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These pillars are not entities , you can step into them , so that you can be teleported to the corresponding universe, Fu Bo , you just said that as long as you enter , you can reach the corresponding universe, right? Why do.

You want to enter Zixuan, the place where I lived since I was a child, although I am now I have the strength to tear apart space , but it is not enough to create a passage that allows me to enter the mortal world. Fortunately, Senior Chehou.

Has already refined this space passage. I understand that you can go there as long as you remember to come back. Don't worry, the path from this universe to and from the Transit Palace is actually a black hole , but the gravitational force.

Is not that great . It seems that Zhou Xian's original hand palace is not too powerful . The ancestors of the Dragon Empire, Xi Empire , and Chen Empire's emperors in the past are no match for what we have today. This is the founding emperor of the Yin Empire, Li Shi, who fought for half his life.

, except for the prehistoric and other human forbidden areas that were entrenched by the monster race. After all , he finally unified all areas of the Qianlong Continent. It’s amazing! The Qianlong Continent has also experienced dynasty changes again and again. Sure enough, no dynasty.

Can be permanently brilliant. It is said that the founding of the country for more than two hundred years is a prosperous and prosperous world. Those who come here are highly respected by cultivators. Wow ! It's safe, I dare to say that the Yin Empire is the second, no one dares to recognize the first.

, this is very good, come to see the old man, it is very good, big brother, second brother, father , emperor , I don't know what is going on with the Qin family, the master can't think of seeing you again , Xiaomo , I haven't seen you.

For many years, now I am Qin Where are your sons and daughters? Master, fortunately you are back. The Qin family is in trouble now. Second brother Xiaoyu is abominable. Those young people in Peng Demon Island dare to disobey Lian Chong's will and covet me for the top-grade.

Fairy artifact that stayed in the Qin family before I ascended. The master blames my strength. No need to blame yourself for not being able to protect the Qin family , Xiaomo , you have done a good job, yes, they are too powerful, and Mo Qilin is too alone to support me. I have already summoned elite disciples from all branches.

To gather in Yanjing City to fight against him, brother , you made it In such a big battle, there must be more people coveting the fairy artifact than the Peng Demon Island family , right? There is also a 12-kalpa loose demon from Honghuang who is extremely powerful.

They teamed up to threaten and force my Qin family to hand over the fairy artifact. Second brother , now I am back. We must not let them do whatever they want. Second brother , father emperor and elder brother.

, they all ascended to the fairy world, do you know how to find out where they ascended ? Ascension place and our good relationship with Ziyangmen may help. When did the second brother Ziyangmen and the Qin family.

Get along so well ? In fact , the two sides have been in contact for a long time. As early as when the father and elder brother were still there, Ziyangmen relied on some opportunities. Befriend my Qin family, as the number one cultivating sect in Tenglong mainland, he even provided some help when the emperor and elder brother ascended.

In fact, if you don’t come back this time, Ziyangmen also expressed your intention to help us fight Yu , the man from Pengmo Island. After the death of the emperor, the Ziyang Gate seems to have come under the jurisdiction of Emperor Xuan. It is impossible for them to have no contact with the upper world , but.

They took the initiative to show favor to my Qin family . A trip to Ziyangmen , they treated me so kindly, the Qin family should be face-to-face anyway, thank you , I ask you one thing, you just need to answer it,.

I ask you, which planet will I be a Zixuan star master at the Dacheng stage after ascension, the sect formation is intact How did this person come in? Senior , I, a cultivator of Zixuan Star, once ascended, will be on Yuyang Star in the Liuquan galaxy in the fairy world.

You said it is the Liuquan galaxy. The Liuquan galaxy is exactly the Liuquan galaxy. Emperor Guixuan takes care of that, as expected,.

You just pretend I haven’t been here and continue to practice, right ? It’s a senior. The second elder brother stays in the Prime Minister’s Qin family in the lower realm. He also has a heavy responsibility.

. Being a spirit beast should be enough to protect yourself , but in the future you will eventually ascend to the sky, and those two spirit beasts will also grow old, so I plan to leave something to our Qin family. This sword fairy puppet was given to me by Uncle Lan, which is equivalent to a low-grade heavenly artifact sword fairy Puppet,.

Um, Brother Yun , there are 150 top-quality spirit stones in this interspatial ring , and there is also a jade slip. You can know the relevant information about the sword fairy puppet from it . This sword fairy puppet has the sword fairy puppet in the Qin family.

In the mortal world. It is simply invincible, second brother , the existence of this sword fairy puppet is only known to the elders of the past generations, don't spread it, otherwise my children of the Qin family will lose my original intention after one by one, don't.

Worry, Xiaoyu , your second brother, I used to be For decades, the emperor has known what to do. This sword fairy puppet will never use it until my Qin family is in danger. The second brother.

, the Qin family, has descendants who practice my star-changing kung fu. However, there is only one person who can get a glimpse of the secrets of the exercises. Pass it on to Qin Shitian to meet the Second Supreme Elder. Meet the Third Supreme Elder.

. Meet the Third Supreme Elder . What is the name of the Master? Xingchenchang's exercises are extensive, profound , and profound. I will leave you with.

The imprint of the exercises before ascension to guide you to practice hard in the future. Thank you, Master. That person Xiaoyu actually appeared in the world and found the Ziyangmen.

You just need to continue to take care of his family. You don’t need to worry about the rest. It’s Uncle Fu . I have one thing I want to ask you to help me, but it’s okay, I want you to reform Qingyu Immortal Mansion Immortal Mansion.

I am worried that my family will be attacked by some people after I ascended to the God Realm, so I want to set up defensive restrictions on the Immortal Mansion to protect them. Although I am not proficient in this Tao, after all, I have followed the master for many years and arranged a few casually. Those who can't break through.

The world of immortals, demons, and demons are of course Lao Fubo. There are both illusion restrictions, defense restrictions , and attack restrictions. Looking at the world of immortals, demons and demons, even if a ninth-level immortal emperor comes, he can't do anything. People in the fairy mansion thank you,.

Fu Bo My worries will be much less, so I will give it to my father. Since I am going to become the master of the Misty Temple, I can't let them continue to block the gate. Anyone who comes, leave quickly and leave here according to the orders of the leaders of the three worlds of immortals, demons and demons.

Use the eight lock formations to jointly seal them up. Those who make intrusions will punish you. Sealing this place is nothing more than fearing that people will enter the temple. If I have already entered the temple and come out, you still want to intercept me, but you will forcefully break into us, seventy-two.

Madmen . Even if the Dragon Emperor is in person, the formation jointly set up by the masters of the emperor level will definitely not be able to break it. No matter who you are, you are not allowed to pass here. After listening, the name of this spear is Can Xue.

Today I will use this formation to sacrifice the spear. The sixth-level devil emperor has been around for many years, the shot just now made me understand in an instant,.

This junior is already confident that he will reach the ninth-level devil emperor realm within a hundred years . I'm not someone from the God Realm, Qin Yu doesn't like the unblocking you arranged. If I see the entrance is blocked again , it's not as simple.

As spitting blood. Brother Feng, it is widely rumored that the one who is extremely powerful and even beat Emperor Yuxuan is also called Qin Yu. Do you think.

It is Xiaoyu Brother Qin ? The strength of the ninth-level immortal emperor. The outside world said that Qin Yu became famous three thousand years ago. At that time , it was only a few hundred years before Xiaoyu ascended. How could he have such strength?.

Take a step back and say that Xiaoyu really killed Emperor Yu. Why did Yan Zong treat us so well ? But thenagain, Brother Feng Xiandi's kindness to our Qin family is too much. What made the father so worried.

? Father, Uncle Feng, Xiaoyu , you never imagined that the roots were not good at the time. Xiaoyu has now become the king of Qin Yu's father who is worshiped by eight people in the world of immortals, demons, and uncle Feng . You just said that after the ascension,.

Emperor Xuan took care of the Qin family more than just caring for me . Xuandi's people rescued other than this, as long as the Taoist couples who get married in the fairy world are all Xuandi's disciples, juniors.

, I was just a little strange. Now that I know Xiaoyu, you have such a big enmity with her, I can confirm Xuandi Is she planning to use us to threaten you ? I am planning to use us to threaten you. I just haven’t done it yet. It seems that I am still waiting for the best time.

Father, Uncle Wang Feng, no matter what her plan is, the premise is that she can control you. This Yuyang star belongs to Emperor Xuan. It is better for us to leave the site. To the west of this place, there is a flaming sun star, which is controlled by my old friend Jun Luoyu. It will be safer to go there.

, but the Daoism of my Qin clan all comes from the sect of Emperor Xuan, and your Daoist companion of Uncle Feng also It’s Emperor Xuan’s person, since he’s a family member, it’s okay to bring it with me. I’ll see what Emperor Xuan can do. Thank you brother Luo Yu for helping me take care of my family.

Why do you need to say thank you ? Besides , the main thing is to rely on your own fairy house to protect the clansmen. I just promised you to let them stay here, that's all. I'm constantly troubled. Looking at the entire world of immortals, demons, and demons, only you are willing to agree. I didn't expect that your strength has reached such a level.

In more than three thousand years. Your strength has reached such a level . Known as a genius immortal emperor, he is far inferior to you until now. Brother Luo Yu, you have already reached the eighth-level immortal emperor. You and I are almost the same. Do you know what the first thing I did after I became an eighth-level immortal emperor ?.

How could I? I don’t know, with your heart, you naturally went to the devil world, you go to find the blood clothes right away, you go to find the blood clothes right away, it’s really quick to get revenge, congratulations Brother Luo Yu, the knots in my heart for many years have finally been untied, that Yan’er.

Has finally been untied Well, you and her, she's going to leave for a while, where to go is of course going home Brother Qin Yu, don't talk about my strength in front of Brother Luo Yu Yan'er Long time no see Brother Qin Yu Long time no see.

I wanted to find you before I left Look for my elder brother Luo Yu , I will look for you later, then you guys talk first , never would you have thought that you are a dignified superior god, you have kept me and Luo Yu from hiding it, you can see my strength at a glance now, I have improved a lot,.

Don't worry, I won't Tell him, let him, this silly boy, guess for himself, tell me, come to me if there is anything, I am here this time to say goodbye to everyone, grandma asked me to return to God Realm with her, and I don’t know when I will be back, so I want to tell you that.

It is actually a gift Lanshu from the Jiang Lan world is my uncle and Jiang Li is my sister. I should have guessed that you and Li'er are so similar. Fortunately, you haven't forgotten her . you.

Li'er how is she? It's not good . There was a shocking battle in the God Realm many years ago . The strange thing is that since then, there have been many, many people who pursued her sister. Among them, the weakest person is the lower god, and.

Zhou Xian is also among them . But don't be discouraged. Uncle Lan gave you the first spiritual treasure Jiang Lanjie in his hand. Naturally, he values ​​you very much , but I have to remind you not to use Jiang Lanjie when you are crossing the gods.

Why is this? You don’t need to ask too much , just remember that the God Realm is not as simple as you think, it involves the operation of the universe and involves countless cosmic spaces, so if you don’t want to ascend and be targeted by others, then don’t use Jiang Lan Realm,.

This is your trump card Hidden, thank you grandma for your advice , and don’t go to my sister recklessly. When you are strong enough, you will naturally have a chance to meet your future brother-in- law. You have to work hard.

Not to disappoint my sister. Well , I thought I would survive the catastrophe with the treasures in my hands. Naturally, Wuyu thinks about God’s Tribulation too simply now , so I’m going to retreat to improve my strength.

And try to ascend to the God Realm as soon as possible Well, I ’ve finally arrived at the origin, mid-term God’s Tribulation will come in 108 years , it’s earlier than I imagined It’s only been three thousand days and you’ve woken up. I’ve sensed that, Brother Shenjie, we both reached the ninth level of the Demon Emperor.

During your retreat and both felt the Divine Tribulation. So the time is not as good as the three of us crossing the gods together. Jie Na is naturally a good person , but before crossing the God Tribulation, I need to go to the Peng Demon Emperor to avenge my parents with my own hands , but the Peng Demon Emperor tried his best to escape,.

But I couldn't force him to fight me to the death. You can rest assured that the Peng Demon Emperor does not matter. Zongyan, who will fight you head-on no matter what , where did you run away from Heiyu? When did you reach the ninth level demon emperor Heiyu? When.

Did you reach the ninth level? I want to see what you can do with me if you are far away . What’s the matter? Peng Demon Emperor.

I comprehend the law of space. Aren’t you fast ? If you have a chance to live , kill it and kill it. You can humiliate me. Just kill you. But your opponent is not me. Now, as long as you and my third brother.

Fight in a dignified manner , if you win, I won’t be embarrassing . Sure this is a space artifact Since I gave you a chance to survive, let me choose the place to fight Do you have any opinions? Thank you.

, brother, brother, you let them fight head-on, but you shrink the space so small that the Peng Demon Emperor can't help it The advantage of speed can't be brought into play at all, flexibility is the most important thing in it. I said that.

The Peng Demon Emperor would definitely agree to fight Xiao Hei head-on. You think that only your speed is fast ? My parents were killed by your own hands , so what ? You and I are the only two people who can live today, just because you are not an afterimage, I will send you to see your parents today.

Xiao Hei, this is a fight , if there is no defense of the Black Feather Armor, the Peng Demon Huang has already won Xiaohei has waited for so many years and will never fall at this step. It is you who made me lose my parents. It is you who killed the Bai.

Family . Father, mother, Bai Xin, I have avenged you, this is your burial place , it’s over.

, it’s over, what should I do with this inheritance golden crown, you can just keep it, I don’t like it, it’s because of this thing that ruined my family , so this is your Peng We should return the treasure of family inheritance. Thank you, brother Qin Yu.

I am afraid that no one in the world of immortals, demons and demons can compare with you. I don’t know who the next Jin Xingjun will be in the dark star world. Will his strength be comparable to yours ? I heard the news that the incumbent.

Jin Xingjun is about to cross the catastrophe of the Gods If you don’t want me, please forgive me. I’m not expected to be the King of the Great Ape at all.

I said you are you or me . My God’s Tribulation has sensed that I ’m about to cross the Tribulation . How could the guild be faster than me? I wanted to make the King of the Great Ape I pass it on to you to meditate well to wait for the divine catastrophe. Our three brothers plan to overcome the divine catastrophe together , but I’m afraid we won’t be able to become the great ape king. It’s.

Absolutely impossible. The more people cross the catastrophe, the power of the divine catastrophe will double. The power of God's Tribulation will double and rise. There is no precedent for three people.

To overcome God's Tribulation at the same time . Has it been lifted? Jiang Yan and Grandma Yinhua once warned me not to use Uncle Lan’s treasures to avoid attracting attention when we cross the divine calamity. Now the three of us.

Are going through the divine calamity together. Zhibao has come to cross the catastrophe to be safe and sound. I finally got the news. I thought you were not interested in the position of the monarch. I am not interested in the position of the monarch , but I have some ideas about the treasure of inheritance. How do you know that the catastrophe is approaching ? Otherwise, you would What's the use of the inherited treasure? I'm.

Sure it's good for helping people overcome the catastrophe, but it can't escape your eyes. Jin Xingjun is about to ascend to the throne. The battle for the monarch is just around the corner. Qin Yu just appeared at this time. Why don't you let me not? Don’t worry, the spirit-exploring orb I gave you last time can help you at a critical moment.

When he reveals his flaws, I will also attack him secretly. Jin Xingjun is too strong. This second divine calamity was resolved so easily, that is natural, no one in Jin Xingjun’s history has ever lost his life. Only this third divine calamity is left. The strongest of the triple divine calamity is the last one.

. Is it so easy ? Is the third level very strong? What’s the matter? You succeeded , and you still withstood the inner demons. Did n’t all kinds of illusions affect your mind from the beginning of this divine calamity ? It is the mixed calamity.

That contains the divine thunder and the inner demon fog. As you said, the divine calamity has an illusion effect from the very beginning , but that is just an illusion. But once the inner demon fog in the third level of divine robbery envelops you, you will be There will be a series of demons of all kinds directly attacking your soul , but.

With the help of the inherited spiritual treasure, Lord Jin Xing can ignore the divine thunder and wholeheartedly resist the demons and even actively attack those demons . The reason why Xing Jun can pass the tribulation smoothly is that when I cross the tribulation,.

No matter how powerful the inner demons are , I should take the initiative to attack and eliminate these inner demons. Meteors , you and I will go to see the guardian elders together later. Listening to his order to fight for the monarch, well, the next Jin Xing Jun.

Will be selected among the three of you. Once the new Jin Xing Jun is determined, he will be eligible to fuse the Jin Xing Lingzhu . It is ten times higher , and this is just one of them. The physical strength is increased by dozens of times,.

And the tenacity is also greatly improved . Even the top-grade artifacts are like mud in front of you. The entire world of immortals and demons is over. If I fuse the golden potion and spirit beads, I.

Will definitely be able to open the artifact hall. Elder , I voluntarily withdraw from this battle. Why do I fight for meteors when I have you ? Don’t be soft.

When the time comes If you have time to admit defeat, you have time to fight , so why bother? Fighting is about the body. Even if your soul is cultivated, so what? Your realm is not enough to comprehend the importance of the soul.

Let me make you a move. Whoever wants you makes you not mine at all. Opponent, this orb , you lied to me about the method of burning spirit. Although the method of burning spirit.

Can increase the combat power in a short period of time, once it is used , even if you defeat the enemy, you will burn your life and perish. No doubt, this battle is no longer a duel , but killing demons. Otherwise, this lunatic burns I don't know what I will do before I die. It's a pity that.

The gap in the soul realm is irreparable. Master Meteor, hurry up and bleed to recognize the master. You can rest assured that you will fuse here and no one will disturb your power. At least ten times more , you should be able to open the Artifact Hall . Uncle.

, you are waiting for me to find you coming nearby, so I waited here Qin Yu, why did you come back this time.

After you left the Misty Temple ? I can't get out of the Temple of Mystery , so if there is a new owner, you can open the Hall of Artifacts, Fu Bo,.

Just pull the door up, right ? Naturally, I know , please come with me . When the master was here,.

There were many more treasures in the Artifact Hall than now. But in order to refine the legendary Tianzun Lingbao, he took some rare materials and returned five Hongmeng Lingbao to the furnace. Don’t worry , the master has not forgotten the heir. In this room,.

I keep the three Hongmeng Lingbao left by the master. Where are the three Hongmengling treasures ? Let people find that even in front of you, you can’t detect it. If you look carefully, you.

Should be able to see two grandmist spirit treasures right in front of your eyes. In front of my eyes, the boat is weird. If it is in front of my eyes, it must be the third piece of the stone tower. I can't see it . It must be in the stone house. It is the Feiyuan Shenzhou, which.

Is also an extremely precious auxiliary Hongmeng Lingbao in the God Realm. The stone tower is the Locking Tower, which is also an auxiliary Hongmeng Lingbao. This pair of snow silk gloves is an offensive weapon. There are these three spiritual treasures , as long as you reach the realm of the gods, you will be able to roam the gods.

With my strength, it will take a lot of time to refine these primordial spiritual treasures. These three primordial spiritual treasures will be kept for you first. In the future, refine slowly . After all, only complete refining can exert the strongest power. Let's first go to the Fire Refining Palace.

To see another thing the master left for you. Fu Bo , it looks like a starry sky here, but the space is actually not big. Those stars It seems far away , but it’s just an illusion. Sure enough, you ’re smart . The master’s strength is strong.

, but he hasn’t reached the point of refining a space. The inside of the stone house is the core of the entire Misty Temple, which is made of nine purple source fire beads. You need to refine the fire-refining bracelet as soon as possible. The fire-refining bracelet means that you have truly mastered the Temple of Mystery.

By the way, Fu Bo, what are those scrolls? Those scrolls are the formations recorded by the master. The nine hundred volumes are the formations recorded by the master. The things in the Nine Hundred Volumes of the Dao are the most fundamental skills of a master craftsman, and also.

The formations that you must master. Do you have to master these methods to refine a craft ? It is the comprehension of the prohibition of formations. Any master of refining is a master of formations. How long does it take to comprehend these ?.

It takes tens of thousands of years to comprehend , and some people are very slow. There are billions of years and no achievements.

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