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It all begins when they show us the process of Renaissance of our protagonist called Kelvin calcios, it is then that he realizes that he does not remember anything from his past and in the middle of that astral journey we see a goddess of whom we can only see her silhouette Then our protagonist woke up in the forest where an unusual menu appeared in front of him. Then the voice of the goddess Malfina is heard, who will now be his companion in that same world, since apparently before Losing his memory and being reborn, the protagonist She asked for that and since she wanted to take it on vacation, she ended up accepting and that is why the protagonist has Amalfina as a partner who is in the form of a menu of options and thanks to the above, her life in this world began later on, the protagonist finds out that He has the powers of a summoner which.

Are very difficult to learn but thanks to the menu he has they can quickly improve his statistics as well as see his qualities and with the protagonist he finds out That's why he decides to put his new powers to the test But he realizes that he can't Because first he must exist that before he is reborn and loses his memories, he explodes, he told her many things like that he was interested in her and with the protagonist he listens to all of the above, he is ashamed but she is curious to know what the malvinas appearance is, so you ask her if she can summon her to which she answers no but that if she levels up she could do it soon and later the protagonist arrives at the guild and it is then that they explained to her the rules and it is there that he finds out that Rango Ese is the strongest of all and at that bad end point he warns him to say what class of.

Warrior he belongs to because ordinary people can be scandalized by what the protagonist then uses the advice of her friend and she says that she belongs to a common class and after that she went to do her first task for which she had to destroy some Blue slugs and she thought that this would be a fairly simple task but to her surprise that he creatures turned out to be very fast and cunning, so the mission became quite difficult, however, our powers turned the slug into its first magical creature and after performing a binding ritual by calling it somehow the blue bug is named Club and because the protagonist has increased his ability statistics now clotho also becomes stronger so in the end the protagonist with the help of his partner manages to accomplish the mission So after collecting his cash.

The protagonist went to a hotel and after resting for a short time, he immediately went to carry out a new task which, after completing it, quickly increased his level, so now the rank of and the above surprised the inhabitants of the city Because they all level up very slowly and that event did not go unnoticed and was immediately noticed by other people who wanted to go on a mission with him and one of those was kitchelle who offered Kelvin to form a team to defeat an enemy called The Dark Knight and I don't think it's not Batman however all of the above was a class plan to defeat our [ __ ] so that he doesn't outrank him then our ambush prosthesis Castel himself and defeat him on his own and in the end the protagonist manages to defeat said subject.

Easily using clotho's abilities, followed by this the protagonist joins with The Dark Knight and realizing that fighting was useless decides to change focus and try After talking to him, it is then that our protagonist will feel that that creature is looking for a person to talk to, so in the end the protagonist manages to turn the dark hair into another of the creatures that he can summon. And of course, Kelvin's successes They did not go unnoticed and because of that the guild leader who is called wanted to meet us is surprised since that old man knows that he comes from another world later Leo tells the protagonist that in addition to With him there are four other Heroes but unlike Kelvin they do not have the freedom to choose which path to follow and their only purpose as warriors is to defeat.

Harry the demon then Leo offers him the portal to the option of being the defender of the city since otherwise that way The Heroes will be able to focus on their mission to which the protagonist decides to accept the strength and followed by that our protagonist sets himself as a goal to invoke what he ends up buying An elf then she introduces herself as him and realizing that she had a curse to use her powers to remove it and after a month we see that kerevin and his team managed to climb several levels after training in the forest when the protagonist arrives at the guild he finds out that he is about to reach rank and Shortly after he receives a mission from Leo who informs him that in one of the guild bases there was sightings of very strong demonic creatures and naturally our protagonist accepts the mission and then the pot reaches the base of the villains and runs into.

Who would be the guard of the daughter of the Demon King, who has been unconscious for a long time Some time later, the protagonist finds out that Víctor's plan was to meet a very strong warrior to use him And in this way he will wake up, however, when the protagonist and he fought, Víctor realized that the team o Kelvin was very strong due to that he ended up losing, followed by this Víctor tell us your protagonist that he will have a curse and to break it she must know he was a subject who is very strong and that is why he asked Kelvin to take charge to be what the main character accepts and after this the porteis was they start talking and manage to establish a friendship and after that they all walk around the city that's when we see that the redhead is very excited about the walk and that same night The guildmates throw a party for the protagonist since after.

Doing that mission he reached the Rank shortly after we see that our protagonist and his team have improved incredibly so he decides to travel to another city which is called thorax And by the way take advantage to show him the world it will be But on the way he runs into a group of outlaws Although because they were very weak compared to our Heroes they are instantly defeated Although in that the protagonist finds out that the leader of those foragers s is level 70 so surely later they will have to fight him and when the protagonist and Company arrive at their destination they are kindly received by the locals but soon after Elvin receives bad news apparently in this city there is a Gang of warriors who capture people and they sell them with two corporals and said gang is led by joke who is level 80 and as you can imagine that.

He agrees to help soon he meets those guys who were causing problems and in this way the protagonist gets into the lair of those subjects and frees women who were kidnapped immediately as it is worth 70 and does not end up winning moments later he decides to wait for the four Heroes who are there to defeat The Mangoes Although they do not know that when they arrive then that the Inevitable happens and the four Heroes will They meet the main team and confuse them with the villains so they decide to face them but since the protagonist is much stronger they manage to face them without problems, it is then that we see that the protagonist has the power to acquire an ability of each person, so before the fight he copied prescas special qualities from his friends and for that reason he will manage to corner his rivals and during the fight he was able to.

Analyze to those heroes and he realized that they were very weak and with the previously our protagonist chose to teach them how to fight, it is then that the protagonist tries to guide the heroes without them noticing and due to this those boys manage to learn a couple of of things and improve teamwork and combat techniques Although that is not enough to mention Kelvin who ends up defeating us anyway and then the women who were captured by the traffickers tell the four Heroes that the protagonist and company did not They are the ones who saved him and in the end the leader of those Heroes asks Kelvin to be his teacher. Then the proto leads the four Heroes to a cave where they are entangled. rena and after a brief break for lunch they run into a Ranguese Sea dragon, for which the protagonist asks the leader of the heroes if he will become.

Strong to which they answer yes and after that battle both groups go to the port and they say goodbye for the moment minutes later the protagonist goes to the palace of the head of the area and when he arrives he realizes that the building looks Japanese and when he enters he meets the leader of the place who would be Chubas and as expected he realizes that this last name seems Japanese although he does not ask questions about it then tsubaki asks him the the main character what he wants as a reward for defeating the slave traders then the main character replies that he wants a banquet where the garnish is rice and as you can imagine he can't help but laugh and comments that the main character seemed interesting to him and after that orders his subordinates to prepare a banquet after this we see that he leads all kinds of dishes especially.

Those with rice and he looks very happy for that since it reminds him of his home although he is supposed to have no memories But good times then our protagonist shows him that he can use a portal to return to his city which would become bread, it is then that the main group goes through the portal and temporarily says goodbye to chup aki and company and after that the protey the others and they returned together where they immediately decided to buy a huge castle and in that we see that each creature that the product had its own room and then he realizes that now he has enough powers to summon malfina and with the above summons her she gives him a new ability which has two effects the first allows him to withstand one hit per day and the second is the most interesting and is about being able to revive the.

Walls and use them as Guerrero basically now the protagonist can summon people who lost their lives in the real world and bring them to that reality as heroes and when he realizes this he tries to test his new ability and after making the circle of the invocation the prominence of a girl that in the real world she was very sick and as you can imagine in the end she lost her life so the protagonist used his powers to revive her and adopt her as a hero in that same world And when they both meet they pass out she used a lot of summoning energy and she because she spent a lot of energy to reincarnate followed by this at night when they both wake up they start talking and she tells him that she wants to stay since she wants to be an adventurer already the servants to the Forest so that they increase their level in this way the group creates a team to.

Share and the others do not have to fight until they have an acceptable level and in the middle of the above a hellhound appears but as expected the protagonist He defeats it and turns it into a monster that he can summon whenever he wants, so dear name to the dog Alex and after that the series shows us a sequence where she looks very happy with her new life and one night Christop's allies try to enter the house of the protagonist but he realizes and will take the opportunity to see the progress and confronts the outlaws and with the help of his dog he manages to defeat them all while in another side we see that the royal family is meets to discuss political issues and in this Tristán Comments that the best option to dominate the continent is to start a war and the first objective must be even, that is, the main town, it is at that moment that everyone agrees.

And after that they send call the general who would turn out to be a long-haired guy who has an extravagant personality then the protagonist finds out that the neighboring country was planning an invasion of his land So what amused Leo about this and asked him to take care of adding that of that way you can get the rank s followed by this the protavieja Until the place and is attacked but quickly he shows the letter of Leo And that way the wise elf meets with the prota But then he confuses saying with someone else so that then the wise man tells the story of an elf woman who sacrificed her life to save her people from being destroyed by the king and given the physical resemblance to that woman, everyone assumes that her mother and then the protagonist and the wise man start to talk about the main topic then we find out that.

There are some monsters that are kidnapping alphas and due to the above, our protagonist gets down to the hour to solve that problem, however he realizes that that an area of ​​the city is unprotected, so he undoubtedly runs to that place and begins to equip it, first he makes some barriers, then he creates a large stone wall and finally, he deploys his entire team around the place to repel a possible enemy attack and in the end, as you can imagine the Responsible for everything ended up being the army that is, with the help of some monsters, they were killing the town of the elves and to prevent this from happening, the main group ends up Defeated and appears with his minions to which the protagonist immediately gave account Let the subject was an unusual opponent since both had similar characteristics.

Not to mention the two are reincarnated and apparently the decline objective in addition to defeating the protagonist is also to kidnap the protagonist was not willing to let that happen And after a fierce battle the protagonist manages to defeat his opponent and leaves him without legs Although in the end I cannot finish him off because tristan appeared and except orchestrated those battles and after the above, the Villain and the legless escape that we discover that Calvin, that is, our protagonist, got that rank since he managed to protect the village from the elves, later the partner returns home and he comments that he will soon have to appear in a ceremony where he will face other warriors for which he is excited that the battle with clive left him worried since that subject has a strange power that can.

Control people, they do not know the nature of said ability, it is best to prevent and with the previously at the end she gives our main character and the others some magic rings to prevent the controls, then she mentions that she knows all the reincarnators but that she has no records, something that worries her greatly, on the other hand, we see a mission where they must defeat some creatures in a dungeon that just appeared near the main character's house and while they were doing that they ran into a warrior immediately after he held to He introduces himself as a high-rank Warrior who was patrolling that place after this the guy tells that high-rank Adventurers receive nicknames to which he will mention that he does not need one of those in counterpart account that he has a nickname is important Since the warriors are basically bombs of mass destruction.

That can defeat an army on their own, so it is necessary that they have nicknames according to their power now that in this way all people recognize him after that Golden comments that he wanted to meet our protagonist but while he was on his way to do something in the queue and that's why he went into that dungeon to prevent the rookie warriors from falling into the hands of the powerful bugs that appeared and in the middle of This will be he warns Gold not to do anything to Calvin to what the muscular man comments is fine and in that a giant monster appears and hitting with a single punch literally seems like One pushman the case and I the muscular hugger a and all that the series tells us that moments later they defeated the boss of the dungeon not long after we see that the protagonist was training as at the end he is.

Trying to master a scythe technique which is very difficult to control due to the large amount of energy that he concentrates and then while the characters were taking a break they started talking about celebre that apparently was summoned by a person who has the same summoning powers as marfina and because of this and is worried about what might happen later and after the above training to polish her skills and get stronger at the Los Guerreros de langoese ceremony and with that in mind she decides to join the fight so now our protagonist faces her already badly fine and a couple of hours later we see that It will be homecoming and he wants to give Calvin a good luck charm so he goes to his room and when he enters he sees a suggestive scene so he misinterprets the c Bears Although at the end after explaining.

Their battle wounds followed by this They all go to the tavern to eat something and the flirt realizes that there is a party and soon the protagonist realizes that they are celebrating since he is the first Warrior of his guild that came to Rango though he realizes that those Adventurers they want to have an excuse to drink and celebrate and in the middle of that we see that it will still not find the opportunity to give the amulet to the protagonist and on the other hand some warriors enter the tavern and when they see the noise they get upset and for their part it will be about to give him a gift but in that water the leader of that group of Warriors from before interrupts them and begins to insult Calvin for whatever he gets upset and to teach that guy a lesson is then that everyone in that place gets excited for the Duel but in that a water comments that he does not like to hit women or children so he.

Prefers to fight one of the companions in water and asks Kelvin to stop his friend since his comrade is not a common fool and when she says that everyone in the pair water like a water the unbridled and in that orion he is excited to meet a guy with a nickname and after all the above he will face that guy and defeat him with a single blow if that's what he prota finds out how about N Agua is a friend of the ice witch who lies to be her rival in the exhibition battle later that group leaves and the ice witch is left thinking about her greatest rival, that is, our main character and the other day we see that the rulers played the leading role during his adventures they approved his promotion to be a Rank and after the presentation and he becomes the center of attention of the nobles of this the protagonist.

Meets Leo who advises him to smile to which the protagonist decides to fake a grimace and in that he comments that he would have preferred not to attract so much attention later our protagonist enters a room where he collapses from exhaustion and in that Silvia appears as a witch from Silvia apologizes to the protagonist for having caused him problems otherwise she is ready to fight after this We see that the fighters arrive in a ring to carry out the battle of the last ranks. Then we meet the presenter, a girl named Aaronway, who will do several comments during the battle so that the public can enjoy the combat even more Meanwhile we see that colette puts a magical barrier to our protagonist and the ice witch since in this way she can prevent one.

Of the two from dying and end the battle when the spell stops working later but unway comments that colette will also put up a magical barrier to protect the public from the battle and after that he introduces his assistant and second commentator and it's about golden and in that they both explain the rules of combat basically they can't use potions or healing spells since if that happens the battle can last for days and that is not the idea and after all the above the protagonist and the ice witch approach and shake hands letting us understand that they will have a fair fight and that simple gesture excites the entire audience, then we see that the protagonist and Silvia start to fight and it is there that the commentators mention that the protagonist tried to use a spell to decrease the agility of his opponent, however.

Silvia anticipated that and managed to counter it and after saying that the commentators say that the battle will be very hard for both since they are very even and after a long time of combat the protagonist mentions that he really likes fighting with her since it is very funny to which Silvia says that she feels the same and that is why she will kill him in that Duel later the protagonist uses a special technique and tries to attack his rival with his spear, however she it slides through the weapon and gets very close to the protagonist and after that we see that Silvia says that the battle has come to an end since the protagonist is defenseless, however the protagonist does not receive any damage because he has magical armor and after this he decides to counterattack it is then that he launches a blow with his sword but Silvia is without major problems and in the middle of this we see that Golden ironway comment on the battle And it is there.

That the muscular man comments that the protagonist has been maintaining or from a distance to analyze the abilities of your rival, adding that in a common battle this would not be necessary but in a fight between ranks it is very intelligent since high-ranking warriors have unique abilities so discovering their characteristics is very important and already returning to the battle Silvia he decides to use all his strength and uses a special technique that cracks the sky and suddenly a giant meteor appears and when the protagonist sees that he realizes that he is in trouble followed by this the protagonist decides to defeat his opponent before the meteor touch the ground and with that in mind he tries to hit Silvia with his scythe But she realizes that this weapon is very dangerous so she tries to avoid it and after this the protagonist approaches to fight.

Melee, followed by the protagonist He is wounded in the arm but takes advantage of this opportunity to hit Silvia in the stomach and immediately afterwards they both exchange several blows until our protagonist decides to use a speed technique and with it he manages to grab Silvia from behind and in this way our protagonist she plans to break her opponent's neck but she quickly pulls out her sword and prepares to hurt herself to harm her rival and after all of the above the meteor falls on both of them and when the warriors The warriors see that immediately they realize that Colette's protective barrier only works once and assuming that Silvia managed to hurt them both the meteor could easily eliminate them since Colette's shield was already used and after this we see that the warriors try to break the meteor but no one can hurt him until.

Golden enters the scene and manages to break it a bit but who ended up destroying the ice rock and after the above we see that the protagonist emerges from under the meteor with Silvia in his arms and apparently both are alive, the protagonist later explains that Silvia pierced herself through the heart and with it, but obviously Colette's shield was activated and neither of them died and immediately afterwards the protagonist rushed to create a hole under the ring to protect them both and after explaining this, Colette comments that the winner of the battle is the protagonist since he was the last to activate the anti-death shield, followed by the protagonist He goes to his rest room and soon Leo arrives who gives him his Rank card and it is then that our hero celebrates because he is already a high Rank Adventurer, then Nao appears and tries to fight.

Him and in that he calls him a shinigami they wanted him he realizes that the main character already has a nickname and second later they will knock down water to prevent him from causing problems on his part the main character leaves the room and runs into colette who begins to act strange and feel on top of the main character and begins to smell him It is then that she says that she smells like the goddess Melfina, adding that her objective as a priestess is to do things with that goddess and in that Melfina speaks to the protagonist and tells him to make Colette unconscious and to get away from her because she is weird after all. From the above we see that Silvia appears and hits her ponytail and in this way leaves her unconscious and seconds later the protagonist's friends appear and misunderstand the situation and Golden tells her what to do be more aggressive to conquer Calvin and when she hears that she feels embarrassed.

Then we see that the protagonist invites Silvia from his friends to his house to eat and teach them to cook and when they arrive we see that Phil approaches them and tells them that the classes are going to start and a couple of moments later we see that the characters gather at the table to eat what Silvia and the rest cooked but since they are very bad at cooking, they made food with a bad appearance Although in water it was the exception since he managed to cook something very appetizing and when it will be proof that the dish admits that it is very tasty and after the above Nagua apologizes to the redhead for all the clashes they had to which she accepts the apology and after this both groups get to cook and they have a good time and then for a few hours Silvia invites our protagonist to travel with them to the western world but our protagonist declines the offer saying that.

He has to take care of some things before leaving and After this, Silvia kindly says goodbye to the main character and promises to see him again one day and moments later at night she will enter the main character's room with a suggestive nightgown, then she gives the main character a necklace but for some reason she is without clothes and in that a warrior named sábato enters the room to inform the protagonist that the nation of Trissen declared war on them so they must prepare and naturally Sabato observes that scene and mentions something about it on the other hand we see that the king of Trissen manages to convince his citizens with lies so that they agree agreement to fight in a war against One and after all of the above we see that one of the generals of tressen is controlling an army of very powerful dragons since then several hours have passed.

And the guild of the city of passu summoned their strongest available warriors at that moment who would come to Golden and when everyone is reunited they begin to talk about the war and in that we find out that the army of trissen plans to invade several countries using different armies and the squadron of dragons which is the strongest of all He goes to the city of passage to conquer it with a single blow and when the warriors hear this, they ask why they would do that to which Leo comments that He does this to achieve a strategic point. And in this way to raise the morale of his army, it is then that the guild warriors comment that the best option is to make time for the reinforcements to arrive in the city and after that, Sabato bursts into the room . and he mentions that they currently have two rank s fighters so the best.

Option is to ambush the dragons and when I read and the others hear that they are surprised and soon Sabato mentions that this is the protagonist's idea and when everyone today realizes that that this plan would only have occurred to our hero but of course some have their doubts however Golden tells them to trust since the hero is the strongest warrior on the continent at the same time we see that our hero arrived on the battlefield and He began to assess the situation and realized that several enemy dragons are Rank s, but far from being scared, he is excited about the battle that is approaching, then we see that the prince is asgrat Pe de Trizan and the leader of the dragon squadron are about to arrive by foot and in that his second in command Fulgar asks him why they are attacking that place to which Ashgrad comments that this is because there are.

Several Warriors of Trizan in that place. Rango sa despite having a small population adding that he wants to fight with the protagonist since he finds it interesting later he mentions that the dragons that he has under his command obey strong people however the strongest dragon has a necklace to be able to control it since this It has not yet been taken by anyone and after that we see that the asgraph army realizes that someone made an obsidian blockade to prevent them from passing so they are forced to dodge it and brake and after that one of them is shot very powerful on the part of the film but they manage to dodge it and it is then that ashgrad notices our protagonist and realizes that it is about that hero from Rango s nicknamed shinigami for which he is excited since he wanted to Ere fight against him then we see that the protagonist deploys some monsters created by.

Him to defeat the dragons And in this way he manages to knock down several Meanwhile it will be and Silvia enter the scene and help the cause and at the same time we see What a glow that things are getting very complicated to which hasgrat replies that this is due to the protagonist who managed to create a good strategy to ambush them but that they can end the confrontation by defeating him and on the other hand we see that Gerard decides to relieve ryon and show his powers is then they wanted to leave and yara crashes against the earth dragon and in that The rider of the beast is surprised to see that a subject of armor can match the power of an earth dragon so he realizes that he is not facing any type For his part, Gerard notices the necklace that the dragon has on his neck and quickly prepares to destroy that artifact and after a brief exchange.

Of blows, Gerald manages to knock down the horseman from the beast and later destroys the necklace that controls the dragon, it is then that the enemy soldiers are scared since the dragon is loose and as expected the beast will attack, however he tells him to calm down and the earth dragon listens to him and goes stops dead and when he sees that he realizes that these beasts obey the strong people and when the rival soldiers see that they realize that the bazu warriors are not ordinary people then Lyon duels with several soldiers and they are all surprised to see that it is a young girl since she has skills of a Warrior with a lot of experience and after that we see that she is using two swords and when Efil sees that he asks about our hero to which he mentions that this is a simple but effective sword which he split in.

Two so that he had more precision and speed during the fights and after the above we see darling continue defeating soldiers and return to our protagonist for those weapons since they are very light later one of the enemy soldiers becomes enraged because his allies are being defeated so his dragon orders him to shoot a ray of power in the direction of orion and since the shot is very fast she does not react and it is then that her guardian wolf appears and protects her. That's how Lightning is going And as you can imagine, the little animal is seriously injured because of what they wanted, it worries but the dog comments that it's just a scratch And if this part seems strange to you, I'll tell you that it has the ability to listen to animals that It was something that I forgot to comment before and now with his new strength his two swords to knock down.

Several enemy soldiers and their dragons and after seeing that all the enemies realize that Lyon is a human being summoned from another world what it means that he is a hero And as you can imagine they are surprised since they do not expect to run into someone like that and that is why they question if it was a good idea to try to invade the pass then we see that hashgrad tells his vice captain to go ahead and take all the recruits to which Fulgar first doubts But then he obeys and leads the entire army and on the way he runs into the main character Although he continues long after the above, our main character finds himself face to face It is then that Ascrat comments that he wants to fight calmly and that is why he sent his soldiers to the center of the battle and then he comments that he has the strongest dragon of all under his control who would become.

Dajaku and that for that reason advantage the battle will be a two against one to which the protagonist quickly responds that it will actually be a two against two and then the slime ball that our protagonist got at the beginning of the story appears, which as is to be expected now is much more strong on the other hand we see that fulgar is surprised since he runs into a fire dragon and in that the dragon that he rides that is called Rosalía comments that this is not a dragon as such but fire magic in the form of a dragon and of course Pulgar is surprised to see that his dragon can speak and when Rosale writes down that, he explains that she is an ancient dragon and that is why she masters the human language, adding that she can even choose the shape of a person and after the above the drag ón comments that defeating that fire dragon is going to be difficult since they must end the origin of it, that's.

When fulgar pays attention and realizes that the person who is controlling the fire dragon is a servant, then Phil comments that she will not let anyone pass because that was the mission that the protagonist left her and it is at that moment that a battle between fulgar and her dragon against film begins, the first to attack is fulgar who tries to ram her fire dragon but quickly she dodges it and immediately shoots an arrow but to her surprise, fulgar manages to deflect it later, fulgar uses the power of her spear and finally attacks, but she resists the blow, so the rose dragon decides to use an ice ray, however, it soon occurs She realizes that Phil is stronger than her and manages to resist the attack as if nothing had happened and as if that were not enough, he also manages to launch a projectile in the direction of Rosalía, which manages to hit.

And for that reason, the dragon of fulgar Creates a steam screen so that he can escape, however he prevents her from doing so and tells her that she will not flee from the battle, it is then that the two try to attack the bishop but she uses a magical object, that is, some chains to capture Rosalía, it is there that she comments that she does not want to hurt anyone and that her goal is to prevent the fight from continuing without However when efield tries to see the rider he realizes that the mount is empty and suddenly thumb appears and uses his sword to attack efil although she realizes that and realizes that her rival used the steam created by the dragon to sneak away and launch a surprise attack after this an explosion occurs and the protagonist and ashgrad realize that that battle is over and as is to be expected Phil managed to neutralize the fulgar attack and left her unconscious.

Later the dragon Rosalía asks him for film not to hurt fuller to which she replies to stay calm because the protagonist ordered her not to divert anyone and returning to the protagonist we see that he faces ashgrad and immediately both have a clash in the sky and because our protagonist is not used to fighting through the air, he is quickly surpassed by his rival and after this we see that Asgard comments that that ball of slime will not help him, to which the protagonist quickly mentions that this slime ball is called clotho and after this we see that the clotho transforms into an identical dragon and in that the enemy soldiers realize the beast that has just appeared and are surprised and in that the Pro the necklace that the asto dragon who controls the beast is then that our protagonist tells his rival that he is disappointed since without that necklace.

He could not control dajaku then both dragons have an energy shock and after that asgard realizes that the words of the Prota are true And that is why he uses his spear to break Dajaku's necklace since said artifact limits the powers of the beast and after that Asgrath tells his dragon that he will conquer it to which the beast replies that it is fine but that For the moment, he will help him defeat our hero, however, Azrad stops him dead and tells him that he first wants to fight him so that he recognizes him as his rider and, as is to be expected, the beast does not understand Ashgrad's attitude and mentions that The best thing is to fight against the protagonist to which Asgard becomes obsessed with having a battle with Dajaku and in the middle of that discussion we see that the protagonist interrupts and tells them that the best option is to continue with the battle and after that,.

They can do it for free. fight and when ascrat listens to this he tells the hero that he is a rank s genius to which the hero tells him that this idea is not a big deal and that it really seems that hasgrat is a genius of rank F and after fixing the things both groups prepare to fight and it is then that da Haku tells the protagonist to get ready because he is going to use all his power since he no longer has the chain after this we see that the Haku uses his powers to control the plants and creates a giant to which the protagonist is surprised but quickly asks Clotho to use his Death Ray to destroy the plants and followed by this Clotho adopts a three-headed form and becomes a more intimidating dragon and when he sees that he cannot believe that that beast is a simple slime Next, he asks Clotho to use his death ray and shoot in the direction of the giant plants created by.

Dajaku. However, Azgraph quickly asks his dragon to use his special technique and that is when the protagonist is surrounded by his rival's plants. which begin to catch fire and consume it in a large burning mass, however the protagonist manages to escape unharmed and after that he comments that this attack has not been bad and immediately tells his rivals that the battle is exciting but that he wants to more than what is free They propose to give everything so that the protagonist regrets his words, it is then that the battle becomes more intense but naturally the protagonist ends up getting used to fighting in the air and manages to dominate his rivals to such an extent that he immediately knocks them down dajaku says that he surrenders since he has no more energy to continue and when azrad hears that he immediately says no that he does not want to surrender since he is.

The prince and general of his birth n and his pride does not allow him to throw away the sword, however, dajaku tells him that the protagonist is very strong but far from feeling intimidated for a while, he gets up and challenges the protagonist to a duel one on one and after this he falls to the ground fainting, it is then that we found out that asgard is unconscious and he said all that while he was in that state and when the protagonist sees that he comments that they managed to protect the passage from the invasion Later daaku approaches the protagonist and adopts his human form and asks him if he can join his group moments later we see that da hahaku adopted his human form and now he is officially a member of the protagonist's team and in that dajaku meets orion who welcomes him and comments that even volga and moth FARC joined the protagonist's team he mentions that those are also.

Ancestral dragons like him and therefore have the same interests and on the other hand we see that the goddess melfina meets wax to talk about the demon king and in that the goddess comments that the demon king has a strange ability that gives him immunity to any attack Although he did only apply to the people of that world and it is That is why the only people who can harm the demon king are humans who come from another reality and returning to the protagonist we see that he meets with azrad to interrogate him and knows see kingdom invasion plans

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