【Multi Sub】《逆天剑神》EP53 : 洛氏出手,秦家危急【欢迎订阅 爱奇艺动漫站】

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[English subtitles are available.] [Based on Xiaomingtaiji's novel of the same name] [The Fabulous Sword God] Qin Nan, are you at home? I want to talk to you about the market. Is it Qiongwan? Come inside. Young Master, all people of the Qin family, young and old, have been controlled by the Luo family. Many of our clansmen were killed. They even took away the head of the family.

How did it happen? Master Qin asked me to tell you not to be swayed by your feelings. Do not act on impulse. Qin Nan, are… are you alright? I'm going to the Luo family and rescue my father. Qin Nan, your father made an effort to tell you not to act on impulse. Do you remember? I, Qin Nan, can't bear to see the Qin family humiliated and do nothing. Qin Nan, you need to calm down.

Qin Nan, I know you feel very bad at the moment. But right now what we have to do is to bear with it. You will be walking into their trap if you go to the Luo family like this. Trust me. I will always be with you. I have calmed down. Rest assured. Okay. I believe you will survive this crisis for sure and save the day. Thank you, Qiongwan. Qin Nan, I've got good news for you. Dear me. Sorry.

I didn't know you are doing serious stuff. I will go away now. Hongyan, just tell us about the news. Master Yan Mu has finished with his retreat. He wants to meet you in person now. Why does the head of the sect want to meet me after the retreat? It must be because he appreciates your quest in the Hades Valley for the cure for the disciples. It seems that he wants to reward you. Maybe I can also ask him to teach me how to improve my cultivation.

Greetings from disciple Qin Nan, sir. Humph, I didn't expect it's you. You? But you were the old voyeur the other day. Boy, mind your language. I am the head of the Grand Flame Sect. Sure. May I ask why you want me here? I heard you went to the Hades Valley for the antidote. By which I saved disciples of the Grand Flame Sect. But I lost a friend for that.

I've heard about it. I will compensate the family of your deceased friend. As for you, I've also prepared a reward. A reward? Boy, take this. You're the newly appointed Outstanding Disciple. I thought it should be something precious. Why? Aren't you satisfied? Thank you, the head of the sect.

Humph, at least you know your place. Follow me. I'll show you something that will interest you. What is it? Something precious, of course. Wow. That's great. Old man, what method did you use to open this? Did you inject spirit energy into it? You are so annoying, boy. Don't you fear that someone will take away the treasures here?.

Have you finished? Follow me inside and you shall understand. Wow. What a magnificent place. These are indeed treasures. The spirit energy they emit is so powerful. The fair Sulfur Flame Sword of the Mystery Stage and the low-grade Glaze Flame Sword of the Mystery Stage are mainly made from some Glaze Flame Ores, as well as some Fire Spirit Crystals of the Mystery Stage.

I've never seen or heard of the treasures of the Mystery Stage. They are indeed precious. Pity. I can't use them. But aren't you in the Spiritual Liberation Phase, sir? How is it possible that you can't use them? You never get to use these two precious treasures without having all five properties of energy, no matter which phase you are in. Having all five properties of energy? Can I ask what you mean by it, sir?.

I like the killing intent in your eyes, but I'm not interested in your talent. But so far as I know, someone has been wanting it for a long time. What do you mean then? Xiao Tanqiu has been coveting my position as the head of the sect for a long time. He will be able to take my place with these two treasures once he takes away your talent. Why don't you get rid of Xiao Tanqiu since you know about his ambition? We were taught by the same master. Also, we've been fellow students for over a century. I can't make up my mind to kill him.

So, you want to take advantage of me and get rid of him? It's not about taking advantage. We're both getting what we need. Don't you also have to fight against Xiao Tanqiu and the power of the Luo family? That's very true. Alright. I will take your order. But you can't control treasures of the Mystery Stage right at the moment. You might even be devoured by them. You might still stand a chance if you can reach the Spirit Transfer Phase.

I wonder if you are willing to take the risk. I don't know if my father is still alive. I will take a leap of faith for sure. But that's a matter of life and death, boy. Are you sure about this? Just rest assured, old man. It's my turn to shine. This Green Cloud Fruit helps people advance from the highest level of Spirit Transfer to Spiritual Liberation.

Isn't it exactly what Xiao Tanqiu needs? But the head of the sect just gave it to me when I haven't even reached the Spirit Transfer Phase. Never mind. I'll improve my cultivation first. Boy, activate the Bloodline of Asura now. Otherwise, you will explode and die. The Bloodline of Asura! Very well. You know how to form the Phantom of Asura already. It's a sign that you've reached the ninth level of Enlightenment. The spirit energy in my body is now extra abundant.

It also circulates at a faster speed. The Phantom of Asura allows you to wield all your power within a short time and take the enemies by surprise. Oh. Really? Blood on the sword. Enemies slew. What happened? What? Why do I feel I saw the same scene in Episode 24? I'd better go now. Get back here now. Clear my name.

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