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Pay attention to the update of thousands of works in the Tencent animation app standing on a hilltop The sudden change of cloud keeps on walking right from wrong The sword in hand pretends to move forward Responsible for presenting gifts, demons raging and sleeping forever Underneath the dark tide is the endless abyss The entire attribute breaks through the upper limit of talent To prove that the ending is changed by me.

Fight recklessly Who dares to dare Do not bow your head and be stubborn The back of the arena becomes a luggage Determine the direction of the road ahead Spread your wings to soar The night is long and has never hesitated, courage is full of chest You and I go together on the battlefield against the wind Ben Wushuang.

Disciples who were wounded The scars are indeed caused by the astronomical breathing method That's what the bastards of the lords made. you go on ah That Tianjuemen master is probably still hiding in the valley we need to find someone asap what's the use of finding out It is necessary to improve the strength of the disciples as soon as possible.

If they can sneak attack once, there will be a second Brother Chuanyuan is the only one who understands If you don't hurry up to improve your disciple's cultivation level now Undoubtedly a mermaid How can you practice with peace of mind if you don't catch the enemy? How can you beat the enemy if you don't hurry up and practice you you That everyone stop arguing Let's send a few disciples to investigate quietly.

Ah, Baozi, you don't take pictures of us You two-faced you You guys have a plan snort Do you still use tricks? thought you were just going around beating people up Bullying juniors like my apprentice Mo Yushu? 5 The elders misunderstood me deeply. The disciple who was beaten last night.

It's all previewed when I'm alone at midnight So as long as the disciples are not left alone The bad guys won't have a chance to do it again Especially those disciples who were beaten Be well protected easy to say The exercises practiced by the disciples in the valley are different some exercises It is necessary to practice at a special time and place.

How to ensure that the disciples in the sect are not alone snort As long as you find that master Everyone can practice the same exercise I happen to have a copy of Xuanwu Kingdom's super strong 9 here 8 Dragon Sacred Heart Art He just said it was old Did you say that? If disciples practice together.

Will work wonders such a good practice You just shared it with us Of course not for nothing Feng has a small condition Uncle Feng is dead Can you take it easy? so I Know.

Thank you Elder fulfills my desire to make friends with martial arts Definitely next time By the way, there is a small defect in Eight Dragon Sacred Heart Auditory hallucinations may occur during practice But as long as you say this sentence at the same time, you can crack it you say disrupt the world channel This shit will never work.

World channel You actually said that man is a spy of Xuanwu Kingdom why not just deal with it Keeping him is naturally worth using Mother 6, how far can you go if you lead people by hiding now? farther than before ok then let's try ah ah ah.

Master Mu, what's the matter? The dragon vein resonance method seems to be disturbed We wait here for 2 days and nothing happens Is Mo Zongzhu cheating? We have given all the benefits that Enlightenment can give you are putting on a show Are you deliberately ignoring everyone? Or is it that your kung fu is not good at all? Take it easy.

Let me know in the world Master Mu, I am Mo Yin Ah Mo Yin Daoyou Why did you lose contact before How is Qianjiugong now? The disciples in the valley have become a mess Sovereign Mu How should we cooperate internally and externally oh ha ha ha ha.

I am Tianjuemen The point is 5 miles southwest of Fengkong Town meet here The imperial court has now sent Mr. Mo Yunlong Available in 7 days before that Fellow Daoist Mo Yun, don't lose contact again Sir Mo Yuanlong arrives Then Qianqiu Valley will definitely lose.

Of course Mr. Mo Yuanlong's Yuan Dan Mirror But with the blessing of the dragon veins of the imperial city Although the realm will gradually drop after leaving the city Only lasts 7 days But enough to make their lives worse than death It turns out that Mo Yunlong still has this weakness It's not in vain for me to be patient and talk to you for so long Your Mightiness.

I'm running out of energy ah sorry sorry then let's go up Ah, Magic Seal Swordsman, are you still here? snort what's the matter Tianjue children Ah, you're not Mo Yan, who are you?.

I am your grandfather in your eyes Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Hahaha ha Look, that's your boy's fault Didn’t I say it’s 5 miles southwest? Why is everyone here? It seems to have the breath of several inverted mirrors. Lords, don't act.

Leave this iron man to me Brother and s ister, I'm bad Too far no energy die you ah this one That guy is a mirror you two don't mess around.

The situation is a bit tricky Now how to do just try I like it can try Army attack Tianjue Xiaoer I count on my iron sword come and challenge you.

Snort Big talk this guy ain't bluffing old quiet For children like you in Huangkeng, it is the existence of hydraulic pressure Astrobreathing must bear this trick ah ah.

Ah ah ah Double suppression of true energy and realm How could it be my opponent in a heads-up can it succeed It depends on what you use feel weak uh made it poisonous uh huh What about heads-up? you really believe.

Girl go on ah Tianjue children hey astronomical breathing Great, so the pieces come together. what's your situation Why is it not over yet? I do not know Master Tianjue is on his way.

Sovereigns ah what we are ready to kill you to the end who are you next is Prime Minister of Qianqiu Cao Haisheng Back to Cao Haisheng has been dead for more than 700 years Even Yuan Danjing can't be alive.

Hey bunch of mortals Who said there is only Yuan Danjing in this seat you know what is this ah this This arrow is so clear and wide It is impossible for people in Qianqiu Valley to do it Hero, I recovered then everyone.

Safe on the road ah fine ah Master Mu, you are not dead We were all played by that little thief send a letter to the emperor I beg someone to break through Fengkong Town Ask the court to send more manpower.

It's bad news for Mo Yuanlong to know But his original SLR can only last for 7 days Let's just say it's good news two elders What chance does the old head teacher have against Shang Mo Yuanlong? hey this Mo Yuanlong is the most powerful person in Xuanwu Kingdom really match Unpredictable outcome.

Why I'm afraid they don't know yet The old master has not broken through the original Danqing The decisive battle in Qianqiu Valley is imminent We have to hurry up and transfer the disciples out first. We wanted to use the tunnel to send the disciples out of the valley Ke Xuanwu Kingdom's eyeliner Destroy our plans over and over again Is there really no other way?.

Why have snort This is Qian Qiugu's list of traitors pretty close Isn't this the disciples who were attacked earlier? Ah, they turned their backs But where did this list come from, uh actually.

I am the master of the Tianjue sect who sneaked up on the disciple ah hey ha ha ha Why Yeah That's it snort Lei Mou is going to kill those scumbags Lao Lei, come back.

These traitors are still useful Preserving the Disciples of Qianqiu Valley I still need their help The eyeliner of the Xuanwu court has been gathered by us we can borrow their hand Spread false news to the court For example, the reverse position Why slapstick.

Well good plan False secret passages are used to confuse the view True secret way can send disciples out of suffering two prizes The next step is to consider the issue of breaking through the boundary If there is a way to quickly upgrade to New Year's Day Enough Is it child's play to break through the realm of beauty master.

Why Master, I know it even if you don't tell me don't interrupt Book Although the operation cannot allow you to reach the original single state in a short time But it is still possible to forcibly upgrade to the virtual single state temporarily Master, you still have a way After all, in my era But the original orders are everywhere and fall early, as many as dogs.

What's the matter Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey I'm afraid it's not true don't be too happy The price of this kind of forced promotion is very high. cost Borrowing external force to forcibly break through the realm only lasts for a short time.

Then quickly fall back to mortals I can't even practice anymore snort Needless to say I am willing to learn Zeng Daoyou yes and truth I come and go Fortunately, the advantages.

Do it again ah cash what money Master, look at the camera, there is a beautiful woman over there Depressed, depressed, depressed, depressed, bad mood has been overloaded don't hesitate to kick Even if you are defeated, be brave and live a wonderful life keep loving don't expect hi hi hi hi and yesterday say Goodbye.

Bye bye bye bye keep up with the beat If you are depressed, just take a short errand happy don't stop Drag drag drag the audience to see that I am the most handsome Love love love the villains are cute too no surprise together Full fire, full fire is now ah.

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