杀人魔凭什么代表人类出战?看完这个你就全明白了!【终末的女武神 开膛手杰克外传】

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With the end of the Valkyries season 2 hot premiere The fourth battle between man and God The Ripper jie ke A great fight with Hercules Must have made a lot of people shout wonderful But some people wonder The Ripper jie ke This serial killer from history Why should they fight in place of men.

Compare with him Even the opposite god represents Hercules Better suited to fighting for the humans For this question Actually, Miss mei cun The answer is given in the biography of the Ripper jie ke So in this video Today, let's explain the outside content Let us really understand jie ke in the article.

What kind of person is he The story takes place in London in 1888 It was a time of rapid development of media and communications A series of sudden cases And discredited the entire Metropolitan On Police Force August 31st A prostitute named Mary was found brutally dead in an alley And then on September 8th, eight days later We have a second victim named Annie.

The same hooker who died in the backyard The two prostitutes who were killed in a series Cause of death was laceration to the throat Lacerations on both buttocks and abdomen It was almost gutted The presumed murder weapon was a thin-bladed dagger You can feel the killer on the victim There seems to be a deep hated Soon after it happened.

Cna received a letter that appears to be It's a statement from the killer Signed jie ke, The Ripper This is also the first time the Ripper jie ke name The reporter dismissed it as a prank But three days later Two more victims died on the same day A journalist named lu ka Went to the news editor in a huff.

Slap the letter on the table Ben's impatient editor After reading the letter I was shocked into a cold sweat Whether or not the decision is made right away It made headlines. And named lu ka to be in charge of the special report As soon as the newspaper is released Sure enough, it caused a sensation.

A statement from a believer claiming to be jie ke, the Ripper He's the one who killed those w hores The letter was a challenge to the city For this reason This serial killing in the East End of London Officially named the Ripper jie ke incident It wasn't long after that A fifth incident happened on November 9th The scene was cordoned off by guards.

Lu ka as a reporter I was on the scene as soon as I could To find out if it was the Ripper But the criminal minister in charge of the interview asked No comment lu ka had to take advantage when the guards weren't looking Forced his way into the scene through the crowd Sure enough, the victim was also a prostitute The death was the same as before.

Lu ka punched the door frame Screaming through his teeth at jie ke the Ripper I'm gonna find you out And at the same time In a cafe not far away A man was humming Watch the news today He didn't put down his newspaper until the clerk brought dessert It is jie ke who will be the representative of human side in the future.

Look at jie ke's handsome face The clerk's face went red But then I noticed the newspaper on the table “The Ripper,” he murmured, trembling jie ke turned up again It's terrible jie ke's face also fell As if to himself The fear of witnessing.

It's not nearly as scary as I thought A monster born from the imagination of many It's scarier than it really is If we know the truth about the Ripper jie ke Maybe you're surprised to think it's nothing at all The clerk was clearly confused But at the moment There was a sudden shout from next door. Stop dragging your feet I want to be a good reporter.

Cut back on meals You can't get jie ke's new by dragging your feet It was lu ka and his minions Just in time to eat here lu ka has not been home for a while I hope it's all right with the missus lu ka's lips curl Then clap your chest His wife is the best person to understand him.

And he finished the meal He hurried off with his entourage Their conversation is in jie ke's eyes Watching their receding backs “Said meaningfully The reporters seem really busy Now on the street A girl named Sophie is selling newspapers Accidentally hit someone.

A newspaper that doesn't opsells in the first place It landed in standing water At a loss jie ke picked up the wet newspaper from the ground She asked for a newspaper I happen to have some serious news Sophie's hanging heart dropped He thanked jie ke with a smile Back in the shop.

The shop assistant told jie ke The newspaper girl's name is Sophie His mother passed away recently My father was an alcoholic who couldn't function To support his young brother No matter what kind of work he does jie ke nodded But the clerk was surprised jie ke has read this newspaper.

I bought one anyway That's really sweet Yeah, because looking at that little girl He thought of who he used to be In order to survive To fight against this dirty world But he kept talking Just because I was going to watch it again At night.

It's when people get off work In the hands of a street vendor lu ka bought a bunch of flowers Thinking about your wife at home after a busy day The flower lady said lu ka was so gentle After saying goodbye to the old lady lu ka is going home with flowers I'm sure he'll be happy to say “ma 'am” Open the door.

There was no answer from the room The walls were covered with pictures of women One photo shows lu ka with his wife Emma There's a solo shot of Emma in the bottom left There seemed to be a happy smile on his face However, lu ka excitedly told his wife I brought back your favorite red flowers So have you been a good boy today Take his wife's hand.

It was really just a hand lu ka's smile And all of a sudden it's twisted and twisted He took his wife's hand and touched his face Kiss on the mouth again You can't have an affair again with a gentle voice On the wall beside him All over his gutted victims He clutched his head wildly.

A half- smile came out of his mouth The thought of a dirty whore makes me itch Then go get a woman like you Clean it all up As jie ke the Ripper The outwardly righteous journalist He's the real serial killer behind his back And tonight If anything, there will be a sixth victim.

Night in London It's time for a special line of work Sophie was standing trembling in the crowd Looking at the picture of his mother and brother in his arms He finally made up his mind He's not afraid to do any job, you know Then two women who were receiving customers saw him Ask him what a kid is doing in a place like this Sophie knew that he needed money.

Need money no matter what The two women looked at each other Impressed by this girl trying to make a living Tell him if there's any trouble You can ask them for help No sooner had he finished than a visitor arrived I said goodbye to Sophie They took their guests and left Just then a hand lay on Sophie's shoulder.

What price does the guest ask Sophie Sophie hesitated and said three pounds To surprise, the man mentioned 5 pounds himself Yes, this is the lu ka who came out looking for a target She took Sophie back to her house Sophie was still cheering herself up when she first walked in the door Believe that you can do it But he did not take two steps The guests behind him began to scratch their hair and laugh wildly.

Before he could react, lu ka covered his mouth Say goodbye in his ear I just get close to a dirty whore like you I can't help but itch Sophie struggles to slap lu ka in the face Broke free and ran forward But the words of the devil behind him kept ringing in his ears Don't worry I'm here to help you.

To get your soul out of that filthy body A sense of vertigo came to my head as the words fell Sophie fell down I think it's the handkerchief In a room with all kinds of cruel pictures Sophie was placed on the table like a guinea pig lu ka hummed a tune nearby Preparing the means of killing He settled on his favorite thin-edged dagger.

Mumble It's up to me to evolve your sinful selves Cleanse the world in God's name But when he was about to do it Suddenly there was a strange voice near him I don't know when there's someone in the room God gives us some defects It makes us human Out of these defects came the ultimate tragedy.

That's ironic. It was jie ke Subtle fluctuations in the eyes jie ke was born with this ability Eyes that can read people's emotional lu ka was irritated by the sudden intrusion of strangers Now that he's seen it Then we'll have to work it out together jie ke also put on gloves.

It's time to get down to business lu ka's hand knife is brilliant Just a hand almost scratched jie ke's face But that's about it jie ke just dodged and did not fight back To see the beautiful color on lu ka Ultimate malice When lu ka waves her hand again Give him a taste of his own medicine.

Look at the missing arm lu ka let out a cry of pain And jie ke just used a silk thread And that's what he does best in the game Facing this guy who's scarier than you are lu ka turned and started to run Two throwing knives stuck in his shins except for the thread This throwing knife is also jie k e's specialty He struggled on the ground a few times.

I can't stand it. lu ka turned around and asked jie ke why did he do that However, jie ke actually covered his face Say it affectately because I love you The Ripper, Mr. jie ke You know what? The most beautiful thing in the world It's what keeps all the feelings bottled up And turn it into a moment of fear.

Lu ka obviously didn't understand jie ke then said angry Envy aversion Insult and arrogance What I've been looking for A person with dirty feelings all the time And you're one of the best Yeah, different from lu ka lu ka kills prostitutes It's just a matter of satisfying a perverted desire.

Purging the dirty flesh It's just a brainwashing and an excuse to kill himself jie ke is different At the cafe And he saw inside lu ka the real Dirty feelings The people he killed Whether it's his mother who sees him as a tool And a scumbag father.

And this murderous monster He saw it with his own eyes and dirty emotions So he raised the knife in his hand “Let me witness it,” he said excitedly The one I love One blow is not fatal “Just imagine,” whispered lu ka This knife goes even further And the way it pierced your head.

Lu ka, unable to bear the torture , struggled violently Stab a knife Go deeper How can you stop struggling This is the moment jie ke wants to see more than anything That's what keeps all the feelings bottled up And tinged it with fear Maybe in this moment.

Lu ka really realized What must it have been like for the people he killed The next day Sophie woke up in the alley Still not sure why you're here I caught a glimpse of my bosom A large sum of money And a letter Dear Sophie Thank you for the wonderful gift.

These are small gifts No respect nameless Just then There was a noise down the street and a house was on fire The fire is huge. It looks like the people who live there are doomed I don't know how many years Long gone jie ke was found by the Valkyries.

He wants him to represent the human race This is a chance to kill a god jie ke took it in one bite Because he wanted to see it, too What color would the supreme God be On the screen in the Valkyries' hands Showing all the villains jie ke has killed in his life Looks like it's not just lu ka There are many other demons like lu ka.

Was punished by jie ke in a cruel way ” jie ke asked What should he use for an appearance name The Valkyries have re sponded that you have all sorts of names Mr. Nobody He thought for a moment Mouth smile then call me the Ripper jie ke The warrior woman was puzzled Why the name of a slut killer.

Jie ke closes his eyes My mother, also a prostitute, flashed through my mind Kill myself Talking about killing people for whores kind of suits me Okay, so this is jie ke That's the whole of the first sentence Teacher mei cun said only one word That explains why jie ke wasn't the real Ripper jie ke.

Even though it was the same thing Quite a few people There are even more real rippers But the people jie ke killed Evil people with dirty feelings In essence In the name of satisfying one's inner desires Chasting the wicked in his own way Execute justice.

So those only saw the feature To open the detective jie ke this character Those of you who are skeptical It'll all be clear after you read the cover story In another video Just explained the first words jie ke passed on the content There are chapters to follow Mai nly tells the story of jie ke in addition to open probing hands The punishment of the other two.

Basically, it can be regarded as a collection of short stories by jie ke You can watch it yourself if you are interested Loved this video so much Don' t forget to like and follow And that's the end of this video I am the Qilin I'll see you next time

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