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We are located in a modern hospital in Japan and in that place we meet our podcast called he is a workaholic pharmacist who does not want to waste a single moment due to the loss of his sister at a young age and despite the concerns of His secretary works day and night, is going to take a nap for an hour but dies of a heart attack in the middle of the night and after the above, who does wake up in the body of fame and in that he meets a parent Charlotte who is looking and naturally the protagonist is stunned at first by his new appearance and his surroundings and at that moment when the maid helps him remove the bandages from his arms they both notice a mark that our protagonist confuses with a figure of but Charlotte.

Sees it as a divine mark then the protagonist asks for water and Charlotte is stunned because farma forgot about the divine arts since he is supposed to have the magical ability to generate magic moments later pharmacy moment to try to learn the divine arts and almost he floods the room trying to use water magic and sends it flying out the window and accidentally drenching the herb garden but Charlotte is grateful moments later and is already helping him get dressed as he asks about his family to which Charlotte panics as he he thinks that farma may have lost his pharmaceutical information later the protagonist enters the dining room of his house and meets some people who would become his relatives in that world his father Bruno is happy that his son is fine while fame tries to.

Get his family he does not know that he is another person and in that his mother Beatriz and his sister we see that the father of the main character feels relieved and says that our main character can resume his studies with something like that, then we immediately see that something is wrong with what farma manages to avoid all suspicion by mentioning that he was struck by lightning and that's why I don't remember some things moments later they both go to another place and he ends up giving divine art lessons on the river bank later he asks about the null attribute and he learns that his power to create situations of which he knows the chemical formula would be a power equivalent to that of a God or a demon in that world, then we see that Ellen is surprised when fame accidentally forgets her wand, it is then that he already.

Shows that an artifact called a water lance and after that she shoots a large amount of pressurized liquid followed by this we see that the protagonist tries to do the same and generates a much stronger water lance and when Eren sees that I recoil and is stunned even after that pharma releases her cane then she decides to check the level of farmar And it is there that the device breaks since the power of the protagonist exceeded the limit and has both positive and negative attributes after this she carries the mark of pharma exclaiming that the marks of burns do not glow blue as they return to the mansion form ends up holding Helen's hand to walk since without her glasses she hardly sees anything anymore And in the middle of that she plans the idea of ​​a God called and offers advice to Ellen to see a little better and after doing that she realizes that.

This works later the protagonist uses one of his powers which is called divine sight And in this way he determines that there is a sprain in the finger and when she sees that I get scared again he has no shadow at that moment she runs towards the trees while farma wonders what he should do the next day Bruno the father of the protagonist received a carrier pigeon with a note that he feels bad and wants to stop being the guardian of Pharma, Pharma himself, is not surprised to find out about this. Later we see that Bruno has a potion and a letter for him and he asks Pharma to give them to him and in that we see that Pharma rides towards the mansion and after that he meets him in which is wearing an iron armor since he fears that the protagonist can do it with his powers, then the protagonist exchanges the remedy that his father gave him.

For another that he created himself and due to the previous one, Ellen believes that it is poison, says no after estofarma also gives her a bouquet of flowers telling her that he wants her to continue being his Dora at the The next day he involves training pharma and in that he mentions that the medicine he gave him before was very useful later She takes him to a deserted island with his armor for safety, it is then that they both work a lot And Eleonor promises that she will be there for Pharma and then when Pharma returns to his house he talks to his servants and tastes his wine eye and at that moment he decides what medicine to do and starts with a hand cream for Charlotte Charlotte is happy for the good gesture of fame and comments that the doctors nobles They do not attend to the commoners and the next day he goes down for breakfast he finds out that his younger sister Blaché has varicin and due to.

The above the protagonist is in Brache's room despite his father's orders to keep her isolated immediately The protagonist he makes brache take a medication that I think and when the little girl is over the remedy the protagonist mentions that the method was in a new book followed by this blache feels itchy and begins to scratch to which the protagonist immediately gets her to stop saying that the The virus that spreads is an evil spirit, he notices his brother's kinder attitude and says that it wasn't like that before, but the crowd is that new version and when he hears that, he cries, remembering his sister from his past life and later while pharma manufacturing a microscope thinks that he is still a weird [ __ ] Even in his new life This is due to his powers and the fact that he has no shadow and in the midst of that Simon calls pharma Since he and his.

Father have been called To help treat the queen, according to Bruno, the sovereign's situation has worsened and while the protagonist listens to this, he notes that his father continues to have that cough that he has been carrying for days and later when he arrived at the palace they find a Cruz gesture called Claude and in the esofarma he sees to elizabethriase the queen who is lying in bed and then the protagonist sees his father working with compounds and even astrology to try to help the flour and then Bruno prepares a potion of anesthesia and pharmacy unfocused that no one is trying to cure her and it is then that the protagonist uses his divine sight And that is how he finds out that the Empress has tuberculosis and in that the queen's children appear, who of course are very sad about the situation and when the protagonist sees that it happens Realizing that he cannot sit.

Idly by, it is at this moment that Forma steps forward offering the treatment. We then see that everyone but the Queen is against the proposal but Elizabeth goes under what pharma has she not given up on? she Like all the other moments later farma enters the laboratory where he installs the microscope to examine the saliva obtained from the queen before and in that Bruno bursts in demanding to know what he is doing and after a brief exchange of words he is surprised that Bruno knew about the tuberculosis and in that The couple mentions that this disease has no cure but the protagonist still insists that both the queen and Bruno take the medicine that he is then creating a remedy using an illustration as a guide but is knocked down by the divine art of Bruno Bruno He ASSUMEs what form a poison is making and attacks it to which.

He rubs without hesitation counteracts the power of his father by eliminating the ice spikes and creating a wall of ice and when Bruno sees that he is stunned and asks him who are you then that he guy reads a book that was on a nearby table but immediately realizes that he can't understand anything that is written there sends you says that what is written in the book is knowledge of the new medicine which he saw in a I dream after being attacked so that Lightning then Bruno sees the Sacred mark in Farm's books and realizes that the protagonist has The power of the God panacteos and that's why he calmed down a bit After finishing the pharmacy remedy he returns to Farma's bedroom the queen and Claude ask if Bruno went to which the main character says no and passes by the Empress and in that Bruno appears and Claude asks him if he should stop.

Pharma but Bruno says no since that boy has more talent that any of the doctors present in that place followed in this way Elizabeth to see the bacteria that he obtained from her Through the microscope that Elizabeth made, she is surprised by what she sees later, Elizabeth shows the same thing to Claude and after the above, she explains that what they are seeing is the bacteria responsible for the queen's illness, adding that with a treatment of six months taking those medicines that he gave him, he will be cured of the disease, followed by this we see that the protagonist decides to supervise the treatment, then the protagonist takes the first sip with the queen and declares that tuberculosis is no longer incurable and, as is to be expected, the protagonist quickly surrounded by the noble pharmacists who have many questions and in that we see that the queen.

Comments that the protagonist is interesting and then a long trip back home we see that the protagonist and Bruno arrived at the mansion and in that the protagonist gives him a medicine so that he can cure his cough, then Bruno comments that if this is a paracteo order, he must comply with it, so he immediately grabs the medicine, the protagonist mentions that he still has a lot to learn and that is why he wants Bruno to continue as his mentor and as presumably this access is not agreed if they shake hands before returning home since then we see that three months have passed in that time Bruno and Pharma began to exchange information and in the middle of that Bruno comments that someone had asked for the recipe for that the medicine that he made a while ago to which pharma says that it is the only one that can do it but with time he can make possible a method to produce it without.

Divine arts adding that he will soon reveal the recipe since the knowledge needs to be shared and Al hearing that Bruno warns farma that his thought can be seen as heresy and also points out a rumor that someone put that virus in the Palace to infect Her Majesty on purpose later when farma visits the Empress her servant Noa asks what reward she He doesn't think he deserves a reward but if he wants to open a pharmacy in the capital and then Claude lets Pharma in asking him to take care of His Majesty, then Pharma goes to see Elizabeth and while supplying him with the medicine, she mentions that she feels worthy of the title of Empress because of her condition to which Farma says that people admire her and that her son.

Also with his father and in that we see that he is amazed by the beauty of Elizabeth II Once he has fully recovered and during the event we see that Bruno gives himself the land of massierre as it is said which is famous for having herb plantations medicinal thought other herbs finally we arrived immediately the protas called to the front and in this way the sovereign promotes him to royal pharmacist later the Empress gives him fame a letter that says he can duel with her for the throne once his powers have matured some time later we see that it allows the protagonist to open his own pharmacy and because of that the construction team arrives to help with the construction obviously and in that we see that Eren also comes to help while Charlotte.

Attends to the however the Proto doesn't know what to build and noticing that, he mentions that if he doesn't like how the building looks, he can do it again and a few days later the showcase is ready and Farma is asked to choose a name, then Farma thinks that because Finally, he will have his own pharmacy although he did not expect to do it in another world and unfortunately the protagonist says that out loud and the teacher in charge of recording the name in the Carter gives him that name pharmacy from another world later we see that the head of the pharmacists guild verón visit the establishment and in that subject he comments that the prices of the premises are surely very high to which pharma mentions that everyone is the opposite and as is to be expected, verón becomes defensive and says that the protagonist will not be able to do that and when the subject he began to lose his temper were he intervened and.

Chases away aeron moments later we see that our protagonist is in conflict over who to hire to handle the accounting and official documents and while farma thinks about it he walks home and When he arrives, he discovers that he is retiring, I am more on my knees and when the protagonist finds out about this, he decides to make cedric work in his pharmacy and he will also treat his knees. Do you see this? The protagonist asks Bruno for permission and Bruno says that Farma does not need his Excuse me because citric has already retired, check this out Bruno gives him a chest full of money for the protagonist to use in his pharmacy and when the protagonist sees that, he first rejects it But in the end he changes his mind and thanks for the gesture and thus the other's pharmacy The world opens its doors and a month has passed since here but business is slow so Charlotte conducts a survey while touring the city and discovers that people.

Are still not interested in the pharmacy because they don't know about it and with that in mind the main character he prepares to design a plan to get closer to the general public Shortly after the protagonist's parents visit the store in disguise although as expected the protagonist recognizes instantly then that Pharma gives them a tour and but is not impressed by errugan and after this our protagonist He mentions that the pharmacy is still unknown and that is why they have not yet sold remedies and when white powder for the face since that usually damages the health of women and when the protagonist hears that he is surprised that his father knows that only by observing adding of that in ancient times the makeup was made with substances harmful to health such as mercury and iron and moments later a subject appears that a person needs help so he immediately goes.

To that place and upon arrival he meets a very pale woman is then he uses his divine eye and finds a wound on the arm and realizes that this is due to the bleeding and because they did it many times the wound became infected so the protagonist takes the woman inside and gives some medicines later the protagonist finds out that this woman is called and that she underwent bleeding to have paler skin with the aim of conquering a man, it is then that Pharma prescribes a medicine for her anemia infection and prohibits her from using white powders to Fucking my face reminds me of some white powder every time, don't look for more information about it, let's continue and when you hear it, he says that he can't do it, so the pharmacist suggests to the girl that she come back in a week, keeping away from the fact that by then she will have some cosmetics for them and after.

A few days the protagonist manages to create a makeup cosmetic that meets the needs of a new cosmetic that is toxic, to which the protagonist replies no since he did it with materials that are not native to health, then the protagonist comments that he will soon talk to the queen so that he prohibits the manufacture of makeup with materials and not long after he returns it for his makeup and is surprised that it is a cream and after the protagonist explains the benefits of that cream and that he should remove his makeup before we see He is delighted with his new product and since then his voice has been covered and many people of all social statuses found out about that makeup then a couple of days passed and we see that he later returns and realizes that there is no more of that cream to which the protagonist comments that it happens that.

That product has sold a lot lately, so she already proposes to open another store But this time focused solely on cosmetics, alleging that she and her noble family will take care of financing it and when The protagonist listens to the proposal, he hesitates a bit, but in that he tells you that the family is trustworthy and that he will also take care of the paperwork and, as expected, open a cosmetics store. Since then, a couple more days have passed and Charlos conducted another survey. to the public and on this occasion the reviews were more than positive and later our protagonist meets with the queen and she is already delighted with the cosmetics she developed and in that the sovereign mentions that she has already prohibited the manufacture of cosmetics with products considered harmful, however He warns him to be careful since the manufacturers of that industry probably get angry with him and.

Want to do something to him and when the protagonist hears that he says no and after this he comments that he will reveal the recipe for his healthy cosmetics so that anyone who can is able to. to make them later we see that farme and his family go to Marcel on vacation so the father meets with the family to talk about the last five years of business and for our protagonist to bore us and tell him to go out and play on the beach then farma joins to Blanche and do it on the beach and they ask him to go to nothing to which he says no but in the end he ends up giving in and the girls get into the water and Shortly after Eren does the same thinking about his younger sister And he remembers that one year Before her death, he promised to let her go into the sea. After this, the protagonist realizes that his sister Blache was swept away by the tide and in despair the protagonist jumps into the sea and tries.

To save her, but he cannot reach her and it is then that he heard her voices. powers and destroys the water around him and creates a barrier to maintain an empty circle . Then, when Farma goes to bed, Charlotte mentions that she was not scared by her abilities, but rather amazed. It is then that she comments that she wanted to go help Blache but she didn't know anything. And when the main character heard that, he comments that he made the best decision since he would not have wanted the two of them to be in danger so Charlotte raises her spirits and leaves and when the protagonist is left alone he comments that the person who felt the most relieved is him and Charlotte does not see him as a monster and not much Later he realizes.

That his store was attacked by some detractors but luckily people helped him clean up the place and rebuild it, then a woman appears asking for help saying that her father is very injured and needs a doctor and then he exploded to help her and Not when the two arrived at the scene of the events, the woman disappears and the protagonist is surrounded by some warriors who say they belong to the Sacred Inquisition and say that they are there to end the life of the protagonist, since he also has the powers of a demon. that he has no shadow And in this way he pharma Remembers that Helen gave him a lesson about the temple and the inquisition And in this way he understands What situation he is in but returning to the present we see that the leader of the Solomon church tells our protagonist that he is a fool for going out into the sunlight where he could be easily discovered.

By adding that he is a demon disguised as a child and when the protagonist hears that he says that he does not want to fight and that is why he decides to comply with the requests of those people and then they lock him up in a magic circle Although while they were doing the spell one of the inquisitors' horses gets scared so the magic circle is broken and the inquisition attacks with fire, it is then that Pharma uses nitrogen to block the fire and then removes the oxygen to heat the calls and when they see that without hesitation they attack him with some magical spears but our hero does not give up and defends himself And in this way he eliminates the spears followed by this we see that clearly the protagonist does not want to fight but the inquisitors insist on attacking for what finally our protagonist is forced to use his powers and knock them all down and after that farma stops everyone in their tracks.

With an iceberg on their heads and says that the battle ended adding that he does not want to use his powers to harm but to heal and it is at that moment that Solomon sees the mark of panacteos on the shoulder of fame and realizes that he made a terrible mistake and believes that the protagonist is panacteos himself and because of that he says that the protagonist has no shadow because he is the light, which would explain that detail, followed by this, the inquisition bows before the protagonist and apologizes for his actions and suddenly things get cloudy when the inquisitors try to take their own life as a sign of repentance but obviously the protagonist refuses to let that happen then the protagonist uses his powers and realizes that Solomon has a broken leg which was caused when he fell from the horse and because the injury is very serious the protagonist must.

Act immediately and since he is the only doctor with advanced medical knowledge decides to do it on his own then pharma tells everyone to forget what they are going to see and after that Crea an iron table followed by this he asks that they put Solomon on the table and get a carriage to transport him after the operation after that pharmacy a tent to cover Solomon and Solomon agrees to let pharmacy perform the procedure is then that the The main character makes Solomon drink a substance and then injects a lumbar puncture in his back to eliminate the pain and after that the main character tests the anesthesia with a piece of ice and Solomon is astonished since he does not feel anything and moments later Farma treats the injury and he uses Solomon's cane as a brace and after the surgery he sews the wound well and makes Solomon fall asleep.

Later he informs the other inquisitors about the situation of his commander saying that he is out of danger followed by this he mentions that he He is someone who wants to walk the path of medicine and does not want anyone else to know what happened in that place and because the inquisitors think that the protagonist is some kind of God, they promise not to reveal anything they saw that day. Later, Solomon goes by the protagonist's pharmacy and says that he is the new archbishop, then Solomon comments that he did many things to get to that position with the aim of being useful to the protagonist and when the protagonist hears that, he realizes that Solomon did shady things for the head of the church to do Shortly after Solomon comments that he also eradicated the rumor of the shadowless child after this he gives our protagonist a magic rod and says that said.

Tool can only be used by the gods of another world And when the iron grip protagonist is surprised to see that and because Queen was very interested in the scepter the protagonist lends it to her but she cannot touch it since it is not a deity and when she sees that the protagonist is the only one who can take that scepter he mentions with a mocking face that farma is a God and after all the above Solomon leaves while a few hours later the protagonist decides to take a walk with his sister and her friend and when they walk through the city they manage to see how a woman wants to buy medicine from the main character's pharmacy in another place since the main character's store is full, however the vendors of the other pharmacies say that they cannot sell those medicines because the main character does not belong to the Commoner pharmacists' guild and because of this the main character decides to open a guild free so.

That anyone can join and on the other hand we see that a pharmacist named Pierre has his daughter Mari sick and from what we can see none of his medicines work so he naturally despairs and the next day pier goes to the doctor to have they see his daughter Mari but the doctor does not respond followed by this we see that the protagonist and Charlotte pass by and notice the situation and offer their help to which Pierre at first doubts But in the end he ends up accepting and once they are inside the Farma office gives Pierre a mask to protect himself against infection and after some questions Farma asks about Mari's weight but Pierre doesn't know since the pharmacists in his guild don't usually do that and when the protagonist finds out about this he ends up weighing to Pierre with Mari In his arms to use a scale and thus find.

The difference and know the weight of the girl and of course he loses he is surprised that Pharma is so brilliant even though he is a child and not much after farma determines that Mari has a bad cold and after the above the protagonist prescribes a medicine for the little girl to get better shortly after we see that the members of the pharmacist union meet to talk and in that they see that he is still unworthy for the the protagonist's pharmacy And apparently other pharmacists think the same and at that moment several of the members of the guild mention that they saw he was the one who hired some bandits to destroy the protagonist's store, it is then that Pierre comments that he visited the protagonist's store and comments that they cannot compete against him since pharma has effective and accessible medicines and attends to the people who need it regardless of their.

Class adding that the pharmacists guild should not try to destroy it but learn from it and as you can imagine Vero the guild boss those words are not taken in a good way and done Pierre from the pharma group later passes by Pierre's store and finds it destroyed with dirt outside who has red eyes, however we see that Pierre did not regret facing the guild but what really makes him sad is that he can no longer open a shop since he no longer belongs to a guild then Pharma offers Pierre to join his guild which allows him to run his own shop and learn about the new medicine followed by this pharma says the training will take a month but there will be no the need to leave the country and as you can imagine Pierre accepts immediately since then a month has passed and Pierre is ready.

To open his new pharmacy and in that we see that he is worried since he does not know if it will go well however his daughter seems and gives him encouragement, it is then that he opens the main door of his store and finds many people waiting to enter and when he sees that he cannot help but shed a tear of happiness but immediately regains his composure and cheerfully welcomes him the dawn pharmacy, that is, that is the name of his store, one day we see that the protagonist's father has a bad dream in which he remembers his past, specifically the time he met a long-haired guy named camus who was a pharmacist who was locked up for carrying out inhuman experiments and after that Bruno wakes up and the next day during breakfast our protagonist finds out that his brother from that world who is called Valle will soon.

Visit them, it is then that Charlotte mentions that he is a very talented person who studies in a medical university and everything was going well until it started to go wrong since the father of the protagonist tells him that an event will soon be held in the capital of the kingdom and for that reason Many merchants from other countries are coming to the country and due to the previous one he appeared a new disease called the black plague, it is then that the protagonist realizes that containing this virus will be very difficult and meanwhile we see that the queen meets with her councilors and they mention that the kingdom has improved a lot in the area of ​​health since that the protagonist over his tent, however, the queen is not stupid and realizes that the protagonist is possibly possessed and has the power of panacteos but returning to the protagonist we see that he meets with his father and tells him that he plans to fight.

Against the black plague using a new medicine and with all of the above in mind our hero and Ellen go to contain that problem and after traveling on horseback they both arrive at their destination and that arrival airé our hero and Helen begin to inspect the assisted merchant ships by the naval forces of the place and in that the protagonist meets the leader of those forces and it is about Jim an old acquaintance of the protagonist and Shortly after and the protagonist learns that there have been no outbreaks in the port however he receives news from that in a town called Estaque he was struck by the plague after a ship docked there and legally to avoid isolation in that scepter that Solomon gave him earlier the main character just assists and arrives just in time to prevent some desperate villagers from leaving and spread the infection and with his.

Royal Pharmacist Rank he gathers the survivors and organizes treatment measures in the city and once the initial preparations are complete the protagonist enters the section where the most critical cases have been isolated and by On the other hand, we see that the Jinn ship sinks an empty ship, well, empty No, but a ship which has all its crew members dead due to the plague and so that the ship does not infect more people, Gin ordered it to be destroyed and later we see that the Jinn team Prota, with the help of several other people, works hard to prevent an outbreak of the Black Death. But he realizes that he needs more help and on the other hand, we meet Professor Caster, a specialist in the taxonomy of fungi and microorganisms, who is about to retire then. that Bruno asks her to help pharma develop antibiotics that can be.

Produced without the need for magic and Shortly after the protagonist's collaborators intercept several members of the crew of the illegal ship and in that the protagonist learns that they not only brought some rare white squirrels that would act as carriers of plagues but also five holy knights not long ago boarded the same ship, it is then that the protagonist and his father conclude that this is connected with the disease that the queen suffered before, which would mean that someone is conspiring to eradicate the Empire of Saint Flow that is the kingdom where the protagonist lives using virulent methods What a funny word They comment virulent and I give them a bread and jam and then while Bruno and Elizabeth discuss the crisis they suspect that camus is responsible for the Plague adding that possibly he has killed the king of Holland.

And for the resources of the nation to take revenge on Saint Club for his banishment and on the other hand Bishop Solomon stops the enemy Knights who confirm the participation of camus in everything that is happening however we see that the infection has spread rapidly throughout the city because the plague-carrying squirrels can fly and later the protagonist returns to the capital and reunites with his father but camus infiltrates the protagonist's pharmacy and stabs cedric and lot with a poisoned dagger is then that farma and Bruno arrive and while Bruno fought against camus the protagonist removes the poison from his friends Although unfortunately camus defeats Bruno and it is at that moment that our protagonist counterattacks and uses his powers Magical in specific The destructive power of the God panacteos and in this way he defeats him and removes the.

Demonic energy that Camus had on him and not long after we see that the characters manage to suffocate and thanks to the exploits of the protagonist many people are interested in medicine and they begin to investigate about it and after this the sein festival continues as planned and the protagonist's pharmacy reopens its doors later we see that farma meets with his family who notice that his business is going well and congratulate him followed by This Bruno warns pharma that he will have to protect people when the time comes so he must train. After that the protagonist takes Blendge and Charlotte to the Forest to have a picnic and have the opportunity to see the divine arts of Blendge and In the midst of that, Charlotte remembers that Valle, the protagonist's older brother in this world, and Blendge went through grueling training with fame, it is then that Charlotte updates.

Farma regarding Valle's abilities and mentions that the latter once broke him. the arm to the protagonist and after he failed he went to study medicine he became the protagonist's tutor and after all the above the protagonist finds out that Palle will visit them the day after tomorrow Shortly after the characters arrive at the river bank and the protagonist He uses his powers of water in addition to a healing technique that he developed and since then a couple of days have passed and we see that Palle arrives at the Medici mansion and after the usual greetings, Valle manages to let Farma train in the rain and not much. The protagonist uses his powers to secretly clear some of the rain clouds. For his part, he is intrigued to see how much his brother improved in his absence, so he immediately prepares to fight and during the country confrontation he realizes that.

His brother has almost his same skills and he gets very excited and that's why he decides to give it his all and not long after we see that a person named Simón finds them and he quickly realizes that he was Defeated by our protagonist and when payas gets up he thanks him for the battle and after the training fight the protagonist dries himself with a towel that serlotte gave him followed by this blendge appears and is surprised to see that the protagonist is not covered in bruises however blendge is happy that his brother is fine and after the above Paye approaches his two younger brothers and suggests that it is Blendge's turn to train, to which the protagonist obviously tells him that better another day and not much. Then Farma has a dream about his old life but the strange thing is that Helen is in that dream followed by this he gives the protagonist a book about the primary elements and in.

That we see that farma is amazed with the book since they are the same principles of alchemy and chemistry that he saw in his previous life and while reading the book the proto realize that you have few errors when defining the elements something that surprises him is then that Pharma corrects some data and after that he decides to donate it to his father's academy with a fake man followed by this he mentions the microscope and tells him that he is proud of the Progress that he is achieving followed by this the protagonist falls asleep and paye takes him back to his room and much later we see that farma manages to camouflage his Sacred mark and soon he wonders where Charlotte went, it is then that she comes running down the hall and ends up attacking farma and in that the protagonist notices that he pays, he is chasing her, followed by this, he fails, says that he is going to cure Charlotte and it is then that farma.

Notices that she has hiccups, it is then that he makes her sit down and she comments that she was in a hurry that morning and ate bread on the fly is then that the protagonist explains that this is the reason why he has hiccups is then that the protagonist decides to cover Charlotte's ears with his fingers and stop her a little and in this way the hypocesa followed by this paella asks him to the protagonist how he did that to which he responds that he simply stimulated his ear and after all of the above we see that he notices the maturity of pharma and wants me to accompany him to the center of town to what pharmacéde without realizing that they were going to go to It is then that we see the church that page is happy to visit the church in the capital again and when our protagonist enters the cathedral the floor begins to shine surprising everyone and in that we see that Solomon is happy to see pharma but fame separates.

Solomon because he doesn't want him to pay and blendge to know that he has the power of a God and after a tour of the church and talk about spirits and magic Solomon asks the pharmacist to return whenever he wants if he has more concerns and in that Solomon warns him that the gods can only exist in their world for a short time then we see how Valle and blendge start to pray And somehow the protagonist feels how this increases his powers and naturally the protagonist is not used to that and that's why he worries a bit but he decides to continue keeping the matter a secret from his brothers. Although paye begins to suspect that he is distressing his younger brother and after the above we see that paye mentions that new pharmacy that everyone is talking about, it is then that blendge wants to tell him about it but the protagonist prevents him and not much. After.

That, he decides to go back to school and says goodbye to his relatives and acquaintances and leaves and some time later we see that the protagonist helps to cure charlot in Donald's pharmacy and in that our protagonist teaches him about the usefulness of the scabs or something like that and later the protagonist tends to cedric who explains that he was watching the pharmacy and while he was doing that he found an intruder who ended up stabbing him and not long after Pierre enters the place and he mentions that he came to give more medicine to the people followed by this land says that they can ask the townspeople for help to deliver medicine but he doesn't want to ask the other guild to which pharma finally convinces him to also give the treatment to the people from the other guild and after the above he distributes the work among his group is then that Pierre ends up going to the.

Berum store and naturally we see that he is outraged in the same way Pierre leaves the medicine for Verón's family and leaves and in That is why we see that Berón's family is worried about her father and husband and eventually Verón says that they can take that medicine that they brought while he takes his own medicine and as expected the high command of that guild did the same and they all died and on the other hand we see that the protagonist wakes up in a tent with Helen Apparently farma fainted When he returned from sea I will leave and a priest brought him to that place it is then that Ellen mentions that farma worked too much and that he was surprised When he returned and In the middle of that, Farma mentions that he is grateful that Helen took charge of the inspection in the port city to be able to help people and after a talk in which the protagonist.

Comments on his future concerns, he ends the two longest days he has had since that he came to that new reality and in that we see that Elizabeth and her court talk about the nether kingdom and what what happened to him and we see that they are saddened by this development since it was reported that many people were annihilated by the black plague even several high-ranking nobles it is then that everyone present is comfortable since they became complacent with the lack of evil spirits in the country and due to the above, the queen orders that relief supplies be sent to the kingdom of Never, adding that in addition to the fact that farma goes with them as a military pharmacist, it is then that one of his advisers tells him that the protagonist is too young to that to which the queen mentions that they can make an exception since farma basically.

Contained only the black plague in the country adding In addition to the fact that his father already gave the go-ahead for him to go, however, the queen mentions that the protagonist should not go immediately since he still does not have enough information about what is happening in the kingdom of Never, so they must wait for his kingdom to place a base in that country and after that the protagonist will be able to go and after the meeting the protagonist He talks to his father and asks him if he agrees to go to which he says yes since he was the one who took care of The Plague and after this he suggests the main character to go to the festival and our main character says no he can since he should do other things, however Bruno tells him that it is the last day of the festival and at the end he ends up convincing him And then the protagonist goes with him to the event and we see that they walk through the food and gadget stalls and at the end of the.

Festival the porter sees the fireworks and mentions that he is happy Shortly after we see that the protagonist arrives at a building and while he was walking towards his pharmacy he runs into the pharmacists from the other guild, it is then that these people tell the protagonist that the high command of their guild died and they want to join their new guild followed by this they start their business and then a brief conversation the protagonist with a smile tells them that there is no problem and lets them join his guild And in this way those pharmacists begin to sell the protagonist's new medicines After that, the protagonist goes into his store and while there we see that he runs into an old man who mentions that the business is full and in that he mentions that this is because our protagonist became famous for manufacture the cure against the black plague and that helped the store fill up Not.

Much Later, Noa appears in the store and the protagonist tells him that the queen wants to give him a reward but the sprout rejects that saying that he does not want money, so Noa He tells him to order something to which the protagonist comments that he would like to go to some hot springs and then eat something to rest and when he doesn't hear that he mentions that this is something very simple to do and on the other hand we see that the father of the protagonist has a meeting with the high-ranking doctors of the kingdom who mention that the protagonist should join their group because of his knowledge, however Bruno does not want to say that he is very young and when the high-ranking doctors hear that they comment that age does not matter and that they should focus on their achievements, which are extraordinary and after saying that, The Spokesperson begins to name all the achievements of the protagonist, to which Bruno ends up agreeing to the.

Request of the high command, so that soon our protagonist will be part of that union of doctors and while that was happening we see that the protagonist feels chills but does not know why

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