prepare for it. If I don't work for him,.

How can we run so many businesses in Changsha? Father. Are you going to kill Zhang Qishan when I'm on stage? I won't let you do it yourself. Your hands will be clean. Do I have any other choice? Then we can help Zhang Qishan.

He wants to serve the country, and he can be a good friend. What nonsense are you talking about? When did you become so close to him? Do you care so much about this friendship? Father, it's a doomed petition like asking a tiger for its hide. When you put yourself in my shoes,.

You will understand my difficulties. Keep an eye on this place. Let him prepare for the opera. Understood, master. Sir. You can't go. I heard that Zuo Qianzhi has recruited all the killers in Changsha. Or I can take your place to go there tomorrow. Since Zuo Qianzhi wants to kill me,.

It means he doesn't intend to destroy the account book. Then we'll have a chance to get it. Secondly, he was pushed to the edge. He finally walks out of the heavily fortified defense general's official residence. And it won't be that easy for him to go back. Many mighty men are working for Zuo Qianzhi. Then we'll have the morgue prepare more caskets. Welcome.

Please come in. Please come in. Lieutenant Zhang, I'm honored to see you here. Mr. Zuo is waiting for you in the room on the second floor. Please lead the way, Mr. Hong. This way. Mr. Zhang, you're also here to watch the opera. Long time no see.

Come here. Have a seat. When will it start? Give me a cup of tea. Coming. Waiter, give us some tea. Coming. Lieutenant Zhang, this way please. The opera will begin soon. This way.

Mr. Zuo. Lieutenant Zhang is here. [Eryue Hong] Fantastic! It's very brave of you to come here. You should know that if I wasn't completely confident, I wouldn't have arranged this show.

Before you kill me, I should tell you one thing. Hong Junior who's performing on the stage is a friend that I just made in Changsha. [Eryue Hong] I don't want it to be so noisy. Because the noise will disturb his mood for today's performance. Good job! Mr. Zuo.

Is that all your people have? ♫Suddenly I heard the sound of golden drums and Huajiao♫ ♫Evoke my ambition to break through the gates of heaven♫ Boy, Changsha is not a place that you can come and go as you please. Today, you can't go anywhere. [Liu Pingyang] Useless! Aren't you 100% sure about it?.

Inform those people in the mansion to get the monster ready. That thing is hard to control. Now, it's too early. People will see that if it goes out. Then many people might die for this. Perhaps, we will also get involved… I have my own plan. Just go ahead and prepare for it.

No. Don't kill me! I know where the account book is. Do you think it works for me? I don't mind if you die together. It's not for you. The one who's supposed to watch the show has just arrived. Sorry. I've delayed your revenge.

But I have no choice. If you still believe me, I can help you get rid of Zuo Qianzhi. I can help you become the defense general. Then… can you please… let my father go? Let Hong family go! Help me! As long as you can save me,.

I can tell you where the account book is now. I can draw the route for you. Mr. Zuo. The official residence has been fortified. Take a seat. Mr. Hong. Thank you for your hard work. Thanks to you. I don't know if this Liu Pingyang.

Is dead or not. I left in a hurry so I didn't confirm it. He also knows where the account book is. Liu Pingyang won't betray me. Mr. Hong. Now, I can only rely on you. Sir! We can't find Zhang Qishan and Eryue Hong anywhere in the city.

Besides, we found the body near the lookout post. Of course you can't find them. They are already here. Mr. Zuo, please give me a chance to persuade my son. Mr. Hong. Don't think too much. Zhang Qishan is my old friend. He is gifted.

He is not an ordinary person. Your son is young and inexperienced. I understand why he was impressed by him. Let's meet Zhang Qishan together. Once he dies, your son will come back to you. Sir! The special commissioner has arrived.

He has been invited to the mansion already. Cihuan! What brings you here in the middle of the night? Sorry to disturb you, Qianzhi. I have something important to discuss with you. This way. We're here. The layout here is the same as he said.

The account book should be on the left. Watch out for the trap. Hong. You shouldn't have brought an irrelevant person here. Father. We must take it away. I know that you are a good boy. I'm very pleased.

But Zhang Qishan was an accident. As long as he dies, we can go back as we used to be. Father! I've never disobeyed you all these years. I've done everything that you told me to do, though I didn't want to do those things. I know.

You want the Hong family to go further. As your son, I need to be responsible for the whole Hong family. Get the account book! Hurry up! But if you do this kind of thing, our family will be not worthy of prosperity. Liu Pingyang lied to us. Your martial arts were taught by me. Do you think you can stop me?.

Considering that you and my son are friends, do you have anything else to say? Mr. Hong. Haven't you realized it so far? Zuo Qianzhi didn't just want to kill me. He also wanted to kill you. Where is the account book? Now only you and I, and Liu Pingyang,.

Know that the account book is here. I clearly saw… Mr. Zuo put the account book here. Father. You are still being stubborn. How come there are so many crazy people? Were those organs and flesh fed to human? Let me give you a heads-up in advance.

Zhang Qishan gave me an account book. He said it was copied by a law practitioner named Qin Weijun. He also said the manuscript was hidden in defense general's official residence. It's reasonable that he gave the account book to me. So I have to investigate it. Otherwise, I can't explain it to the superiors. It's also hard for me.

I don't care if he makes trouble for me. But you are his important teacher. How dare he disrespect you? That's true. I've sent a telegram to my superiors. I'll take people to your mansion tomorrow for investigation. They've also approved it. As the defense officer, I guard Changsha. Now you just plan to search at will,.

But have you ever thought of me? Besides, I communicated with the superiors. Things are still in my favor. They still have to do things by the rules on the surface. Please give me some advice. They are all from Zhang family! So he caught so many Zhangs for experiments. Who are the Zhangs? They're my clan.

Zuo Qianzhi is doing experiments for the Japanese. He plans to transfer the blood of my clan to normal people. You are the Zhang family outside Shanhai Pass! Yes. Then you're also thieves! Why do you serve in the army now? Is the commander thief a hard job? What should we do now? We can only twist their necks.

Father! Why are you still hesitating? Zuo Qianzhi is cheating you! There's no monster here! Hong, go now! Zuo Qianzhi… These three people trespassed the defense office to steal intelligence. Kill them right away!.

Watch out for the monster! The monster is real. Go! Go! Thank you for your time. Cihuan, are you really willing to give up your student? Qianzhi, seems like you have something important to deal with.

I'll leave now. Mm. Bye. Is Zhang Qishan dead? Mr. Hong is dead. But Zhang Qishan and Eryue Hong fled away before we arrived. You… How useless you guys are! I'm trying my best to search.

Pass on my order. Seal the mansion and search for Zhang Qishan. Yes, sir! If there's nothing wrong in your mansion, it would be the best. But if there is, I advise you to clean it up now. [Account Book] Qianzhi,.

Thank you for leading the way. Why are you here? Sir, I feel sorry for you. But my commander needs me now. I have to go. Wait. Who was the one in the secret chamber? Of course my man.

Nice try! So long as you kill me, you just don't have to destroy the account book. Unfortunately, you failed. And you were forced to destroy the evidence because of what the special commissioner said. So, I want to thank you.

Do you think you can escape? If you kill me, you can't get away from here, either. No one will know if you die in this secret chamber. But I won't kill you. I'll reveal what you did to the public and you'll be destroyed by criticisms from people in Changsha. This shot is for my father.

I feel sorry for what happened to your father back then. But I worked for the Japanese. Some things were out of my control. But now, if you join me, we can surely do something big. Don't worry about that. And this shot.

Is for Eryue Hong. You seem so unreasonable now. In this case, you ask for it! You want to know where the monster is, right? Did it ever occur to you that both you and I are monsters? I didn't expect Zuo Qianzhi to go that far in his experiments. He has Zhang's blood in his body.

Attack his heart! You must kill him with one blow! Lieutenant Zhang made it. He got the evidence. Is Qishan alright? Yeah, please don't worry. Enforce martial law in the whole city. Go arrest Zuo Qianzhi's accomplices. Yes, sir!.

[Hong's Theater. Lady General Mu Takes Command.] [Hong's Theater. Today's play is Lady General Mu Takes Command by Eryue Hong.] -Good! -Bravo! Great! Great. -Nice! -Great! Zuo Qianzhi fell from power. I officially became the defense officer of Changsha, and I also made my first friend.

This is a good beginning. I have a feeling that I'll make more friends. I'm destined to meet this city, Changsha. And this is my destination. For the first time, I thought of being a city guard. Has everything concerning the troupe been settled?.

There's nothing wrong. I feel so sorry for what happened to your father. Perhaps this is also a relief for him. If you need my help, just let me know. Don't worry. I will.

But you… Have you really decided to stay in Changsha? Changsha… And this Xiangjiang River… I promised you. Let me remind you. Once you walk into this place, it'll be hard for you to leave.

Changsha's government is complicated, you know, let alone the other people with unique skills, who are all uneasy to deal with. Then I'd like to meet them. Lord Budha. Seriously? You really call me that. Bodhisattva is merciful. King Kong is majestic.

Buddha saves and enlightens intractable people, and dares to get mad and go to Infinite Hell. This is fearless. What is this? Is it an order from Special Commissioner? It's not a military affair. It's a letter from Nanyang Archives Center. [Name: Zhang Hailou, Zhang Haiyan].

Our Shans never meddle in the family affairs of Hais. I also wonder why. There's another pack of olives sent here with the letter. Interesting.

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