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“Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 11 Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Tian God race, from now on I'm in charge So you have to die I am the one who will destroy you Be careful, there is an unusual movement from the ground The ground made of rock crystal crumbles Tian.

I sealed your divine power It's just the beginning of it all The crystal mountain will be destroyed Run fast Now, the real killer move Everyone back away The crystal mountain contains the power of Pangu You who have become so weak Can you beat him?.

Shenyan actually condensed the crystal stone from the entire crystal mountain Back quickly The ground made of crystal stone, is very hard and solid It turns out that shenyan has been planning it for a long time Baicai Come here quickly Ahgou That old man turned out to have a plan like this While we were fighting fiercely against the tian, he secretly set up a large-scale formation.

It seems, he's the real opponent Strange, tian is clearly injured and his divine power is sealed And also have to face shenyan's betrayal But why is he, not showing the slightest bit of anxiety Looks like, he doesn't care about all this Bailong She has reached her limit I didn't expect it to be so soon heilong.

Forgive me Just because I want to fulfill all my wishes before they disappear You have to put yourself in a dangerous situation Don't say that Everything I do is just for you The current situation is nothing to me Pangu people still have hatred Genesis one hundred thousand years ago Come back.

I feel it The great creator god of our clan, pangu His strength Flowing simultaneously continuously Don't fall Hugh Giant statue made of crystal stone It's amazing That old man turned out to be able to get the power of Pangu directly from the crystal mountain.

It seems that if you want to defeat the god race We must destroy the source of his power Bailong look at me He doesn't deserve to make us waste this last time Forgive me Heilong I always let you down You spent a hundred thousand years just to save me.

But in the end No You never let me down There never was Bailong This is the happiest moment I've had in a hundred thousand years I can be with you even if it's only for a short time today It's more than enough thank you very much.

Let me come back to this world again Spending this time with you Even though it's short But amazing It now makes my life complete No more regrets Goodbye Bailong Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!.

Now he's in… I don't know if it's sadness Bitterness Angry or desperate All emotions can't be felt Some just feel empty The departure of loved ones It seems to have taken all the meaning of its existence Tian, I have felt your emptiness.

Compared to when you massacred my pangu clan a hundred thousand years ago Obviously very different You spent a hundred thousand years collecting blood stones Just to get this chance of awakening sadly The world's blood stone reserves have run out Bailong Can never come back to life After you lose your love you are like an empty shell.

Let me free you from everything This is the power of the creator god pangu that I gathered Full power attack Shenyan Pangu clan Even if there's less than a tenth of my strength left I'm not afraid either But… The only one between heaven and earth.

This feeling Could it be… If tian is really defeated This world in the future, what will it be like? There is some kind of strange feeling coming from far away drown moodiness As if the sky is about to fall It's still not winter.

Why is it snowing? Adoptive father I feel an inexplicable anxiety pressing down on my heart my son The sign of the sky is a sign of great change Something big happened in god's domain Is this related to the war waged by the ming clan? This war At first I thought it was impossible to shake the foundation of the god race.

But it seems I was wrong When tian disappears It's time to change the dynasty You as the future king of the central plains Gotta get ready early Tian That's tian He turned out to be right One hundred thousand years.

Tian He's right There is a strong dark force spreading Feelings like this Feels very familiar Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! “Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 12 It turned out like that tian's death.

Will make the prison sealing formation completely disappear One hundred thousand years ago His appearance alienated a large number of clan members Makes the number of clan members drastically reduce by half But this time I won't let that happen again Shenyan elder wants to kill tian? Why did all this happen? What should we do in the future?.

Tian was killed by his own god race comrade If you have to deal with shenyan Can the ming clan warriors withstand it? Within the god race this time We don't know what factors will make the war continue Tian didn't even try to fight back Could it be that he already knew that his death was predetermined? Weak loser For further.

We have to clean up the ming clan Hey Want to deal with the ming clan You should ask me first I am now a rebel member of the ming clan What does wugeng want to do? Wugeng If it wasn't for you guys fighting tian My plan also won't be possible to go so smoothly.

In a certain sense You guys are the heroes of our race awakening Want to thank me? But unfortunately I will throw you into the sea and make you fish food Ohh You want to fight To fight me? Of course.

The war is still not over Either the tian that represents the god race Or is it you Everything has to fall Why did he recover so quickly? Shenyan is covered in layers of crystal stones Wugeng will have a hard time injuring his body Wugeng Sometimes stupid struggle won't solve the problem.

We can choose Easier way My grand reconciliation plan Maybe it can make you Reconsider your position Big reconciliation? ming clan warrior I know you guys suffer a lot in the harsh environment and petrified disease But all this.

All caused by tian He controlled the god race, to do many evil deeds against you I'm very angry but don't dare to speak Now Tian has been defeated by me The time when we hated each other is over Your rebellion Successfully done You're the one who instilled petrification disease on the grand marshal.

Pushing him away from tian Back then, the tian still controlled the god race I can only do my duty So today's reconciliation The god race will erase all past grudges Besides that you don't have to live in a bad neighborhood anymore You can move to the surface Living a new life In the end we still have to give up?.

Is this really happening? This advantage you say After defeating the god race we can get everything Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! Wugeng For all your friends You wouldn't run into her unexpectedly, would you? Ahlan Old man you are shameless.

Threatening me with a woman's life The title of elder is very unworthy of you How can ahlan be in his hands? When did I threaten you? Do you want I give it to you Ahlan You wake up No heartbeat.

She… Is dead? Take it easy She's still not dead Unexpectedly, her heart, is in my hands As long as I return this heart to her She will come back like before Old man, still not returning it Is this an attitude of pleading with others?.

You listen to this It's not hard for me to destroy you and the ming clan But battles and sacrifices are not necessary for us While I will hold this heart Just hope to consider my proposal, do you understand Bastard, you use ahlan Make a truce now You will get everything you want But if you guys insist on fighting.

Then the hatred between the god race and the ming clan, will continue Your family and future generations, will forever be in a dark place Suffering from petrification, forever there will be no peace Forget hate, look ahead The hate of the past, burn it all You decide everything We… What to do? From his words.

There will be no more sacrifice Your proposal does sound like there's no reason to reject it Just so you know Ahlan, now the ming clan is united And this is the first time The god race is only making false proposals to destroy our fighting spirit Giving up now, will only cause endless trouble in the future Forgive me Why are you crying?.

Because I can't save my friend Shenyan Your plan is going perfectly But there is one mistake It's you You are an untrustworthy person What reconciliation, nothing but a postponement plan Pushing all the blame on tian.

Pretend not to be involved Do you think I'm stupid? Today we all will not give up If not destroy the crystal mountain Soul power Little by little leaving my body Wugeng You are indeed stronger than I thought But you overlooked one thing.

In this negotiation, the one who decides It's not you If you accept the proposal Our family can live on the surface? You guys are really stupid The god race deliberately gave you false promises When they recover their strength again We won't have a good life Wugeng.

I have no grudge with the ming clan There is no reason to provoke a strong enemy like this ming clan Now that the god race took the initiative to make peace, still want to continue fighting? Shenyan managed to dispel the fighting spirit of the soldiers The soul power in Wugeng's body quickly dissipated Wugeng, it looks like your comrades are also willing to stop the war If you make peace now, I'm afraid that there will be more trouble in the future Nitian'er xing What should I do?.

Nitian'er xing and qiong xiong ji'er fight to the death Even though wugeng inherited the power of the grand marshal But in such a short time, it's hard to convince everyone Wugeng If you choose to fight I will accompany you until the end But this war is not only ours There is also a ming clan We don't have the right to make decisions for them.

You guys really think a truce is the best solution? I don't agree Could all the great marshal's sacrifices be in vain? Why don't you agree? The soldiers of the ming clan have no fighting spirit anymore Beating shenyan, we can't do it alone Tian has been eliminated by shenyan If the reconciliation is successful The grand marshal's wish can also be fulfilled.

Continuing the war It will only harm both parties Wugeng The grand marshal has entrusted the ming clan to you I respect your choice Most of the ming clan warriors want to make peace Without the support of their soul power I can't go against shenyan at all Besides that uncle ziyu is also seriously injured.

Can't put him in danger Can only go back to planning it later Shenyan, swear Swear to all your words today, will not deny it Of course I swear in front of all of you The ming clan can live and stay on the surface, the god race will never violate it Besides, I will also return the chiyou clan name Your current residence will also be called the great desert.

This oath, written as the beginning of a great reconciliation After that, it will be sent to you How Are you satisfied, right? No other demands, right? Wait a moment There's one more thing Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! “Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 13.

Let's go home Wugeng, wugeng, wugeng Ahgou, baicai All of you are fine Ahshi, we reached an agreement with the god race In the future we will no longer be pressured by the god race Yes We can re-open our bakery We can go home.

We go home, we go home Finally finished We sacrificed many brothers in this battle Tiexue wushuang Guimei selin Qiongxiong jie and buwen buwen They will stay on that battlefield forever together with the grand marshal ahwu Ahman.

This time we have achieved an unprecedented result The chiyou tribe will soon return to the surface From then on, humans no longer had to collect bloodstones for the gods It's time for the beishan mine to close Then I'm no longer the owner of the mine, father? That's right, nazhai, you can no longer rule Brother gou I've changed Brother, your wish.

Wugeng and I have done it for you Humanity Get freedom What trick did the old man play? I guess he's setting up a barrier for the god's domain barrier? The war just ended He instantly set up a barrier Is it possible to prevent us from striking back?.

It's possible to guard against the counterattack of the gods on the cape The power of the god race is currently weakening It's the best time for the old gods to retaliate old god? Come to think of it The old gods on the cape asked me to meet them in the valley where the ninth sun sets Think about this later great elder We have roughly counted the casualties.

We almost Lost 70% of the god army The holy king tianwu is seriously injured and is being saved And the three holy kings zhen chan, xuan feng and bailian His whereabouts are unknown Hmmm My family suffered humiliation today I hate myself for being weak and unable to do anything Remember this feeling You have to work harder and become stronger.

I'm also happy to help you To build a greater god race together Thank you for the great elder's advice In the future, I will make the chiyou tribe pay for it 10 times In the future? Do they still have a future? Quickly look, in front of that… That black ocean.

There's a change of current ahead A swarm of strange fish rushed here Change direction Quick, quick, this… Hurry up and go upstairs Ahgou, quickly take a look It's different from when we came The waterfall goes upstream We will use the water flow to get out of the waterfall.

OK Wait, shenyan can manipulate the flow of the waterfall Using this method to detain or trap intruders He sent an army of pursuit and forced us to take another way out Could it be a trap? As soon as the oath of reconciliation was made, Shen Yan immediately broke his promise openly Really shameless There is another possibility This water tribe is not completely obedient to the god race.

They don't look like living things at all The god race seems to be afraid of them Wugeng We have been hit hard, need to get out of here soon Can only bet Bei'er, please help everyone Fine, hold on Bad, the current has slowed down drastically Bei'er, faster.

How? You shameless old man Using divine power to disturb the waterfall Hurry up, prepare for a crash I have let them go as agreed But wugeng himself broke the soul locking seal Releasing something sealed in the cape by tian Scattered black water, could it be something sealed by the tian? Whoever goes through it will not be able to survive.

Even if the underwater dwellers persist, they will become strange The water clan has long been infected by that thing They have lost their soul Seclusion is already a part of it Soul explosion fist Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! “Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 14 Soul explosion fist They are endless.

Ice attack It is over? These smelly fish almost scare me Wugeng What is it? The water tribe is just lifeless flesh The real danger, the black water controlling it What is black water? According to ancient records, it has different names.

The name nothingness is the one that best represents the fear and ignorance of all races absence? Right 100,000 years ago Even though the price that all races have to pay is huge because of the battle against the gods But it can't be compared to the appearance of nothingness, which causes The desperate life of the three realms Now, he's back Even tian will feel restlessness due to the pressure from his power.

To prevent him from attacking again The god race has gone through various studies with the high priest And this isolation barrier, was finally created Absence can't enter Divine power can't pass it either This barrier, can protect God's domain from harm Regarding external matters I, would rather something happen outside How strong are they?.

Does he have a weakness? Are there any more specific notes? The life it has come into contact with will be trapped forever in darkness Later everyone might become like that water clan It turns out that this is the reason why shenyan hastily used the barrier to isolate the god domain Shenyan might want to borrow the hand of nothingness to destroy us Bei'er Bei'er, we're still worried about you I'll give it a try, there's no other way but to go against the flow of the waterfall.

If the dawn flower ship forcibly crashes into the waterfall Likely to destroy the hull Maybe, there's still another way Our… Fly out What, fly out? Fly what? Very bold idea Wugeng, we will listen to your arrangement.

The high-speed airflow resulting from the explosion It's possible to push the flower ship of dawn But now what we need is time Wugeng, leave it to us Don't disappoint us You must return safely Friends, take it easy I will take them, to be able to return safely Eight-way wild slash.

No scars at all ghost dance Wind spirit formation Big sword Spell attacks, ineffective against it Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! We can't waste any more time The remaining people Throw everything that can be thrown from the ship.

Well Dad, what are they doing? Something crazy Reduce ship load Reduce burden The soul force attacks that we release, seem to be their food We even help spread black water Lijing, didn't you during the fight still not show your true strength? Use melting qi to wrap the bottom of the ship.

Solidify the strongest layer for me What else does this want to do? Alraight Boy, I will show you, what is the fusion of heaven and earth qi Qi smelting technique generated from inner energy Mountain weight-bearing strength cannon blast Wow, amazing Wugeng is really aware of his own energy transformation.

Using his mind to turn his soul force into a qi smelting cannon This is the key so that we can fly Wugeng, the soldiers are ready Preparations are ready, order the generals at sea to return Bad, they're stuck Can't attack blindly If so… There's no other way, right? Go quickly, leave it here to me.

Succeed? Hurry up, now's the chance The power is very strong No, I still can't fall In order to hold back time so that everyone can return A little more, a little more Bad Dachi sifang, stop quickly Don't come close.

No Dachi sifang I will bring them all back safely He knows the consequences of coming into contact with nothingness But he still chose to fight Wugeng The ship of the dawn flower, I leave it to you After ascending, everyone should prepare Lift.

Cannon blast Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! “Thanks to the Studio, Author and others for creating this beautiful piece”Episode 15 Fly Succeed Everyone hold on, we'll start down Everything is alright? Father Back off.

Marine Cemetery Daddy stop, black water is very dangerous There's something wrong with the sea Danger? Nothingness is the supreme power that countless old gods covet The king siren, purposely aimed the black water at himself He came here for nothing Thanks to you guys who defeated the tian, nothingness reappeared in the world The king siren turned out to be one and touched nothingness.

Doesn't he want to die, right? He, wants to control nothingness Uncontrollable nothingness? For a hundred thousand years many have yearned for the power of nothingness But sadly none of them succeeded My siren race has always been a slave of the god race The suppression has been going on for over ninety thousand years Now, tian is gone After I control the power of nothingness.

No one will be able to oppress us anymore As soon as the tian disappeared, the king siren instantly revealed his true nature Dare to block me give me strength He used the lightning strike on the spear to control nothingness Father It is indeed worthy of being a power that tian fears Almost overwhelmed me Come here.

Is this the true power of nothingness? The king siren succeeded? Everyone who merges with nothingness Will temporarily control the power of nothingness Whereas nothingness will slowly invade and corrupt his mind Until, he actually turned into his doll Human, you have defeated me with the help of the ancestral power Now, I will show you who is stronger King siren eyes.

He was also affected by nothingness Go, hurry Run fast Fast Sailing at full speed Want to go? Form formation Bei'er Father, quickly stop.

The king siren, wants to destroy the dawn flower ship Swordsman, tentacle fused with black water can't be slashed Those tentacles were made by the king siren If you want to completely solve it, there is only one way Kill the king siren Yes Don't I have a way of sending everyone away It's just that I need something.

Spear of iron bone Destroy in front of me Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe! The power is stronger than last time, can't attack carelessly Have to think of a way to snatch the spear As long as I have the iron bone spear, I can generate waves of water and send everyone away Meet In the face of the power of nothingness, the power of the ancestors will not be able to move If power can't be controlled alone.

Which could be better Stop Stop Ancestor No, no way, the ancestors have long been buried under the abyss You are willing to be a god race slave for tens of thousands of years Now trying to control nothingness You disgrace my race Shut Up.

If not for your inability to fight tian How could I submit to the god race By controlling absolute power, we won't be oppressed anymore Illusion Dare to play with me Die for me Cannon blast Father Bei'er, catch.

How could it be Can't Still not enough Strength, I need stronger strength Take advantage of the opportunity The king siren, completely one with nothingness These water races are all summoned by the song of father's blood The absence of using the king siren to devour the water race Want to go?.

It grows and spreads fast Bei'er, hurry up Water dragon wave Bei'er, you quickly stop It's fine, as long as it can save everyone Careful Bei'er Father Still a little more.

Wake up Bei'er Bei'er Goodbye all Thank you for watching on Anime Mania Official!Like and Subscribe!

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