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The new information has come in Judging by the new Intel released by the authorities After Xiao Yan led his men back to the Gamal Empire and destroyed the Cloud clan masters who besieged House Mitel The big beauty snow charm again appeared Xiao Yan will once again stage a hero to save the United States It's a good thing Medusa wasn't there Or something could happen So much to say, let's take a look One, the snow charm is back.

For the snow charm, many people may have almost forgotten Because this beautiful woman has played so little part in the battle to break the sky You can even say very little Xiao Yan met once when he participated in the pharmacist competition Then Xiao Yan said goodbye to Snow Charm This farewell, we can now meet again The beautiful shadow wore a white dress A long hair is as cold as snow This vaguely familiar figure.

It reminded Xiao Yan of his experience in the Empire three years ago A disciple of the Falkland Chapter master I met in Black Rock City Snow charm According to the official information Xiao Yan returned to the Gamal Empire this time Once you've destroyed the Miertel family, you've destroyed the Miertel family We must unite forces to attack Yunlanzong together The first thing Xiao Yan wants to unite with is the Pharmacists' Association Because the president of the Association of Pharmacists is Fama.

He is a real fighting level of the strong Xiao Yan needs his help very much But right after Xiao Yan left for the Pharmacists Guild Haven't seen Fama yet First I saw an old man on the trading floor This deceased is Snow charm Disciple of Frank the chemist Snow charm looks like she's in trouble Being heckled by a middle-aged man.

Old man in trouble, Xiao Yan nature can not ignore So I made a special appearance for the snow After Xiao Yan from snow charm and this middle-aged man's dialogue to know the truth It turned out that the middle-aged man's name was Oba He was a disciple of an elder Fu Yan He's had a crush on snow, and he's been chasing it ever since You might even say you're obsessed Snow charm had despised him Wait until snow charm becomes a pharmacist.

It is not as good as their own also covet their own beauty So I said no to Oba After being rejected several times Finally, Mr. Obama grew impatient So out of hatred, everywhere looking for snow charm trouble The main one is not to let the snow charm Now Snow charm in the trading area to see a cold fire snake scale fruit I could have bought it for 20,000 ducats But in order not to let the snow charm.

Obama insisted on raising the price 50,000 gold coins to buy the vendor's ice fire snake scale fruit Of course, the stall owner is not stupid Sell to Oba to make money Although snow charm is very angry, but there is no way Took a deep breath Looking at Obana's increasingly disgusted and complacent face Snow charm gnawing silver teeth, this situation She can only give up this “ice fire snake scale fruit”.

A cold stare at Oba Snow charm will want to turn and leave, and when it turns A burst of laughter came from the crowd: “One hundred thousand gold coins to buy this” ice fire snake scale fruit.” ” Laughter came out, and the crowd was shocked He quickly turned his eyes I saw a young man in a black robe holding a little girl with purple hair Some could not resist casting a pitying glance at him Is this guy new here?.

How dare you take down Oba? This laughter also made snow charm turn her head to look at the black-robed youth The vaguely familiar face made her do a double take A few moments later… At last she remembered the young man who had made a great impression on her “You… You weren't… He looked at the black-robed youth in surprise Snow charm exclaimed.

Words can come to the mouth with a glance around the onlookers He swallowed it quickly Walk out of the crowd with a smile Xiao Yan looked up and down at snow charm He smiled and said, “How is Master Falkland? ” “The teacher is OK… Snow charm nodded, and immediately pulled Xiao Yan's sleeve robe Whispered, “You left the Gamal Empire, didn't you?.

Let's go. Don't offend this guy… “For the sake of seclusion So for the last two days what has become the biggest story in the Gamal Empire Snow charm does not know, she only knows Xiao Yan is Yunlan Zong's wanted target Once the Yunlanzong people find out It's bound to be bad “Well, why? You want to be a hero?.

In Xiao Yan's first sentence Then Oba's face gradually darkened He gave a laugh Immediately grasping the “ice fire snake scale fruit” in his hand, He sneered, “This young master has already bought it You can go fuck yourself wherever you want I advise you to mind your own business Otherwise, you can get into the capital, but you can't get out… “.

Look at that arrogant and bossy face Xiao Yan smiled faintly Too lazy to talk nonsense Raise your palm toward Oba Then there was a sudden surge of suction The “ice and fire snake scale fruit” in his hands forced to suck “Son of a bitch, want to die! ” See Xiao Yan suddenly shot.

Then Oba suddenly lost his face One angry drink, a wave of the palm A dozen men beside him are like hungry tigers to Xiao Yan pounced Second, Xiao Yan heroically saves the United States again Snow charm has no way, oneself can not solve this matter This time it was Xiao Yan's turn to play Xiao Yan came up to a strong hero to save the United States To teach Oba the bully to Snow charm Snow charm see Xiao Yan, very happy.

But then know Xiao Yan has been Yunlan Zong wanted He showed up here I'm afraid one of Yunlanzong's men will come and arrest him soon But who is Xiao Yan? How could he be afraid? Besides, this time he came back to seek revenge from Yunlan Zong The Yunlanzong people just don't look for him You go looking for him and you'll never get back But snow charm know Xiao Yan This Oba did not recognize Xiao Yan for a moment.

Counter-threat Xiao Yan mind your own business And that the trading floor is supposed to go to the highest bidder The one who pays the highest price keeps everything But Obama is right about that But Xiao Yan did not like his face I just hit him. I just waved my shirt The wind blew out in a rush And then it hit a dozen people in the chest Strong power.

You just hit them upside down and fly them out It ended up crashing out of the crowd With a howl and confusion In a series of stunned stares on the trading floor Naoba flew backwards like a blow The blood gushed out unbearably Finally, it reaches ten meters above the ground before gradually stopping See Xiao Yan random palm is to defeat Oba Some people around the heart also flashed a surprise.

I mean, this Oba is a terrible guy How can it be said that it is also a strong person who is about to enter the big fight division In the hands of a young man in a black robe Can't even get out of a round Although the damage is not serious But he got a black eye Then Fu Yan, Aoba's teacher, arrived at the news Meet without asking right or wrong First, I have to beat Xiao Yan to vent my anger for my disciples.

But this time Xiao Yan is not anxious Because he found Fama, the head of the Pharmacists Guild, hiding around Call Fama and settle the matter immediately Fama was broken by Xiao Yan and could no longer hide Can only come out to meet Xiao Yan Finally promised will give Xiao Yan an account And that's the end of it Three, it's a good thing Medusa wasn't there Finally, Medusa.

Xiao Yan saved the beauty this time It's a good thing Medusa wasn't there Why do you say that? Because Medusa had already eaten vinegar once before See Xiao Yan and elegant concubine behavior closely together I feel bad about it If I were here now, I'd be jealous again After all, Xiao Yan for the snow charm With Medusa not present, the trouble was avoided.

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