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It is unknown for Xi Wu to live in poverty for pride Alone, brave and innocent, with a sharp blade breaking through the sky The majestic wind rises, the clouds rise and fall, the water and air swallow thousands of miles of mountains and rivers Slap in the palm of your hand and move across the world, I am sure to win Now is the time to open the door of all dangers Leaping forward to restart the flames of the world The thorns are everywhere, the smoke is everywhere, who can do anything to me Wrapped in hot blood and iron bones asking the sky, the sun and the moon are colors Pride outlines the iron horse Jin Gewei will strategize.

Proud and towering, the flames are startled, the heroic long song rises again you are lucky more sense of relief Don't miss your chance to control your own destiny I reject Our consciousness has become one we are in each other's hearts then let me see Is it with the disappearance of loneliness.

You human will disappear too don't want Can't Your star town is useless to me believe it ah you're all right This is impossible I did get stuck in star town though disappear first.

Re-merge to break free from your bondage I thought we were friends I didn't expect to really want to destroy me I can't hum You still can't stop the golden little thing Dimensions tightly sealed gold standard You are really.

How hurry up let you accept the star your golden can be dangerous don't even think about it must unblock Restricted ah ah ah ah attack.

Galaxy rope careful in my place how can i win ah it's over You can't draw cards now, Gu Yu? ah golden already the last.

I can't stand it anymore golden We've been saying goodbye since you unblocked me after death Unexpectedly unlocked again but stop here Hahahahahaha Because you chose the weak as home look at his final curtain I really don't understand you people's stupid insistence.

Obviously there is an easy way to choose But don't risk your life you are so powerful It would be great if you choose me as the unblocker It won't be the fate of dissipating It's just your attitude can't release you at all you can't disappear there must be a way.

Can you be like the Queen of Heaven? I am one with you impossible girl Fusion is unique to loneliness In this world except him There is no William who can be one with humans again. what that I can only look at you you have no choice.

Can't i lost my father never watch you disappear If I really release Qinghai Pearl father let me succeed let me succeed what are you doing dark clouds His Qinghai Pearl.

I have never seen such a strong Qinghai pearl Baidu Jiefeng Jiehuang be one with me say what radiant golden There is no golden one, it is zero Only me in armor ah.

What How can it be ah ah ah What my leg collapsed Guyu Guyu wake up.

Emperor Qin it's fine I just had too much energy my whole body collapses why so impulsive too risky You knew I was already disappearing You just legally take me out of human form become armor.

If judged to be William after departure You will be regarded as a spirit and swallowed by Star Town disappear but we made it i hold you Judged as a human I can't do this anymore Turned into an armor and escaped from my heart not over yet.

You haven't completely left my circle star ghost how much power do you have Let it go, we've broken your heart Yu Wen New Regulations i change master He showed amazing power perhaps He's the one I'm looking for but.

This is an order lucky you Your Majesty changed his mind Your Majesty powerless dark desire Could it be what is he back off carefully.

What is he you are all so nervous Didn't you see Kay's level? What This is the first time I have seen a card of this level don't panic After all, I don't have a brother-in-law do you want to find your father what my father.

Can you find him if you want to find just come to me I'm waiting for you every day wait a minute don't go how did i find you wait a minute careful Oil and salt, I'll wait estimate.

I don't have the guts to come let me go do not go Guo Yun wait a minute where is my father how can i find him Um The highest level cards are out of your reach don't know why he picked you.

Obviously I am the most suitable unblocker I should be at the top If you think about it just go find him put away Is it a card connected to Rampage? try he still found ah.

It's abominable that Anmei can destroy it so casually luckily no one was hurt Wu Yu is that you? Why Tiancheng When did you become like this kid? hey-hey you disappeared It seems that I have become a general out of nowhere.

And my father too so many years you never gave up looking for your father Yeah now I finally see a silver lining Um i believe you can do it I support you What is that Zhiwei I will go with you.

No no ah Why Dimension unsealed approach me you will be in danger Anwei's vellings are after me This dangerous journey can only be undertaken by myself hey wait a minute Guyu.

This kid Do you take me as a brother? fight on purpose Did you go? who the hell Brother Lin Feng Guyu where did you go with such a serious injury I'm back.

In the end what happened smell the tiger's breath Looks like Ah Mui beat him Qin Haizhu on this kid attracted those eager to try I went to Ah Mei He said he had news about my father What look at you.

It's not easy to come back with a little life be honest he gave me this It's him I'm stuck running The strongest leader of the ten army horses He has been looking for General Wei who can unblock him no one can bear his strength all failed.

He said he saw me if i go to him just tell me where daddy is This is just his conspiracy based on you Qin Haizhu So many powerful Wei generals have failed you'll just follow in their footsteps In my opinion you are not qualified But Daddy might as well take back the beauty he thought of as general.

Save trouble You, don't worry about anything else Let's tear up this horrible thing. Brat Wenyun will find my father Grass for the teacher He hasn't fully mastered the power yet Don't be fooled by comfort I'm afraid comfort can't wait to wake up.

When will he grow up Don't worry about that kid, someone will take care of him where what must be left behind Gu Yu, what are you looking for? Dad's Relic I got it all here But why are you suddenly looking for these there is no way.

Can only forget thanks grandma you rest early Why Hey, this child is also very sad. have to endure if dad is for will He must have left some clues dad.

Notebook It's a notebook that's locked Dad is that the card? Gu Yu, you really became the Wei family too. If you have the ability to open this notebook That's when you're qualified to challenge me my heir I'm waiting for you at Zhiwei son.

Abba you really are the wei family you are now a card I won't wait i'm here to save you now stop what are you up to gold live you can't go to rage can't go there.

You're just a card Who allowed you to unblock me at will and interfere with my affairs? I finally have news of my dad I'm going to find him and let me go before you leave i have a few words for you if you still go I won't stop you I.

What I just said didn't mean that i didn't look down on you means zero Although I unlocked you but we are equal I'm just in a hurry to find my father Fine Don't you object like Brother Liu Feng? what are you going to tell me.

Let me tell you what will happen What you challenge him With what you're doing now, you'll be burned to ashes 2 You surrender to him Successfully unblocked have great power with the force of rage The world will turn to ashes.

All the monsters in Zhiweili Anwei will be unlocked Occupy the human world completely Of course no matter which result i will be with you But my end must be doomed Rage won't allow me to exist calm down it's not just about you and your father about the world.

Then what should I do like your father's message See him again when you're eligible i will be by your side Let's go with you to defeat the Tyrannosaurus seal him forever Only then can you really save your father Then you will be the heir to the fabled general will be able to protect the world.

I see If I fall into their trap Not only can't save my father will also commit a violent rage will try my best to be the general you can recognize one word but what should i do Wanwei duel world card game.

Divided into a two-dimensional game of positive encirclement and anti-encirclement What The game I think is a game in the ordinary sense Annual And Fanwei is a person with the power to dispel the wind. game of siege Every ten years The person who won the back-siege championship Will be the best goalkeeper.

He will get that Legendary card that grants wishes It will also be assembled into the strongest deck go to reseal post if you can win the championship I recognize your challenging exposed capital Um Boy, do you have the confidence to win the championship? Get a card to make a wish come true.

That's why it's called a game where dreams can come true Brother Lin Feng Then you also became the anti-encirclement champion back then, right? did you get that card Did your wish come true? Got desire Did it come true? What kind of wish is that?.

To be careful of There is no distinction between light and dark you may also encounter Players like Xinggui who support unblocking Zhiwei Once the fence is opened no one can interfere may be dangerous I'm not afraid Looks like this kid needs training.

Ha ha you're sitting on my head again come down Oh, why are you here to join in the fun? ah I'm not welcome ah Unfortunately I am not eligible Otherwise I must be the strongest You're a weirdo with a mix of people.

How to enter The purpose of this competition is to choose the strongest gather strength to him ah Oh, I got it, I got it Then I'll pass on my skills to him. don't know you boy Can't bear it please join the army.

Notice range matches It's a good time to make a move i don't want to wait any longer yes Unblock safety start from earth account for more dimensional worlds what happens in a back-and-forth game.

Will Gu Yu be recognized? In Planck's analysis, it was found that If we are faced with this microscopic such a situation in the world Actually Many of these physical quantities that we consider continuous or physical properties is wrong invalid.

That is to say A lot of such a physical quantity it has a minimal one indivisible unit that can no longer be separated Then such a process We call it quantization And the smallest one represents this material property? What about this physical unit? we call it quantum.

This energy has the smallest energy If he wants to increase it, he can only increase it piece by piece rather than a continuous increase what about this concept appeared at this time a concept called quantum Even the downpour can't quench the flames in my heart Boiling lava can't cool down the determination in the eyes Turn over the unknown hand and compete with danger to see who is faster.

Jump out of the back of the failure Find the beat of victory in the headwind love makes my world better You can see even if you close your eyes The hidden black and white of this world crazy stage I use my faith to perform the extraordinary kind of splendor and love to the end Throw away the scroll and break the curse.

Rescue those sealed nightmares Open the cage and transform the hero go fly in your universe pr ECG just now my courage becomes more joyful Intimidation is also paler like a cowardly mob dance in dangerous now My moves are as cool as sarcasm.

Blow away the haze To give the world a sunny day hold up to the end

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