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Hello students The teacher wants to play a game with you in this class I say a poem spell out the rhyming next line yourself Teacher, isn't this the right couplet? we will all Is that right? Then I'm going to test you . I ask you, why don't you ride the wind and soar up to ninety thousand miles Oh very moody.

So ​​what does this poem just mean? It means you are so awesome, why don't you go to heaven? Anyway it sounds pretty sane Teacher, please increase the difficulty Is that so you can listen well this music is about to start A moment of spring festival is worth a thousand gold Three inches of time, a Xinyun wants clothes, flowers and looks Pigs want to be fat, people want to be popular.

Xiaohe just shows its sharp corners, lightly gathers, slowly twists, wipes and picks again Looking up to the sky and screaming, going out and returning home, leaning on the staff and sighing Kunshan jade broken of phoenix makes the goddess luck smile The boss who left home at a young age can tell if I am m ale or female when he returns to An The monitor answered very well I just didn't know that the other students would come here If so then It's nice to live in the mountains by the side of a boat with thousands of sails The light boat has passed Ten Thousand Mountains and leads the way Sun Xiaochuan.

July 7, the Great Sword of Demacia in the Palace of Longevity Suddenly, like a spring breeze overnight, the guillotine came to Noxus The children of the poor are the first to be other people's wives But make dragon city fly general in baby baby one more time You are really Nancun group of children bullying me old and weak take turns play with me Candidates should not enter the last video after the video came out I heard that your test scores have improved.

I am very pleased to be a teacher. Teacher, who did you listen to? What the physical education teacher said that does So prepare for the teacher to test you again today The old rule is that the squad leader comes first, no problem, please in crease the difficulty Is that so you can listen well Here comes the music again Looking horizontally at Chengling and at the side Chengfeng, the final exam is a bit panicky.

With 400,000 people disarmed, the king will not rule early The cloud is in the west lake , the moon is in the sky, the clown is by my side Powerful and overwhelming, the family next door has a girl who has grown up The business woman doesn't know the subjugation of the country, hates the river and still sings the nunchuck Not bad, as expected of the monitor Since you dare to say what we usually dare not say I just don't know the other students Teacher, you just ask questions That being the case.

So Holding wine for the king, persuading the setting sun, you and I are both cooking kings I wonder if there is a big brother eating chicken before the date of return The joys and sorrows are always suffering, followed by playing music and dancing Sitting up in shock from the death-reducing illness and lingering on for another year Yebo Qinhuai near the restaurant In the gourmet world, my eighth child, two yellow warblers and green willows up single to forever forever.

Are today's young people so courageous? All the students answered very well. of evil I can't help but remind me of when I was young It's like an old man chatting with a teenager Hello students It's over again It's time for a poem couplet Teacher, we have already prepared, haven't we?.

Then let the class monitor make a sample No problem Five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation Although the strength of the old woman is fading, the wave shakes Yueyang City A wise man never falls in love unless he meets a rich woman Where is the end of the world without fragrant grass The rich woman is gone, let's look for it again A man should be self-improvement in front of the mirror decal yellow Not bad, as expected of the squad leader, that's outrageous.

I just didn't know that the other students would come here Unknowingly, Chunmian hugs Buddha's feet before the exam The country is broken Whats your Wifi Red crisp hand yellow vine wine I want a girlfriend The side of the ancient road outside the long pavilion turned out to be in heaven and earth hey can't hit what is this We are serious classroom.

Class is serious I don't know if the UP master is serious or not I went to actually tease the up owner is really a panda delivery food The bamboo shoots are home Teacher, it's a trivial matter, we haven't done anything yet you're speechless, aren't you? Then listen up This music is about to start Can 't help but two tigers love to dance.

The house is full of flowers and drunk with three thousand guests, I only feel sorry for my brother Ask you how much you can worry what is happy planet Bashanchushui is desolate, honey snow and ice city are sweet Drinking soup at Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City What a bad day wildflowers singing birds spring Returning to Station B is full of Liu Yifei going to the world to startle wild geese All three in a row.

Peng Yuyan Peng Yuyan This thing of playing tricks really makes you play through This is called always walking in the forefront of the trend I'm sorry the doctor said I had rheumatism I can't see such a trendy thing Hello students There have been a lot of title parties on the Internet recently Their titles are catchy But often only two eyes can shine in.

Fork out in obscurity yes yes yes isn't it So this lesson The teacher teaches you how to become a headline party The title party is everywhere Join them if you can't block them Defeat magic with magic after getting familiar with their routine The teacher title party can be brushed every day We've already learned the tricks.

Oh, is it so Let me read a few title party titles Guess what's inside Great Hmm, shocked, a woman was dragged into the forest by seven big men Snow White , t he teacher is old good incredible handsome man one move It actually made a class of students burst into tears.

This is ah Your physical education teacher is sick and I will come to the next class Hello students I have a bad news to tell you Your physical education teacher is in the hospital what's up I saw he was fine yesterday I just got hemorrhoids this morning. so i declare.

In the future, the physical education class will be changed to Chinese class. If I don't give you a physical education class, I will watch you anxiously hey just play Teacher, you are not good what do you think Of course there are opinions But if I don't say it, I'll hold back Hey, just play well, wings Dare to confront the teacher.

If the teacher is angry, I will make him angry if I don't apologize. Hey, just to play, right? Since you like to play, then your homework will be doubled in the future I don't do my homework, I leave everything empty hey just play If you don't do it, I'll beat you If you smoke me, I won 't do it. I'll tell your dad. If you tell my father I won't do it, then I'll be your father Hey, a teacher for a day, a father for a lifetime.

Just play Ah, don' t say this is just for fun It's interesting to say Of course teacher Hello students Today I want to test everyone's idiom comprehension ability ok teacher We are too good at understanding this idiom Is that so please explain to me.

What does dongxixidu The teacher mean is ? not an idiom, right? I took the agreement from the east to the west to read I call it East Association West Reading ah i see I took the dumplings from the south to the north for dipping I call it Southern Steaming and Northern Dipping Ah, so it is a chicken flew from thailand to america i call it.

Chicken you tami Comprehension skills are good I twisted my waist in the playground I call it the dragon wagging tail The public class teacher sits behind me I call it unbearable Who do you say is ugly I see more and more fans of UP masters I call it Jackie Chan.

I lost a day playing king I call it the air of a king, right? I ate a pack of Flammulina velutipes back and forth three times I call it recycling you nonsense Flammulina velutipes become sticky and bitter after eating twice How to eat the third time I'm just kidding Hello students.

Recently I heard that a way of making sentences is very popular I don't know if the students know The teacher died of laughing when he was a child take root in a sentence That's right, teacher, let me give you an example When I was a child, I stayed up all night playing ga mes every day My mother found out, grabbed my hair and was about to hit me LOL I've been up all night so long that I have no hair at all.

Isn't the teacher just making a sentence so easy since this is the case then the sentence making contest starts now I secretly ate 10 catties of Flammulina velutipes when I was a child I was fined by my mother without eating for 10 days I'm not hungry at all Sneaking a box of ibuprofen as a child My father found out and hung me up to beat me It doesn't hurt at all if you laugh to death When I was a child, I secretly played King of Glory and was discovered by my mother.

Punish me for losing a game and studying for an hour It's not difficult at all to get into Tsinghua University The final exam is nothing but a bunch of homework with thousands of words Big things and high numbers still have to take an exam and ask me how to die in place Good poetry, good poetry, but students must calm down is there no you in this world do you like something i really like high numbers, it feels like Alzheimer's I like studying medicine very much.

I feel like I take the college entrance examination every year. I like English very much. There is a feeling of humiliation i love hearing you talk I feel like a big fool Well, wait a minute, the impulse is that the devil takes back your legs The wind on the roof is so loud It's a cold wind piercing the skull Frontal bone Parietal bone Occipital bone Rib sphenoid bone Ethmoid bone Facial bone maxilla mandible.

Tartarus Calcaneal Head Strong Bone Metatars Phalanx Days I'm so scared It looks like you're doing well in medicine. bones in this body You are not missing a single one from the beginning to the end But what we have to memorize when we study medicine is really too much. 10 more years of studying medicine Strong medical student endorsement but my brain is not enough.

Can the teacher help me draw the test range of course you can Thank you, teacher The whole book has to be tested Well, wait a minute and I ca n circle the key points for you. Uh, what is taught in the good relationship class is all about the key points Um Teacher, don't just talk to him, you should take care of me. Taylor Ola Lopida makes my hair tingle.

High math questions are in my eyes there are only two First, this also needs to be proved. Second, this can also be proved. I can't find an answer online Come here first Don't just because a subject won't lose faith in life There are more beautiful things in this world that you haven't discovered There's a blue sky and brighter flowers out there.

Teacher teacher Besides, more than one of you can't Do you still have probability theory college English University Physics Computer Sixiu Ma was originally going to take an exam I'm so hard Audience masters give a thumbs up Otherwise, I can only jump down ah ah ah then you dance It's embarrassing to be so childish at such an age.

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