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[The subtitles are machine translated, we apologize for any inaccurate translation.] Come on, Ding Yumian defeat him Ding Yumian come on broken The scariest thing about Psychic mages is their casting speed if not faster than them Don't even try to make an effective attack.

I still don't believe it fast star Psychic Shock wolf wolf What finished This wave seems to be getting bigger fierce fist Attack range of fire magic.

Nearly twice as wide as ordinary people Is this her natural talent? The Psychic Department of the second department can't deal with it Coupled with the natural talent of fire This kid met his opponent this time fierce fist Mind Bound Still Restricting Magic what to do Do you use shadow.

No Even if you lose, you can't show your hole card Dimensional call Swift Star Wolf stop crying run fast Jiugong Dean Xiao's Concentration Necklace just a little bit.

If it weren't for this guy who was born with dual systems He lost this round Concentration Necklace Can help me resist a psychic shock Just take this chance Swift Star Wolf go give me whatever it takes cling to her can only drag.

Waiting for Ding Yumian impatiently show flaws there is a chance Ling Yi appease good to the side to play Can I get something out of it? fierce fist.

Jiugong In this situation Don't you use magic tools to protect yourself? you want to see my figure I can't spoil your fun glib If you don't need magic tools Don't even think about getting up in a month useless.

Psychic Shock Concentrate Concentration magic weapon it's time for me to fight back Mei Yan Fierce Fist Nine Palaces wild dance You have no ability to defend You'd rather be battered by flames Also does not use the Concentration Necklace.

Just waiting to prevent me from having a chance to stand up good i lost this one Mo Fansheng Mo Fan, cow! Really give us a new face the big devil Has cultivated both departments to the third level.

Really did not expect current brat it's crazy Dongfang Lie It seems that you are the only one who ranks first on the fire list Only then can we keep the honor of our old students this lucky guy really scared the hell out of me Pain, pain, lightly, lightly.

The potion that Ding Yumian gave you is not bad clear away fire You're pretty badly burned. Fortunately, you have rough skin and thick flesh Change to another mage I guess I passed out from the pain. Thank you teacher Baimei anyway rage factor in you.

It seems stronger than before Have you ever sought out a healing mage? It seems that the demon system is fluctuating I need to fix it as soon as possible looked at Don't worry, Teacher Baimei correct Can you Help me cure that useless summoned beast.

It hurts too i'm not a veterinarian have you heard Big Devil Mo Fan is the default player He already has a spot in the World University Competition Why would a freshman be designated by default? keep your voice down this is very sensitive now Did you hear it.

Take care of your wounds It's going to be a tough fight. top is true Send us to find the survey team that's been missing for two months. What did you do early? I don't know what the captain and the others found. I think It's the people from the intelligence team. making a fuss again.

Don't you keep complaining We are Wei Fang Obedience to orders is a bounden duty besides After the disturbance in the Lost Sand River Here's something that used to sleep underground really started waking up frequently there are several villages It's true that it disappeared mysteriously overnight.

Van Gogh Zhankong Boss I heard a while ago He returned to Bo City with the head of the Wing Canglang Later I do not know then I'm also on a mission now I haven't contacted the boss for a while. I will tell you immediately if there is news.

You should also pay attention to safety Van Gogh Do not worry I am the best runner in the team everyone else hung up I'm sure I'm fine that's it Say hello to Lingling and Xinxia for me Bye.

What are you doing Who did you curse to death? you crow mouth I'm just making an analogy this mission It shouldn't be so dangerous run fast It's all because of the mountain Blocked the sun before nightfall.

What about the rest all sacrificed save me save me ground wave go quickly don't look back Don't back head.

Hateful hateful Be careful Wang Tong this What's this black restricted area Shayuan

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