【Multi Sub】《逆天剑神》EP62: 昏庸皇帝,痴信长生【欢迎订阅 爱奇艺动漫站】

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[English subtitles are available.] [Based on Xiaomingtaiji's novel of the same name] [The Fabulous Sword God] Greetings from your daughter, Father. Oh, you're back, Qiongwan. When did you arrive? I just returned to the capital city and hurried to greet you. I see. Your Majesty, it's time to take the elixir.

Well, today's elixir looks a bit different. Mmm. It's indeed better than the one I took yesterday. Your Majesty, I‘ve added the Concentration Herb to today's elixir. It helps you concentrate and strengthens your energy. That's why this elixir is better. I see. Father, I have something important to report. Really? What is it? This time, I brought back an alchemist from the Grand Flame Sect.

An alchemist? Come on, introduce him to me. Greetings from Qin Nan, the inner disciple from the Grand Flame Sect, Your Majesty. Qin Nan. I've heard about you from Leng Dao. I heard that you have all five properties of energy. What a genius! Which level are you on as an alchemist? Your Majesty, I'm on the tenth level.

The tenth level? That's the lowest level for an alchemist. Has he no shame? Yeah. The tenth level? Interesting. The tenth level is indeed a bit too low. Now tell me what elixirs you can cultivate first. I can cultivate elixirs for martial artists, like the Healing Elixirs and the Nourishing Elixirs.

Can you make me immortal? No. Then you're useless. Go back to where you come from. Father. Alright. Leave me if there's nothing else to report. Your Majesty, although he is just a level-ten alchemist, his talent of having all five properties of energy is in fact very beneficial to cultivating elixirs. He should be able to cultivate the Immortality Elixirs under my training.

Well justified, my courtier. Let's do it that way. Qin Nan, you will learn alchemy from Wang Yu from now on. I will reward you greatly if you manage to cultivate an Immortality Elixir. Well… Qin Nan, you should thank His Majesty. Thank you, Your Majesty. That's it, then. Off you go now.

I need some more sleep. Miss Qiongwan, what's Wang Yu's background? It seems that your father thinks highly of him. A few years ago, my father's health was deteriorating because he indulged himself in sleeping with his concubines. So he wanted to become immortal. Wang Yu, a level-eight alchemist, was appointed by my father to cultivate the Immortality Elixirs for him specially. To cultivate elixirs, Wang Yu was given great power.

To a point that he was second only to my father, the King. No wonder the power of Zhou has been weaker over the years while vassals' power is rising. Exactly. Right now, Zhou is facing civil unrest and foreign aggression. If this continues, there will be uprisings and wars and people will suffer. Miss Qiongwan. Alright, let's not talk about these. Let me help you settle down first. Rest assured, Ruoyun.

I will find someone to cure you for sure. I am Qin Nan from the Grand Flame Sect. I'd like o meet Master Liu Buqun. Here's a token from our head of the sect to Master Liu. The Grand Flame Sect? Please pass on my message to him. Well, my master isn't at home today. Pick another day. May I ask when Master Liu will come back?.

Don't you understand what I said? My master isn't at home today. I told you to pick another day. Li, he is definitely not a local by the look of him. It's no use talking to him like that. Let me talk to him. Dude, you're not a local, right? Right. Perhaps you don't know that there's an unspoken rule here in the capital city.

You'd better offer a reward if you want to ask for a favor. A reward? But don't you have the duty to pass on any message? Why do you ask for a reward? Who would bother passing on any message for you without a fee these days? What if I don't give you the money? You won't? Sorry, then. My master will never be available. Get lost now.

Get lost. Where is he? He jumped into the mansion. Liu's Mansion is really magnificent. It seems that Liu is no ordinary man. Someone's broken into Liu's Mansion. Where is he? Be quick. He jumped onto the roof. That pavilion has got the grandest look among all the buildings in the mansion.

That should be where Liu Buqun lives. I'll go there and check it first. The connection between an uncirculated energy base and the prostate… Weak spirit power, kidney deficiency and palpitation… No, they are not the actual symptoms I've got here. Bad news, Master Liu. Someone has broken into the mansion and is heading this way. I saw his token. He probably comes from the Grand Flame Sect. The Grand Flame Sect?.

Then he should be with that old fart, Yan Mu. We lost touch for years. Why does he send someone here all of a sudden? Stop. Who are you? How dare you break into Liu's Mansion! I'm Qin Nan from the Grand Flame Sect. I come to visit Master Liu Buqun. Who are you to get to see my master whenever you want? Never mind. Let him in.

Greetings from Qin Nan, a disciple from the Grand Flame Sect, Master Liu. Do you know that it's a serious crime to break into a private mansion in Zhou? I do. But turning a blind eye to your servants taking bribes is also a felony in Zhou, right? Taking bribes? What do you mean? You should ask your servants about it.

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