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Hello, everybody. I'm the ghost In fact, outside of the main story line of One Punch Superman There are some interesting extras It mainly tells about some funny everyday things happening around qi yu The origin of qi yu's combat uniform is explained Bungu's prob of qi yu after the meteorite incident And a hot spring gathering of S-level heroes The killing of the zombie man and so on Except for some funny everyday.

The details not submitted in the text are also added It's well worth seeing So let's cut the crap Let's take a look at this extra chapter What are the funny stories A thieving freak He hid in a panic in an alley But he was chased down by the man behind him The man became a hero just because he liked it.

But there is no bald qi yu at the moment Because when you make your entrance I accidentally cut my pants After taking care of the weirdo qi yu went to the tailor's shop where he usually mended clothes But it seems Uncle Boss is in a bit of trouble Have you got the money? A cl oth dealer Not yet After the punks leave.

The uncle took qi yu's clothes Uncle often takes care of qi yu qi yu knows that life is difficult and still insists on being a hero That's why they don't charge him a lot He also warned qi yu that it would be better to move around less recently The security around here is getting worse and worse Many shops have been closed And at the same time The old punk went back to the boss.

We're not done with the tailor's yet But he was also puzzled Why is the boss so obsessed with these stores It's not gonna make a lot of money The boss responded that he wasn't looking for money It's about fulfilling an inner desire to destroy everything Walking on the way home qi yu pondered it That's exactly what the uncle said.

What pickpockets, break-ins, thieves, etc., these days Is frequently appearing Security has really gotten a lot worse On TV tonight How does the unicorn go from larva to adult This process is called insect metamorphosis Take it seriously There was a knock at the door It was the old landlady who had come to ask for rent.

Qi yu still can't get the money Warn him he'll be out of here if he doesn't So the next day with rent pressure qi yu comes to the tailor's shop to pick up his trousers And then I ran into that punk again Came to take away the uncle's property ownership certificate qi yu learned that The original uncle not long ago because of capital turnover problems Went to a loan shark.

Later because the interest is too high I was able to get the shop in “He told qi yu Those guys live in a place where the cops can't even control them Apartment in hell It's already a hellhole qi yu listen They said to help uncle get back the property certificate It turns out to be a coincidence.

Follow the uncle's instructions Isn't that the apartment where he lives Sure enough, when qi yu knocked on each neighbor's door It turns out they're all criminals doing something illegal I'm from next door Be a hero by interest Really? Come on. You are a h ero Not good, brother.

They finally figured out we were making counterfeit money here So it is So you know we're a bounty hunter bouncer Oh, yeah? Bounty guy If you have the guts, bring it on The little guy on the street saw the scene I quickly informed the boss But it was too late.

Qi yu's arrival is no robbery Instead, he presented a certificate of the national legal interest limit A justification for breaking the law at usury I can't get the boss to say anything back I was so angry that I turned a blind eye It turned out to be a loan shark goldfish weirdo qi yu suddenly saw the light Is this what they call a pervert on TV Like a horned fairy receiving this insult.

How can a goldfish freak stand it A great battle ensued qi yu would have been a bit tricky to handle But I could not bear the death of the goldfish I don't call myself Class A bounty hunter Class A But when qi yu dragged the bounty criminals Paying the rent to the old landlady But was the old lady vicious scold why.

Take away her valuable source of income qi yu was kicked out of the apartment anyway fortunately, the tailor's owner told him there is a no man's land on the outskirts of z City We haven't had time to turn off the water, electricity, gas, etc That fits qi yu, who is unemployed In addition To thank qi yu for guarding the shop for him The uncle made a battle suit by hand.

Because at that time qi yu stands up for him A real hero in his eyes So that's where his suit came from It's time to have lunch qi yu tells this story to jie nuo si Can jie nuo si this iron knot is completely incomprehensible And said if the teacher wanted to change into combat uniform Well, he could have given one.

This night qi yu is watching a movie called Alien vs. Stalker movie The stalker in there is scarier than the alien It made him shudder Because recently He felt something watching him I guess I beat a lot of weirdos lately It's not unusual for some to hold a grudge against him.

But how could he have guessed on top of the building opposite It was not his enemies who observed him It was jie nuo si, who recently tried to take him under his wing This is the third day of searching for qi yu's powerful secrets Still no clue jie nuo si Shadowed qi yu on the fourth day Came to a restaurant Maybe the powerful secret lies in the diet.

Faced with various recommendations from the waiter qi yu checked her wallet and ordered fries Yeah, just one order of fries It's all in the eyes of jie nuo si After the fries are served Don' t say less Only one of his favorite long sticks qi yu sighed and went to the toilet I'll find out when I get back.

The only long shape was missing qi yu quickly called the waiter To tell him someone was eating his fries I almost gave the waiter a bad head jie nuo si's side at the moment This could be Teacher qi yu Powerful secret key I'm gonna give it to Dr. Cuseno to study qi yu, on the other hand, is unhappy.

Is there really a stalker And he was ready to squat down and give the guy a good beatin g All this is in the eyes of jie nuo si What kind of training was qi yu doing Suddenly a strange man appeared in the street After seeing qi yu He had come back to avenge qi yu He was once defeated by qi yu and turned into a freak All the way here.

So qi yu gets it Even though he doesn't remember him But I guess it's the stalker who ate his fries And on the other side The results of Dr. Cuseno's study are in, too This is just a regular French fry And you didn't find anything jie nuo si has decided to do what is necessary So on the fifth day of the investigation.

Jie nuo si moved in with qi yu This day jie nuo si for accidentally getting involved in a gang fight on the street The boss mistook him for an enemy associate He took his key To clear up the misunderstanding Get back the key that matters jie nuo si came clean Not long ago, he and qi yu took a dip in the bathhouse.

What kind of noise does it make to people in the water The two had a discussion The chirp How's that Still can't express s the feeling of comfort I think it's better to switch What about the dust I don't feel so bad fa How about this.

Fa The teacher said exactly that pronunciation is not fa Because he has a device for absolute sound sensitivity So I don't agree with the non-standard pronunciation of qi yu I corrected qi yu for a long time qi yu needs a massage after the bath And gave him the keys to his house And told him It's been a rough ride lately.

Be careful not to lose it This croak for a long time that big man is stupid That fa is totally unnecessary You're not right about this fa either Yes fa But speaking of The oldest asked about qi yu, the teacher he kept talking about Who is it? jie nuo si said.

He is in charge of running errands for teacher qi yu I heard the boss of the errand show interest again Let him go on Then qi yu wants hot pot And two more supermarkets are offering special deals But far away So they decided to split up That's when the boss found out is that what running errands used to mean.

It's not over yet. He is on his way to the supermarket A red flag was picked up Trying to get rid of the weirdo first It's not too late to go shopping Is that how you ran into us No, it's not over. Yeah he just took care of a freak I got to the supermarket exactly two seconds late.

At that time, he was in a terrible mood This doesn't get to the point The old man's atmosphere is broken But jie nuo si is all about doing things in order And then to buy the ingredients He went to another supermarket It ended up being closed That's when we met the gang member I got it from him.

The reason the store closed It's because these people are making trouble everywhere So it's as simple as that Isn't this all just passing through Why do you have to talk so much crap The angry boss said, and then he blew his identity They're notorious bounty hunters You pull out a gun and you get angry That's great.

I thought it was a private citizen who didn't do it Well, if you're a bounty hunter, you can cut the crap The key was eventually returned But I couldn't get the specials Sure enough, he did Still not enough to run an errand for Mr. qi yu To make up for it he bought expensive meat with his own money A beautiful hot pot or eat In the case of meteorites.

Witnessed qi yu smashing a meteorite with his fist bang gu doesn't want to let go of such talent no matter what So he started following qi yu Sure enough, he found it qi yu was accompanied by an S-level apprentice The devil transforms man And a casual sentence from qi yu Cabbage goes well with it It can also make a delicious meal.

Learn from it that weapons are better If the user doesn't have the ability Or a pile of scrap metal or something like that A brilliant pair of mentors and apprentices Such a contrast His tea orchid is too bad Go on like this I don't think his water punch is going anywhere So he went up and asked qi yu.

Who did he learn from What kind of kung fu is it Powerful enough to smash a meteorite with one blow qi yu response ded only by exercising What's bang gu not talking about qi yu was invited to the Ashram tomorrow In time he will make qi yu realize The charm of martial arts But qi yu didn't go to the ashram the next day.

Bang gu started following again qi yu is all over the place bang gu's eyes are still too young He can take them down with a single blow qi yu saw a plastic bag as a cat Stopped a big truck without a scratch bang gu again Shocked by qi yu's horrible physical abilities But because qi yu just bought meat.

It was run over by a truck bang gu then cited the ashram as having a lot of high-grade meat qi yu was finally intrigued Went to the ashram with him bang gu asks qi yu to check it out before eating meat Split the tiles with your bare hands To the side of the tea orchid son look stunned But look around In this case.

Let's see how fast we react Read the card name from the tea basket Two-man fight Start the game The speed of the state's response has certainly given sport a test run but next t alk does it And jie nuo si seems to understand the rules of the game Ready to take on the world.

To keep the ashram from being torn down Bango had to come up with a last resort Ashram exercises from ancient times to the present By two Water super general by scissors rock paper Then the winner can attack The other side plays defense The rest of the joke is not to hit the head again right.

You don't even need a teacher to play this kid's game jie nuo si goes first The card he carried could not be opened to touch I can barely nod my head The rest came to replace the blank jie nuo si He couldn't lift the card Open bump The result is still the same qi yu was defiant.

It is clear that he did not even qualify for several rounds of attack When the anger was about to break through qi yu's head I finally got him a win Before the rest of us pick up the hammer Ban Wu put on his helmet early Not only do I miss the vibrant ashram of yesterday But when he took a closer look no none to pause you it is a ll.

You're king Alikaya It doesn't matter if you win or lose at this point Survival is all that matters But with these exercises I can tell qi yu is enjoying the game again This is the charm of martial arts He invited qi yu to the Ashram to practice The response was that he didn't want any I'd like to do that again.

“Said jie nuo si This time he will be the opponent of qi yu Since his last loss to qi yu Sonicon has been having nightmares A hunter attracted by his presence “Asked the prisoner He kept Shouting qi yu in his dreams So what kind of monster is qi yu qi yu is not a monster in Sonic's eyes.

He thinks he is not qi yu in terms of strength It was just bad luck I've played it over and over in my head He still can't imagine how to beat that guy, can he The hunter told him This is a normal nearby sightedness trauma He's been there, too He once met a terrible bear in the mountains He is the master of this mountain.

The wound also showed a cut on his arm That time I saved my life by jumping off a cliff He started shaking when he picked up the gun after that So he's been trying to beat the bear Regain the original confidence and ability So Sonic does, too Just beat that qi yu guy But where else is there The unruly Sonic could not take it at all.

Said he was afraid of qi yu But then again to protect Jun Piglet When fighting a giant horse heI still see the other punch in my head He had come to terms with it And ever since then in order to defeat the fear in my heart He practiced day and night No more running away The training of fear allowed him to overcome his psychological barrier at last.

Cracked the punch in a mental drill And successfully defeated qi yu kill psychotic destruction cruising just In this way SONY cane by say the good hunter He set out to avenge himself in sport And his front foot just left The hunter's side was attacked by a giant bear To overcome the fear in my heart.

The hunter raised his gun firmly But we didn't know we were out of bullets This is the m oment of crisis Oh you might not The piglets recognized qi yu at once Scared and ran away And the big bear with his teeth and claws my gosh mother It turned into a beautiful bear hotpot.

And the rest don't know what's above the city at the moment Zonick was looking for him In the alley Snow blowing leads the phone's snow blowing group Just beat another wacko out of his depth Just keep going like this He's gonna make a name for himself in snowblowing But it was in the paper the next day Ark didn't 't mention anything about the snow blowers.

It's all about the Deep Sea King being defeated To make matters worse for him His “s” sister, Dragon Snow, does nothing It's also getting people's attention Unhappy, he hitched a ride to z A suburban train Ready to go for a walk And by coincidence jie nuo si, who had gone to town to buy crabs for qi yu.

This is the same train I will do it when Cartoon barbecue At this time Gins gets a call out of the blue from the Emergency Society Tell him about the train they took The bomb was held down by a bounty hunter known as the bomb Mask The bomb will be detonated once the train reaches the station jie nuo si is an S-hero.

Mind decisive let the snow blow evacuation passengers He went to find a way to stop the train Blowing snow with superpowers one by one will be back of the head of the passenger He got out of the car And one of the girls is also a hero Even though it's ac grade But he said it was his job to find the bomb He took it and jumped in front of the train I had to do everything I could to find out.

The speed limiter of the train I'm so cold I can't even stop And now after blowing the last passenger away I got a C- level girl, too They're running out of time with the bomb Blowing snow decisively will sister into the car Decided to try out the powers If you can control it The gas produced by the explosion expands.

But even he didn't believe it He can go so far as this At this critical moment Kinos was thrown into the sky by a force Snow blo wing was also sent off the bus The whole train went straight up in the air Blowing snow is a no-brainer Someone who can do that Only his sister Longjue is left.

Dragon sister asks why he didn't choose to run away What does his indifference concern him In the end this is still the case The harder he tries The more you can see the difference between him and his sister Or try to give up You can walk halfway That “c” girl swooped in I thanked him.

And said he wanted to give up being a hero The snow blew and I got up again He said he would try to get to level b Then join the snow blowing crew Girl's words Let the snow blow to see that their efforts were not in vain I got my confidence back up So one day I could prove it to my sister At the same time.

At the other end of the street, Jenozen was also devastated Told him he wanted the Doctor to give him powers Such an impossible thing The reason is that if he had superpowers The crab won't explode The PE teacher won't be waiting for him all day f or nothing At the hot spring gathering of the heroes There's been an unbelievable killing The dead man turned out to be SG's undead superman Chiang Shi-nam.

And the killer was among them It goes back two days After the alien invasion was over The Heroes Association organized a two-day, one-night spa trip It's like a victory party From the samurai and the bat questioned These guys who didn't do anything Why would you come with me Frank representation.

He went somewhere else to kill the weirdos The gods were hungry and went home to eat Golden Iron Man says he only needs to protect his own city A bat that's getting worse and worse I'm gonna start a fight with Frank Compared to the noise over here The girls next door are much quieter The scroll showed disdain He can do it all by himself.

After soaking in a hot spring The association organizes food and wine It was supposed to be such a simple drinking party No one expected it to turn into a bloody murder According to the scene The first is to determine the instrument It's the weapon of the Atomic warrior The Atom said he left the knife on the liquor cabinet It was stolen by someone.

Plus Someone can prove that the Atom Warrior was drinking Cleared of suspicion At this time Bangoku says none of them seem to have a motive Speaking of motivation Black light remembered not long ago Sexy Prisoner has been spying on Kang Se-nam The prisoner explained that he just thought zombie men were awesome.

If only he were one of them Besides, he only takes on the worst criminals Incapable of killing But based on the fact that prisoners go to the city Low social credibility does not impose an agreement The prisoner says he has a lead, too He had heard the rabbit over there ask with a startled look on his face How can Jiang Shinan hit him hard can't beat it These are very dangerous words.

Remaining representation He just heard that Jiang Shi-nan was immortal Just a little curious Kingleson stood up right away Miss Litting can't be a PE teacher B because if a gym teacher wants to kill somebody All it takes is one punch Irma ,.

The Kinnother who thinks she knows everything Tell qi yu in secret Rest assured that he will defend the teacher in due course qi yu's qi yu is about to go off on the spot It's getting darker and darker Forget about qi yu on the sidelines The flash who keeps staring at the dead corpse of a zombie man Zhu Chen who did not come back in the morning Cop Dog is still up.

Relatives who have been quiet since morning The bat is a suspect Then the Atom warrior suddenly mentioned So is the person who found the body first It w as king, who had just arrived That night when he was thirsty and went to harvest a few handfuls of drink I already saw the zombie guy on the ground What did king do that night The more we talk about the subconscious, the bigger it gets.

I even heard the king's imperial engine Just as a big battle was about to start The tornado came out of nowhere It means we're all under suspicion Then he'll tie the m all up Just then the zombie man on the ground made a noise When he sobered up Explain to everyone that he was drunk last night All I remember is this knife flying out of the air toward him.

And the knife had a green glow Just like that now All eyes are on Dragon Koo Dragon – Koo shouted that he did not remember Besides, he knew zombie milk wouldn't kill you Why should we do such a thing To keep things from getting any worse The zombie guy's fine anyway.

Let's call it a day When they had gone, Strange found the same place Showed him security footage from that night Sure enough, it was Longjue You look so drunk I think you know zombie men can't be killed That's why you're having so much fun But why does Longjue drink so much I'm afraid only jie nuo si knows this.

In this context All this is the result of teacher qi yu In the evening The tornado says he doesn't want to drink something so bad qi yu snatched it away Make sure he doesn't drink like an adult Orange juice is the way to go qi yu 's Words Let Tornado's pride get hurt and no.

But it's as simple as that On this day in the park toilet Some punk from a psychic forum Gather here Ready for a big hit I just finished talking about the plan I met qi yu after using the toilet I mistook qi yu for a late accomplice I told qi yu all about the finished plan.

It seems that qi yu listened to the face is confused Only upon inquiry did I learn It turns out they were planning I told a professional hero But it's not a problem It looks like a mixed fish Just in time to warm your hands With that, they will attack qi yu First, there's the fire-breathing man.

And then there's the frozen hat guy Finally suitable for controlling the beast's eyeglass probe And the rest were unscathed I'm going to have to pull out all the stops It turned out to be a disaster Set yourself on fire Ahhhhhhhhhh After a lot of trouble The three men looked at each other.

Sure enough, compared to the meta-humans They are still too weak But they won't give up because of this They need to do something big To prove himself to the world I don't know why qi yu I thought a few people were fans Several people are trying to explain.

Suddenly the ground began to shake violently “As the park announcement went on There are dangerous creatures in the ground It's a spit worm that manipulates the earth The battle scared a few people to knee down and wait for death qi yu, on the other hand, doesn't bother to hide there Know Fang Chan Yin checked the earthworm monster also want to escape It's time to go play.

Jie nuo si, who heard the noise Ugly is a gym teacher here so it's okay And the trio Ugly demon turned out to be the transformation of the people It's only natural to take credit for beating the weirdo It's on jie nuo si It's an “s” hero, after all They won't dare to tell the truth with jie nuo si testing He was too busy explaining the truth.

They are looking for respected teacher qi yu heroic But who knows? Even jie Nuo si said it casually When qi yu hear d it, it was different Is he really a fan So as a fan of his If you want to be a hero They can't do it on their own.

At least make it hot It keeps the meteorite out of the hat We can protect the city ​​with an ice shield Eyeglass cloth To the extent that you can tame aliens Looks like somebody's gonna hear it. But it doesn't matter It's up to him to do the devil training Running sit-ups.

Push-ups are only about letting go of their psychic powers Exercise to the body can be really strong It's true that Acceptance was there to reunite Don't think it's that easy Trying to get your gym teacher to take you under his belt Shivering, a few people are completely confused But he wouldn' t ask any questions Never want to do anything big again And they don't know.

The four Hidden magistrates before him Everything you tried to avoid with your body I'm congratulating myself on the outcome skew Kara no Missi g To take down the weirdo on the hill The heroes went up the mountain in a snowstorm There was no sign of the weirdo Decided in the hero association name of the mountain Take a night off.

And by coincidence I met qi yu and jie nuo si who were also trapped in death And a regular on vacation, flash Flash Tell them not to disturb his vacation A group of people just assigned rooms There was a heated discussion jie nuo si wants the biggest opinion qi yu can sleep in separate rooms with black frames wherever he wants As long as I can exercise my brothers and bullies.

There was an argument about the Requietest God's cowardice Do not know A figure was watching them from the window It was Sonic who had come to avenge qi yu Once we find qi yu on his own And he did it. I didn't know this guy would take that long to get a room To keep Sonic from freezing to death.

The outhouse suspended his confinement Just like that After dividing the rooms, everyone went back to their rooms to rest Jano seems to have a straight head Why do you have to stay in qi yu's room And he did walk in on him Sonic who came to surprise qi yu clay streaking soak a cool actually.

So i guess you know suddenlyIn the blackout and this huge movement alarmed the people Found the zombie guy dead in the living room Was it a freak of the mountain The same place went into a conclusion There's no biological reaction in the house except for them So the killer is one of them The words just finished The dead zombie man is awake.

He told the crowd He left the washing machine after the power went out There was no sign of the prisoner And fellow heroes don't hurt their fellow heroes Then there's nothing left to say Sonic jumped up and denied it He's looking for sports revenge Would not do such a thing And it's not because he's afraid of the cold that he won't go out.

This analysis leads to the same conclusion That's probably good at changing faces Or mind control So the prisoner is still among them So let's start with our alibis Janus is fighting to keep qi yu alive By the way, I got into a fight with Sonic It means the power goes out at their speed Sonic could have killed someone.

He can kill 2 qi yu teacher can kill 10 It's getting darker and darker Blacklight was working out alone in the house And the bat is on the phone with his sister The testimony of a loved one is also inadmissible Tongli has rested So none of them turned out to be self-proof The rest suddenly feel like they've forgotten something ah.

Being interrupted like this He couldn't remember I don't think it's anything important Speaking of which Pei Kun suddenly brought a delicious night snack Let's relax the nerves in the lower neck Crucian carp and the prisoner had just raised their hands Can not watch the zombie male said Go upstairs and change your clothes.

My brother suddenly noticed something the different, I first guy was killed Make the rest of them suspicious of each other End up killing each other That's what the real killer was after So The real brother is very willing to take the initiative to kill the fi rst person The zombie guy The more it is said, the more evil it is.

Just as everyone was talking to each other I got a call from the Society of Heroes Tell them We got an ID on the guy hanging in the mountain It's a crazy brown bear with more than one trick The attack is simple He only punches and kicks with brute force The crowd was stunned at this mean.

Weirdos have no mind control or facial features Just then a cool breeze blew in through the broken window Made qi yu sneeze Copper force instantly understood Turns out there were no prisoners In the dry air Because of Sonic and Jeros 'vibrations A lot of dust is produced qi yu's serious sneeze landed him in the living room.

While waiting for him to check it out Turning on the lighter causes a dust explosion It turned out to be an own mistake Just when everyone doesn't know how to explain it to the zombie guy All of a sudden the mountain freak the crazy brown bear enters Come just in time Now someone else is going to take the blame This f arce is finally over Of course.

Using a lot of appliances in the house causes flash trips Also a public offender qi yu, who has just eaten this day The family is watching TV one after the other qi yu has a sudden craving for a bag of chips I didn't control the force well qi yu's unintentional move knocked Jalens unconscious I didn't realize Jalens had amnesia when he woke up Not only do I not know qi yu.

Even the character and harmony lines have become jie nuo si Qiang But when told by qi yu He came here to see qi yu In an instant, he turned into a comic book mobile phone Let out a roar at qi yu queezaken all i got to make me dinner Today we prepared an attack on qi yu Just then the snow came to qi yu It was a fool to see it.

Two people after analysis After Jareth lost his memory The mind recreates memories of characters from comics What I just said Jareth became the boss An attack was launched on Blowing Snow Blow off the corners of the mouth a smile said there is a hurry to take a step in advance It wasn't long before Genns felt a high energy response from his father.

Even with a bad brain But the body just instinctively rushes out The high-energy human response is created by blowing snow He tricked jie nuo si Said he was a very strong “s” hero isHas volunteered to join their snowblowing team of hopefuls Known as cannon fodder jie nuo si The plan didn't go so well The mushy Chenos refused to believe it.

Escaped into the street As he struggles to figure out who he is Just in time Ran into a scheme weirdo on the street The people around him recognized him Shouting the name of the Devil Kate His body moved involuntarily With the weirdo away from the downtown I went back to my warehouse.

But I have forgotten goodness He committed suicide and was no match for officials “Roared the officials Must avenge the human encroachment on their territory Listen to the word revenge Jenosse seemed to tell himself instinctively He can't die yet There was one very important thing he had to do But the weather is controlled by the bureaucrats.

I can't fight you back Gao Liu, what are you doing Don't you dare do it again without a plan ah The sky rose high and high But as qi yu once said If the machine is 0, just clap jie nuo si, who has been tapped to serve as governor I finally got my memory and my strength back.

Then the strange man was disposed of Then take the good meat to qi yu and apologize qi yu is nothing I just asked again The Glos who don't want to cheat Sure enough, it's back to normal today There will be a big game here The contestants aren't just martial arts geniuses.

And the fighting champion Water Dragon Terror of war is fierce jie nuo si listen Followed the others nervously Prepare for the war And it turned out to be The greatest tournament in fighting games The winner gets a grand prize of up to 5 million yen Because of the prize money.

Qi yu signed up Look at the confidence of the rest I asked him when I saw him Is the game teacher invincible The others laughed back That's because The game supports more than just traditional joystick controls It also supports fully synchronized VR operations with Victory So he's got the $5 million.

Soon the first round began The rest are confident and ready to take them out with one punch Can be killed by the opponent instant second And rightfully so After all the power of his fist It's not attached to the game character But here's the curious thing The opponent's ironic character appearance I'm playing against the other games.

All carried out with a piece of instability The hungry wolves fought steadily until the final four Water dragon with one hand invincible leg method Also easily made it to the final four The following semifinals It will be the battle of the wolves and the dragons It was a good match It's not like any other game Hungry Wolf with water rock drunken fist attack.

Silhouen emptomer The water dragon also fights back with the open body Dinosaur fist For a moment, no one came out Just when the hungry Wolf was ready to settle the score with his final killer The game glitches because it moves too fast By an unsuspecting water dragon on the other side I just took it with me Angry hungry werewolf ready Go get the water hogs and have an offline duel.

But because of the strange eyes around Think about it and forget it. And at the same time The other semifinal was also decided And then there's the final The water Dragon's opponent has officially defied qi yu's Bikini koala Start of the game hey.

Ahiska ko The game ended almost as soon as it was announced The result was a surprise to all The water dragon is killed by a koala The water dragon is interested in this Well, then he clearly can't be a joystick There is no doubt that he lost to a great player Wait until the winner comes on stage to present the award.

Look at the handle in his hand The rest and the pointy son are thoroughly confused This guy doesn't even use a rocker With only my fingers This day Bungu and the Atom Warrio rs are locking their heads together Thinking of this leisurely and peaceful fishing life Last week, I was fighting aliens This is a sigh of physical failure.

A dip of 10 kilometers and gasp You barely had a drink Well, time and tide have never been kind That's what they say But in reality they were both secretly fighting each other Ten years ago this would have happened Just across the river from where they were fishing Sonny Toad and the Unlicensed Knight Chasing some weirdo down here.

The weirdo escaped into the lake I can't believe people are fishing there at this hour It's too late for them to escape Only to beat the weirdo straight away And on the other side 85 and Atomic Warrior just talked The younger generation now Many are empty with a cavity of blood without real material Atoms indicate that he lives in a different place.

Broke an arm after an alien invasion Instead of being depressed I trained even harder so you have to take a look at the “Sighs Gu. He thought the guy I have th e stamina to go for it like a sniper Turns out I don't even know the kids What do you think about all day.

The conversation corresponded to what was happening on the other side Bungoku says the Hero Society also has problems Do some popularity rankings or something Some heroes even wear masks To attract popularity They don't judge the strength of their opponents Look hard But it's not really the right direction at all But there are more and more weirdos out there.

The weirdo who showed his true colors It's a four-eyed bug calling itself Oyama Pepper He doesn't fear anyone fighting in the water Took down two stupid heroes Just the one from the lake The frightened fisherman began to move But the unlicensed rider who witnessed the scene would have none of it He'll stop it if it means his life Bongoku praised the eccentric for his momentum.

But swagger is not enough I'm not worried about the snow How tall I am The Great Gods seemed to feel a difference in the old man The attack was launched d ecisively right The chain toad that disappeared for a long time is in the belly of a man From the fifth concluded Momentum must be matched with sufficient strength.

Put an end to the storm From the fifth generation on the recent trend of hanging people Ask Bungoku And who can share the pressure Bungoku responded with a man beyond imagination Even he is hard to match From a moment I don't know who he's been fighting with for so long I can't believe I'm sorry.

How strong that person is The day was marked by officials in The sexy prisoner of prison Island On the news on TV Learn that A junkyard freak is approaching their prison So he went to the prison hall Scared the shit out of the new prisoner But I got it right away.

Trying to figure out if I could break out But everyone at the prison knows that except the boss Once they take one step out of here We're gonna be caught on camera with a wet sieve But who knows? Sexy prisoner on the other hand, the officers are quick to settle But the battl e splashes corpses Accidentally broke a high voltage wire It paralyzed the entire prison island.

Let some of the prisoners get tired of it He escaped All 10 escaped because of him It will probably lead to the punishment of the younger brother in charge He had to fix it somehow The escaped prisoners of the Na Army Just found an abandoned warehouse as a base I didn't realize I was missing three Now this employee is acting alone.

It would probably bring them down Yeah, hot prisoner of the moment The speed of light picked up a few individuals who acted alone Right after the third one Sonik came out of nowhere Eager to fight He asked the prisoners not to take him back, too He escaped from prison, after all But the prisoner said Sonic escaped on his own strength.

He won't do it. “And he jumped away At the other end, people went out looking for food and didn't return Now there are only five left Were in constant fear of being caught by the prisoners That's 100 times more torture than normal crim inal law Just then there was a sudden movement at the door I thought it was the gang that got back It turned out to be a freak of the deep.

Turns out they're an abandoned warehouse This is where I live Just when the weirdo was ready to take cover The prisoner sent his terrified boys into hiding But actually teach bad people to talk They were even more afraid of prisoners To put the boys at ease Even if it's just a tiger-bashing freak The prisoners are also in protective mode.

The angel punched the weirdo in the face And in the hearts of the boys The weirdo was beaten down The boys are freaking out, too I shudder at the thought of being taken back Right now The strange man, who had been spying, got up again Hot prisoner tells him he better stop struggling You can't beat him.

The weirdo was excited to say that of course he knew very well But it's not about winning or not winning It's that he can't be reconciled to this perversion I can't do it yet It's a matter of dignity You can't even mak e sense of the wonderful speech of the bad guy But the boys behind him saw hope That's how we got to beat him Eccentric warrior.

But at the end of the day, you can't change it After this punishment they I'm sure there's no longer any desire to run All right, here we go That's what a bunch of superheroes are all about A total of 13 episodes Each episode is filled with a circle There are elements of everyday comedy But none of it has anything to do with the main story.

It's a little story that stands on its own Except for the first episode, technically No more extrajudicial extra-long films The rest of the episodes are just 10 minutes long It makes you lose track of time The follow-ups are based on one full mile Each character is very interesting The stories that can be constructed are also quite rich If you could do an entire show like this.

It should be pretty good, too Well, you enjoyed this video so much And don't forget to follow and subscribe And that's the end of this video I'm Jean and I'll see you next time

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