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[To Dear Myself] [Ep14] Go Today is great Yes The most important thing is to be happy Being rich comes second Be happy Xiaoling.

I want to discuss something with you What? Be my girlfriend I promise you I will be a successful man Ok? Lei Haowen I see you as brother You…

You even habor this clever idea No What's wrong? Give you… But I don't want to be your brother Then you are nothing Nothing else? You can be my BFF All right…

Ok, BFF Be careful My shoes Raise your arms One, two, again One, one, two Two, one, two Raise arms One, two, one, two.

I'm sorry Ok -Take a break When do you get here? Just now As I know, you have dinner with president Wang tonight I come here after the dinner I feel confused after sister Ziru talks to me today But sister Ziru also encourages me So I am here.

Really? Yiming I won't leave Shanghai Why? First My competition with sister Yuan is not over yet Second Even if I lose and leave Lubao I won't leave Shanghai either.

Yiming Don't go We should stick together I need to get changed Traffic jam again Traffic jams everywhere in this city High house prices, high cost of living We can't save money The air is not good.

That's not all It's hard to succeed Easy to fail But we have chances here Siyu Now I have a good chance We study hard and get admitted to the college We go to the good colleges All we want is to go to a place good for our development.

And want to see the world, right? We get the hang of it here Why should we go back now? You think we get hang of it It's nothing in this city We have worked hard here for seven years The money, status and resources we have can't stand consumption Yiming What you are going through now is just temporary.

It will be the past Our past superiority is temporary If you have some problem in life, we won't buy the house for the time being We have enough income to live here Siyu It's not true that I can't live in Shanghai I just have no self-confidence here If I still stay here, I am afraid I will lose the last bit of dignity.

Not so serious, right? You know why I don't go to president Guo's company? Because I'm stingy I am narrow-minded I am skeptical Why do I become like this? Because I feel inferior I'm afraid of losing you I really hate.

I hate becoming like this But if I still stay in Shanghai like this, I will hate myself so much But if you have to leave, we will be separated Yiming Stay Siyu Go with me The car is here.

Let me walk you there Just this one Come Is that you? Correct Driver, be careful Ok, no problem Yiming Stay.

Siyu Go with me Morning, sister Siyu Morning Lin Ling Sister Siyu Where are they? They say, we will lose And you won't come.

So they are having a holiday Why you are still here? I know you won't surrender so easily Tell them We will have a meeting immediately Ok Sister Siyu is back Everyone, come back for meeting Hurry…

Liu Xiaojia You think we are destined to lose? And you give yourself a holiday? You don't contact the clients And you just forget the contract No Let me tell you We can't give up until we meet the deadline Before that, we still have a chance.

But… But what? You think they lead us by more than 20 million So we will lose to them right? No Yes, I think so, too We still can't give up so easily We can lose this round But we just can't give up on ourselves.

Correct We need to persist, can't give up Did you persist? Did you give up? Yeah You think it's persistence when you make 30 calls every day? I can tell you You make 30 calls today 35 calls tomorrow.

40 the day after tomorrow That's persistence Cheer up Sister Siyu, don't worry We are in high spirits now High spirits High spirits High spirits Siyu, come out.

What happened? Yuan Huizhong pockets our company's battery of over 5 million in collusion It can't be Who did she collude with? As I know, it's Meiyi Group Meiyi Group? President Pan asked legal department to investigate this They say, business license, offices, official website.

And news links They are all fake What? The battery of over 4 million is my responsibility According to company regulations I will accept all the punishment But I really didn't betray the company In front of me and Pan Zhiyong you said, you knew each other.

I… I just said it causally I also believed your words I am your side witness Legal department has called the police They are investigating this I went to Meiyi Group's office I also met the director of the office Did you lose anything?.

The order belonged to Lin Ling But sister Yuan took it She deserves it But sister Yuan is also a victim No As I know she knows the fraud for many years So she colluded with him No Sister Yuan doesn't know the fraud.

Liu Jie can testify I saw the fraud for the first time on that day Liu Jie is in your team Will anyone believe what she says? Li Siyu and Lin Ling were there, too Will they speak for you? Where are you going? I need to see preisdent Pan I need to explain this.

You want to help her? You forgot what she did to you? But she is innocent She scapegoated you enough Don't be stupid The company has rules If she is deceived, Four million she just needs to pay 400,000.

But if she colludes with others at the company's expense she will be fired But sister Yuan didn't collude with others at company's expense She just made a mistake As I know, president Pan is sure she acts in cahoots with the frauds And he wants to fire her Fang Zhan has been monitoring there They have quarreled many times.

If you come out, you will invite troubles for President Pan They grabbed my order In the end, they invited a disaster for themselves So great Lin Ling When you contacted director Luo, did you find something strange? Director Luo is a little weird Why?.

He often disappears He likes bragging So Liu Jie gave up after talking to him twice How did he negotiate the contract with you? He doesn't care much about the price But the only requirement is after paying the deposit we need to ship all batteries Our project has a tight schedule.

So we don't have time to urge the shippment How about this? After I pay the deposit, you should send me the batteries Within this week I will give you the rest money Ok? I'm afraid I can't I remember manager Li Siyu wants to talk to you.

I don't know if she has the final say Director Luo How about this? You need to pay 20% advance payment I will cooperate with you on the subsequent payment method But I have a condition We need to sign the contract now Ok, no problem No wonder.

Sister Yuan signed a contract with him immediately With a good price I think, sister Yuan made concessions on the shipping method We were so close Lin Ling Do you think we should prove sister Yuan's innocence? Why? President Pan is sure sister Yuan colluded with director Luo He wants to fire her.

But we know they don't know each other Sister Siyu You should go without me, anyway Lin Ling Don't forget what they did to us Go back She deserves it You want to see me? President Pan.

I want to see you, too Come in Sit You know what happened to Yuan Huizhong, right? Yes So she can't stay in our company now So I will leave the government project and sales department to you Me?.

Yes, you You should get prepared to take charge of sales department President Pan How will you punish sister Yuan? She benefits at our expense She will be fired No one can change it So you should get yourself prepared Why do you want to see me?.

No Sister Siyu Come in Why close the door? Sister Siyu What happened? Tomorrow, they will announce, you are the sales director Who told you that? The whole office knows this.

You know what, sister… Kuaizi looks down on me He called me sister Jia just now He is older than you, right? My boss defeats his boss And more than that, sister Huang Bibo and others are very worried if you will fire them after you become sales director Zhang Ziting, Liu Jie and others are looking for a new job.

Why do this? You win this time If they win, we will lose jobs Sister Siyu I think we should celebrate it in advance Not even close Celebrate what? Tell everyone Stop the rumors.

Anything else? Back to work now Ten o'clock tomorrow morning We will talk about the punishment for you Testimony of Li Siyu and Lin Ling is vital Li Siyu We are like The Snake and the Farmer I will be the sales director I will be the sales director.

What are you thinking about? Go to supervision department immediately Or go to see president Pan Tell him what you know Or go directly to see sister Yuan Tell her you can prove her innocence It's not good for me But you should do so If I do this,.

Sister Yuan can stay in the company If she stays in the company, she will bid on behalf of Lubao If she wins the bid, she will be the sales director What about me? I have to leave Lubao So be it What are you afraid of? You can go to other companies Or we can go back to my hometown together.

You will be the sales director in Zhu Xiaobai's company You just want me to leave here and go back with you Li Siyu This is your opinion of me? Then why do you tell me to do this? Because it's a right thing to do It's not just about right or wrong I know things are complicated But you can be very simple.

What? It's about my future It's even about my subordinates' future It's about president Pan It's even about Lubao Let me tell you this, it's best that sister Yuan leaves But she can't leave like this She wants me to leave like this You should win her, fair and square.

It's the way you are Sister Yuan's call For yourself You have to do this I have to? Sister Yuan Rumor has it that I am in collusion with the fraud You said it yourself But you know it's not true.

Ten o'clock tomorrow morning They discuss whether to fire me? Siyu You need to prove my innocence I can't be fired I can't be fired because of this kind of thing Siyu Help me I can help you explain the truth.

But you have to give me the truth What? I filed the government bid first Not you I can do anything for you Except this Why? It's my sales performance Who gets the bid will win.

Not entirely What you want is not sales performance You want to be the sales director? Whatever you think I just want to take whatever belongs to me I ask you to prove my innocence, because I want to stay in Lubao So I could become the sales director If you bargain with me, what's the point of it that I stay in Lubao? At least we have justice.

Let me tell you what justice is I sacrificed so much, so I should be the sales director This is justice What about my justice? You took my clients one by one Where is my justice? You shouldn't be against me That's because you forced me Will you help me tomorrow?.

If you help me, let bygones be bygones Give the government bid back to me Li Siyu Ask you one last time Will you help me? Give the government bid back to me How's it? If you give her the bid, you won't be the sales director.

But after tomorrow's meeting I will leave Lubao, till then I have no chance Who said that? The result of tomorrow's meeting is to be determined Brother I can't stay in Lubao anymore Don't worry You have me Come in.

Sister Siyu When will we go? Eleven o'clock Ok Hello, sister Siyu Zhizhi Ten o'clock meeting In which meeting room? Wait a moment.

10 o'clock Conference Room 1 I get it You really want to go? Lin Ling, what's wrong with you? What's up with her? I am writing a resignation letter Why resign? I worked overtime last night.

Vice president Fang talked to me Sorry I can't help sister Yuan Lin Ling I didn't tell you to lie You just need to tell the truth If Yuan Huizhong leaves because of this won't you feel guilty? Vice president Fang.

I am sister Siyu's subordinate I will do and say as sister Siyu says Lin Ling I know, you know the fraud You will be the first to be held accountable Vice president Fang I don't know what you are talking about Don't forget I'm the vice president of the company.

You think she can cover you up? So you resign? I will never speak for them I know they will retaliate Feiyu battery tried to poach me days ago I didn't plan to go But now it's my way out How's your resignation letter? I just begin it.

You will bow to them? I will not bow You don't have to resign Fang doesn't have the final say Ok Xiao Tian Go Go to see the client with me We should leave at 11 o'clock.

I changed my mind What are you doing? I will send these back with express delivery So I am packing up You still go? Yeah I promised Zhu Xiaobai I will go to work within half a month What's the end to sister Yuan?.

I did not say anything Why? Because she doesn't deserve it You do that for yourself not for her I know You hope me to be kind and righteous But what have I got? I got her suspicion and scapegoat with my kindness In the end, I got nothing.

But at least you have a clear conscience What's the use of it? I would have been kicked out without president Pan So you want to answer blows with blows? I didn't harm her I just keep silent But it's a disgraceful win As long as I am the final winner, it's a big victory Victory is so important?.

If victory is not important, why do you leave Shanghai? Because in Shanghai, you think you are a loser You lost all your confidence Sorry Yiming I don't think you are a loser I don't have the right to tell you what to do You are disappointed in me? I am disappointed in myself.

Just go back if you want So we… Long distance relationship Long distance relationship? I won't leave you anyway Zhizhi I don't want to go You must go You just go with Yuwei.

We must attend the party together It's attitude It shows we attach great importance to kid's education It also shows the respect of the party organizer But I am so sick of Miaomiao's face That was before We have a good relationship now I need to work Why give me that look?.

You are almost beyond recognition How do I look? Great Mom looks great Let's go Come Let's go play there Easy Welcome.

You guys, be careful Miaomiao, Linda Let's go play there Be careful Xingxing's mom You are here Where's Xingxing's dad? He… He is chatting with William's dad.

They are alumni of Ivy League Yuwei's dad You graduate from American college? Which one? Xingxing's dad is looking for you, right? No, never mind him You get your undergraduate and master's degrees in U.S.? Actually… Acutally it's the obscure colleges.

It's so hard to mention in front of Xingxing's dad They say my party is much classier than Vivian's sorority What Vivian? You know Vivian? What? She comes from a rural family No way All here Come.

So pretty Yuwei's dad is here too Hello Yuwei's dad You work in Guangcai Engineering Construction company, right? Yes You know Wang Changhai, right? Yes, he is the director of our department You are a director, right?.

Yes Really? Let me tell you Wang Changhai's wife is my classmate We often have a party together You can come if you have the time Ok Linda's mom What do you think of my party?.

Awesome -Really? Perfect Look at those kids They are so happy Yes, they all like it very much Yes… -Great Well, let me introduce you some friends Some French designers are here They can design some nice clothes for you -Really?.

Great Yes, go Come… Go Hurry… Come. Go

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