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Hello, everyone! This is Ani-One Let's Play! I'm your editor, Beibei. Look at my hat. Today, we're at the Digimon Pop Up Store. This pop-up store is locatedon the ninth floor of the Shin KongMitsukoshi Taipei Nanxi Store III and will be herefrom 10 August to 18 September. As the chosen one,.

I'm here to show you the pop-up store. Without further do, let's head into the world of Digimon! Before you enter the store, you'll see an LED light corridor. Gives you the feelingthat you're about to enter Digital World. On the walls are our old friends. Can you name all of them?.

-Yes, I'm sure.-Really? I'm confident. Everyone knows this one. Agumon. Freebie. Gomamon. Obvious. Tentomon. Tailmon.

This is my favorite. Patamon. I love this one too because I like birds. You like birds? Yes, this is Biyomon. Huh? Palmon. Garu….

Gabu! Gabu! Sorry. Its evolution is Garuru. You're good. It was probably during elementary… Before I even graduated. Everyone wanted one of these. We all wanted to do this. The evolution device. Then, into the store we go.

I just saw this. It's so cute. It's super cute. It's like a picture book. Drink holder. Oh, so cool! It's an old anime. A long time ago. So the art isn't that detailed. Now that I get to see art of them again,.

They're so cool. This is them when they're babies. SUPER CUTE~~ Finally, baby Digimon merch. The patterns inside are all symbols and markingsthat represent the Digimon. This thing. I'm sure everyone who's watched the animeknows what this is. This is an iconic scene.

“RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOU CRIED”Someone's hat flew off. This is from the last episode when they left Digital World. This is the train they took. This is a tissue cover. “EXCITED PRODUCER”Cute! It's for tissue boxes. The tissue you get at petrol stations. Yes.

This is neat. A whole Patamon. But it feels weird if you don't stuff it with something. Like a plush toy. This is not your ordinary plush toy. It's.

A hand puppet. Taichi! Taichi! Lets you experience what it's liketo have Agumon by your side. Gabu's paw. I never paid attentionto what Gabu's paw looked like. There's a band at the back. I think you can put your hand through it and use it as a pillow.

Yay! On my back is the leather backpack. -Check this out.-Nice texture. Yes. Quality. Agumon. There's a metal badge design.

Most importantly, there are little footprints on the corner. Look at this. There are lots of layers and dividers inside the bag. Pockets on both sides for water bottles and umbrellas. The CP value is quite high. Besides the camp theme mugs,.

They also have these other designs. Feels like this is a set. Yamato and Taichi's Digimons. These mugs change colors according to the temperature. I see it. There's that print mark. I think it does change colors.

If you want something cooler, go for this. This is a matte material. The printing is done with a matte finish and foil stamp. Over here, we have.

The Taichi and Yamato corner. This section is filledwith Taichi and Yamato goods. Look at this acrylic keychain. If your OP is Yamato, this is for you. And this. Metal keychain. Evolution keychain. So it's not just Taichi and Yamato. “AND TAILMON”There's Gabu, too.

It's the holy ring. The holy ring. On its tail? You can see the words engraved on the rings. And this. This is heavy. But it's a keychain.

And what's special about it is it's magnetic. You can open and close it. Next to it,you have the mystery standees. You can put the standees you got inside. So it becomes a one-of-a-kind keychain. In this corner, I found….

Greymon! I think I can pick it up. Oh, they have the evolutions. It's heavy. This is quite heavy. It's huge. You can get Agumon and Greymon. You can look around and browse.

There are lots more plush toys all around this exhibition hall. Standing, lying down, all kinds of poses. Feel free to explore. Finally, near the cashiers, we have the clothing corner. Over here, we have a lot, a lot.

Of Digimon Graphic T-shirts. The embroidery is detailed. Very detailed. They even managedto show the detail and shine in the metal. MetalGarurumon. And this. This is nice, too. The embroidery appears.

To intentionally create different textures, giving it a 3D effect with the glossiness. Its belly. The shading around its belly. Belly? That's muscle. Abs. The hats. Aw, this is cute!.

Bucket hat. Also with the baby Digimon. This is how it looks on the inside. I think it's double-sided. Turn it over. Is it? Digimon eggs. Two hats for the price of one. Finally, it's time to reveal this thing.

On my head. What is this called? Character hat. Tailmon. Gabumon. Agumon. I'm wearing the Agumon hat. Don't miss this cornerif you're interested in this. Okay. The Gabumon hat is cute.

It has this thing. Very metal. It feels really nice. Surrounded. Secure. Isolate yourselffrom the rest of the world. Tailmon's special featurehas to be its ears. This is very girly. Isn't it? Feels like something you'd get if you go.

To Disneyland. Like the Mickey ears. Here, you get this. It's really cute. Patamon. It's like having a Patamon on your head. Accompanying you everywhere you go.

COUNTDOWN TO BREAKDOWN COUNTDOWN TO BREAKDOWN 3 COUNTDOWN TO BREAKDOWN 2 COUNTDOWN TO BREAKDOWN 1 Why did I do that? Right outside the pop-up store, when you first step inside, you'll see a huge train. We mentioned this train.

In the goods section. I think, it's just my guess, this is the train they rode when they left Digital World. Most importantly, the new Digimon movie coming to cinemas. 02 THE BEGINNING.

Is it going to be released in Taiwan? I don't know yet. So please look forward to it. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe and click the bell icon to turn on the notifications and share this video with your friends. Is Digimon a childhood memory for you? Sort of.

Yes. I've been watching itsince I was in elementary school. I only finished it in high school. The best has to be the first season of the anime. My favorite character is Agumon. Agumon. Yes.

Taichi and Agumon. The main duo. I'm putting it in. I haven't taken these photosin a long time. Me too. We can choose now. Wait. Let's go with this. It started so suddenly.

The photos came out fast. They're cute. You chose the Taichi and Yamato set. Yes, because of Agumon. Hold this for me. The girls. I love Mimi's hat. Yay! Success!

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