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It all begins on the normal day the main character called yuzun is in a shop talking to his friends about a phone game his government mentions that the title he's playing is just great because the computer automatically levels up our young men upon hearing that says that if the machine automatically upgrades the game is not fun anymore after that he.

Gets up says goodbye to his friends and lives nowadays Yuzu is an automatic Demon Hunter and remembering that conversation he had before he realizes the irony a few days before that our boy met his partner jejun the two of them talked about this and that but things got tense when the woman reapproaches Johnson for not having a good job not.

Studying and not seeming to care about his own future hearing this the main character argues that he's focused on getting money to open his own shop and he doesn't care about anything else however Joseph realizes that his girlfriend wants to use this excuse just to break up with him and strikes back saying that she doesn't have much to.

Offer him either since her life is the same the girl ends up getting offended throws her soda in his face and leaves that same night while jonsum is having dinner with his brother a portal appears in a shark monster emerges the Beast knocks his brother unconscious and beats him up Johnson tries to defend himself but none of his clones harm the creature.

At that moment as strange menu appears in front of him and has other hunting really large he has nothing to lose so Yuzu ends up pressing the mysterious button suddenly Joseph loses the control of his Limbs and without explanation his body moves on its own and without any effort the main character defeats the beast in.

No time and saves his brother's life when the battle is over yusu's body feels very heavy and sore so sore that he feels unconscious from fatigue at the hospital our young man meets a woman named chai who explains that she works for the Hunter's organization due to the incident with a shark-headed beast the organization must take responsibility.

For the damage caused both to the living beings and property a document and tells him to send it so that the company will take care of everything as this is what the law dictates our young men signs the papers Jaiden mentions that the reward for defeating the master will soon be given to him yusung asks the woman what they.

Will do with the monster's corpse she replies that the Beast belongs to whoever defeated because the company didn't hunt it however the corpse of such a quick creature is not worth much before leaving the woman tells her boy that she has been given an account to the online Hunters Market where he can sell the monster's body.

While being alone Joseph notices that the outer hunting button is still there but he can't activate it unless there are enemies nearby after that he takes out his phone and checks the Hunter's Market considering what the woman said he doesn't expect to get much money for his beast but looking at the prices Justin realizes that the hunters make.

Too much cash since what they consider later is for him a lot while choosing the price to sell his Beast jonsuk notices that there is a guy offering 600 million for the life shark-headed monster looks at the state of his creature and he's happy to see that it's still alive which means he can sell it for the price.

Said before after selling the specimen you should made a fortune that solved his life however he now feels he has no clear purpose so he decides to become a Demon Hunter Joseph joins the gym and starts training there he manages to find out how to activate the outer hunting button to do so he must think that he has an enemy in.

Front of him and when his body feels it the button will activate knowing this Johnson trains tirelessly although his body gets very tired after each session as outer hunting uses up a lot of muscle strength with this in mind Newton starts training like crazy to strengthen his body to better withstand the power.

In the process he realizes that auto hunting uses the power that the winner has by default and can never exceed the limit of that power in other words this power uses what is there if you're weak then you're after much practice Jason gets a strong body and he now feels ready to be a hunter in order to recruit Hunters the.

Government asks for high physical and mental performance fortunately our boy manages to pass the exam and now All That Remains is to pass the physical test while training on the gym Johnson realizes that he must acquire his skills on his own and become stronger because if the outer hunting disappears he will.

Be helpless after several months of hard work our young man manages to pass the test with the highest score and he is placed in a special class of aspiring Hunters the classes begin and the main subjects are for self-defense terrain exploration weapon handling and most importantly taking control of the prey the.

Instructor explains that Hunters make a lot of money because after hunting the beast's body can be sold for experiments but it's not as easy as it sounds if the creature is delivered in a shitty way the value is radically reduced that's why they have to knock out the creature without killing them in order to teach them how to do it the.

Teacher gives them a test the one who defeats the practice robot will pass the first to try is nasty fellow named Kent but he fails miserably our young man is volunteering once in the ring Joseph passes the test in a matter of seconds the teacher Praises him and tells everyone that this is what they should do to knock out the monster.

As quickly as possible because after all those creatures are Commodities and the less damage the better our boy asks the instructor if he can upgrade the robot to level 2. the teacher says yes but he has to be careful as this difficulty will cause him a lot of problems.

Justin's goal is to see if all the training was useful he wants to beat the level 2 robot because the shark-headed pissed was the same level our young men without using Auto hunting manages to defeat the practice Android without any problems showing that he has improved so much that even without using his powers he can defend himself all his.

Classmates Praise Him and applaud after practice the teacher and the protagonist need to talk in the conversation Johnson asks the instructor why he put him in a special class he replies that it was because his qualities are very balanced with this in mind the teacher offers our boy a deal the professor says that his future goal is to open a hunter agency.

But as the big companies have already taken the best ones he decided to become an instructor to recruit future premises is one of them with this in mind the guy offers students information to pass the final test with the condition that when he graduates he chooses his agency our young man is grateful for the consideration but the clients the offer.

As he does not want to take shortcuts his goal is to become a hunter with his own skills whatever it might take after that he gets up and leaves when the professor is alone he phones one of his associates and tells him about the protagonist mentioning that the boy has the potential to be one of the best hunters and that is why he should be.

Recruited at any cost one day he also gets a storage slot where he can place any object and food our young man realizes that he can use that slot and feed himself automatically which will give him more time to train for the final test after a month at the start of the Hunter's test we realize that junsun has.

Made an incredible progress while the students were waiting there were Whispers that several small and medium-sized agencies are watching the studies to recruit the most promising ones suddenly a modern car pulls up in front of the building and two people get out Jayhawk the best independent Hunter and unsil his younger sister the little.

Girl is there to give an exception and get the hunter's license j-hack immediately notices our young man's presence and just like a stalker goes after him and asks him how he managed to build those muscles our young man is Amazed by jayhawks's speed the guy asks our young men if he can touch him to check his muscles as he finds it.

Unbelievable that he has trained his body so proportionately our protagonist is put off by the request but allows it the guy touches Johnson and now is even more impressed after doing that he asks him who the instructor is that's when the teacher appears and says it's him Jayhawk gives him a card and very excitedly tells him that the three of.

Them must meet to talk about the routines with nothing more to say the experienced Hunter takes his sister and heads for the building on the way Jayhawk warms unsul that she should be on her card because she will have a hard time getting first place in this exam for his part Justin thinks Jack is a.

Very eccentric guy the test is about to begin and the spokesman tells him that in order to pass the exam they must face each other in a duel the one who stands up will win so everyone prepares to be taken to the Jungle before leaving jonsuk realizes that unsul has bad intentions as his Auto hunting is activated when he senses.

Her presence the rules are simple the ones with the most points at the end wins and only those with 72 or more points will pass without further explanation the exam begins Jason Takes a deep breath and throws himself into the jungle determined to win at the very beginning the main character defeats one of his.

Rivals unseal does the same but instead of one she that fits two of them outside the battlefield all the Agents set their eyes on the young girl as she is the reason why they are there suddenly the main character's teacher who is called Kim starts chatting with Jihad it seems that they are all acquaintances during the chat they both mentions that.

Their pupils are the biggest threat to each other and it will be exciting to see who is gonna take the first place our young men manages to hold out until the end of the exam taking advantage of that slot that allows him to store food he manages to feed on the wild plants of the jungle at this point Justin is thankful for the.

Terrain exploration classes as he learned which things are edible and which are not suddenly answer leverages from the bushes and attacks him our young man realizes that the girl has her eyes on him for some reason and so he decides to play along and provoke her the two of them smash each other's asses hard and fearlessly in the crash Johnson.

Realizes the young girl is way faster than he is so much that he doesn't have time to activate the other hunting all these Spectators are amazed at the level of the two as they don't look like rookies the tool is progressing and neither of them wants to give in and if that wasn't enough there are less than 20 minutes to.

Go before the exam is over in that time our young man is put on the ropes and almost defeated luckily Joseph remembered the advice of his instructor who told him that in a critical and unpredictable case it is best to step forward and not to fall back our young man uses his willpower and pushes his opponent however he doesn't knock her.

Out as she holds on and doesn't fall to the ground the whistle blows and the test is over after everything is settled the organization reveals the point and our hero takes the first place with twice as many points as the runner-up until lost by a wide margin all these Spectators are shocked by the result as the girl.

Was the favorite to take the first place in the participants lockers room several desperate agents show up to negotiate with Johnson but they get the unpleasant news that he's been gone for a while the agent immediately become hysterical and go in search of yunsug is left pensive as her brother was right get it to the top spot was going to be tricky in the.

Meantime the tired main character fell asleep in the bathroom when he woke up it was already after 3am and just as he was about to call for a taxi jayhek appears with until the girl thanks jonsun for the confrontation as she learned a lot and apologizes for being rude before the test embarrassed the girl returns to the car.

While Jihad explains to Joseph that thanks to him his sister was able to learn that the world is a huge place and anything can happen he congratulates him on his achievements and offers him a lift our young man wants to avoid the awkward moment with ansul and so he makes an excuse not to go jayhek says goodbyes and lives.

At that moment Kim enters the essene our boy takes the opportunity to tell him that it was thanks to his classes that he was able to pass the exam as he put many of his methods in practice Kim offers yunsung a lift and josun accepts without hesitation on the way our young men received several messages in which big companies.

Are offering him to join their teams the protagonist can't believe it since eight months ago this would have been unthinkable Joseph realizes what he's getting at and questions him about it the teacher replies that this time he was testing him to see what kind of person he was it is then that Kim mentions the concept.

Of core Purity among Hunters using comments that he knows the idea what is called core is a power that increases human capabilities to the maximum impurity refers to the body of a hunter who has not yet received any core Kim adds that Hunters need to obtain a core otherwise they will stagnate the problem lies in how to obtain this power.

Increase as it is very costly and difficult to do there are two ways to obtain a chord the first is to buy the ingredients and pay for the procedure the second is for hunters with a core to share their power with another Hunter

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