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This is a video from NBC News Channel on August 29th, 2020. At the time, Hurricane Laura was passing throughOklahoma and heading towards Galveston Islandin eastern Texas, before entering the Gulf of Mexico. However, just as the hurricane was about to approachGalveston Island, a meteorological monitoring devicein the area captured an incredible video. The video shows Hurricane Laura passing byGalveston Island on the east coast of Texas. As the hurricane entered the Gulf of Mexico. Despite the fact that the hurricane was about to approachGalveston Island, the video captured shows thatthe wind speed near the Galveston beach was not very strong. The meteorological monitoring device in the areacaptured this unbelievable video. Despite the approaching hurricane, the video showsthat the wind speed in the Galveston beach areawas not very strong. Although Hurricane Laura was approaching the area,.

The video shows that the wind speed near Galveston beachwas not very strong. At this moment, a passerby appeared in front of the surveillance camera. But what happened next surprised us greatly. After a strange flash of light, this passerby who walked by suddenly disappeared near the beach. However, there was no sign of him in the subsequent footage. Many viewers who watched this video believe that the passerby was not walking on the road at that time,.

But had entered the beach here. The strange light was also likely just him turning on the flashlight on his phone, taking photos or illuminating himself while walking forward. Then he walked off the road and entered the beach. That's why this surveillance camera didn't capture him anymore. Although this hypothesis seems to perfectly explain everything, there are still many observant viewers who noticed As the passerby disappeared, a strange light blue orb appeared above him. For the coincidence of these two mysterious events,.

Some viewers have linked it to alien abductions. Others say that the passerby may be a mysterious time traveler. Perhaps he realized the danger at that moment, so he transported himself to another time and space. These speculations seem unbelievable. According to the report, various police stations on Galveston Island did not receive any reports of missing persons. So, did the disappearance of this mysterious passerby.

Really happen as these viewers speculated? In the following video shared by TikTok user “paránormalíti,” it seems to prove the existence of luck. When the worker in the video pushed the trailer full of goods into the elevator, From this surveillance video, we can see that this elevator seems to have malfunctioned. It suddenly began to plummet after the man pushed the goods inside. Many viewers who have watched this video say that.

This man may have used up his lifetime of good luck at this moment to escape from this disaster. Although this description may be a bit exaggerated, many viewers still believe that some mechanical failures are unpredictable, just like this elevator in the video. You never know when its cables will snap. And coincidentally, its emergency protection system seems to have failed to function at all.

The occurrence of this series of malfunctions, coupled with the man's lucky escape from the elevator shaft, indeed makes us feel fortunate for him. Although we don't know from which floor this elevator started to fall. But if the worker had not walked out of the elevator, coupled with the tremendous impact of the cargo, it could have caused the cargo to bounce and injure the man. If that had happened,.

This accident could have been much more serious than we thought. Perhaps he should feel lucky for his good fortune that day. The video clip shown above was found in the Vietnamese YouTube community. According to the sharer of the video, the scene that happened at that time left him confused because he suspected that his child might have been tripped by something invisible. So after multiple replays of that night's surveillance footage,.

He seemed more convinced of his speculation. And his speculation has also been recognized by many viewers. Many people found that when playing this video in slow motion, the child's leg appeared to be pinned down to the ground as if by someone or something preventing her from moving. And that's why the next scene occurred. Even some careful viewers noticed.

The girl in the red dress running ahead seemed to have noticed something unusual. When she ran to the spot where the child fell, She then turned around and left the area. It was only after that the child who had been following closely behind her suddenly fell. Despite this, one viewer speculated that it may not be as complicated as we thought. He believed that the child's fall.

Could have been caused by not standing firmly after running. After all, children of her age often experience such situations. So what do you think about this? The following video was shared by Ethereal Sisters Paranormal, a ghost channel. According to the sharer, this was their scariest ghost-hunting experience. The footage was shot in a cemetery in the west of Australia.

Called York. They had visited this place many times trying to record some real evidence that may prove the existence of ghosts. But previous expeditions seemed to have left them disappointed And this time it was only after they returned home And carefully examined the footage they had captured Just as this YouTuber attempted to communicate with any potential ghosts A strange white smoke.

Suddenly appeared in front of their camera lens During the investigation. When you see this, Many viewers may think It's just the breath of cold weather. But when we slow down the playback, you'll notice These smokes look more like mysterious silver flashes. And this seems to be not the only occurrence Appearing in their footage.

This time, the strange phenomenon Seems to have occurred in front of a nearby tombstone. This is incredible. Some viewers think it might be a sudden gust of wind. But obviously, we don't see any signs of wind blowing from these reference objects near the shooter. So what do you think those shiny things that appeared here could be? Euphrates is a river that originates from the Anatolian plateau in Turkey and the Armenian highlands. It flows mainly through Syria and Iraq. Finally, it converges with the Tigris River to the east to become the Arab River.

It eventually flows into the Persian Gulf. The Euphrates River is 2,800 kilometers long, and it is also the largest river in Southwest Asia. This area is considered the birthplace of Mesopotamian southern culture from Sumer to the Abbasid era. And the Euphrates River played an important role in the development of these civilizations. According to the description of the Genesis in the Bible, the Euphrates River is the fourth river that flows out of the Garden of Eden after Pishon, Gihon, and the Tigris River. It is the fourth river that flows out of the Garden of Eden after Pishon, Gihon, and the Tigris River. It is mentioned in the Book of Revelation that the drying up of the Euphrates River will be a sign of the coming of the end of the world.

At that time, humanity will be enveloped in a war of the apocalypse. In Revelation chapter 9, verse 14, it is recorded that the sixth angel who sounded his trumpet will release four angels who have been imprisoned here. These four angels have always been regarded as the incarnation of evil. For thousands of years, there has been an ancient legend in the Euphrates River basin about these four demonic messengers.

They have been imprisoned in a mysterious cave beneath the Euphrates River. If they are released, it will mean the arrival of disaster. And with the gradual lowering of the water level in recent years, some secrets buried beneath it have gradually been revealed. For example, these artificial buildings found in many sections of the river Or those bottomless wells.

But what concerns the locals the most Is the mysterious cave discovered here in September 2022 Many people also claim to have heard roars coming from the cave. Many locals believe that this sound may be the four envoys trapped here. Many locals believe that This sound may be the four envoys trapped here. But the local geological department believes that this is a common cave phenomenon. When airflow enters from another location.

Due to the length of the cave And the obstruction of airflow by various chambers, It produces such sound. Although we do not know if all of this prophecy will come true, In recent years, the water level of the Euphrates River has been rapidly decreasing, Several natural lakes near the river have also completely dried up. For example, the Savah Lake formed more than 5,000 years ago has also turned into a small pond. And the total flow of the Euphrates River and the Tigris River that supply surface water to Iraq has decreased by about 60% in 20 years.

According to the estimate of Iraq's hydrology department, if this problem is not solved, the Euphrates River will completely dry up before 2040. By then, the drinking water problem for tens of millions of people in the Tigris and Euphrates river basins may be even more terrifying than the advent of demons. Perhaps this is the true message conveyed in the Bible to us. The following video.

Was shared by a Facebook user named Ignatius Alberto Rodriguez. When we contacted the sharer and tried to learn more about the video, Rodriguez told us that he was not the shooter. This video was found by him on a video tape in an abandoned house. The origin of this footage sounds very mysterious, and many viewers who have seen it cannot explain what this creature appearing in it could be. Or should we call it a creature at all.

At the beginning of the video, we can see several men appearing somewhat nervous as they search through the bushes for something. But when they arrive here, a goat catches their attention. Upon closer inspection, there seems to be a black object attached to the underside of the goat.

However, when the camera captures the goat turning around, something eerie happens. That may not have been a shadow at all, but instead appears more like a terrifying humanoid creature being chased by several people to this location, and hiding under the belly of the goat. Seconds later, this all becomes increasingly frightening. These men begin to chase the creature with sticks. In their pursuit, it leaves the goat and quickly flees the scene.

But these men do not seem to be willing to give up. They continue to pursue the creature. At this point, it moves like a flat black shadow, resembling a snake that is rapidly crawling on the ground in fear. 22200:13:53,333 –> 00:13:54,599And these men kept chasing it until they caught up with it near a small creek. It climbed onto a rock here. It was only then that they stopped chasing the creature. End of video.

As we mentioned at the beginning of the video, many viewers who have watched this video are unable to explain what this strange creature appearing in it could be. Some speculate that it could be a creature called Chupacabra that is prevalent in some parts of South America. This mysterious species was first sighted in modern times in Lares, Puerto Rico in 1990. Later, sightings of it occurred in countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Bolivia. It was discovered by several local residents at that time. Later in Mexico,.

Argentina and Bolivia, etc., there were also reports of its sightings. However, since there were no visual materials about it in those sighting events, it also made it difficult to distinguish. It is said to be a terrifying creature that mainly feeds on animal blood. However, all of the information circulating among the public has not been confirmed by officials. Moreover, many viewers claimed that they have seen longer versions of this video. This means that the sharer of the video.

May not be the FB user named Rodriguez. Before we begin the final segment of the video, please don't forget to click the subscribe button and turn on the notification bell. This way, you won't miss our latest videos. On June 26th, 2019, the NBC-affiliated news channel in Cincinnati, USA aired a report on Zak Bagans' The Haunted Museum in Nevada. The museum is also known as the scariest building in Nevada.

Zak Bagans, the owner, is a well-known American TV personality. You may think that this title is a bit exaggerated, but when we learned about the exhibits collected in this museum, you may not think so anymore. The owner, Zak Bagans, Around 2000, he bought this ancient building built in 1938 from Cyril S. Wengert, a wealthy businessman in Las Vegas.

However, for some reason, the Wengert family rarely lived in this house after building it. It is said that strange and eerie things often happen in this house. Shortly after Bagans purchased the house, a worker died mysteriously during renovations. The cause of his death is still unknown. However, Bagans does not seem to be worried about all of this. He not only transformed the house into a museum,.

But also collected numerous authentic evil items from around the world as exhibits. Many of these exhibits were purchased from haunted buildings. Some of them are said to have caused multiple deaths, such as the chair in the room where Michael Jackson died. And the death van of the well-known assisted suicide doctor, Jack Kevorkian, which transported over 130 bodies of the deceased.

And not all visitors are received by Bagans' museum either. Firstly, you need to be at least 16 years old to enter here. Secondly, adult visitors who enter here must sign a waiver. Of course, Bagans and the staff here will not use any means to scare visitors. Only those exhibits that are deemed safe will be exhibited to the public. Not only that, these exhibits are also almost all firmly placed behind special glass display cases. However, many tourists claim that they felt physically uncomfortable after visiting the exhibition.

Just like the video shown in the report. As tourists were queuing to enter the next exhibition area, this woman with a backpack suddenly fell to the ground. The report stated that before she fell, an unusual light ball appeared on the surveillance footage. At first, they thought it was just some insects flying in front of the monitor. However, upon multiple replays of the video, they discovered something abnormal. The light ball seemed to have appeared behind the woman. And after it appeared,.

The woman suddenly fell to the ground. Many viewers believe that the light ball may be an escaped evil spirit, as it seems to be the only explanation for what just happened. Fortunately, after being examined by a doctor, the woman was not injured. However, strangely, she doesn't remember what happened just now. She didn't even know that she was sent to the hospital because of her sudden fall. Her friend who accompanied her on the visit.

Told her about everything that happened, and the woman was also amazed by it. And the museum's explanation for all of this is that the light orb and the woman's fall may have been mere coincidences. They believe that the light orb was not a malevolent spirit, but rather just a flying insect. So, do you think their explanation can account for what just happened?

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