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The light the light the light Wafer wraps around my fingertips Collect with bare hands all my love Free shuttle to vast sea of ​​​stars.

Galaxy top stand on the giant ship meet the future dazzling piece by piece open unknown point The sword of courage breaks new horizons dream.

Bring reality in born ordinary just try to break the ordinary For those doubts and cold eyes turn a blind eye time will tell that I exist This is a capable person this is us.

A new era Li Yao You steal our business over and over again You really think I, fat dragon, a vegetarian? See if I don't chop you up today Brother Fat dragon This is a Xiaolong 17 crystal brain refined by Qinglongmen that I just found The most advanced model.

Can calculate more than 5,000 thoughts per second Although it burned out I predict It can also be sold for three or four thousand yuan. I give it to you Big Brother Fat Dragon If wasn't for the entrance exam i need for money to develop spiritual roots i won't come to fight with Big Brother Fat dragon? That's it.

It's all clear what do you think? okay Vulture Li Yao you such a smart guy No wonder you are the only one in this City who can get into Chixiao No. 2 High School but you remember that If you can be admitted to the nine joint schools.

It's also my fat dragon's credit let's go Stupid fat guy you got a good deal but I have a better one put it down don't think about that thing who wants it.

Old brat watch this haha ​​I lost more than two thousand in a card game I am worried about how to tell my wife now money is coming! News today Peng Hai, star of hope from the federation, was invited to Fuge City Peng Hai is the biggest legend in the hundreds of years.

Since the founding of Chixiao No. 2 Middle School interesting things restored by you kid Better quality than original Sure enough, you inherited your father's craftsmanship. work hard Don't waste your talent in this area sure old man.

Give me a price. this again Why is federal dumping of quantum device garbage so frequent t these days? at this rate I'll soon be able to scrape enough money to buy a booster pot. The remaining five hundred will be given to Grandma Wang I can't bear to see you kneeling on the washboard with your old bones bye.

Wait little brat old wang You are not trying to regret it, are you? I tell you the truth I won't give an extra penny do I care about your little bits and pieces? your father is gone don't live up to his expectations of you It's about to take the entrance exam.

Put more focus on study Don't run to grab the garbage boat from Fat Dragon and the others I know You need money to develop spiritual roots If it's not enough If it's not enough I have a little more here private money Hey.

Grandpa Wang, how dare you hide your private money? Don't be afraid that Grandma Wang will know. Don't worry To be a refiner like Dad always been my biggest dream you know I am Vulture Li Yao there's nothing i can't fix well.

I am leaving You should hide the money safely hey-hey brat How can it be so easy to become a refiner? first, to be admitted to the Joint School of Nine Universities The system detected abnormal energy fluctuations There is a problem with the exam system check it out.

OK Mid-level test pass Whether to enable advanced test questions Results broadcast in real time Results broadcast in real time Li Yang Fighting Technique 230 points Zhang Haoge Fighting Technique 180 points.

Li Guangyu Fighting Technique 33 points tubin what the 2 be opened inside of the bin the energy has reached a critical value The person in it is in danger quick, notify the examination room Manually open the second warehouse got it live scene.

Manually open the second warehouse I messed up again this mock eaxmOur ordinary class was wiped out again who said not how can we compare with the geniuses in the key class? there seems to be another Li Yao Fighting Technique 530 points Ranked second.

Fighting Technique 530 points Fighting Technique 530 points he comes out It's his points 530 Fighting Technique that's go and see good job Li Yao Are you going to challenge the difficulty of the key class again? hush.

Ah bah bah bah bah You're the pride of our or dinary classes this time. you won the second place Where do you put the faces of those people in the key class? Sure, I did Have you heard of Vulture Li Yao? Dude grew up in a garbage dump ok ok ok Don't be so proud.

Dear students, please pay attention The comprehensive results of the mock exam of the nine joint schools have been released Multiply the degree of spiritual root development and fighting performance The top three students are He Lianlie scored 416 points Allen Lie is the first again won three consecutive championships Another breakthrough in spiritual root development.

Another breakthrough in spiritual root development now 75% Oh my God Si Jiaxue is also amazing Lingen Development Capital 71% ranked second As expected of a rich guy Resignate to there is no.

We are in the ordinary class How can we compare with the key class? do you agree with me How can we have that resource right hey Li Yao talk about it next time wait for me Don't take it to o seriously.

You've done a good job I must increase the development of the spiritual root to 60% Otherwise, those guys in the key class can easily surpass me with just around 300 points on the test. Not to mention the Nine Universities Joint Schools I want to get a 25% increase okay spend money All kinds of natural and earth treasure strengthening potions can be drunk as water.

Living in the special training meditation hall as your home Spending tens of thousands of dollars per month it must have some effect, right ? At least a 1% increase or you just wait for the pie to fall from the sky quick quick to move out of the way Guys in the key class quick to move out of the way.

What are you thinking about your spirit root is so low but don't make way for them Beware of being knocked into the air walk around students pay attention morning meeting in ten minutes Please gather at the playground quickly students pay attention morning meeting in ten minutes.

Please hurry to the playground to collect today You brat, don't you just look at Si Jiaxue? She is the goddess of our school Her family and the Helian family are family friends It is said that the two families intend to marry Helian Lie is also bound to win her don' t be envious What do I have to envy? hedonistic son of rich parents.

Classmates There are still one hundred days until the entrance exam in order to improve your capability In the afternoon, we went to the underground city to fight monsters are you going noWe organized a special two-month training course Make sure you do well on the exams Xue.

I made a decision For the glory of our school! Go to the same university as you Say it later this time We specially invited the genius who graduated from our school star of hope from the federation Peng Hai.

Wow Peng hai Look Gentoo Battle Shuttle Federation's most advanced armed shuttle Peng Hai Peng Hai Peng Hai Peng Hai Demon Sword Peng Hai The freak whose spiritual root was developed to 100% at the age of 12 Peng Hai Peng Hai.

Glad to meet you! This time, we invite Peng Hai, the demon sword, to come back and organize special training Our Chixiao No. 2 Middle School will definitely be able to reverse the decline and create another glory I try my best If I were as popular as Peng Hai Peng Hai Peng Hai.

Peng Hai Peng Hai It seems that you all want to be capable a sharp blade for humans to fight against alien beasts but do you know how to become capable work hard develop the spirit root be admitted to the nine joints school if it was that easy.

Why are human beings afraid of the threat of the orcs? those who do not understand the meaning of the capable Even if the spiritual root is developed to 100% It's adding a capable piece of crap to the world next month I'm going to train you like hell. During this period hope you can understand What is a truly capable.

Excellent speech Wow Very good Peng Hai gave us special training oops Thank you Peng Hai for taking the time to guide everyone We can do well this time the time is limited this time We only limit students whose spiritual roots have developed more than 60%.

Students in key class sign up from tomorrow gone away nothing to do with us Should have thought of that Such a good thing is only eligible for the key classes Smashing money to 60% How much money does i t take poor guys in our ordinary class.

Have no chance I go first Oh I Guangling 7th Type Antique from more than a hundred years ago This is a relic from my grandma It is very important to me it couldn't boot properly many years ago I hope classmate Li Yao can fix it.

I'll take a look first In the history of crystal brain development Guangling VII is a masterpiece of tubular crystal brain simply a work of art There must be something wrong with the heatsink . crystal brain to increase abnormally during operation I modified the operating power but still unstable.

It shouldn't last long Make a price Heat sink scrapping is a very common failure The point is that this type of heatsink is too rare It can be said to be priceless but well I happen to have a few heatsinks in my stash that match These are very precious antique heat sinks no nonsense.

Make a price Dismantling fee inspection fees Maintenance fees The cost of fees Assembly feeplus my cost Give you a 5% discount Count ninety-eight thousand five hundred yuan go cash or transfer.

Spirit root suppression Do you want to suppress the price by force? I have money but It doesn't mean I'm willing to let others slaughter me like a fat sheep That's right The price is a little high but I can promise Except for me.

You'd be hard-pressed to find another person who can fix it spirit root has such a strong suppressive force this time tomorrow I want to see a brand new crystal brain no problem One day I will also have this kind of spiritual root development This deal is worth 100,000 Add 9,000 of the old brat.

It should be enough to go to Creepy Market Hey, the ordinary Helian Lie are you called Li Yao, right? Now is the time to sprint for the entrance exam during this time I don't want some dubious trash to harass Xue distract her.

Understand? you said I'am garbage don't misunderstand i didn't mean to target you as for me You guys in ordinary class everyone counts all rubbish go back to your dump.

Resign yourself to fate we are the ordinary class students in the key class sign up from tomorrow go back to your dump Helian Lie one day I will become a real master of refining put you in the trash can What.

Is he doing in such a dangerous place? r Get out of the way! Danger Hurry up and get out of the way! get out of the way! it's very dangerous get away Leap into the starry sky.

Leap into the starry sky awakened veins awakened veins awakened veins cloud surge cloud surge cloud surge look dog-tooth whenever feel hopeless.

Whenever feel hopeless deep in the soul sing deep in the soul sing how sinister is fate I'm as strong as I am cleave the stormy sea fire in my heart the other side of the galaxy is my final.

Direction outside the universe mountains and seas open the lightning ripskyline Illusion a light that illuminates dreams beyond the galaxy I dominate How crazy is the dream.

Never back down I'm different from you this is your spiritual world also your memory world You are It's not your turn to point fingers

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