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On the mythical Xichuan Continent, Humans and demons have been quarreling constantly. Two hundred years ago, The Royal Legion of the Bright Empire and the Demonic Army fought fiercely. Imperial Emperor Lin Jianyi died tragically. (Kingdom of Demon Lord)And the human states attacked more and more while there was chaos. Finally, the royal family was forced to move to the southwest. The Far Capital Liufeng clan stood tall and independent in the northwest.

The Great General, Zichuan, led troops to sweep across the Central Plains. (Zichuan family)It's Zichuan. The human power is divided. The demons are getting more and more aggressive. The whole Xichuan Imperial Army has caused trouble. The people are destitute Then the Light King appeared in the world. And unified the Xichuan Continent. The Five Clans have surrendered to the enemy.

Finally, A bright and prosperous life. (Imperial Calendar 778 AD)The imperial calendar is 778. Zichuanxiu, the future Light King, was ordered to lead the Fifth Division to stick to the battlefield of Hengchuan. He doesn't know the gears of history have started. The legend that belongs to him. Is spreading out.

=Episode 1==Battle of Hengchuan= [Far East Hengchuan Battlefield] Hum Keep your spirits up. When Zichuan Old Man is captured, I'll take you to a big meal. Yes, General. I haven't finished yet. Why are you running away? Tell Yun Shen Du that Little White Boy.

(Ge Sha, General of Demon clan army)Protect the flower of the gods. If something goes wrong, I'll not be responsible. What happened? It's… General Ge Sha. General Ge Sha was killed. An assassin! Kill him! Deputy Commander Yun. (Yun Shendu, Deputy General of Demon clan army)General Ge Sha was killed by an assassin.

What? Guard army, stay here. The rest of you follow me to kill the assassin. Kill him. Semu Black Forest. Kill! Go die! Who are you? The demon leader Ge Sha is dead.

Kill him. – Demon Lord Ge Sha is dead.- What? The champion Ge Sha is dead. We can't fight anymore. Let's retreat. Don't kill us. Where is the commander in chief? Don't ask. Run. (Zi Chuanxiu, Hatamoto of the Zichuan Far East Army) (Heng Chuan Hilltop in Far East) The enemies' armored beastsare distributed on the flank of the array.

It's Ge Sha's troops. (Roger, Deputy Hatamo of Zichuan Far East Army)The battle is really magnificent. Ge Sha is known as the First Demon Warrior. (Ming Yu, Deputy Hatamoto of Zichuan Far East Army)His troops are the best. Still we can't retreat. If we retreat now, (Bai Chuan, Deputy Hatamoto of Zichuan Far East Army)the whole defense line of Hengchuan will be implicated. The whole army, be ready to attack the enemy! Check the war horses and weapons!Get ready to meet the enemy!.

Hey, what's going on with those green barbarians? They were intercepted by other divisions? It's not like that. Report. The enemies are in a chaos.The reason is unknown. What a good thing! Let's go get them. Take your brain out of your boots and think about it. With the golden lion flag, they can easily cause chaos? I'll ask His Excellency if he has any instructions.

Gu Lei, how dare you pretend to be His Excellency? (Gu Lei, Captain of the Royal Guards)His Excellency let me wear these. Where is he? He is…sleeping on the back… Go! …hill. Your Excellency. Oh? Your Excellency.

Your Excellency. Zi Chuanxiu! Your Excellency. What's the matter? The soldier mutinied again? It's only a matter of time. When they find out you fooled them with the dummy… That's… (Zi Chuanxiu, Hatamoto of the Far East Army of Zichuan)The demons are coming!.

You… Let's run for our lives. My lord, we haven't lost yet. You should say that earlier. You scared me. Your Excellency, there are about 50,000 people in the Demonic Army. And there are armored beasts with strong combat power. We had no chance. But we don't you know why they withdrew suddenly.

And they looked so awkward. We can't decide whether to pursue and attack. Your Excellency, please give us instructions. Who wants to pursue? Roger, Deputy Hatamoto, he urged the pursuit. Then let him go after him. But my lord, Don't worry. Roger's team is cavalry.

They can run if they can't defeat it. Even if they can't escape, I'm already well prepared for it. I've investigated the fengshui here. It's good. Roger can be buried here to protect his descendants. You… Zi Chuanxiu! What dis he say? His Excellency ordered you to attack.

Hahaha Roger that! Listen to the order. Charge with me. Fight for the family. Why did he order an attack? What if there's a ruse… His Excellency said, if that's the case, it's Roger's bad luck.

This is so childish. Hum Our Lord is always this childish. The flower of the gods. Roger Don't let me down. Shield to block the charge. Go!.

Kill! Kill! Run back! Help! The shield. Run back! Help! You are not allowed to retreat. Let's get through this. Guards, cover the flower of the gods and retreat. Kill!.

It went so well. Is it a trap? It's impossible. Those Green barbarians can't act so well. It's impossible. Those Green barbarians can't act so well. Even a trap is a great chance. The whole army, follow up! Bai Chuan, you have no right to command the whole army. I will kill you if you delay the time for combat. Why don't you pass the order? Yes!.

Kill! The Zichuan Clan's army is coming! Move back! Release! Kill! Kill! It looks like I can go back and have a good sleep. Alas. I wonder if Roger got that carriage. I hope he can give me a surprise.

Don't. Most of the demonic soldiers on the battlefield have been wiped out. The ones who escaped are the Orcs and other clans. Are you going after them? There's no need to chase her. Inform the whole army to clean up the battlefield. Where's Roger? The guy just sent a cavalry to send a message. He said he would continue to pursue.

Send two more cavalry to meet them. In case that fool is surrounded. Well Guys, get me that carriage. Move. I'll cover. Give it to me. Kill! Take down! My God.

What a Big baby! Episode 2(Triumph) And search for the wounded. hurry up Take two teams to collect the weapons. Hurry up. These green barbarians aren't really stupid. You know how to use Orc slaves as cannon fodder this time?.

You learned it from us. Since the Far East came into the family, And used the Orcs as pioneers. That's true. to catch up with The Orcs are strong and strong. You're strong. Don't waste your time. I'm still thinking about the assassination of the Demon Lord and Deputy General.

Aren't you surprised that Well Is indeed strange. hey I'll go find His Excellency. I'll leave the battle to you. The wind is the rain. (Zichuan Xiuying Camp of the Far East Army of Zichuan) The demons have retreated.

You're really not beaten. It's all due to merit. Your Excellency's magic machine. Gooray Don't flatter me if you stammer like this. It's not for you. Hey, hey. adult I'm back.

Hey. What are you doing? hey My lord, I am not the kind of person you think. Hey. adult Take a look first. wow The Third Princess of the Demon Family of Kadan.

Gooray Guard the camp outside. Without my order, No one is allowed to come in. to accept an order Ah, ah. Such a beautiful and charming woman. Appeared on the battlefield. Beauty, you must be scared.

Adult The carriage she was riding in had such a big jewel. And many elite demonic soldiers. What are those demons shouting to protect? The flower of the gods. This dress It's expensive. You still have blond hair and blue eyes. This beauty is a high-level demon.

Well Let me guess. Beauty You are the wife and concubine of the Demon General. wow You brought your wives and concubines with you in the war. The demons are too nourishing. Hey. adult.

It's our turn to enjoy the night. Hahaha Oh dear What a waste. This is a good chance to get rich. I have long heard that the aristocratic officials in the Far East will pay high prices to buy the demonic beauty. She's so pretty. Hey. I'm sure you can get a good price.

Adult Why don't I contact him now? Why don't I contact him now? Well hey Ah Deputy Flag, my lord. Ah shoot!.

Big and big. Your Excellency, it's important. No, no. That's enough. – Don't enter.- I have important information to report to you. Don't come. Ah he he No, no. Don't go in.

Get out of my way. I haven't settled the accounts of your fake flag book with you. What are you trying to do? And show us. Just a glance. One glance is enough. Purple Sichuan Show. I just thought you're not a fool. You did such a thing.

I'm not. I don't have you. Stop talking nonsense. he he adult I'll leave now. Take care of yourself. A traitor. Wait for me. Oh my! Oh, my God.

That was close. Xiao Chuan, listen to me. She's a member of the demonic royal family. I'm just interrogating her. Who believes your nonsense? hey You bastard. Don't just look at Say something.

But you planned to treat me I'll kill you, you shameless villain. It's not what you think. Ah Wrong? Have you seen enough? Hand over the token. Otherwise, I'll give you I'm the third princess of the gods, Kadan.

I want to be treated according to my status. Don't look. This is indeed the golden lion token representing the royal family of the demons. Why is the Demon Princess on the battlefield? How should I know? I was just trying to ask her. You rushed in. again,… She really thinks this is the Demon Palace.

How dare you ask for so many things? What do you want to drink the dew of the first ray of sunshine in the morning? Who can get up? Except for you. You can get up. The priority is to deal with the demon princess. Oh dear I'm just a flag book. It's tiring enough to lead 30,000 troops.

This kind of trouble. I'll send a letter back to the fort. To give the big shots of the family a headache. I have an important military report. The battle is over. What else can it be? adult The Demon Lord's lieutenant was assassinated before the war. This led to chaos.

What a coincidence! God bless my Zichuan family. Hahaha Oh dear Don't think too much. Call back all the troops who are still on the front line. To return to the fortress. Leave the rest of the demons to other troops. To other troops.

Well We eat meat. You should save some soup for others. Oh my! I have to find a tent to sleep in. The Demon Princess is really hard to serve. She looked like a bag just now. The current Han State is so considerate. Zi Chuan Xiu.

He he adult You have to give me first class credit for what you said this time. You brought a big trouble back. How about military merit? She said she was also a princess. Even if Yang Ming Hua has any problem with the Far East Army, You can't deny that. The president will lead.

Your Excellency Yang Minghua is wise and wise. How could you possibly know what's on his mind? Yuck! How dare he! Isn't he afraid that we can appeal to the Chief? Cut the crap. Be careful. The Supervisory Office invited you to have tea. How could it be? Is the Supervisory Office of the Hundred Officials also a lapdog of Yang Minghua?.

We're at the fort. Valen Fortress, the first fortress of the Purple River Family. The carriage is too bold. The demons. Go back to the barracks. I'll report on my work. Oh, Qianli, take care of our Princess Grandma. he he to accept an order.

(Secretary Luo Bo, Deputy Commander of the Far East Army) Lord Zichuan. Thank you. Oh my! Lord Luo Bo is really How can you carry such a heavy thing? Thank you. adult Just put it here.

You're welcome If you need help in the future, Don't bother me. Lord Zichuan. Lord Robl is holding a temporary military meeting. Please rest in the office for a while. He'll be there soon. good Get back to work.

Don't bother me. Well Valen wants to see the office of the deputy commander of the Far East Army, Luo Bo. Yo! It's fifty years old. Ah Luo Bo, Deputy Commander of Zichuan Far East Army.Axiu You're back. Purple Sichuan Show.

You stole my wine again? adult According to the family rule, Family officers are banned from drinking alcohol on duty You've always followed military rules and laws. Is a model for the soldiers of the Far East. How can you hide alcohol in the office? If it gets out today, But it will damage your reputation in the Far East.

Hey. Besides, Drinking will hurt your liver. I'm not worrying about your health. To share your worries. Hum You bastard. he he Old rules.

I'll make it up to you next time. How many times is this? he he Come on. Don't be angry. To celebrate my great victory. You did a good job this time. The Shangdu has sent back a reward order. There's a reward this time.

He he Did you give me a promotion? The family orders you to take the Demon Princess back to the capital immediately. And promoted you to Deputy Commander. Oh dear It's so dirty. Deputy Commander. And crossed the red flag. And promoted to Deputy Commander.

Hahaha Oh dear Miss me, I've been fighting all the way for seven years until I came to the capital. I thought it would be hard to rise. I didn't expect to skip the grade. Oh, I can finally sit in the office with you. To find a pretty secretary. Don't be too happy. This order was issued by Yang Minghua.

What does he mean? You don't know. Your Excellency, you've shown great foresight. You know the hero well. He promoted me to be Deputy Commander to commend me, of course, as a hero of Zichuan. To set an example for the younger generation. Don't talk nonsense to me. I swear allegiance to the Zichuan family. I'm a retainer of the Zichuan family.

Is not Yang Minghua's retainer. Are you suspecting me? Or should I What did he do to you seven years ago? You forgot. Seven years ago, Seven years ago, The soldiers of the Family of Liufeng defeated the capital city. Foster father, Commander Yuan Xing.

It's dangerous. Yang Minghua deceived Yi's younger sister, and Zichuan Ning was young. To usurp power and seize the throne. To solve the problem of the capital, I had no choice but to lead troops to surround the commander's office. To stop Yang Ming Hua from seeking peace. After that, he went thousands of miles to catch up. Banish the bandits from the country. The day the General returns to the capital,.

But Yang Minghua accused him of treason. To the military court. Now, Yang Ming Hua is overbearing and domineering. No one can cure it. It's well known that I'm not a servant. Axiu I command you as a senior in the family. Do whatever you can. To protect Miss Zichuan's Ning.

She is the only child left by Lord Yuan Xing. Don't worry. Zichuan Xiuding is devoted to it. Well Working hard, right? Give me all your money. Pay for my wine. adult You are doing your best.

As for the wine, Next time, This brat. Valen Fortress Skydream Restaurant. Hurry up. Ah Your dog is so cute. gentle laughter Enjoy it.

I'll take more pills to calm the shock. Oh dear To give him a gift. To choose such an expensive place. Beast This is all I have left. You have a deposit. I only get the military pay. Hum.

You always let me treat you. If I don't kill you today, Hum Waiter, add more dishes. Don't. Hello, sir. What's wrong with you, Ming Yu? Stop him! adult.

Congratulations on being promoted to Deputy Commander. You can't be our leader anymore. You can't be our leader anymore. Everyone is very sad. Really? But why can't I see it at all? adult My heart is bleeding. It hurts so much.

It hurts so much. It hurts so much. You're heartbroken. With good subordinates like you, can I'm really touched. I can't bear to leave. Please don't. Well.

Adult It's the commander's order. As a soldier, You must strictly follow the superior's order. alas We will go through danger together. Come together through thick and thin I really can't let you go. Since I got promoted,.

You can't be abandoned. So I decided Well I'll take you back to Shangdu. I've asked Deputy Commander Luo Bo to issue a new appointment. I've asked Deputy Commander Luo Bo to issue a new appointment. I want you three to come back with me. Come. To celebrate, let's go back to Shangdu. Drink this cup of wine.

Well Well The people in Tian's Size Box escaped. Alright. These three bastards dare to mess with me, right? I'm afraid you'll have to eat. Take your life. I'm not. I didn't.

Let me explain. (29 July 778 AD) As the ultimate power in the future,The strongest army of the same continent. The first officers of Xiuzi. Episode 3(Return to Shangdu) (Chief Officer's Office of Shangdu) adult (Deputy Commander of the Palace Guards of Sterling Zichuan Clan)Yang Ming Hua called Xiu back. It must be because of Xiu's great achievement.

He has fear. Why did Yang Minghua promote him to the rank of deputy commander? alas Actually, I'm not worried about Zi Chuan Xiu. Chief of Zichuan Ginseng Star Family.Although Zi Chuan Xiu has been acting randomly since childhood, But in his seven years in the Far East, And respected Ying Xing very much. What I'm really worried about Is the attitude of his brother Ying Xing.

Your Excellency, Xiu and Yinxing, I won't turn to Yang Minghua. And betrayed the family. As a precautionary measure, I have written to Brother Ying Xing. And Zichuan Show You and Zichuan Xiu are close. What you said, I believe he will still listen. Well.

When Xiu came back, I will definitely persuade him. I won't let him make any mistakes. Everyone knows Yang Minghua's unworthy heart. I'm also worried about the family. Sterling The only person I can trust now is you. Sterling will live up to your expectations. Sell it.

Sell it. Sell it. Sell the newspaper. The Inner Gate of Shangdu.Mingyu, look, this door is so big. Promising You're finally back. Shangdu, your beauty is still the same. this I'm going to the capital.

Gooray Your Excellency, do you have any information? Take the man in the carriage to the commander's office and wait for arrangement. And lead the troops to station. Take the lead. Follow me. Today I will take you three to see the bustling and beautiful city of Shangdu. Shangdu Lan Ou Shopping Street. This is the most bustling commercial area of Shangdu.

Wow Wow, the street lights in Shangdu are so artistic. Wow, the street lights in Shangdu are so artistic. Cut the hillbillies. Cut the hometown, Ba Lao. Hey, what are you doing? Pick up garbage. Ah Don't look at us. We don't know you.

It's embarrassing. My lord, what do you mean, a hayseed? It is a general name for the residents of urban areas on the mainland to the residents in non-urban areas Usually without praise, Er, I still don't know. alas You should remember what we call the animals in the border villages Never brush your teeth or wash your face. Don't take a shower for a lifetime.

Hey, where are you going? I'm the heir of Zichuan Family. Flowers and beauty. That's great. (Second Childe of the Sven Family of Shangdu) Have you heard? The Siai family was actually bankrupt. The family jade plate has been pawned. Don't bother to look.

Take this bunch of flowers as a gift for Miss Zichuanning. I'll do it myself. Don't bother. hey Miss Ning. It's my pleasure to buy flowers for you. Please accept my sincerity. EH Sorry, I don't want these flowers.

Hey I have something to do. Please get out of the way. Hey, Miss Ning. Move out of my way Well Oh dear Not only a bastard, but also a color embryo. Apologize to this beautiful lady. you.

Roger Why are you seeing each other? bumpkin How dare you hit me? I don't want to know who the young master is. Don't you know I'm from the Sven Family. Hum Hum.

EH Ah What a disgrace. It hurts. Don't you want to die? You intended to attack the only daughter of Lord Zichuan Yuanxing, the former head of the family. The heir to the throne. The heir to the throne. Miss Zichuanning.

But now he's been captured by us. Do you want me to send you to the Medical Department to have a chat? You slandered me. I just want to give Miss Ning flowers. Of course, Miss Ning has the final say. Hum Miss Ning has offended many people today. Wait for me. Handsome, my lord.

Brother The former chief of the Zichuan family.Lin He. Remember your identity. Miss Zichuan Ning. Get up. Brother you When will you return to Shangdu? Don't you want to go back to the Far East?.

The commander hasn't made specific arrangements yet. So I don't know. Maybe. I finally came back. that Just go home. I brought more than 40 pro-guards. I'm afraid it's not good to live in Zichuan Manor. What's wrong? I love the fun.

It's against the rules. It's a tough life. How can I live in this stinky and dirty station? Oh, I shouldn't have joined the army. The wind and the sun pity my beautiful face. Well Yeah, you don't have to live in the station. Hahaha (The Upper Capital Palace).

Are you ready? Okay, look. Wow, I'm already so tall. It won't be long. I'm the heir of Zichuan Family.I'll be as tall as my brother. he he No matter how tall you are, you are my Ning. Ning loves me the most. It's still the same here, isn't it?.

Well How have you been all these years? It's not bad, but the food is terrible. Yes, by the way, How is the family now? That's great. Under the wise leadership of President Yang Minghua, We can go full speed towards hell. how could that be?.

He's so happy. In the past four years, he has sent three crusades against the Liu Feng family. He was beaten up and came back. The Senate will ask him to explain. He pretended to be loyal and wronged. To make a speech. The Liufeng family must perish. If this is wrong, Let me be wrong.

I won't avoid responsibility. And never regret it. How could you let him fool the Senate like this? Yeah, it's a powerful speech. If you get rid of the first sentence, The next few words, It's like the confession of an unmarried man. Hahaha Hahaha.

Miss Ning. There seem to be more guards in the mansion. Well The Imperial Guards. My uncle arranged it. I didn't want it, but my uncle insisted. You did the right thing. You did the right thing. Your Hua is the heir of the family. There can't be any mistakes.

Alas I stay at home almost every day. If there's any mistake, Ah Brother, it's good to have you back. I have to report to the Command Office. The Superior Capital Office. (Map of Xichuan Continent) Lei Xun, commander of the Central Army of Zichuan Clan.

Chief of staff of Luo Minghai Zichuan Family. (Commander of the Forbidden Guard Army of Pigu Zichuan Family) (Commander of Border Guard of Minghui Zichuan Family) Brother Ying Xing, commander of the Far East Army of Zichuan Clan.Your Excellency, is this not good? Don't be afraid of me. Let me introduce to you (Fang Jin, Commander of the Black Clan of Zichuan Family)This is Deputy Commander Zichuan Xiu who just won the Fifth Battle of Hengchuan. Good morning, Commander. Hello, Brother Ying Xing.

Hum Ten little deputy commanders. And dared to break into the Commander's Conference. You are so ungrateful. I brought Lei Xun here. Are you scolding me? This is Lord Lei Xun, right? My lord, I have long heard of the reputation of the best player in the family. It's really a great honor to see you now.

The battle of Hengchuan will be won with less. It's great to defeat the Demon Family, Deputy Commander Zichuan Xiu. Lord Luo Minghai is overpraised. Xiu, you're doing well in the Far East. I didn't embarrass the Far East Army. It's all my advice. I will do my best to serve the family. Will live up to the name of the Far East Army. Hum.

It's okay. I just drove for a few days. I'm a little tired. Your Excellency, take care of yourself. The President has arrived. Yang Minghua, President of Zichuan Family.Commander, When did you come back, Deputy Commander Zichuanxiu? Episode 4(Commander Feng Yun) Your Excellency, Commander,.

When did you come back, Deputy Commander Zichuanxiu? I just got here. I planned to report to the Commander. I didn't mean to break into the leaders' meeting. Since you're here, sit down and listen in. Thank you, Commander. To listen to your opinions. I'm really honored to serve you. Let's talk about the Demon Princess.

How is Commander Ying Xing? The demons have sent people to negotiate. But you won't agree to our terms. This matter You need to make a decision. What do you think? I'm afraid that someone is in our hands. Are we going to send her back? We'll have another battle with the demons.

Hum Who will attack your Central Army? You can't even find the north when Lei Xun leaves. It's easy to say. Hum What do you think? It's really tricky. It will damage the dignity of the family. There will be a lot of trouble if you stay.

Well I'm not sure. Purple Sichuan Show. You captured him. What do you think? Thank you for your kindness. The Demon Princess is serious. I dare not publish my humble opinion. What about the Chief of Staff's plan? We think if we send the demon princess back like this,.

It will damage the people and the family reputation. So I can never compromise. Of course, if the negotiation continues, The Far East is likely to face another attack of demons. We need to be prepared. Yes You're right. How about this? Then I'll send some more men to the Far East to reinforce them.

Commander, The Far East Army has always had its own system. I'm afraid it's inappropriate to transfer others. You don't have to worry about that. I will choose the best man in the family to help you. I'd like to thank you for your kindness. However Even though she's a prisoner, But after all, as a princess,.

It's not appropriate to keep it in the barracks. I'll leave it to Zi Chuan Xiu. You live in Miss Ning's house now. And let the demonic princess live there. To keep a close watch on her. And she won't disgrace her status as a princess. Commander, Your Excellency, my lord. EH Xiu, don't push it.

I heard that the Demon Princess is a great beauty. Lord Fang Jin, (The President of Emperor Lin Zichuan's Family takes the adjutant in red.) I didn't expect you to be alive. Emperor Lin, this is the commander's meeting. How can I break in at will? You seem to have some problems with Zichuan Show. I want to kill that bastard myself. When Zichuan Show returns to Shangdu,.

You have plenty of chances. My lords, sorry. I learned that my friend who I haven't seen for years has returned to Shangdu. I can't wait to catch up with him. If you fail to control yourself, you will die. Young people nowadays Is hot-tempered. Dilin, how many times have I told you to be steady? Please understand.

Your Excellency, why don't you let the two brothers talk about old times? What do you think, Deputy Commander Zichuanxiu? Please help me, Commander. I really miss Lord Dilin. The anniversary of your death is next year. You bastard. Don't just eat. Shout. Do you want me to act alone? Dilin, our long-running feud is over today.

Xiujia is nice to me. She has prepared delicious food for me. Wow, Xiujia is good at cooking. I've been drooling whenever I think of dreaming. Why don't you thank me for bringing it to you? You call Xiujia your sister-in-law? Who wouldn't care about brothers? You care about your sister-in-law first. Do you still want to die? Brother, you did something to the die.

You beat me and Second Brother. And then before we know it, You went to propose to Xiujia. You know, she used to like me. His Majesty, Lin, and I are both talented and martial. If you hadn't used dirty tricks, How could I lose? You're a scoundrel. You deserve to shout at me. Today is the day you die.

Hum Both talented and intelligent. Xiu, you're getting thick-skinned. I'm telling the truth. The battle of Hengchuan won a great victory. The newspapers said I was a rising star. he he Don't rise slowly. Be careful of falling. Yang Minghua has added you to his hit list.

I've been keeping an eye on you. Okay, I said, What? I just went back to the capital. He knew I was living at Ning's place. He asked me to come here today. He always wanted to test your strength. Yang Minghua values me so much. Who else is on the list? He wants to kill Douran the most.

Although Lord Ying Xing is ill, Yang Minghua sent a dozen masters to kill him before and after, all of them failed. And made Yang Minghua very angry. I will kill you sooner or later. You can't even lift my shoes. He was afraid that Lord Ying Xing would raise the banner of rebellion. Go back to Shangdu with a million troops. Even the Central Army couldn't resist it. So now he wants to join the Far East Army.

To weaken Lord Ying Xing's control over the Far East Army. He mentioned at the meeting that he planned to transfer people to the Far East. That person is me. The thing that sent you back and the Demon Princess He found a chance. Brother, the Far East is Lord Ying's territory after all. You'd better tell Lord Ying Xing your identity this time. No way I don't trust anyone but you and Sterling.

Alas Brother, you have worked hard for Yang Minghua these years. What are you talking about? You fought the demons in the Far East. Sterling is facing Yang Ming Hua in the capital. Isn't it hard? How's Second Brother? The second person Yang Minghua wants to kill is him. Don't worry too much. He was protected by the Imperial Guards.

Besides, Yang Minghua has There is no master who can kill him quietly. Will Yang Ming Hua attack Ning? Yang Minghua planned to kill Zichuan Ginseng Star. To support Miss Zichuan Ning as a puppet. You won't hit her. Don't worry. We should probably get out of here. Meet at the same place tonight. And get Sterling together.

But your identity I will be careful. Well Axiu Well You went out in one piece. Yang Minghua will suspect me. Brother, don't. Be good. I will be gentle.

Ah Stop, stop. Why are you fighting harder? I feel worse than you to hurt my own brother. Bear it. Almost there. Don't rely on it. Why would you hit me with paint? Take a guess. Dilin, you are so despicable.

You can live here in peace. It doesn't matter how long you stay. Miss Zichuan Ning, thank you. Miss Ning, the men from the station have sent them away. Well Are you hungry? Please. You're being beaten up. The Command Office is so efficient.

So fast. Brother, what's wrong with you? I'll get the medicine for you. I'm fine. Don't go. I have something more important to tell you. But your injury Oh dear Ning has a saying. I have to tell you now.

Brother. Lend me some money. Hum hey Hey, Sichuan. There's something I've been wanting to say to you. go to hell! Xiao, Ming Ming. Hey, don't run.

Dilin is such a jerk. Sit on a chair that adds ten years to your life.He hit more than me at the commander's office. Why should I pay for it? Young Master, Lord Sterling is here. second brother Hahaha It's been a long time, Xiu. Oh, my goodness. Second Brother, don't you see I'm still injured?.

What happened? Yang Minghua attacked you so fast. Is it serious? It's all from Big Brother. I'm going to the Command Office for a meeting today. Yang Minghua asked Big Brother to test me. In order to fool the old fox, So I have to act. alas Hahaha.

He's a good player. Second Brother, are you speaking human language? Alright, don't be wronged. Fortunately, Yang Minghua sent Big Brother this time. You only suffered a little trauma. Xiu is in a complicated situation. I came here to remind you. You must be careful in what you say and do. Young Master Xiu asked me to tell you.

The dinner is ready. I know. Go down. Second Brother, after dinner, Take me out to broaden my horizon. Well Don't take me with you. Deputy Commander. There are many kinds of eye-opening. How can your mind be so dirty?.

Get along with you! Kadan, I asked the chef to prepare some special food of Shangdu. I hope you like it. I've read many dishes in the book. I've always wanted to try it. Now I finally have the chance. Thank you, Ning. you're welcome What are you doing here?.

Brother Sterling, come in and have a seat. Brother Sterling, come in and have a seat. This is my second brother Sterling. Is the Deputy Commander of the Imperial Guards. Hello, everyone. This is Bai Chuan, Roger and Ming Yu. They are my subordinates in the Far East. Hello, Lord Sterling. So handsome.

This is Demon Princess Kadan. Princess Kakadan. Lord Sterling, it's an honor to meet you. I'm also honored. Come on. Don't stand there. Let's eat. Roger, stop staring. Go and sit down. Lord Sterling, I admire you very much. I heard that when you were a border guard, With a small team to stop the attack of tens of thousands of troops of the Liu Feng family.

How did you do that? I'm asking you. Oh, right. I did stop the attack of the Floating Wind Army. When did you come back? We just got back to Shangdu this morning. Lord Sterling, you're not feeling well. When did you come back? Uh, Lord Sterling.

Can you teach me martial arts later? After the meal, Second Brother and I have something to tell you next time. To celebrate my brother's return. Cheers! Lord Sterling. You can't drink. You can drink it. well Take your time. Sterling and I left a little early.

Hey I want to talk to Lord Sterling more. We're doing business. Miss Ning, thank you for your hospitality today. Brother Sterling, don't be so courteous. You're always welcome at Zichuan Manor. Oops, let's go. We'll leave now. Shangdu Bar Shopping Street.

Anyway, I don't understand why she is so excited. I just drank a few more cups. You're here. eldest brother Episode 5♪ The three heroes meet again ♪ Anyway, I don't understand why she is so excited. I just drank a few more cups. You're here. eldest brother.

Hey, surprise. Brother, it's too dangerous for you to meet us here. Don't worry, I'm sure I have no tail. It's rare for us three brothers to meet again. Of course we should celebrate. You're right, Second Brother is too cautious. How long has it been since we last met? Back in the day, the three of us walked sideways. When Big Brother took us to collect the protection fee, Those powerful people.

And ran away when he saw us. You taught us seriously. But when I bought ice cream, This guy eats the most. Have a drink. To be honest, I haven't been so relaxed for a long time. Xiu, don't take it lightly. It's more dangerous than the Far East battlefield. You must be careful. The situation in Shangdu is so bad.

It's not that bad. Yang Minghua has wooed Luo Minghai and Lei Xun. And Director Xiao Long. Almost the whole place is under his control. alas Bring me the best wine here. I have dealt with those people. Is the son of the Grand Patriarch of Shangdu. I have to go. Let's meet again.

Well Be careful. to feel relieved I don't know when The three of us can be together openly. The current situation has been dragged on. It's not a solution. Don't you have any countermeasures? Or is he really like what the outside said? There's something wrong with it.

Don't say that. It's all rumors. Don't many people call you a playboy? Yes, I'm a playboy. Come and help me, Xiu. Go to see the Chief with me. Be loyal to him. When Second Brother was in the military academy, You, me and Big Brother. Have sworn allegiance to Miss Ning in front of Lord Zichuan. Have you forgotten it?.

Of course I remember, but loyalty to the Chief and loyalty to Miss Ning doesn't conflict. We are loyal to Zichuan. It's different for me. I just want to protect Ning. I'm not interested in anything else. The Xiu family is in a civil conflict. You might be better off if you had more help. Second Brother, let me think about it. Oh, let's not talk about this. Drinking.

Hey Have you heard about Master Ma, Ma Wei? To pursue Miss Zichuan Ning. As long as I marry her, Hey. You have all kinds of wealth. You can still hold a beauty. Hahaha Come on.

What's up You must have fallen in love with Cardin at dinner. What are you talking about? I didn't… I don't know if it's hard to keep staring at them. Second Brother Kadan is really beautiful. But she's the Princess of the Demon Family. I know. But Xiu, the moment I saw her, I don't know what to say.

My heart seemed to come alive. Did you die before? I heard that you have a fiancee named Li Qing. Is the rumor true? Second Brother, with my knowledge of you, You can't do such a thing. Don't be ridiculous. I didn't get in the car. I was so drunk that I passed out. I didn't do anything. Then I gently asked Li Qing and she denied it.

Alas Then I figured it out. Li Qing is the legitimate daughter of the Li aristocracy. It was all arranged by the Li nobles and the Chief. That's because they all think you're promising. Stop talking about me. Where are you and Miss Ning? What else can we do? Zichuanning is so beautiful. The last time I saw her,.

She's the future heir of the family. As long as I marry her, Ahha Miss Ning has had many admirers over the years, but she has ignored them. I'll ask for your information every time I see you. I smile more happily than anyone when I know you're safe. Xiu is waiting for you. Hahaha. Really? You want to chase him?.

Cut What can't I do? Ma Wei is a young master, aren't we? How about we make a bet? Let's see who can take down Zichuanning the fastest. What kind of takedown are you talking about? Hahaha. Who is it? Who hit me?.

It's you again. Your father and I What are you waiting for? Go and help. Copy him. Let's go together. You're looking for death. grandson I got him. Come on.

What's up, brother? It's okay. I'll give you a ride. With these two bodies, there are four bodies today. Six. People die every day for half a month. They're all big shots. Don't they care about it? Sixth, the deceased should be older. You should restrain yourselves. There's no big deal. Brother, what's wrong?.

The corpse? (The flag of the Black Cavalry of Zichuan) EH You two are Lord Sterling and Lady Zichuan. No, no. I'm not… In Xiadecke, Is an officer of the Black Banner Army. I didn't expect to see you here. You got the wrong person. I'm not Zichuan Xiu.

Ah What? I have to leave. We are destined to meet again. EH See you again. Ah Did I really get the wrong person? Drinking is harmful. Two peerless masters haven't fought a bunch of dandies.

It's embarrassing. Come in Your Excellency. I'm sorry, I was sent to drink for Xiu last night. It's okay. I didn't mean to blame you. Young people should relax. But it's different now. I was too worried to close my eyes last night. If something happens to you,.

Even if I turn against Yang Minghua, To save you. It's because I didn't think it through. Will be more cautious. Don't let the Chief worry. What's the situation of Zi Chuan Xiu? Your Excellency, Xiu is inclined to us. But he went back to the capital city. alas.

No matter what, he was given the surname Zichuan. It's his duty to serve the family. But he hasn't come to see me yet. And when he came back, Yang Minghua transferred Dilin to the Far East. This is too coincidental. Your Excellency, Xiu will never rely on Yang Minghua. I will guarantee my life. I know you and he are brothers. But Hua went to the Far East. You haven't seen each other for years.

Sterling, people change. Please believe in Xiu's loyalty to the family. He just came here. We don't know the situation yet. I will persuade him again. He will listen to you. Yang Ming Hua sent Emperor Lin to the Far East. It's probably to fight for military power in the Far East from Brother Ying Xing. He won't turn rashly. But we still have to be prepared in case.

Your Excellency, rest assured. I've asked the Imperial Guards to strengthen the defense. As for the Far East, I believe Lord Ying Xing is there. And won't be able to get on Yang Minghua easily. Well That's great. Go back and rest. yes (Four months later) Big news. (Shangdu Street)Great news, Lord Lin, the victory of the Demon Expedition is coming soon.

The Blood Cultivation Cultivator can scare the demons. Give me one. Give me one too. Great news, Lord Lin, the victory of the Demon Expedition is coming soon. To guard it. yes adult I heard that you are good at imitating handwriting. It's just a trick to carve insects.

Write a copy according to Zichuanning's handwriting. And then seal it with her seal and give it to me. If the mission is completed well, You're the deputy commander. Will live up to your expectations. Well Let's go. Great news, Lord Lin, the victory of the Demon Expedition is coming soon. – Hey, it's so cool.- Give me a newspaper.

This is the first time we've fought the demons. That's right. My lord, is he reliable? Hum He's been obedient all these years. Let's leave some people outside the Purple Mansion. Your Excellency, we can send the military police to control the Zichuan Mansion. (Xiao Long, Director of the Supervisory Office of Zichuan Family)Zichuan Chuanning is just a little girl. It's easy to catch her. Well.

There are two squadrons of Imperial Guards guarding the mansion of Zichuan Ginseng Star. Now there are Zi Chuan Xiu and his close guard. It's not easy to catch Zichuanning. Besides, Zichuanning is useful. Hum You must keep the dignity of the Zichuan family. You don't have to worry about Zichuan Ning. Keep an eye on those people in the Supervisory Office. I understand. Some disobedient people have been dealt with.

But Brother Ying Xing's office hasn't found any evidence to convict him. Then I'll stop looking. Brother Ying Xing of the Officers General Assembly will return to Shangdu. I will ask Dilin to come back with the Far East Army. You want to borrow Dilin's hands Well You know what to do if the family comes after you. Brother Ying Xing died in the Far East Army. Hum.

By then, the Far East Army will be without a leader. There's no chance of Prince Qin. Your Excellency, the Emperor Lin has won a great victory over the demons. He and his subordinate troops should be praised in person. The award is deserved, but… Commander, you are wise. These achievements can be recorded in history. If you don't deserve a reward, It's too cold for the soldiers.

Since the Commander has agreed to the appointment, So I went to arrange it. [Episode 6]♪ Shura returns ♪ (Shangdu Morning Post)You're wrong. You know, I didn't know so I asked you. What are you talking about? Emperor Lin went deep into the demon heartland alone. How did he manage such a long supply line?.

The supply line may be an unsolvable problem for others. But he's the emperor. It's easy for him. why alas And plunder wherever you go. that My people. to be sorry I'll go check on her.

What can you say if you go after him? It's better to eat the apple honestly. alas hey Ming Yu, where are you going? Oh, I've eaten too much. I feel a little sick. Ning went back to his room. Brother How is Cardin?.

Brother, you and Brother Sterling shouldn't have said those things in front of Cardin. She cried. We'll be careful next time. Ning, I haven't eaten enough. Can you make me something to eat? Sure. What do you want to eat? Help me cook a bowl of noodles. Yeah. who.

There are assassins. Are you sure you want to shoot? Ah Ming Yu, give me an explanation. adult Your Excellency, sorry. And serve you in the next life. You coward. What are you doing in Ning's room? It's not too late to apologize.

I know you work for Yang Minghua. He sent you to assassinate Ning. No, Your Excellency. Then why are you here? I'm looking for Miss Ning's seal. I, Zichuan Ning, in the name of the heir of the Chief Commander, guarantee that the following are the facts. How is that different from killing Ning? Why are you doing this? Your Excellency, Yang Ming Hua is kind to me.

I Yang Minghua, it's me. I just want to say that we… Ming Yu, we've been together for so many years. You're one of the few people I can give my back to. My lord, I'm sorry. I really have no choice. I wanted to get away. But Yang Ming Hua is helping me with my previous letter. If I don't, he'll give you the letters. I want to follow you. I don't want to disappoint you.

Mingyu, your brain is eaten by a pig. You're usually pretty smart. How could I be your stupid subordinate? What does a big man look like? The tears are wiped away. Don't you want to apologize for your mistakes? adult Follow me. Leave this to Yang Minghua, and you'll have completed the task.

Your Excellency, this is… You're Ming Yu? What's wrong, my lord? Oh, it's okay. I thought I was looking at Roger. Do you really understand stealing beams and replacing columns with false chaos? I understand, but my lord, I suspect you're calling me stupid again. I have a problem with that. Hum.

Your Excellency, are you still willing to believe me? Oh my! I didn't want to believe it. What kind of fool would He even shouted to remind the owner of the house. There are assassins. So I suddenly feel I should give you another chance. Everyone will make mistakes.

As long as you want, you're still my brother. adult Stop acting like a girl. Don't do anything to me. You won't. I swear on my life adult Ah Can I keep my face clean from now on?.

Hum cannot Well Pretty good I would go through fire and water to repay your kindness. Don't worry. I won't forget your contribution. The weather in Shangdu is always changing. A village outside the city of Shangdu. (The Imperial Manor of Shangdu).

Your Excellency, should you report to the Commander? Brother Prashikawa's family.I overstepped the rules. (Lin Xiujia, wife of Emperor Lin)You're back. (Lin Xiujia, wife of Emperor Lin) I told you to sleep first. I want to wait for you. This letter was sent yesterday. Oh I almost forgot to make soup.

Well “The Garden Ming is open to the public, and the Empress Dowager's light will be bright.” Xiu, you are a fool who thinks you're smart. come Have some soup to warm you up. Why are you so close? You've just received it. love letter I'm kidding. I can't read your letter.

It's okay. I have no secrets from you. Actually, since the three of you assigned you to be undercover, I'm scared every time you receive a letter. I was afraid that you would do something dangerous. I sometimes think you three are friends. Why do you have to do the most dangerous thing alone? Zichuan Xiu and Sterling are not just my friends. They are my brothers. I didn't hear what you said just now.

Your Excellency, Commander, you are ordered to go to the Commander's office immediately. OK! I just came back and I'm leaving. I don't think I'll be back tonight. Go to bed. Yeah, I'll wait for you at home. How are you prepared? The Central Army is under control. (Shangdu Lei Xun's office)Sir, this is a list of relatives of all senior officers of the Central Army. I have sent people to control them.

Deputy Commander of the Central Army of Ge Xin Zichuan Clan.Don't be afraid that the officers won't listen. Hahaha Ge Xin did a good job. My position will be yours after this. Thank you, Commander. (Shangdu City Gate)By order of the Commander, the gate will be taken over by us from now on. yes Your Excellency, don't worry. Those who are disobedient in the Supervisory Office I've cleaned them all. There's absolutely no trace left.

(The Upper Dunnor Josinn) What are you doing? Nawljoosin Noel Joss, Aristocrat of Xanadu.You're suspected of smuggling family weapons. The Inspector General ordered me to take you back for trial. Yang Minghua's scum, this is slander. Hum, there's another charge. Insult the Commander. Block his mouth. Let's go.Let's go.

Our hero is back. Greetings to the President. No, Chief. It's too early for Dilin to say that. Oh, by the way, I heard that you ran home after your first visit. Our hero is really a good family man. Hahaha Your Excellency, you're joking. The officials are all dust. Of course, I have to fix it before I can see you.

Well Just relax when you're back. Come and taste the good wine. Your Excellency, my 50,000 Far East Troops are outside the capital at any time. I only wait for your order. Let's drink a toast. [Episode 7]The arrow is on the point. (Shangdu Family Hall) I'm Luo Ran. I can attend the officers General Meeting.

Hahaha Who cried and cried in Tianmeng Restaurant before? Hey. adult Don't block the way. Hum You're looking for trouble on such a wide road. This is the family hall. Don't cause trouble. Please remove your weapons, my lord.

Lord Zichuan Xiu, please unload your weapons. Since when are you not allowed to carry weapons at officers' conventions? The assassins of Liu Feng Sect came and went recently. The President has made this order for the safety of all of you. Please cooperate. Are all Xiao Long's military police. This knife is made by a famous general of the Far East. You should keep it well. Don't lose it. This way.

Second elder brother If you don't stay with him, The situation is difficult today. To be safe, the Chief won't come. Have you heard from Big Brother? I have written to him. To meet him in Central Park after the meeting today. But he didn't reply. What's Yang Minghua's action?.

I want to I don't know. I can only play it by ear. Ah Hum Second Brother. I knew Yang Ming Hua would do this, so I hid two. Ah Brother, Lord Ying Xing is here. Your Excellency, please.

Cut Your Excellency, Commander, This conference is specially held to commend Emperor Lin, right? Perhaps Lord Dilin will become the youngest leader in the history of the family. Ah That's the position of Chief. The Chief Commander is absent today because of illness. So I'm presiding over the officers meeting.

Second Brother, don't be a fool. First of all, I want to commend Emperor Lin and the Far East Army under him. They attacked the Demon Realm. This is an unprecedented feat in human history. Commander, I'm sorry to interrupt you. Before rewarding Lord Dilin, I have something important to report. Your Excellency, you may have taken the wrong seat by accident.

Oh – Although the Commander is absent,-Alco But that's the chief's seat. According to the rules, this seat is not suitable for you. Arco, what are you talking about? This officer is the son of Dray, the deputy commander of the Black Banner Army, right? I'm sorry, Commander. You're a low official. Will affect the order of the military officers meeting. This is a serious crime.

Ah Ah Ke, admit your mistake. My lord. Arco AKOAKo I'm going to kill you. you To avenge Lord Dre. Hummed and incompetent.

The meeting will continue. I'm suing. Officer, Administration Assistant. Qi Benbai Chuan. I'm making a formal complaint to the Family Inspector General, Lord Xiao Long. I accuse the Deputy Commander of the Far East Army, Dilin, of deliberately murdering the Black Banner Banner of Bendeke. I accuse the commander of the Central Army, Lei Xun, of deliberately murdering the Deputy Commander. I accuse the head of the family, Yang Minghua, of ordering the two murders. He should be held responsible for the crime. If the above charges are false, I will take full responsibility.

Murder doesn't exist. There's no need to investigate. The complaint will not be accepted. How dare you defy the rules? Enter the hall with weapons. Come and take them down. Your Excellency, get out of here. About the complaint of Bai Chuan Banner. Lord Xiao Long doesn't think it's necessary to investigate. But I don't think so.

This is the Office of Supervision Affairs. It's better not to interfere. I agree to investigate this matter. We agree. I agree with Dredko that the two officers are loyal to the family. Now, after the tragic death, I can't turn a blind eye. I agree. I also agree. Dre was my deputy commander for eight years.

Deco is also a member of my Black Banner Army. We fought everywhere for our family. Blood on the battlefield has ended up like this. The Black Banner Army needs a woman to sue them? Where is the Black Banner Army? We also want to sue. Brother, Lord Ying Xing, are you trying to lead a rebellion? adult Xiao Long.

I want to ask the Commander. What are you doing? It's reported that Lord Ying Xing's Pro Guard's bags surrounded the hall. This is a good show. Oh, it's possible that my subordinates didn't go back. Worried about my safety and came to pick me up. After all, I attended the officer's meeting under the crossbow of the military police of the Supervisory Office. This is my first time. An officer died in the family hall.

For the first time. I'm just being cautious. Please forgive me. The most popular clan has bought many officers. There are two of them. I just want to take this opportunity to eliminate the rebels. Commander, you and I have the same idea. The Pro Guard Army has been sent here To eliminate the traitor. Brother Ying Xing, are you really going to let 5,000 troops enter the hall?.

Aren't you afraid of the blood flowing here today? If you insist on destroying the traitor now, I don't mind the Sentinelese helping out. Even if there is a river of blood, Xiao Long. Ask the military police to leave. Let's call it a day. Everyone is tired. I'm not feeling well. I want to go back and rest. The traitor.

I'll be there Review them one by one. Brother Ying Xing will definitely leave the city. Xiao Long, send the military police to chase him. to accept an order Dilin. Yang Minghua has the military police and the Central Army. With our troops, we can't compete with him. I must send troops back to the Far East.

Are you coming with me? No, sir. We're staying. You are all good. Your subordinate is also bold. Yang Minghua, you'll get your revenge. Protect her tonight. Please rest assured. Take care My lord, you're exhausted. Take care of yourself.

When we meet again, Have a good drink. I'm waiting for your good wine. My lord, what are we going to do now? You three go back and strengthen the guard. We must ensure Ning's safety. Your Excellency, aren't you coming with us? My second brother and I have something to do. Shangdu Central Park.

Dilin, you killed an innocent young officer. Second Brother, calm down. Xiu, don't stop me. Sterling, what would you do? At that time, Yang Minghua gave me an order. The only way I can do is to kill that gossiping Qimen. Otherwise, Yang Minghua will suspect me. Our years of hard work will be in vain. Is the life of a Qimen.

Is more important than the future of us or the whole Zichuan family. Deco is a loyal officer of the family. You're killing innocent people. As long as I can live, I can kill the whole world. We were in front of Bai Chuan. Why didn't you kill us too? To make Yang Minghua trust you more. second brother.

Sterling, only you and Xiu You two are the ones I can't touch. Let's think about it first. What should we do next? The biggest card in Yang Minghua's hand Is the Central Army controlled by Lei Xun. The Imperial Guards in my hands can't compete with him. The 50,000 Far East troops I brought back Was stationed outside the capital.

Brother, can your troops enter the city directly? Since yesterday, The Chief of Staff and the Central Army took over. No one can enter without Luo Minghai and Lei Xun's order. You can't force entry. Try using 50,000 people. To attack the Shang State where 170,000 elite troops are stationed. Brother, you said you are not allowed to enter or leave. Brother Ying Xing,.

Yang Minghua has ordered And asked Xiao Long and I to work together. To intercept Lord Ying Xing at the gate of the city. No, I have to inform him. Don't worry, I've sent a letter to my adjutant brother, Pula. Ask him to help you. The problem now is the Central Army. Just hold them off. Come on.

This plan is too risky. This is the best we can do, or we're all screwed tonight. Xiu is right. For the sake of Zichuan, For the sake of Zichuan, For the sake of Zichuan, [Episode 8]To seize the initiative. Brother Ying Xing will definitely leave the city. Xiao Long, send the military police to chase him.

To accept an order Dilin. Pass the news to the Far East Army outside the city. Then lead the team to pick up Xiao Long. You can't let Yinxing go. It's time to move Lei Hong's chess piece. This time, Are blocked today. And die.

Brother, Lord Ying Xing has an urgent matter. Leave the city and open the gate. The commander has issued an order. No one is allowed to leave Shangdu today. Brother, please go back, Lord Ying Xing. Keep up. Hurry up. hurry up It's the military police. Why are they here? We're surrounded.

Be vigilant and protect Your Excellency. Bitter cold in the Far East. Your Excellency, you appreciate Commander Ying Xing's hard work. I hope you can stay here for a few more days. Have a good rest. Hum President, I've got a great gift. But I have important things to do when I go back to the Far East. Brother Ying Xing, I advise you to be wise.

What if I have to leave? You can try it. Attack the gate. The Military Police. Protect Brother Ying Xing. Kill him. That's Dilin's army. Brother Ha, it's time for you to die. kill.

Dilin is so deep. withdraw No one left. It's almost time. Humph, after tonight, Your Excellency, Emperor Lin is here to visit. Let him in. yes Dilin, your mission is completed.

Brother Ying Xing is dead. I'm going to report it to the Commander. But before that, When I fought against the demons in the Far East, A valuable treasure. I want to give it to you. After tonight, you will be promoted. I hope you can promote more officials in the future. Oh, hahaha.

I didn't expect you to be so thoughtful. Take it in. It's so big. My lord, please see if you like it. Hahaha Ah St (Lei Xun) A remote alley in Shangdu.

Second Brother, Ning, please. Don't worry. Brother, after controlling the Central Army, There will be three red lights at the head of the city to signal you. Without the support of the Central Army, Only those people under Luo Minghai Can't stop my Far East Army from coming into the city. Well Asudoca, be careful.

Don't worry. adult I just received an order from Yang Minghua. To watch Miss Ning. She can't leave the mansion tonight. Yang Minghua must want to use the letter to justify his rebellion. As long as Miss Ning appears, We can expose his conspiracy. Brother.

Well I heard something happened to the officers meeting. Ning, something big will happen tonight. Listen to me. Tonight, Ah (Central Army Conference Hall of Shangdu Campus) Hi, everyone. Why is he here? Why are you here?.

I heard you've been working hard recently. You didn't sleep late at night. You came here to punish me. Zichuanxiu sent an order to comfort you. By order, by whose order? Of course, I'm doing it by order of the Commander. cut Go back and gather all the officers of the Central Army. When I kill Zichuan Ginseng Star, I will control Shangdu immediately. to accept an order.

What are you talking about? I'm serious. Chief, let's have a party tonight to relax. You can go home and rest when the sun comes up. Food, drink, play, use everything. The Chief will pay for everything tonight. It's broken. Deputy Commander Ge Xin, you have to pay for it. Don't talk nonsense here.

Do you really want to disobey the commander's order? And betrayed the family? Everyone is tired tonight. Why don't you sit down and rest? Or Deputy Commander An who cares about his subordinates. peaceful If we don't do anything tonight, Will be severely punished by the Chief tomorrow. you.

And the young and old of the Central Army are in the hands of Lord Lei Xun. Think it over. The commander of the Central Army is printed here. All Central Troops listen to me. You must stay here tonight. No one is allowed to leave. How did he get the seal? Why would Lord Lei Xun give you the seal of command? This is fake.

If you don't believe me, you can check it. It's true. The Central Army only listens to Lord Lei Xun. Alert the archers. Stand by. Yang Minghua, how dare you lead troops to surround the General's Mansion? You want to rebel? Zichuan Ginseng Star has been in power for many years. I'm here to represent Lord Zichuan Yuanxing's will. To support Miss Zichuan Ning to inherit the throne.

This is Miss Zichuanning's letter. Now that she's of age, she deserves the throne. I didn't write this letter. You forged the letter. You wanted to usurp the throne. Miss Zichuan Ning must have been coerced into saying this by an adulterer. Please rest assured. I have the whole place under control. I will definitely save you. Yang Minghua, my brother trusted you.

To appoint you as the leader of the family. But what you did is unworthy of his trust. I will always remember the kindness of Lord Yuan Xing. Miss Zichuanning is the only blood of Lord Yuan Xing. She is the orthodox of the family. I'm protecting the family. Guard the family. Back then, Shang State was besieged by Liufeng Army. You chose to seek peace.

Countless officials loyal to the family have died in your hands over the years. Now you surrounded the Chief's mansion. You're plotting against me. Yang Minghua often betrayed the family. I am taking away all his duties as Chief of Police. And kill him on the spot. The old fox. Let's see who will attack. The cavalry is killed.

Sterling Zuo, the Commander of the Imperial Guards. To protect the Commander. put Commander, Lei Xun is dead. what Take over the Central Army immediately. Bring troops to support. to accept an order If I take the head of Zichuan ginseng star, I will reward you. Zi Chuan Xiu stole the seal of the commander of the Central Army.

Take him down immediately. Lord An Ning just said the seal is real. What are you waiting for? Lei Xun plotted against us. I have been ordered by the Commander to kill them. If anyone acts rashly, Will be punished for conspiracy. Please make your own choice. It's impossible that Lord Lei Xun is the best in the family.

I will kill you. Bah, I already hate you. You're so arrogant. Cut Lei Xun's showmanship. You call yourself the best. Do you really think my Zichuan family is empty? President Anning will succeed today. Why are you hesitating? Deputy Commander Ning Ning, Lei Xun has been executed.

哥应星大人即将带着四十万远东军前来平叛 Think it through. As long as you don't step out of the gate, I'll take the consequences tonight. Will never fall on anyone of the Central Army. You just need to follow orders. I hope Lord Zichuan Xiu is trustworthy. Everyone rest here tonight. Why is he here?.

(The Far East Army of Shangdu Outer City) Your Excellency, this is not the agreed code. Humph, besides Purple Sichuan Show, Who else would remember the code correctly? Ready to go. to accept an order Check the war horse equipment and prepare to set off. Brothers, go into the city and kill all the rebels. = Episode 9 = (Death of Shangdu).

Your Excellency, there are still no reinforcements coming. Sir, let's retreat. Hum, Retreat to the Central Army Camp. The whole team pursued the rebels. Ning, I'll send someone to send you back to the mansion. Uncle, be careful. Don't worry. Everything will be over tonight. (Shangdu Commercial Long Street).

Dilin The Far East Army was ordered to arrest the traitor Yang Minghua, Yes, Your Majesty Dilin, you betrayed me. Kill, Retreat, Retreat. Dilin. You'll die a natural death sooner or later.

You don't need to bother. You always grow up. Yang Ming Hua, you've got what you've got today. You deserve to be the chief? Hahahaha. The rebel Yang Minghua is dead, Sterling, lead the guards to continue pursuing the rebels and the remaining evils of the rebels. Dilin, you did a great job this time.

It's Dilin's duty to be loyal to Chief Commander, Good. The family won't mistreat a loyal man like you. There are many traitors in the world. I now order you to act as Inspector General, and lead the army to eliminate them all. Remember that all the remnant Emperor Lin will never fail to live up to the Chief's expectations. Your Excellency, what you mean is that I'm going to the Central Army's barracks.

And you lead the troops to eliminate the remaining evils in the city. Yes. Kill all rebels! Anyone who resists the Far East mentors and harbors rebels, He committed the same crime as the rebels (Yang Minghua's Mansion in Shangdu) Yang Minghua rebelled and was executed and beheaded. (Xiao Long Mansion in Shangdu) (Xiao Long Mansion in Shangdu) Xiao.

Long rebelled and beheaded his whole family (Luo Minghai Mansion in Shangdu) Report that you didn't find Luo Minghai and only these families were killed. Yes. Ah. Ah, You bandits! What are you doing? Stop! You're soldiers.

How can you take advantage of the chaos to rob the people? What the hell are you? Get out of here. If I say one more word, I'll kill you too. You guys. Come in It's Geshan. What can I do for you? The Far East Army of Chief Commander Dilin burned, killed and looted everywhere under the name of eliminating the remaining evils, Your Excellency, please give an order to stop their violence.

I have my own decision. My Lord Deputy Commander Geshan is tired from coming all the way here. Take Deputy Commander Geshan's tie to rest. Yes. Please Relax. Don't be so nervous. Brother, you're here. Thank you, Xiu.

Take him down. What are you doing? Let go of me! You, Brother, Chief's warrant. (All members of the Central Army are in high positions. ) (They were paid a huge amount and received a high title. They should have done their best to serve the family, but they were attached to the rebels. ) The officers of the Central Army followed the traitor Lei Xun to commit insurrectionary crimes.

And committed great crimes. They were executed from the flag. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? We've been in the hall and haven't gone anywhere. You must be mistaken. I… We didn't do anything. Lord Zi Chuan Xiu, Brother and the others didn't do anything. With hundreds of thousands of troops in his hands, and watching the situation develop, No matter which side wins, we won't let them go. Chief just asked you to clean it up instead of killing them, there are some words that.

Don't need to be written out, Brother, I'm on a mission. Get out of the way. Brother, wait for me for an hour. Let me go to see the chief and ask him, Xiu, it's not good for your future, Brother, after all these years, have I ever begged you? Just one hour. Please don't worry. Everything will be fine.

I'll be back soon. Lord Suzy, the lives of 300 officers of the Central Army are in your hands. My Deputy Director of Ma Administration, Suzy Ichikawa, wants to see Mr. Chief. Mr. Chief. Mr. Chief is busy. He doesn't have time to see you. Deputy Director of Family Administration, Deputy Commander in active service, former Chief bestowed surname Zi Chuan Single Shooter wants to see Chief Zi Chuan Lord Ginseng Star.

Has something urgent to report, Bring him in. Yes Chief Commander, 300 officers of the Central Army were not involved in the rebellion. Please forgive them. As for what you did last night, I heard from Sterling, Good job. I don't deserve it. But, Your Excellency,.

Your contribution this time is no less than Sterling and Dilin's. I'll promote you to the position of commander. Thank you for your cultivation. Let's call it a day. I didn't sleep last night. Well, after all, I'm not as energetic as young people like you when I'm old. Your Excellency, please show mercy. That's more than 300 lives.

Your eldest brother, Dilin, is even more determined and loyal to a rebel than your second brother, Sterling, But you keep defending the remnant of the rebels, Deputy Commander Ichikawa Soo, Whose official are you? Your Excellency, I am loyal to the family, Hum,.

As a family officer, it's only natural to be loyal to the Chief. But have you come to visit me since you came back to the capital? This is loyalty? Although I was brought up by the distant stars, I also know that I have a low status. Your Excellency, I beg you for the sake that I have fought for my family for many years. Keep them alive.

I beg you, Your Excellency. Arata Ichikawa is inside. Lin He, you're so presumptuous, You're proud of your merits. The remnants of the rebels outside Sterling have been cleared. Yes, Your Excellency. Yes. Your Excellency, please pardon all the officers of the Central Army.

Enough people died tonight. Our top priority is to rectify the discipline and calm the hearts of the people, Sterling Have you thought about the consequences of leaving those remaining evils behind? As long as you remove them from their posts, you can transfer loyal generals from other camps to take over their posts. Even if they want to do evil, there's nothing they can do. Your Excellency, you are generous and kind-hearted, which will be recorded in the annals of family history. Those military palaces are grateful to you for your great kindness and virtue,.

And they will also praise your good name from generation to generation. Help! Chief, please pardon all the officers of the Central Army. The Chief General has issued an order to pardon Xiu, an officer of the Central Army. Xiu, Xiu. How are you?.

Xiu. Xiu. Why didn't you wait for me? Chief Xiu did sign the pardon. But if you really let these people go, will he hold a grudge against you? I'm doing this for your own good. I know the chief. He's suspicious. There's no room for sand in his eyes. The officers of the Central Army are following the rebel Lei Xun.

Into chaos. Why? We've been in the lobby and haven't gone anywhere. Lord Suzy, the lives of 100 officers of the Central Committee are in your hands. Xiu, Why? Why? Because I'm your brother. Axiu, who is that old fox from Ichikawa Ginseng? Do I need to say it again?.

We killed Yang Ming Hua today. But have you ever thought about cooking a rabbit to death? Xiu, we can't go back. If today's words get to the chief, we will die for sure. Where are you going? -Go home. -I want to go home.

My son, my son. = Episode 10 = (Fallen Star) Clean it up. Later, the family is coming to enjoy the water. What are you talking about? I need someone here. Give me another bucket of water. Come here.

Sorry I'm late. Dilin, I'll kill you. Lord Luo Minghai, calm down. I'm very sorry for the tragedy in your mansion last night. I'm just following orders. I didn't know Lord Luo Minghai was working for Chief, you mad dog. I want you to pay for it. Minghai, I know you're having a hard time,.

But the priority is to deal with the current problem. I'll give you an explanation about what happened last night. Lord Luo Minghai, please sit down. Now that the rebels have been eliminated, they should be rewarded for their merits. Luo Minghai, the former chief of staff, has made great contributions in eliminating the rebel Yang Minghua. He was appointed as the president of the family. Mr. Xie grew up, the former Red Flag Emperor Lin led the Far East Army to make outstanding achievements,.

The Chief of Guard was promoted to commander, taking over the position of Inspector General. You always grow up. Dilin will live up to Chief's expectations, the former border guards led Minghui, Over the years, he has made outstanding contributions in guarding the frontier, and he was specially transferred as the commander of the Black Flag Army. I hope we can continue to fight for our family, Commander Fang Jin is brave and good at fighting and training,.

Some new recruits will be added to the border guards in the near future. Therefore, Fang Jin, the former commander of the Black Flag Army, was transferred as the commander of the border guards. I hope Commander Fang Jin can train the new frontier defense army into an elite army. Yes, Your Majesty. The former deputy head of the Guards, Sterling, was brave in this counter-insurgency, He was loyal to the family, and appointed him as the commander of the Central Army temporarily. He is responsible for the reorganization of the Central Army.

Mr. Xie, the former commander of the Imperial Guards, Mr. Pigu, I'm an old man, I really can't continue to be the commander of the guard. Please allow me to go home and support my life. You must have worked hard all these years. Go back and hug your grandson and enjoy your family happiness. Mr. Xie, there is no suitable candidate for the commander of the Imperial Guards. Let me take charge of it first.

Other officers below the command level who have made contributions to the family, In the past two days, in accordance with the Chief Executive's order, the Administration Department will issue awards and transfer orders one after another. (Dilin Office of Shangdu Supervision Office) Brother, why didn't you get Xiu's award today? (I dare to state for you the six crimes of commanding Imperial Forest and being bossy and neglecting His Majesty. ) I know Chief must have his plan. But I just feel that I can't figure it out.

(There is no such thing) You said Chief has his own plan. Don't think too much. There will be a result in the next few days. Well, no matter how the chief arranges it, I'm sure Xiu will understand. What are you going to do with Luo Minghai? What should I do? (There is no such thing).

(Shangduwai Mountain Trail) Stop! Brother. (Tomb of Anning) The officers of the Central Army follow the rebels, -Lei Xun made a scene. -Why? It's a heinous crime. We've been in the lobby and haven't gone anywhere. -Lord Kitagawa Soo. -You must be mistaken. -The lives.

Of 300 officers of the Central Army are in your hands. -I… We didn't do anything. I know you're upset. I'm here. I don't know which one do you usually like to drink first? (Tomb of Anning), (Tomb of Anning) If you don't like it, just tell me in your dream. The wine doesn't taste right. How can you be fooled even if you buy a drink? (Tomb of Anning).

Actually, you can't blame me. (Tomb of Anning) (Tomb of Anning) Who knows that in order to stabilize the political power, You can treat human life like dirt? After all, I was too naive. I betrayed your trust. When I meet my brothers in the yellow springs. At that time, I listened to your brothers drinking when I wanted to fight or kill.

Princess Cardin, where are Xiu and the others? Your Excellency Zi Chuan Xiu and Ning went out of town. Oh, I see. Excuse me. Princess Cardin, please stay. You said you liked the capital before, Yes. I happen to have time,.

If you like, I … I can show you around. If I go out with you, won't I bring trouble to you? No, no, I promise. Yes. Please. This is the busiest street in Shangdu, and it hasn't fully recovered yet.

This is the most famous wishing spring in Shangdu. People believe that the spring here can pass on their wishes to the gods. Is it very efficacious? You can have a try. What wish do you have? Me It's a secret. Do you need my help?.

Okay. I threw it in. Let's go get something to eat. Yes. Please. Mrs. Sterling, long time no see, Oh, hahaha, I haven't seen you for a while and you've found such a beautiful girlfriend.

Ah, No, it's not, Miss, Come on. What do you want to eat? I'll get it for you. Yes. Sterling carved this when he was an apprentice here. He likes carving these gadgets the most. The carving is a bit rough, I think it's very nice and lovely.

If you like it, I'll carve a better one for you Try it It's more delicious than I thought. If you want, I can come and eat cakes with you often. It's against the rules to come out without permission today. That's easy. Sterling used to say that he wanted to open a bakery, and find a beautiful proprietress. Let him cook for you later. Madam.

Oh, I'm not going to be your wife of shop-owner. All right. Enjoy your meal. I didn't expect that the dream of the leader of the Zichuan family when he was young was to open a bakery. My family has been in the army for generations and has been strict with me since I was a child, when I was young and rebellious and didn't want to be a soldier, I thought I could do anything as long as I wasn't a soldier. Then I came to work as an apprentice for the landlady by chance.

After a while, I found that I really like making bread. As a man, I only want to open a bakery. You don't think it's strange, do you? It's nice not to be able to do what you like. Are you kidding me? This is obviously a demotion. -Chief. -Roger. The Deputy Commander of Reserve is obviously an idle position. You've been appointed?.

As expected, you can have a chat. Ning, let them talk alone. About Xiu's appointment, I know you have a grudge in your heart In fact, compared with those who died, Chief, at least where is my life? Who else do you dare to blame? In order to compete for political power, 275 officials were slaughtered all over the gate,.

And all officers above the flag of the Central Army were killed. They didn't even leave the house that night, and those innocent civilians who died at the hands of the Far East Army Second Brother, who do you think I dare to blame? Anyway, at least we won Yang Minghua is dead, and the family's surname is still Zichuan, Xiu, look ahead. Yes, you can see farther than I can. Don't say such angry words,.

You also know that big brother's army, Hey, He has been using high-pressure and harsh means to rule the army, and if he didn't let the soldiers vent their anger, he would have mutiny. Such an army is a double-edged sword. Indeed, his army is the army with the highest morale, the strongest fighting capacity and the highest loyalty in the family. But the cost of building such an army is too high. It's too high to bear.

Let's not talk about this. Xiu, you must be more careful when you go to Southwest China in a few days. Don't worry. I'm just a reserve. You can't go to the battlefield. What happened? Brother, Lord Yingxing, die of war.

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