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A legendary race of warriors known as black and white warriors, these little ones belong here to our protagonist and his sister and although at first glance our protagonists seem to be anything but legendary, their work is one of the most important to maintain the balance of the universe to understand this we have to know that this Universe is divided between kingdoms, the kingdom of crystal, the kingdom of humans, which kingdom of limits, the latter are in charge of maintaining the proper flow of spiritual souls and therefore maintaining the balance between the three kingdoms a very important task for which the black and white warriors will enter during all their lives and for which our protagonist and his sister hardly seem to be prepared Well the truth is that that is only a nice way of saying it since they are definitely not prepared.

Because they are unable to do their jobs correctly or even get to work on time, which is why they Your boss, the teacher calls you, will live scolding you, since not fulfilling your work quota directly means causing an imbalance in the universe and the tasks of the warriors depend a lot on their level, but in general terms they are in charge of collecting the souls of those who die in the human kingdom and take them to the crystal kingdom was saying to the crystal kingdom the celestial kingdom [ __ ] that celestial kingdom the problem is so far the protagonist and his sister have not been able to successfully complete a single mission But that will not be an impediment for To become code hokes in the best black and white warriors, this is how they set out on their next mission in the human kingdom, which consists of returning to the celestial kingdom the.

Soul of a wandering spirit that had possessed a high school student and who it was causing damage throughout the city. The problem is that when they arrive at the site they find that the spirit turned out to be stronger than expected And although they manage to distract him for a long time in the end, he came out of the student's body, proving to be too strong, but fortunately, two beginner warriors were saved by us, one of the strongest black and white warriors, back to the realm of limits, the situation does not look very promising but not only for the brothers but for everyone in general since our reports ensure that a powerful seal is about to be broken in the lake we are not very sure what it contains but we do know that the fact that If it breaks, it means nothing but nothing good, but.

In the meantime, they have other reasons to worry about, since the master is not born once again, they fail in their mission, just at that moment, one of the most powerful generals in the kingdom of the limits apart from having been a father figure for the two brothers since he was in charge of taking care of them since they were children Well it is not as if they were not still children os but you understand me the point is that son proposes himself to keep an eye on the pair and incidentally help them become stronger but unfortunately this will not have to wait since song is not there just to check on his apprentices but to inform the teacher about the situation with the great seal before they begin to discuss the details the boys are assigned a very simple mission they will see we all know that the black white warriors are in charge.

Of collecting the souls of those who die in the human kingdom and take them to celestial kingdoms so that they can reincarnate and everything but what happens when there are no new weapons to collect because it is the same warriors who are in charge of causing accidental deaths among humans , that is to say that once a human has death written at his destination and they must take care of giving him a death as quickly as possible a death that seemed accidental enough not to cause suspicion among the same humans with that clear the mission of the boys that day was to kill a young man who was a mangaka the problem is that the uncle does not make it easy for him at all first he lives in a basement and hardly leaves the house so he knows makes them almost impossible to create the typical dinner in which he dies after a flowerpot falls on his head the second is.

That the guy really has a promising life. Despite being completely bankrupt, he is working very hard to create his own manga and This indicates that he might pay tribute very soon, not only that, but his neighbor a beautiful aspiring model is in love with him so much so That same morning the girl knocked on his door to give him a sandwich that she prepared especially for him and the third thing is that while they tried to create situations for his death, they more and more realized that he was a very noble and generous person to the point that when the protagonist pretended to be a homeless man to distract him, the mangaka was willing to give him the last coins he had left as well as the special breakfast that his neighbor had given him that same morning , obviously, even so, a mission is a mission and the brothers decided to go ahead, it's because of.

That they plan to fulfill their mission through a new strategy what they do is that they begin to sabotage some points of life of the mangaka, making him go through all kinds of bad times through illusions and deception, first the manga, a job interview, the main character has the body of the guitar in chief to make it reject him in the worst way, saying that his work is a trash that has wasted his time that if he thinks he can ever succeed in his life we ​​go basically everything that nobody would like to hear and as if that were not enough the brothers also create an illusion for the mangaka to see the girl who he likes kissing someone else all this with the aim of leading him to suicide Yes a little sad but just when the mangaka had thrown himself from the top of a building the brothers and they save him the mangaka ended up.

Safe and sound and with a new opportunity to get on with their life and fulfill their dreams especially since at that moment the editor-in-chief comes out to tell her that they read her story and what they were looking for for their next big publication everyone happy not good everyone except our protagonists because although deep down they know they did the right thing by giving him a second chance to rebuild his life the simple fact of having left him alive also means that they failed again in their mission but that's the reason for concern at least not for now since in the realm of limits the situation becomes increasingly delicate and at that moment General Funk receives a call informing him that the sellosa is 80% destroyed and it is a matter of days Or better said a matter of hours for this to break completely and generate.

Irreparable changes in all the kingdoms this alarming situation leads everyone to be attentive to what may happen and Warriors of all classes and levels begin to prepare for what among these we have the usu and his partner who were training when a messenger arrives but unlike what we would all think, he does not arrive for a warn them or keep them up to date on the situation with the chair but to notify them that our hero disappeared during a mission Listen to understand what is happening we must go back a few hours in time it turns out that that same morning our bud and his sister were assigned a mission emergency which consisted of murdering an old scientist and in fact everything seemed to be going well the scientist accepted that the time had come and his death however as a.

Last wish he asked the protagonist and his sister to take him to see the landscape of the MontaΓ±a Blanca, a sacred site within the kingdoms of the limits, but above all, a site located very, very close to the Lake where the seal is found. So, as you can imagine, things begin to go wrong when, in the middle of the road, they were attacked by a species as a monster but by sheer luck his sister got it but we cannot say the same about the protagonist whose whereabouts are still unknown at that moment She is not awake. For a second he thinks that perhaps inside the stomach and some kind of beast, however, the landscape is so desolate and so strange that the only thing that comes to mind is that it could be some kind of spiritual plane. anyway there is no one for miles around only him his thoughts and some of.

The cruelest hallucinations that we can imagine Meanwhile, her sister meets with general zong quickly scolds her for always trying to do extra things during their missions, which, although very noble, always end up putting them in unnecessary danger despite everything else One of the high command tries to console her by telling her that they will do everything possible to bring the protagonist back and that now the important thing is not only to worry but not to take action both for the disappearance of the protagonist and for the seal, this is where we discover the true danger behind The whole situation and the importance of the seal remaining intact, you will see, it turns out that this seal was placed there more than a thousand years ago by the same zombie who used it to seal inside 100 of the most powerful Spirits and demons in the entire.

Spirit universe. capable of completely altering the peace between the three kingdoms, the worst thing is that right now we know its importance, the seal is broken by r complete releasing everything that is inside But before we can see what happens we pass with our prompt who suddenly begins to hear some mysterious whistles he quickly gets up and runs to the Source of the sound is there That practically in the middle out of nowhere where he runs into a strange subject who tells him that he has been Trapped there For the last 1000 years, that is to say that in front of our sprout is one of the 100 spirits and even more important is the very seal on the other hand We see that the light that released the seal to break begins to come out . What seems to be a lot of spirits and General Zoom confirms that they are some.

Of the demons that he captured thousands of years ago, they put a plan of action into motion. contingency so that the strongest warriors are in charge of capturing the Spirits that managed to go further while they are in charge of containing the strongest ones right at that moment or a gigantic spirit appears, the biggest one we've seen so far, seeking revenge for having locked it up there all this time, the giant quickly attacks them but at that precise moment it spits out what appears to be a drop of Pure energy at great speed with which it he goes through it completely and defeats him but this is not the only one. Make the kingdom of limits up his sleeve since after that he orders all his subordinates to prepare the so-called ginco cannon about which we know almost nothing except that it is a One of the most powerful weapons ever created while everything happens.

We have our protagonist who is together with the strange spirit previously called who for some reason acts as the protagonist was known, welcoming him to his old home but in this anime we do not go around with mysteries since Sunshine confesses that the container of 99 of the strongest Spirits and demons of all locked up more than a thousand years ago by zoom is found inside the seal It should be noted that I said 99 not 100 but the truth behind everything is that the protagonist, although he does not remember it, is one of the Spirits, the remaining spirit that for some reason spent all these years in freedom as the protagonist is as confused as we are here. dance what's his name explains that the protagonist is one of the most powerful wandering Spirits of antiquity but that for some reason that we still don't know he was taken to the kingdom of limits where they erased his memory.

And made him the number one enemy of the Spirits wandering spirits into a Black and White Warrior and the reason he knows all that in case it wasn't already clear is because he is also one of the top 100 wandering spirits He is still a soul devouring spirit one of the most dangerous classes of Meanwhile, what to lose because he himself will go down to the seal to rescue the protagonist, but the most important thing about this stage of the plan is that if they do not return in an hour , they have the order to shoot the cannon. This is the only weapon capable of killing the Zen Spirits, well, the 99. Well, let's remember that even so, everything he told us is true and the protagonist does. It turns out to be a wandering spirit like his sister wants him. a lot to the point of a gift everything in order to recover it The problem is that on the way to the seal.

Zone runs into three other very powerful wandering spirits that he will have to face before even thinking about rescuing our protagonist who, by the way, could not be thinking the worst since in order for him to recover his memory, Sanz begins to torture him again. the worst possible way but mostly this one makes the protagonist absorb a lot of small class spirits to increase his strength to the point where the protagonist can't take it anymore and just lets it all out in a big explosion all of a sudden There is a strong silence for a few seconds, making even Samson himself wonder if his method did not work, but the answer to his question would come moments later, since in that we see that the protagonist seems very changed with a body and a look completely different from what we met.

Before, not only that, but just by seeing his eyes we can know that the protagonist also recovered all the memories that were ever there . Lost inside Lake Phone, he felt a large amount of spiritual energy come out from the seal and quickly identifies that it is the power of our protagonist automatically. spirits were gathered and that they will finally be able to complete their revenge against kingdom of limits but the poor people did not know that this It just means that they are running out of time and patience So they summon a powerful sword called decapitator ghost with all of them inside it is attacked so a strong fight between the two spirits begins and where we can also see a small part.

Of the potential that the protagonist kept asleep all this time, reaching the point of maintaining for a long time with his head crushed against the ground even so the fight continues and at one point Samson uses his sword to generate a mysterious spiritual skull, the protagonist cuts it without pr problems, but it dissolves and begins to enter his body, this is where we see that the intention of this attack was to continue unlocking the deepest memories of those memories locked so deep in the subconscious that otherwise they could never have come to light . In this way, the protagonist begins to remember some moments of what seems to be his true past, the memories are somewhat confusing, but most important of all, he manages to see the memories of a mysterious girl who seems to be his real.

Sister called all this bombardment of memories caused the protagonist to remain defenseless and Samson took the opportunity to devour him and not in a bad way and worst of all is that from the central control office to the image of everything that happened inside the seal for what He has no choice but to witness the exact moment in which his brother or at least the boy whom I always consider his brother murdered but it was already Too late that's how completely mad with anger the warrior starts an impeccable fight against the holy spirit Well at first the fight is not so epic since sunsang uses a shield Apparently impenetrable but believe me things get really good since while he is He was making fun of having eaten the main character Samson, he didn't know how important he was to Zoom and how [ __ ] he would be if he didn't.

Start taking the fight seriously Meanwhile it seems that the main character has not really died but is inside a kind of Limbo where its three versions are the proto adult completely aware of all his memories the young man we met at the beginning of the series and the third and last prota his true young version who little by little begins to reveal the truth behind all Do you remember that we saw it turns out that the protagonist was not born in the realm of limits but neither in the celestial realm but was born as a young here right in the kingdom of humans his father was king and a very powerful empire but not even that could save him the tragedy that was approaching everything began when his sister was born the same one we saw in the memories the wise men of said kingdom decreed that despite that the young woman had been strong and healthy.

The princess had been born with the spirit of Zorro, a spirit that brought nothing but death and misfortune to his kingdom , which he had to vaccinate, knowing the danger they would reach . It is thus that the protagonist spends the following years of his life training with the sole objective of protecting his brother and helping his father since after all the wise men had been absolutely right regarding the country after the birth of his sister. It plunged into a time of unprecedented darkness with natural catastrophes that seemed to have no end, famines, uprisings, and above all, a lot of wars that hit their lotion every year in the middle of one of many tanks. The Rebels manage to enter the palace and search it with the Their sole objective is to find once and for.

All, just when it seemed that they were not going to be able to save her, her mother turns a vase that activates a secret passage through which they could escape without embargo. or at that moment San Juan falls and makes noise upsetting the enemies of his education as a last resort his mother stays to kill time and give both of them one last chance to escape before separating, she tells them both to look for the general since he is he would be the only one capable of helping them back to the present they talk about the possibility of using the cannon since the more time passes the less they have left until the one hour deadline that they had set a while before is met at that moment lushu also takes the opportunity to comfort avay which was very worried about the possible death of the protagonist here The warrior tells him the whole truth behind his supposed brother that he is one of the.

Strongest Spirits ever known will bring his power and such was the damage that he had caused to the kingdom human than the limits They had no way to lock him in the seal so they decided on the memory era and try to give him the most normal life possible, which included making him believe that he had a family in which telling all this information took Bye by surprise And that is how we realize that she had nothing to do with the whole deception and that she wholeheartedly saw the protagonist as her own brother later we return to Limbo and see more about the true story of the protagonist after running away and abandoning his mother the protagonist and his sister spent a good time Surviving on their own looking for a place to sleep and struggling every day to find the least bit of food everything seemed to change when the Prota tells his sister that he was finally able.

To find General Shu and that he himself would come to look for them to take them home and take care of them from now on. This whole matter does not give him a good feeling. His suspicions are confirmed when the General appears. intentions of helping them but of handing them over to the guards of the new emperor who would obviously do whatever it took to wipe out even the last trace of previous lineage fortunately the spirit of Zorro inside Juan also gave him a kind of powers with which they could free themselves from their enemies and come out alive once more, so time continued to pass until one day the protagonist came out of hiding to go look for food, leaving to his sister only for a few hours but just at that moment black and white warriors appeared Who were there to fulfill an important mission to recover the spirit.

Of Zorro but to obtain said spirit there was a price and this was the life of the recipient of the form More cruel, the black and white warriors pay attention to the ordinances of fate, which is why they give the young woman the death that had been planned for a long time, exposing her to the authorities of the current Dynasty and letting them take her away to execute her on The protagonist was walking through the streets of the city after having obtained some cakes to share with his sister, but in that he listens to some of the ha Inhabitants murmur that they had found the princess of the previous dynasty and that she would be publicly tortured, the protagonist quickly connects the dots and heads to the center of the city where he finds himself face to face with his worst nightmare: his sister with one of her limbs. including his own bound head.

Forcefully to five horses which once give the order begin to march in opposite directions slowly and painfully dismembering the body of the person who loved the most in the world after one of the cruelest I have seen the protagonist has no left another more than to take his sister's head in his arms and face the cruel reality, he could not fulfill that important promise that he had made to his mother when he understood the relationship that existed between the protagonist and the recently executed women, however, he accepted his tea in a peaceful way without knowing that from that moment on he would become a wandering spirit and full of hate and with good reason the truth, even after seeing the harsh reality, the child version of the protagonist finds it hard to believe nothing of what he saw, mainly It is difficult to accept the reality that he was going there, they are not.

Really human and the worst thing is that he has never really been a Black and White Warrior, but his adult version interferes with that, making it clear that during All their lives they have not used it as anything more than a tool while all this is happening we had by law Luzu's partner who was on the way to the sixth Palace to seek help that we must clarify that although they are part of the same kingdom, that is, the kingdom of the limits there are different regions known as Palaces the point is poop he meets one of the general days of the kingdom of the limits who at first take him for an intruder but after he explains the situation he welcomes him to the palace there we know other generals like the one with the strange hairstyle who is said to be the strongest general of all But well the truth is that this is not very useful Well.

It turns out that those of the sixth Palace have a kind of oath not to interfere in the affairs of the black and white warriors, that is, they will not help them, but they are in charge of transmitting the message to the rest of the teachers and generals. Although, honestly, I don't know if anyone can really be of help Since the situation in the seal does nothing but worsen, leaving them with less and less time before having to use the cannon, they find themselves between a rock and a hard place o They use the cannon to end the situation of a once and for all sacrificing the protagonist and wait a little longer to see if it is really possible for them to get out alive, this last option being the most risky because let's remember that the protagonist is in limbo struggling to accept himself and his past . his own reality while zone continues to fight a.

Fight against Sunshine that, although it is quite even, does not seem to end very soon since with all the weapons the spirit had devoured earlier plus the power that he managed to steal from the protagonist reached a sufficient level to face each other face to face against the general is making the most sensible decision but at the same time the most painful one fires the cannon at that very moment at that moment he interferes telling him that Both her brother and General Zoom are still in there and that there is still time to send a rescue team to look for them, however, she explodes and slaps her face, that is, she explodes with rage, I think since she doesn't want to risk the lives of those two either, but wait. Plus it also means putting the lives of many innocent people at risk, he understands the situation but still does not intend to sit idly by or.

What he jumps directly to the seal to help his brother on his own while all this was happening the proto was floating In a kind of boat crossing a road that seemed to take him to the end of his life for a moment, the protagonist wonders if that's all, if he is condemned to die without having achieved anything, but above all to die without his family after the humanity has decided to snatch absolutely everything from him, however, when it seemed that it had come to an end, the proto-makes a decision, the world turned its back on him, he would use it. on his own to end everything, using his last forces, the protazone violently from inside Samson's body, tearing him apart and eating him in a simply epic scene and in the middle of a gigantic cloud of dust, zoom is unable to see absolutely anything, but yes.

He perfectly listens to the sound of tearing flesh and after that a cold silence and finally sees the adult version of the protagonist come out ready to put an end to this dark world at the moment when the protagonist comes face to face with the situation . It becomes somewhat uncomfortable because we have to regenerate doing everything so that both can continue on time for the seal and the protagonist in a suspiciously talkative way Zong tells him that they must leave the seal before things get worse since although the seal was broken hours ago it continues to break down and release a large amount of spiritual energy but the protagonist does not want to talk about it but rather to thank him for taking care of him all these years, however the tone that he uses all generates no confidence since the protagonist speaks more as if it were a farewell And that is nothing good, especially.

Since apart from speaking the protagonist plans to finish the remaining energy within the seal to become much more powerful to the point that not all the black and white warriors in the world could stop it, it is in this way that what at first seemed like a peaceful conversation quickly turns into a fight with our protagonist attacking to the death and this other trying to hold on long enough to calm him down but nothing works and What is worse The more time they spend inside the seal, the more powerful the protagonist will be able to become, for what they are, he decides to start fighting seriously, the warrior quickly ties his arms and legs with special ropes which have the capacity to absorb a good part of his spiritual energy and the main character works , he weakens so much that it gives Zoom the opportunity to start preparing a.

Final attack with which he would leave the main character out of the game but at that moment By appears who quickly hugs the main character and asks him to come back to her to go back to their old life so they can continue having fun together and one day become the best black and white warriors lanco within the protagonist's , he was about to give in, but that's when the silhouette of shawan, his real sister, appears , asking him if he was going to abandon her again, that one sentence was enough to change everything and the look on the face of our The protagonist makes it more than clear to us that there is no going back from the central control office everyone can see how a gigantic now begins to come out from inside the Lake followed by an even larger creature in the form of a zong demon meets Luzu and tells him note that what they see is none other than the protagonist who finally managed to.

Absorb the remaining energy of the seal But that is not the worst since at the moment the Bye monster was created he was next to the protagonist so his body was left Trapped inside, I'm not going to lie to you, things look pretty bad, but Fongle tells the user not to worry. Well, he has a plan with which they could save both of them, as well as the little that remains of our protagonist, he will take care of them. and recover the dance while Luffy distracts the protagonist giving them enough time to use the cannon against him and if everything goes well they will defeat him with a single blow without anything else the general starts up delusional begins to face the protagonist in a fight that will makes it very clear why she is considered the strongest black and white warrior of all and while all this happens we have Don tink lead the sixth Palace who meets with the teacher calls to.

Discuss the whole situation with the great seal both They wonder if it is time to start notifying the situation of the arrest of the palaces, since despite all the efforts of Uso and his partner To spread the news, the great teachers were doing everything in their power so that nothing of what was happening came out . light is why gunting tells him that for now the best thing is to close the entire area around trait and that the fight does not go beyond there but above all to finish off the creatures as soon as possible without It doesn't matter if the life of the protagonist or of the vai itself were in danger, whatever it is, we have something very clear, everything that happens from now on will be in the hands of after a while, find the dance group inside a glass in the center of the monster after facing a bunch of wandering spirits of lower general category.

Recovered and fled the scene Apostles and everyone in the control office the perfect opportunity to activate the cannon once and for all Although at first everything seemed to have gone well we could not have been more wrong since under the great cloud of dust that left behind the explosion the monster was on its feet and ready to continue with the massacre So son uses his ace up his sleeve a secret technique created by the same master calls and allows him to generate and control a creature of equal size created entirely from energy or it is a susano which he uses to take the fight to another level and with a single blow remove the body of the protagonist from inside after this the situation was neutralized and although few really knew the scope of what happened in the lake that day the consequences were.

Unimaginable, especially since later on in the depths of a mountain we can see that sansang is still alive. Despite everything that happened and The protaibai were admitted to an ordinary hospital where they treated their injuries and after a whole month they were able to determine that the protaibai was not a threat. It is still not very clear to us if he remembers everything about his past, much less if he is aware of everything that happened in the lake, but one thing is certain, he recovers his body Adolescent and seems to be completely willing to return to the ordinary life he had before all this happened, however, something tells us that nothing will ever be the same again, mainly because between the two of them He still feels great tension, he knows that she is not his real sister and he is afraid that they will not be able to resume the relationship they had before.

While the main character, the truth is that I have no idea what he may be thinking, but his aloof attitude tells us that he is definitely not anywhere near the happy-go-lucky guy we first met. Meanwhile, strange things are happening all over the world . world a couple of black and white warriors for a mission in the kingdom of humans a mission that ends up being interrupted by two very mysterious subjects back this they meet with zoom who takes them to meet the most powerful blacksmith in the entire kingdom of limits known for creating the strongest legendary weapons of all, they were not there precisely for a weapon but for him to reforge bai's containment gloves, which he lost at some point in the entire disaster with the great seal, these gloves being the only ones capable To help her control her.

Powers, the boys leave Baik with the blacksmith and Selena to talk about everything that happened but to the surprise of all of us they don't talk about what happened a month ago but what happened thousands of years ago for what we have for sure that our protagonist remembers absolutely everything here zombie reveals that the reason why he decided to release him from the seal was not only because he was the most powerful spirit but because Because I knew that the protagonist could be the ideal partner for dancing both to protect her and to protect others from her, yes, I know that things are getting complicated, but let me explain, it turns out that Bye was born with a strange ability which allows him to develop an unlimited amount. of spiritual energy sounds good but the problem is that so much energy makes it impossible for her to control it and without the.

Containment gloves it's only a matter of time before said power kills everyone around her so much with herself they also mention something regarding Bai's mother giving us to understand that she is abandoning her everything about the origin remains a mystery especially because later on we see a curious scene of Don Tingue looking at a photo of Bai and the main character coincidentally I don't believe it suddenly the proto hears a loud noise when leaving the blacksmith's workshop as well as a lot of alarms giving us to understand that his spiritual energy has rejected the gloves but cu When the proto was ready to go in to help his sister, Phone came out with Bay in his arms , confirming that the containment was a complete success. problem is that unlike.

From the beginning of the anime on this occasion the protagonist did not even blink when it was his turn in a human way he fulfilled his mission to the letter even when one of these implored him to spare his life, he was very surprised since technically Ok the protagonist He is only doing his job as a Black and White Warrior but still something in everything that was happening felt Simply wrong, having successfully completed their first mission, the brothers headed to warrior offices to deliver all the collected souls so they ran into some clowns They try to make fun of both of them for barely having fulfilled a mission so far, but things don't escalate. The important thing here is that after giving them a bonus for their work, the receptionist warns the brothers to be very careful since there are people who they dedicate themselves.

To stealing the souls collected by other warriors in the human world we finally meet these two whom we will call 14 and vampiri E These are two wandering spirits that have been wreaking havoc in the human kingdom and are precisely responsible for having attacked weeks ago a couple of black and white warriors who are still missing until now, but the important thing here is that after having fun for a while both meet with other much more powerful wandering spirits that are part of the hundred spirits released a month ago with the breaking of the seal here we learn that these are led by a spirit with white hair and horns called the task of capturing a particular Black and White Warrior Having failed with their mission, they unleash the wrath of Samuel, who will give them a second chance, but now instead.

Of searching the human world, they will have to go directly into the realm of limits, however, all that goes to the background when They realize that they were being spied on because it seems to be a young version of Samson, this is captivating, number 7 doesn't look like this Not in the mood or in a position to fight, so after receiving a little beating, he asks them to let him join their side. On the other hand, they go out to celebrate their recent success in the missions, however, things do not go as planned since While they were waiting in the ice cream store , well, a team of warriors captured some wandering spirits that were causing destruction in the city, but that is not the worst of all, but just at that moment the protagonist has very vivid hallucinations where he sees all his loved ones dead under a large.

Pool of blood in said hallucination there is also his adult version which accuses him of all the deaths the protagonist has the same hallucination again later but on that second opportunity it affects a lot since between the bodies you can clearly see the dazed dance face the protagonist goes out to get some fresh air Outside the restaurant and luckily there he finds himself face to face face with 14 and vampiring who quickly recognize him as one of the 100 spirits of the site however the wanderers were not there to talk about old times as they quickly begin to attack our early have in their youthful version they do not have enough strength to face both fourteen begin to make fun of him for his relationship with the Black and White Warriors and even threaten to harm him by releasing a large amount of.

Dark spiritual energy, bringing out the part of his adult version's power at the end, he explodes , killing them both without much effort. After that Kombai is found but she hides everything about this recent encounter from her, her suspicions about the strange attitude of the protagonist, however I did nothing since she is aware of her past but still all she wants is that they can be the same again Forever brothers on the other hand of the death of their subordinates, so the greater spirit decides to send a new Ash to complete the qui But occupying position number 9 of the wandering Spirits of the seal and who, just like the rest of his companions, is causing destruction both in the human world and in the realm of limits, having several clashes with various groups of warriors and cruelly murdering each one of them. them after it finished by itself.

With a whole squad of black and white warriors in an abandoned church the news channels did not take long to cover the premise warning everyone that in recent weeks there has been an increase in cases of wandering spirits so all black and white warriors must be more careful in their missions and from now on especially in those in the human realm concerned And he asks the protagonist if he thinks it is possible that it is the Spirits of the seal and although I think the answer is more than obvious the The prota only tells her that they have nothing to worry about since he will always make sure to keep her safe, saying that, the brothers go on their next mission, which consists of collecting the soul of a young athlete who had been abusing substances for months. legal and that according to his destiny he was going to die that.

Same during a race The Brothers decide to warn the young woman about her upcoming death , they tell her that due to the Great use of substances s that he had consumed was going to die suddenly during the race that day I'm not really sure why they decided to tell him all this but anyway it didn't help him much since the young woman doesn't pay attention to them and decides to compete Anyway that being said The Brothers decide to complete their mission as usual but feel that the right thing to do is to wait for the girl to finish her career while they waited, she finally decides to open up to him soon and confesses what she has been thinking all this time that the protagonist has changed her a lot. she knows what she is referring to but she only answers that perhaps it is because she has matured, the career begins and we see that the girl was so obsessed with improving as an athlete since her dream was.

To become a professional and thus stop depending financially on other people still If it meant having to cheat in the process with all her effort the girl Advances in the race and was about to get a huge lead c When she suddenly falls to the ground , to the eyes of normal humans this girl had collapsed naturally, however to Buy's eye and one had been the work of two other black and white warriors who had slipped into her area to complete the job for his own account the protagonist Remember what the receptionist had told him weeks ago that there were some people who were engaged in stealing is the most collected by other warriors go the protagonist confront them for interfering in his work However the other two clowns did not even they care since they were used to getting into the.

Work area of ​​other warriors justifying themselves as being lovers of work when in reality they only enjoy killing the protagonist tries to get them to return to the girl's soul But this is how they start refusing a fight in which a great difference in power is noted interprets and the pair of psychopaths, not happy with beating them, tell both of them that they will kill them that no one would do anything about it due to the recent disappearances of warriors. Although they sound like empty threats, for a moment it seemed that they were going to be able to carry out their threat since one of them managed to subdue the protagonist and was about to cut off his little head Seeing his brother in that situation, the country decided to get down to it and lightly release a bit of the power contained in his gloves to launch a powerful attack, however at that moment they are interrupted by a.

Fifth person or rather by a spirit, one of the most wanted In the present day Pro the two guys are intimidated by the gigantic amount of dark energy that it emanates but they are still stupid enough to start picking a fight with the spirit The Brothers take the opportunity to run away but they were barely far enough away After dinner, the protagonist tells him to immediately notify his superiors of everything that happened, since judging by his safe power that they have just come across one of the 10 most powerful wandering spirits of all the contents of the seal. Not only that, but even if they can fight it for a while, it is a matter of minutes before it kills us two warriors and anyone who interferes On his way, even so, the protagonist tells his sister that none of this is their business and that for the.

At the moment, the best thing they can do is run away, well, he understands But even so, he is surprised Listening to the protagonist so coldly about the death of someone else, without further ado, the brothers continue on their way, he is in charge of sending him a message notifying him of the situation and asking him what to send reinforcements and immediately, just at that moment, they are hit by Row who, upon seeing them, says out loud that he has finally managed to find his goal and we are not talking about the main character but rather debay and born the main objective of that woman and her subordinates all this time, the protagonist tries to defend her and crosses her chest with a single blow, leaving the protagonist out of the game for good . in his.

Adult version Row quickly recognizes him as a wandering spirit But that does not mean that the fight has come to an end, the protagonist is a brother Ido begins to attack him, however Row's regeneration is so good that he did not end up making a single scratch, it is clear that the protagonist was at a disadvantage, so Raw attacks him not only to kill him but to devour his weapon and obtain even more spiritual energy. but when the protagonist thought that he was going to receive another fatal blow, he had realized that the attack had been stopped to save his life. The problem here is that the attack was so strong that his gloves broke, releasing an overwhelming amount of spiritual energy, such was the the energy that created everything still of expansive power that wiped out a good part of the city from the realm of zombie limits his team realize what happened.

And quickly come to a conclusion the only person is capable of creating similar or power en And if her gloves were torn, it means that both she and everyone around her are in grave danger, hours pass and the protagonist wakes up in the middle of the city, it's no good che and around him There is nothing but destruction and desolation the young man begins to walk through the city wondering where his sister could have been meanwhile in an exaggeratedly beautiful and peaceful place the place is disturbing But there he does not have much time to think about it Since there he meets what appear to be his parents who were having breakfast and living a most ordinary morning, take advantage of the time with them since deep down he knows that what he is experiencing was nothing more than an illusion. That's what I'm going to appear in the middle of.

A place completely on his side and in the distance on a great throne was a girl in a dress and hair white as snow, curiously that girl was very very similar to BahΓ­a herself But before we can discover something In this regard, today she listens to the voice of the protagonist who makes her return to reality, that is how we see the true consequences of the explosion, the protagonist carefully approaches whoever is found. she walks into the center of everything surrounded by a constant aura of spiritual energy he tries to reassure her by telling her that it doesn't matter as he will make sure that they both could return home safely however by does not seem very convinced and begins to say what they seem to be his last words you know thanking him for always being with her that his power is too dangerous to stay alive that he loves him very much and the whole thing let's not go into.

Details here because clearly by does not die Since at that moment zoom appears ready to save the day for the third or fourth time in which it actually goes from series What happens is that zone arrives Just in time to his team they manage to solve all the disaster caused by the explosion of things return to normal at least for now and both They take advantage of the next few days to rest from the drama and advance little by little with their missions, however, all this Peace also brings its own problems and in this case we talk For some time, he has begun to notice that after all, perhaps he doesn't really see the protagonist as a brother but rather as something else, so let's remember that even though they are brothers and I've been carrying the brothers for half of the video and they don't have any bond of blood having Of course what you will see next we are incest Well let's continue one.

Of those nights The pair attends a festival in the city where they hang out together they have fun they blush and above all they become closer to each other Bye enters a Hades store and finds a pair of Hades necklaces yin and yang, which legend has it, are designed to be used by two people eternally united by fate, without much thought, the girl buys them and leaves the store excited to enjoy the fireworks show but in a hurry if she runs into a face Face to face with Don Ting and the one with the weird hairstyle. The latter begins to tell her a lot of cruel things, saying that she is a danger to everyone around her and that right at that moment she was doomed so that no one wants to stay by her side for a long time . this affects the wishing tree a lot, the protagonist finds her.

But there is a lot I can do to comfort her since inside and she is convinced that the words of that girl were right So he goes and decides to confess to the protagonist and reveals that Dunting is his real mother but that she abandoned her due to her uncontrollable power and that it is only a matter of time before the rest of the people in her life also decide to abandon her, the poet does not say nothing but Clara gives a response with her actions as she takes one of Jade 's necklaces and places it on her neck, confirming that their destinies are connected and that it will always be there when she needs it, at that moment they start the fireworks show artificial lights that serve as the perfect background for the beautiful dinner that happens between them but not everything is love and joy since while all this was happening and his team were investigating various.

Attacks throughout the realm of limits all caused by a particular spirit after Investigating a little lushu came to the conclusion that the attacks are not accidental , much less random, but are part of a plan to open a species and to carry directly between the kingdom of the limits the other two kingdoms not only that but the next attack would be at a very specific point in the city the house of the grand master while all this was happening prota dance they were watching a movie on their birthday rest when leaving the hundredth cinema in which the house of the great master was being burned down of course they quickly arrive at the place only to find themselves face to face again who was in the middle of a ritual to place the seventh and last seal on the doll he se They confront him in a fight that they win surprisingly.

Quickly. Park begins to question him about his intentions but it doesn't take long for them to realize that he had fallen into their trap by capturing a double and during all this time the real Sunshine had kept hidden giving him the time . necessary to finish the doll seal and activate a gigantic portal portal through which Samuel appears who just crosses claps causing everyone to everyone is completely frozen with the exception of corn since the objective of everything was to be able to tell him face to face that he is his real father that seriously what the hell were we going through the entire anime thinking that the main character was the most broken of the two and now it turns out What a dance is the daughter of Not only the number one General of the Boundary Realm but the most powerful wandering spirit of all One so powerful that it is easily considered.

The true demon of the Heavenly Realm The problem does not lie only in this strange encounter between father and daughter According to Samuel, he has not arrived alone if he is not accompanied by what seems to be a complete army of spirits and demons willing to affect the balance between the three kingdoms, that is, to end everything, so here begins a strong confrontation between the wandering Spirits and some of the black and white warriors presidents in the area, among which is our protagonist who quickly transforms into his demonic state and begins to fight to prevent them from taking all these to a dance where he is I say capable of having all this madness it is he no yes and no Well it turns out that the general is dealing with his own problems and I think they are very very serious you will see after everything that happened with the seal.

High command of the kingdom of the limits began to suspect what had happened. Do not ask me why the imbeciles could not think of anything other than to think that they are the same one who stopped everything and except thousands of Lives was actually responsible for breaking the seal and that is why right at that moment he is locked up in a high security prison awaiting a trial . The good side is that the user who was aware of this whole situation does not sit idly by and pretends to be one from the higher ups creating the perfect situation for zone to escape and join the party and boy do we need her to join the party since she goes and flatly refuses him with her father so he ends up putting her under some kind of Mental control sprouts does everything to stop it but the difference in power is so.

Abysmal that with just a few simple attacks Samuel leaves him dying on the ground and the protagonist thanks them for taking care of his daughter throughout these years but he warns her that the time has come for her to stop getting in her way as a reminder of that he rips off her horns I'm not going to lie to you things look pretty bad but just when she was about to go through the portal they appear to save the Good day More or less what happens is that as soon as they come face to face, Zonki Samuel recognizes the power of each other to the point where Samuel comments that someone worth fighting has finally arrived, anyone would think that this is the one start of a great confrontation but we could not be more than wrong since both are aware that a confrontation between them at this moment AND.

In this place would only cause a level of unnecessary deaths and destruction and we are not talking about a death of either of them but rather of the death of civilians or even of the Valley itself, so the zong himself agrees that the only thing I can do is let Samuel go, but at that moment a gig arrives. ancient ship from which two of the most important generals of the Kingdom come out of the limits and anyone would think that these two come to I don't know how to stop the demon that has just destroyed the entire city but not since they are literally only there to take what What's about the anime since as I told you a while ago there is some fool in the high command blaming him for everything about the seal of the protagonist of the bai thing about the missing warriors and Ah that there is an army of demons in the city. So instead.

Of paying attention to Samuel, they try to imprison zongo once again. The difference now is that, aware of the danger that lies ahead, Zong has not the slightest intention of wasting his time behind bars, so after launching himself a good fight the curious thing about all this is that after escaping he meets someone we would least expect while all this is happening the protagonist finds himself recovering his strength in the house of illusion, a place where the rest of the warrior they keep you under extreme surveillance in case zong comes looking for them so the use and the protagonist decide to spend the time clarifying some important things mainly about everything that has to do with since the simple fact that he has met his father means that she is in danger as well as everyone throughout the three kingdoms no Samuel did not come looking for.

Her just because he had a sudden attack of fatherhood, much less because he wants to stay healthy but because he wants to use his power to destroy the three kingdoms Precisely for this reason, it is not enough to just stop him, but they have to do it before he can use the power of For this, the use and the protagonist enter a magical barrier inside the house where The warrior begins to train him and gives him a powerful sword named which was specially designed for the prompt and is the only sword capable of drying up the maximum potential of his spiritual energy including dark energy at the same time. When all this happens, several of the most important figures of the lands meet to talk about what happened with among these we have several high commands from the limits and a new face who represent the celestial kingdom.

From the same place where the souls for their reincarnation from which wandering Spirits come out and the demons and Samuel since perhaps it has not been completely clear but Samuel has his own lair in the celestial kingdom, exactly the same lair to which they took BahΓ­ so as not to open up with political things, I basically summarize the high command of the limits. They say that they will not do anything to stop that woman and it is up to the heavenly kingdom to fix the mess which is a bit stupid considering that this woman could literally destroy the land but don't worry because that same day they are showing up before mu to offer him to form a temporary alliance, he accepts and this is how the strangest group we have seen so far is formed, a politician Funk the second most wanted criminal today and blood who would only be there.

To betray that woman and see the world burn together they go to look for the use and the protagonist and after an awkward reunion between him and Sam Sam leaves on his way to a new great mission he creates a portal with which It takes them directly to the celestial kingdoms, once there it goes, since the support in this whole plan was to get our Heroes to arrive safely and in the discreet ways possible , from this point on it is up to them to find out how to get to the dragon region. red an entire territory taken by force for being a woman and her minions to function as a hideout and the one that cannot be easily reached since it changes location several times throughout the day, it is here where entrashine will create the guide within the Spiritual Kingdom Meanwhile, in the realm of limits, things have started to get complicated since Tom thinks he has just found out everything that.

Happened with his love. The problem is that I don't know if they remember it, but she is the dance mother and therefore Samuel's ex, which is why he had not told him anything about what happened because they feared that this would make a hasty decision And well, we can see that so much concern did not help him much since he barely found out everything that he happened to decide and take his own cards in the matter Don Tin travels to a completely isolated mountain there he meets one of the strongest subordinates of that woman and after seeing her give him a good beating we will feel that Don's plan is to confront Samuel alone, but to ask for the help of his father and as has become customary in this family, it is not just anyone, but it is one of the Spirits of the seal, the oldest and strongest of all, when the rest of the generals find out about this they set off with the sole objective.

Of stopping her Although it may be too late since the next thing we see coming face to face with his father who looks less ancient and epic than one would expect but it is because that is not his real body but that one of his subordinates stole while his own body is still in the process of regeneration, he helps him by giving him a lot of souls in exchange for them doing a little as much as for the group of the Prota these continue advancing and in the middle of the road they find a large entrance and a demon that indicates that they are entering the red dragon region but that in order to advance they must first face him. This is how a great fight begins between the watchman and the protagonist who also receives the help of the rest , however, although the demon does not seem too powerful, he uses a power with which everyone.

Enters and a kind of trance where they are forced to relive some of the hardest and most horrible moments of their lives In the case of the main character, we already know that there are a few of them who eventually manage to kill the watchman and advance what will be a longer path than we expected since, although technically it is located in Samuel's territory, they will have to cross other different areas before reaching the main castle and of course face each of the demons that are on the road as soon as Don Zinc sees that he is continuing to deliver or more and more to his father so that he can completely regenerate his true body. We are not very sure what he is planning to ask in exchange for his help, but it seems that it is not what we all expected, since at that moment he tells him that he plans to wipe out the three kingdoms.

Whatever it means, it doesn't sound good, especially since as soon as he says those words , other generals appear, the embittered bearded one, both with colored hair and the one with the strange hairstyle, accusing them of high treason. This is how an epic fight begins for a On the other hand we have Donkey against the old man with the beard while his father faces two others despite the fact that we have been talking throughout the anime about how powerful don ting is, the truth is that the old man is not far behind, reaching the point of leave her completely out of the game with Don tink out of sight the three generals begin to prepare a powerful spell with which to ashlar and definitively finish him off but when they were very close to completing it they are attacked but he was only waiting for the exact moment to attack that attack was So powerful.

That he managed to kill two of the generals, the girl from too weird attacks the old man from behind, killing him and proving his loyalty to Don Tin. That's not the worst since after that they use those three new and powerful souls to finish regenerating the goat's body and its true power returns and as for the main character, I didn't think so either. It's not good at all since even if they manage to advance to the next stage both are like Samuel himself who already knows that they are coming to stop him admit that it may be too late especially because minutes later Samuel has them brought to the center of the castle and prepare everything to start the ritual Meanwhile the others are stopped by a Loli who she introduces herself as the guardian of the dragon bone cellar obviously starts a fight Loli puts them all in a kind of illusion.

Quite similar to the previous one but in this case it consists of them reliving the moment of their old deaths they all fall with the exception of the use who begins to fight with the moon the fight advances but after a while it is interrupted by a spirit with a hat that was sent there by the m Ism Samuel with the aim of stopping them, in the midst of insults and threats, clarifies for us. Finally , what the famous plan consists of is based on using the wood of blasphemy, an exaggerated instrument from ancient times that is capable of nourishing the three kingdoms. Reproducing the universe or in other words creating a new world from scratch of course such a big song carries a cost in this case the price is she will sacrifice for everything to work they need an incredible amount of spiritual energy quantity that only she possesses on the other hand she finally recovers her his true.

Body as well as his true power, a power such that from that Corner of the spiritual Kingdom it is perceived by zoong since between the two there is a kind of connection the cause is a bit complicated but in summary it happens that when zong was a child he saved him from death death inserting into him part of his own spiritual energy reaching them for life and leaving in zong that particular scar is free and ready to go. to bring his own dose of destruction I imagine that having spent thousands of years locked up has not done him any favors since the first thing he does as soon as he is released is to go directly to the realm of the limits. What then, let's burn everything like Samuel at least he plans to create a new world while this one couldn't care less what happens to any of the shibuya kingdoms causing quite a ruckus in the.

Main city of the limits once there he faces all kinds of generals however I don't know if it is because the rest are very weak or because he is very powerful but it is literally like seeing a child killed friends especially because the guy has a very broken power that allows him to launch ultra powerful attacks at the same time that he absorbs the spiritual energy of his enemies And well, as you can imagine, a good fight is put together, something like Madara against the crabs, but a little less humiliating, the teacher arrives, but it does not help much. to the man and contains it but I won't be much He throws the bear-type Canon from the first season at him but his mother's son stops him with one hand Ok I think it's clear that this guy doesn't destroy the world and right now for him good script so we better go with the group of the protagonist who is releasing.

A good fight with Loli and the one with the hat at the end of everything they manage to beat them but by cutting off heads the priorities have changed and now it will be left alone in the hands of the protagonist he will directly rescue the kingdom of limits to find out how to stop Chivo and of course An epic begins, who after thousands of years and in a completely opposite situation meet again to end each other's lives this time. As for Samuel, he continues to progress successfully with the ritual, however in the middle of the process he is interrupted by a tiger and the of the strange hairstyle who arrived there automatically with the help of chiguΓ©, so now we know that the wish he had asked for in exchange for helping him was that he will automatically transport her to Samuel's lair once there the general.

Tries to stop him to save him, however, since in the bottom of his heart he still has a little affection for him, Don Tin does not dare to hurt Samuel for what he has done to him. It gives him the perfect opportunity to betray her, he embraces her but at that moment he launches a powerful attack with which , without good, he does not kill her, he removes a strange object from her body . perfect tool to do with her the same thing that kombai was doing and in fact that was her intention, however Don ting is saved by the one with the strange hairstyle who sacrifices herself ruining the effect of this second seed which gives Don Tin the opportunity to interfere with the dance ritual and save her at the cost of her own life. Voy regains consciousness in time to hear her mother explain that I always love her and that the.

Reason she abandoned her was to protect her from the truth of her family and his own father Samuel is still convinced that as long as he has Bye he will be able to find a way to make the ritual work fortunately at that moment our main character Samuel arrives and begins to say the Kind of a speech that he plans to create a better world from scratch and I don't know what other things but this one could not care less since the only thing that really matters to him is that you avoid being healthy, safe and happy although that means of course kicking him in the His mother's ass dies, he enters Saiyan mode, summons a very broken sword and a battle began, a battle in which the protagonist is not far behind, but for now the fight that truly and that will define or not the end of the three kingdoms is the showdown well you know how broken he.

Is and with shui having the darkest and most overwhelming spiritual energy we've seen in the entire series The showdown progresses very evenly until zong launches a powerful attack that is stopped by goat or that's it what they make us believe Since at the last moment Funk uses all his remaining energy to create a kind of Cage, however, he quickly notices that the spiritual energy of this spell was not one in any ergy but that had resulted from the mixture of energy seconds before dying she sends the remaining fragments of her soul since she knew that she also had to find a way to help stop her father zong prepares to launch a final attack but this one was going to be so powerful that he himself warns him that most likely they will both end up dying. When he hears those sounds, he just smiles.

And says that that is exactly what he plans and well, it was a he will survive, the protagonist will be able to defeat Samuel and the most important thing that will happen with the realm of limits

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