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13 parallel world enemies revealed intelligence The gods and aliens came out Be out of line Hello, everyone. I'm Qi Ling We'll pick up where we left off this time The fourth sentence of the enemy War We talked about that last time A teleportation magic array covering the globe The accident summoned the parallel worlds of different civilizations.

Creating a whole new world of chaos The world that was called upon They all have one thing in common The human race is on the verge of extinction And the disasters that kill the world Also with the integration of the world There are beasts and giants and parasites There's even a mountain Godzilla To protect against the invasion of natural enemies.

The humans held a war council Sharing intelligence is the only way to stand a chance There are currently 13 confirmed worlds of fusion All humans are endangered by different threats We take these threats Collectively known as natural enemies Zerby as the presiding officer of the meeting He made a speech first In addition.

I've got simple code names for the worlds So everybody Let's share information about natural enemies in our respective worlds First, the world of Zebihalo The enemy of the demon world is the Demon King The surface of the earth is almost covered by the Great Devil With his 47 Demon armies The legal world that Kayla was in Natural enemies are robots.

It was created by them humans Mechanical life is out of control Then Infinitesimum tried to exterminate the human race And then there's the parasitic realm where the natural enemy is the parasite It will parasitize and take over the human body Most of the people in the world they live in They're all parasite puppets The natural enemy of giants is Giants It's a giant of outrageous strength and size.

They turned humans into slaves A great enemy is a great monster A giant, exaggerated monster Wreaking havoc all over the world The governments of the world have given up resistance The enemy of the ghost world is aliens A highly intelligent creature from outer space Invade the world The locals are still fighting it.

The wild green world is nature The wild growth of plants and animals turned violent Constantly squeezing the human habitat The new enemy is the new man It came out of nowhere one day Human mutants that have greatly evolved in intelligence and physical strength It soon dominated the old man The enemy of Wrath is God The great gods are brought down by the faith of men.

The locals dare not say more about the details To kill a natural enemy is a curse The curse of filth rots the earth Dirty sea water The whole world is basically screwed Game world The locals don't think they have any predators The game is everything to them The thought of not going back would be punished.

Keep trying to reconnect with the game The natural enemy is man himself The continuous world war It destroyed civilization and morality There are thieves and gangsters everywhere who are not writers The natural enemy of the tree kingdom is A world tree that constantly absorbs the vitality of goals The whole world withered because of it These are the 13 natural enemies that have merged.

A natural enemy that humans fight to the death is unlikely to win Now it's all assembled into this world Zerby tried to ask Does anyone have a good idea Anything will do A way for humanity to break out of this hopeless situation There was silence That's understandable After all, people here have their own problems.

I can't handle it Zerby was bent over the table The feeling of powerlessness reached its peak If only The single Demon Army makes them hard to match Now there is more than 10 times as much despair And behind Zerby Listen to the powerful Harlow in silence He was bending his head in thought.

What happened these days Recall in the mind those can Match the devil play a powerful enemy They've had quite a few To make it back alive One point is crucial Even Zerby couldn't figure out what to do I was about to end the meeting Harlow raised his hand.

After some thought He spoke his mind Let the predators How about fighting each other? There was another pause The people of Heaven said What did you think you were going to say It's so boring Who let such idiots in here.

Like a little kid who wants to do things out of the blue Hello hastened to say that he was not just saying I've seen it with my own eyes Just by chance But it was because of their actions Got different predators fighting each other Hello's words seemed to point to Zerby It does make sense Whether it's a monster robot or a giant.

Their attacks had no effect on him But can be injured by other predators The idea seems to work But the ghost world is still disdainful stupidity Can you control the actions of your enemies? That was our best effort You can't even beat them You underestimate the power of aliens.

The giants next door agree Suggesting that Harlow just hasn't seen their predator in person To be able to say that “Echoed the Great Evil No need to worry about their monster Trying to manipulate him is impossible Tell me what kind of predators they have I just got talking to the silent crowd What sex human intelligence is superior will not grow up.

The Lord God has all power I've seen through them for a long time There's a curse that's mercilessly devouring everything So that kind of thing is nonsense There's no way to turn your back on the dumb Harlow Zerby who surrendered his eyes Zerby suddenly had an idea Next thing you know, you're yelling at Harlow Exactly.

Harlow you are so stupid Even if the major predators are united It's no match for our demon army Everyone froze when he said that “Cried Zerby They have no idea how terrible the demons are The demons are the greatest enemies of all worlds Because they haven't faced a real threat To make it this far.

A strange statement by Zerby Harlow looked confused But he turned his head The crowd suddenly exploded They're all screaming at Zerby Don't underestimate the size of their world Each to his own taste It shows just how formidable their predators are Zerby added to the fire.

To the world of giants We have seen your giant A pale giant about five or six metres tall I think the demon is better The giants are getting angry Was mocked by the great evil Only five or six meters Their monster is 500 meters You could crush that little thing with one foot.

And a bunch of parasites are freaking out What's the use of a bigger body Once it's infested with parasites It's totally under their control People in the ghost world said They are inferior creatures after all Anyway, aliens are the scariest That's way beyond Earth The terror of all living things.

This time no one can agree with anyone Talking is not who first rush The war of words was about to turn into a brawl Harlow was in a hurry and didn't know what to say The women were amused Sure enough, men in any world They're all the same It was then that Zerby finally spoke Let the enemy fight the enemy.

Simply put That's what's going on All eyes turned for a moment No matter how much blood is in your brain, is it Zerby was trying to stir up the fire Zerby continued Of course I don't either That naive trick worked against predators But it was just a brainwave.

You can create these little fights So if you put all your people together The power of all mankind enjoys a fine plan Then the feasibility is not zero In this hopeless situation If there's even a chance It's worth trying This is the chance of a lifetime Isn't that right, Harlow.

Harlow nodded in agreement When no one else has an idea The two brothers have not given up even a glimmer of hope Natural enemy It was originally in nature for certain species Absolute predator It is impossible for a creature to defeat a natural predator But now this whole new world of chaos It might allow predators to prey on each other.

At the same time as the human estate and the war meeting Before Harlow provoked the fight of demon King cadre Kiva And advanced robots The race has been decided Finally to the devil cadres to liberate all the strength of the body To win Such depletion was completely unexpected I don't know how to go back to the devil Lord report And all because of a brave man named Harlow.

Kiva looked at the slowly healing broken hand Swear by teeth I would never let Harlow go And at the same time In the inconspicuous corner of human violence A broken hand suddenly trembled It was Kiva's hand that Harlow took with him when he escaped The calm before the storm is slipping away All right, here we go.

This is the whole content of the fourth sentence It's only about 20 pages long It's a lot less than what I've been talking about But the whole structure of the world view is a lot clearer It's information on the enemies of the three worlds Information is enough We talked about the next month Like droid giants and alien monsters And new people and nature.

These guys just need enough firepower You can still see the odds But what parasite curse world game There are even gods These outrageous things How can you imagine that How do we fight this battle An object with poor phase in it Like demons and robots.

The Giants and Godzilla Mutant plants and curses World tree and god Such an object might be able to do what Zebihalo said Pick a fight But think about it another way This is true for individual objects That's also plural natural enemies what happens when you combine them? Like thieves and gangsters under the new Human Commander.

Godzilla under parasite control AI robot under the control of the game Such a match Is it even more desperate The world view constructed by Teacher one It's almost open The good news is what's going on There is room for improvement The disadvantage is that.

The chances of a late collapse are too high But it's still the same Trust Mr. one and you'll be done OK Don't forget to like and follow the series if you like it so much Here is the latest update on Natural Enemies War And that's the end of this video I'm Ghost and I'll see you next time

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