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We are in the middle of a stormy night where there was a woman who was wandering the streets carrying her baby. The reason was not explained to us, but we see that the mother was very injured and could barely walk while looking at her surroundings as if hiding from something rather of someone is continuing to advance through several streets until he enters a building and begins to sing with the hope of calming down his baby . her arms and asks her to take care of him. While she goes to buy some medicines, the woman accepts and looks at the baby somewhat curiously since she was wearing a rather peculiar necklace in the shape of a walnut. The mother leaves but what the woman did not know is that she.

Would apply the to go buy iron or milk in some countries and that would be the last time I would see her after this we have a lapse of 18 years where we finally know the name of that baby who would become our soon who grew up all his life in an orphanage until that a few years ago his adoptive sister named from the orphanage escaped to live together with whom he became very very close with whom he spends his days working and saving to buy the house of his dreams and one of those both young people were in the middle of the typical cultural fair in the city when something in the background calls your attention it is the presentation of a guy capable of freely controlling fire at will everyone is surprised but the most impacted was without a doubt our protagonist since during that same presentation he could feel a kind of.

Force coming from inside him and while time seemed to stop around him he had some strange visions of a sword and a light coming out of the mysterious walnut necklace that he has been wearing since he was just a baby the only thing his mother gave him. He said before leaving him to his fate, even so, I decided to let it go and he simply continued watching the presentation, amazed at how unusual it is for someone to have that kind of power, but curiosity won him over and when he finished as much as his sister, they decided to go backstage to talk to the magician and ask him if what he had done had to do with some trick or if they did indeed have the ability to control said element at will but they better not have gone and when they arrive they run into a group of men who They had been trying to talk to the sea and when they did not get the answer.

They wanted with a dart gun, leaving it completely sedated and out of the game for a long time, ours is surprised causing some noises that cause the guys to realize their presence but lushu They don't waste time and they make sense by telling them that they didn't see anything and they only got there because they were looking for the bathroom. Although our protagonist did want to go and did not ask for any kind of explanation, the leader of the group is an excuse saying that they are firefighters and that the The magician was not authorized to do his show, obviously he knows that something is not adding up but he also knows that in a situation like this the best thing to do is stop asking questions and leave as quickly as possible but if that is not weird enough when leaving Son intercepted by a guy named who begins to ask them questions about what they saw in there as.

If he somehow knew what had happened with the magician and the supposed firefighters, our protagonist simply ignores him but being at home he can't stop thinking about everything that happened during the festival and how it is possible that the magician was actually an awakened group of people with special powers and abilities that had been appearing in the news for the last few weeks and of whom we still do not have any kind of explanation about what their powers are due to and the level they can reach with them, even so, they always decide to continue with their lives, but it would not be so easy for them, since later when they went to the store to buy some ingredients that they needed to prepare dinner he is hit by a truck that almost sends him into his own star and he falls. It seemed that this would be the end for our young man.

But out of nowhere his mother's necklace begins to shine and rise just as it did during the presentation of the sea freeing what it carries inside a kind of magical energy that in less than a second modifies the entire physiology of our protagonist and helps him get out of the accident alive, however, this is not the only thing that changes in him since throughout On the way to his house, for each thing he was doing, good or bad , he was obtaining a series of experience points. Come on, he seemed like a Pokémon at first. At home, he realizes that he has a Golden symbol in his hands that, upon concentrating, opens a kind of menu very similar to that of a video game where he can obtain objects in exchange for the same experience points, investigating more, he realizes that it was the.

Short period of time . time since the accident he obtained a large number of points and this is due to the fact that the negative emotions of people towards him are automatically converted into experience points that he can use at will, that is, the more rude he is with people he becomes more powerful around him with everything he obtained in that time he spins a lucky wheel that between empty spaces and win boxes for participating and gives an apple of purification and a scroll with the lyrics of a lullaby that teleports him to a kind of cosmic space what is curious here and what we notice but he is not that it is the same lullaby that his mother sang the last night he was by his side however the moment is interrupted when in On television, news about.

A fire in some streets near his home comes to light. Like the typical hero, our protagonist is going to find out what it is about by going up to the roof of his house to see if he could find out anything from there, running into a series of figures. dark wandering throughout the area, our protagonist pays closer attention and it is there that he realizes that they are the same guys from before the supposed firefighters who finished off the magician quickly realize his presence and ask him what you are doing to that time in a way that makes him think no matter what to stay away from these Guys so once again he pretends he doesn't know anything about what's going on to earn as many points as possible until he manages to buy another magic fruit that In this opportunity, he grants superhuman physical strength, in this way he continues with his life, so.

During one of his classes he listens to one of his classmates talk about the awakened and about the different ranks in which they are classified or I quickly explain the F Rank they are those who after awakening become much stronger they are able to control one of the four basic elements either water fire air or earth they have a kind of resistant shield they can repel almost any blow those who can invoke any type of natural disasters Apparently they are the most powerful and can establish a spiritual connection to heaven and earth. From what we have seen, our hero would be within Rank F but the interesting thing here is that the more points he earns and the more spiritual fruits he consumes, there is a possibility that he can rise from Rango over and over again until he controls each and every one of.

Those powers, however it seems that this will not have to wait as the entire school panics when one of his classmates reveals an Awakened and threatens to throw one of his friends off the roof. teachers does what he can to intervene And although he earns the hatred of many of those present, he manages to distract the guy long enough for security to catch him and neutralize him, this earned him a good amount of experience points Although said scandal puts the school under the eye of the government who send the same mysterious guys from before to carry out blood tests on all the students and determine how many awakened there are among them our protagonist tries to sneak around to prevent them from discovering his powers but thus manages to free himself from the test so.

They end up finding out that both he and others in his class have special abilities . to keep all the awakened under surveillance while they discover the way to control these powers by the protagonist And of all the boys of the academy the objective is to train them to create a special squad capable of protecting the city and other awakened with bad intentions the The first step is to determine the level of magical energy of each of them through a test in which ours obtains one of the lowest levels of all this takes him by surprise none of his companions who underestimate him and for having to see each other forced to work every day to support his sister but the reality of the use.

Was so low is because minutes before the test he had eaten a purification apple that somehow neutralized his powers while all this is happening we have a scene change in in which we are presented with a subject called a series of very powerful opponents who were apparently trying to enter a sacred territory known as the ruins by the opponents. This is addressed to Nitin, telling him that the desert ruins belong to humans throughout what , but what to kill anyone who tries to cross the border after this begins a very epic fight in which he releases a sword with which he manages to defeat them all but we will still have doubts about who this guy is and above all what his intentions are Back with our protagonist, he comes home and realizes that his sister had a high temperature and was.

Very sick, so without hesitation he decided to use his powers to generate one of the same magical fruits that he obtained at the beginning, after many attempts, he manages to give with the desired prize and he feeds it to his sister instantly but the girl realizes this and asks him more about those fruits so he has no choice but to confess that he is also awakened and He ends up explaining everything about her powers, this is important because several days later she also manages to awaken her own abilities and just as happened with our protagonist at the beginning of the series, she finds herself transported to a cosmic space full of magical energy, although in this case with a work. very different from our protagonist, in this way several weeks pass in which both are dedicated to working, gaining and cultivating their own powers,.

Advancing more and more until our protagonist obtains a rather peculiar dagger, demonstrating that he is no longer in the same weak range. from before, however, he does not trust the people of tianlu to reveal the scorching force of his cosmic space, so he decides to keep it a secret and although his superior teaches him some tricks to advance the level as in the case of cultivation, he He decides to continue training on his own, but things begin to get complicated when, while he is calm with his sister, he feels the presence of other awakened people in the same area. It is here when he looks out the window and sees that his neighbor is a fairly old man. called had been visited by nothing more and nothing less in previous scenes obviously our protagonist does not recognize him at all but he realizes that he was accompanied.

By a lot of soldiers so he can deduce that he is the leader of the entire organization Or at least and its highest-ranking members, but this is where things get weird and Queen begins to talk to the neighbor as if they had known each other for a lifetime and although the tone between the two remains for an hour of great tension, it seems that they have much respect as if he were a much more powerful person than he seems, our banana understands the background of the entire conversation very well but he was able to listen trying to convince the old man to join his organization, that is, guaranteeing him that he will do everything within his reach For the next opening of some ruin I will get medicinal herbs until I cure the disease that torments him And if that were not enough, he also offers him a position as the new leader, however the old man refuses, implying.

That although they have the same objective, he does not does not agree with the ideology or many of the methods that he handles, the latter accepts his decision but before leaving he tells him with a tone half threatening that he hopes that the next time they see each other it will be as allies and not as enemies, the level of power of the INE is still not clear to us, but his intentions, since he is an old pacifist, only wants to spend his days calmly training a person worthy of being a successor And who could this person be, since nothing more and nothing less than obviously our sprouts since for a few days the old man had been approaching him offering his help to master the art of the sword, which was quite curious because as far as we know, Lin does not know much about the powers of our protagonist. But well, the point is that when he sees the.

Interest they have in him, he decides to go with the flow and start training with him to discover new ways to cultivate his powers. and become even more powerful in this way they start with their training and the first step for our protagonist is to strengthen his physical condition using some weights with more than 30 kilograms in each of his extremities which sounds like a lot but for him it is easy enough as to use them at every moment of the day, it is in this way that little by little he strengthens even more to the point that he begins to master his magical dagger which is not only quite powerful but can be controlled at will without even touching it, we also see that he manages to increase his level, even obtaining a protective shield very similar to that of the warriors Rank apart that on his sister's side she was.

Able to develop a power never seen before that allows her to invoke the Spirits of deceased animals and control them at will Seeing all this, the old man asks them to perform a test like the one at the beginning again to see the level he is at. However, the results of both brothers are very different from the range of abilities known so far in the awakened ones, so lushu decides to keep all this a secret and lie to his master saying that both he and I are still F rank and that there is nothing to worry about but we will see that there is a lot to worry about and that same night a group of awakened attack the city leaving a gigantic number of Dead our protagonists are going to see what it is about and witness the exact moment in which some of the tianlu soldiers face.

Directly against these criminals at first it seemed that the tianlu had all the right Winning, however, in that it seems like a Rango criminal quickly uses his powers in a great combo with which he manages to eliminate all the soldiers except for one, the superior of light, seeing all this, our protagonist cannot sit idly by and goes after They hope to be of help in the fight but as soon as they see him, they stop us with light, they do not recognize him and identify him as an enemy, so they end up attacking him too. However, thanks to all the training in recent weeks, our protagonist manages to immobilize them. and finally he uses his dagger to finish off the criminal once and for all then he returns home and has a pretty nice dinner with his sister where they remember everything they've been through to get to this.

Point at one point our protagonist becomes more sensitive of the account and with some regret, he tells her that if he had stayed in the orphanage, perhaps he would have had the opportunity to live his childhood with a better quality of life. Upon hearing this, I begin to cry thinking that they are going to leave her, but he tells her Don't even think about something like that because it's the opposite, just because of everything they've experienced, he'll make sure to do everything possible to buy his own house and give her everything she's always deserved, but while they were doing the most relaxed in the tianlu offices they have an emergency meeting where they begin to discuss what happened with the d-class criminal and where they talk about our protagonist with an awakened class thirst for unknown identity the organization's secretary of operations a guy with high-level glasses He tells him.

That he has to identify him as soon as possible since it is unheard of that in said city there are people of such a high level that they have not located yet and warns him that it could even be become an obstacle to their objectives in that one of the high command of tianlu a boy of Rank B named G He volunteers to watch the area and to take charge of the new ruin that would appear very soon in the vicinity of the city niatina he accepts and followed by that we see that there he introduces himself to all the students as the new leader of the school's special squad, he also begins to investigate the whole issue of the mysterious awakening at level c following clues that lead him directly to our protagonist but he also finds it he underestimates and finally leaves without getting any type of relevant information the weeks continue to pass and thanks.

To the sale of some special magical objects our protagonist manages to buy the house in which he and they had been living for years obviously this is like a dream for orphans So that they decide to celebrate with a small meeting between the people closest to his life, including the old link and the woman who welcomed him when he was just a baby, however, just before our protagonist arrived home. He receives an urgent call from there invoking all the students to go on a mission of life and death But before I continue I have to tell you a little more about the tian Lu the awakened their powers and what we know as ruins you will see the whole theme of the awakened is something relatively new and I don't know has a lot of information about the origin of these powers, the only thing that is known is that a few years ago a series of interdimensional portals known as ruins began to appear throughout the.

World that lead people to a kind of cosmic space full of magical creatures. monsters and above all special and powerful magical objects that have made the ruins of special interest to all countries . that is inside take all the rewards that are hidden there among the most important rewards are magical herbs capable of curing any disease is more incredibly valuable strange creatures among all those things the most powerful object of all the eye of arrays that varies in a way depending on the ruin in which it is found but that in all cases more.

Than at the end and the destruction of said ruin, that is to say that once someone obtains the matrix eye said ruin is closed forever by talking to one of its classmates our main character finds out that in all those years only one ruin has appeared in all of china this was dominated by niate in which he obtained the eye of the matrix manifesting as the sword that he always carries with him that is why in the first scenes we saw of Said character was guarding a border to the point of facing death against two other awakened This is because these subjects were interested in entering the ruin or tink was doing everything possible to stop us now we do not know if he wanted to stop them with good intentions or why he doesn't want anyone else apart from him and the tianlu to keep the treasures.

Inside which leads us to the secret mission what our protagonist was taken Well it turns out that all these students are there together with the tianlu to prepare for the opening of a new ruin that is destined to appear in this very forest within the next few weeks at first the intentions of entering this new ruin go unnoticed and many students believe that it is a simple training camp but everything It changes when, after a week of doing practically nothing, the entire forest is flooded by a powerful Fog that begins to absorb everything in its path. Including the students, our protagonist does what he can to escape, but just like the rest he is Trapped by the Fog. and without prior warning he is teleported towards a completely inhospitable parallel reality full of.

Zombie specters and hundreds of creatures with a single objective in mind to annihilate everything in his path as he can Lucio gets a Hachi begins to kill zombies as if from a video game It will be about Devastating several hordes of creatures Surviving as a [ __ ] God among mortals and proving that after all he is more prepared than any of us for a zombie apocalypse, this way our protagonist begins to advance with a single objective in mind to get out of ruin to return home with his beloved sister but obviously this is not so easy Since on the way he will have to face all kinds of things like a foreign spy that attacks him who ends up desviving in a life and death fight a pack of wolves rabid who also ends up brutally facing an army of zombies who also finish off in less than 10.

Minutes a group of unprotected students who are also good This does nothing to them but if it bothers them for a while it steals their weapons because he is a son of [ __ ] and he leaves them to their fate with nothing more than two apples the point is that he keeps advancing until he realizes that he will not be able to get out of all this trouble until someone manages to hit the matrix eye and destroys the ruin So since he doesn't have much time to waste and it bothers him to leave his sister alone for so many days, he decides to pluck up the courage and accomplish this mission on his own, in this way he manages to reach the core of the ruin where he meets his classmates and the rest of the camp. There he realizes that despite all the disaster the vast majority of students managed to get out alive thanks to the sacrifice of the tianlu who after all.

Have proven to be a pretty good organization or at least a good one for what is convenient for that face ahead the exploration of the ruin here lushu has a meeting with the most powerful in the area to determine what they will do next But before that they are attacked by a horde of specters who curiously leave terrified when they see to our protagonist and the strong aura of his dagger wanting to come out to attack power those sounded bad but well the point is that together they decide that the next day they would advance towards a precipice where supposedly the madman of matríes should be hidden However at night a group of spies decide to get ahead of them and jump off the cliff before anyone else, so our boys have no choice but to go ahead and complete the mission at that very moment but when they reach the bottom they come across.

A scene even weirder than all what they had seen so far since they find the lifeless bodies of each and every one of the spies who entered in the first place If that were not enough, not even five minutes pass until they arrive at a kind of Oriental-style palace and are attacked by a horde of specters even more violent and dangerous than before, as soon as the attack begins, they say they are charged with ending most of the monsters, but the strange thing is that just like a while ago, the specters end up fleeing from usu when they feel the aura emitted by it and for his sake, even so, our protagonist launches himself to finish off another good batch of them until when it seemed that the battle had come to an end, the doors of the palace opened, releasing a zombie army armed from head to toe and ready to destroy the city. everything that moves at that moment realizes.

That the leader of the zombies has a very particular weapon, which makes him think that it is the eye of the matrix, so both he and the rest of the warriors put all their energy into finishing with the army of zombies once and for all, however, while they faced each other in a fierce battle, our protagonist takes the opportunity to advance a little more and enter directly through the main door of the palace where he finds different types of traps but in which each one of these reacts fearfully when feeling the presence of his dagger in this way he continues until he comes across a box that catches his attention in a very particular way just when our protagonist was about to open it on the battlefield. leader of the zombies has a strange sense of danger that causes him to drop his weapon and abandon the fight with ji to.

Enter the palace As a soul carrying the [ __ ] and find out what was happening but when he arrives it is already too late because just when he crosses the last door our Pro opens the box and without wanting to activate the content inside it at that moment time stops and one by one everyone is teleported to the real world so our protagonist realizes that he had found nothing more and nothing less than the matrix eye from here is as if everything had returned to normal, luxu returns to his classes, meets his sister and together they continue their training, for what no one knows is that they have their power, one of the most powerful matrix eyes of all, which is allowed to observe as a spectator everything that happens in the world in real time storing all kinds of weapons and objects and more importantly allows you to enter again the same ruin that.

Was supposedly destroyed by your part neotin and the tianlu guys have a meeting about talking about a great chaos that is about to break out shortly and they leave peace for a second season that has already been confirmed and will arrive on our screens very soon

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