[1] Isekaid boy Blessed By 7 Gods Is The Worlds Strongest However His Family Wants Him to Cover His Energy

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Imagine if you are reborn in another world,and blessed by all the Gods with overpowered abilities, what would you do? The story beginswith a boy, Kaazuya Shiina, who runs into some girls who are escaping from a thug wielding aknife. He tries to tackle him to the ground, but gets stabbed and dies instead. After thathe wakes up in the body of a child and freaks out when he sees his reflection in the mirror.He realizes that he has been reincarnated into another world and looks around his surroundings,trying to understand the world he is in. He also checks inside his pants, well it's onlynatural to check one’s gender after rebirth, right? Good news is that he’s still a boy, badnews is that he’ll have to wait for quite a while before he can use his Excalibur again. In this newworld he discovers his name is Cain von Silford,.

The third son of a high-ranking aristocrat namedGarm. His mother's name is Sarah, who is the second wife. He also has an older sister namedReine. The first wife is Maria and she has two sons, Jean and Alec. He learns that his fatherhas his own army that protects the kingdom from invasion by other countries, and he also owns aforest of monsters in the south. Cain is excited to live in this new world where magic exists.Looks like dying in the other world was worth it, and since he died single he can make up for it inthis world where having multiple wives is common among nobles. So he starts to learn more aboutthis world. His family is surprised that he has learned to read and write and can even do math atsuch a young age. They start to think that he is a genius, but they don't know that he is only ahigh schooler stuck in the body of a 3-year-old..

Cain requests his father to read books on thehistory and magic of this country, and he allows it. His sister thinks it's too early for him tolearn magic, and he needs to be baptized first, which happens at the age of 5. His family alsothinks that he can’t use magic until then. But Cain realizes that he can already use magic,but he is having a hard time controlling it. He tries to hide it from everyone around him. Hissister, Reine, realizes that he is studying about the outside world, so she teaches him about the300-year history of the kingdom as well as the different races in the world, and Cain is excitedas he can have his dream harem with different kinds of girls. He also learns that the firstking of this Kingdom started out as an adventurer, and his name was Yuuya, and he realizes thatthis guy is from another Isekai Insights video.

But decides to watch it later. After two years,the day of Cain's baptism has arrived. On the way, he learns that everyone can open a status windowto see their stats after the ceremony, in the stats window he sees that his sister can use threetypes of elemental magic, it also says that she is obsessed with Cain, and he is excited about sisconplot development. Sarah reveals that Reine was granted a level 2 blessing by the God of magic.They explain that the blessing goes up to level 5 and is given by one of the seven pillar gods whomthey worship as part of their kingdom's religion. They arrive at the Church of Gods and the priestbegins the ceremony. Suddenly, a blinding light fills the air, and Cain finds himself transportedto the realm of the Gods, face-to-face with all seven of them. Overwhelmed and caught offguard, Cain wonders if the God of creation,.

Zenom, is just some weird old man dressed incosplay. But before he can complete that thought, Zenom interrupts him, making it clear that theGods can hear his every thought. The God of death and rebirth, Lime, reveals that Cain's deathwas unexpected because if he hadn't interfered, the thug would have tripped and would have gottencaught. But now the thief has been charged with his murder. Talk about an ultimate bummer, asCain died for nothing. But the God of Earth was moved by his actions, so he was reincarnatedinto this new world. Lime apologizes because Cain was not supposed to recall his memories at such ayoung age because the memory of breastfeeding and changing diapers could cause mental trauma. ButCain tells her that it's fine since it was filled with plot, and allowed him to learn magic andeven enjoy life with his new family. After that,.

The God of magic, Reno, approaches him and givesher blessing, followed by Zenom and the other gods. Cain receives blessings from all seven gods.Zenom hints that Cain should check his blessing stats when he returns and lets out a mischievouslaugh. When he returns to the priest, the statue shines brightly, a sight the priest has never seenbefore. Garm, curious about Cain's status window, wants to take a look, thinking that Cain must havereceived multiple blessings. However, Cain quickly makes an excuse, claiming stomach pain and hurriesaway to check his stats secretly. To his shock, all his magic blessings and skills are at level10, surpassing the maximum level of 5. He uses Zenom's ability to conceal his stats. Back athome, everyone celebrates Cain's birthday, and Garm asks to see his stats again. Cain shows them,thinking he has successfully concealed his status,.

But they are still astounded by the numbers,particularly his overwhelming magic power, which he forgot to fix. Garm mentions that eventhe most esteemed royal court magician has a power level of 10,000 at most, nowhere near Cain'slevel. He acknowledges that with Cain's skills, he will succeed in any job he chooses, but warnshim never to reveal his status window to anyone, as he could be seen as a threat to the kingdom.Cain returns to his room, wondering what is considered as average stats. He sees a book aboutsummoning magic, so he goes outside and tries to summon a playmate. But he ends up summoning ademon instead. It starts attacking his sister, who happens to be passing by. He tries to attack thedemon with a fire spell, but the demon grabs onto him. While he uses a return spell to send it back,he drops on to the floor and passes out. But he.

Eventually regains consciousness and is happy tosee that his sister is smiling and everything is fine. Later, he is presented to a crowd during hisdebut. He reveals that his goal is to become an adventurer and protect everyone. Meanwhile, we seethe gods discussing giving Cain their overpowered blessing. Zenom mentions that it's still notenough, and he needs him to be the strongest on the continent by the time he turns 16. Lookslike Gods have their own plan for Cain. Later, we see that Garm advises Cain to studymore to achieve his goals and arranges for tutors to assist him. In his room, Cain wonders whathis tutors will be like. He sees them walking towards his mansion, and in excitement, he useshis teleportation skill but accidentally falls onto the most convenient spot possible. The tutorremarks that he won't get anything from there,.

And he apologizes to her. The tutors introducethemselves as Millie and Nina who are D-rank adventurers. Nina is an elf, who is a bit shy.Cain reassures them that they don't need to be formal since they are his tutors, putting themat ease. Garm instructs them to teach Cain for three years, and they immediately begin histraining. They head to the training grounds, where Millie asks Cain to perform someswings. She is amazed by his skill, and suggests a mock fight. Cain charges at herand she struggles to block his attacks. Nina asks him if he received the blessing of the God ofWar, to which he admits. As the fight continues, Millie realizes she won't be able to keep up withhis speed, and suggests that Cain starts learning magic from Nina, before he penetrates her with hiswooden stick. Nina reveals that she has a level.

3 blessing from the God of Magic and intends tostart with the basics. However, Cain demonstrates his knowledge of beginner-level magic and Nina issurprised that he can already use chantless magic and explains that intense training is requiredto shorten incantations. She concludes that he is a genius. Millie notes that he even used allthe elements, which Nina believes is impossible, as no one in their world can use all the elementseffectively. Cain confesses that he also has the blessing from the God of Magic, leaving his tutorsimpressed. And since he is so good at keeping a low profile, he offers his tutors a towel fromhis item box, and the girls realize that they are basically useless. Cain requests to have apractice session outside since he has never been outside before. His tutors seek permissionfrom Garm, explaining that Cain's training.

Could potentially lead to the destruction of themansion due to his extraordinary abilities. Garm grants permission, and the following day, theygo outside for practice. Nina instructs Cain to cast an intermediate-level magic spellon a rock. However, the spell turned out to be far more powerful than expected, causingthe rock to explode and blow his tutors away, leaving behind a giant crater. Nina informsCain that the spell was way beyond intermediate, while Millie wonders why he still doesn't feeltired. This leads them to realize that he has enormous magic power. Suddenly, a killer rabbitappears and charges at Cain. He skillfully dodges its attack and kills it. Nina uses her GPS spellto locate more monsters for them to hunt, and it reveals the location of nearby creatures. Cainexpresses his interest in learning the GPS spell,.

And Nina briefly explains it to him. He tries itout, and successfully detects nearby creatures. He also identifies their exact numbers, surprisingNina with how he was able to detect so accurately. They defeat the creatures, but one monster escapesinto the forest. Cain starts to chase after it, but Millie stops him, warning that the forest isinfested with strong monsters that attack the city every few decades, and this is why there is sucha huge outer wall built in the city. That evening, Cain realized that he had already reached level8 thanks to a skill that granted him 100 times XP gain. He worries that if his true statuswere to be known, he might be taken under state control or even executed. He blames the Gods formaking him too overpowered, as all he wanted was to have some fun, and adventure in this newworld. The next day, Cain's tutors took him.

To the Adventurer's Guild to gather informationon quests that would be perfect for Cain. There, they encounter a C-rank adventurer who mockstheir low ranking and babysitting a child. He asks them to ditch the kid, and have a drinkwith him. He grabs Nina’s hand, and few of his men restrain Millie but Cain intervenes. He throwsthe man to the ground, and he tries to attack him with his sword, but Cain easily dodges it, andeasily defeats the man and his men. His tutors were once again amazed by his combat abilities,and expressed their gratitude for saving them, while Cain wonders if it's too early for himto start a harem. After that, they continued their training session and had a great timetogether. Jumping ahead to three years later, it is revealed that the tutors have declinedthe extension of their contract. Cain wanted.

To give them farewell gifts, so he went to theforest. He defeats a blood ogre, and next an earth dragon to create a magic bag for them.The city guards saw the fire from the battle, and thought it was a monster attack. They summonedGarm to investigate, but all they found was a giant crater, and a towel that Cain had droppedwhich Garm seems to recognize. On the last day of training, Cain presents the magic bag he made tohis tutors, and they are astonished to learn that he killed monsters that usually require a partyof A-rank adventurers to defeat. Cain mentions that the bag can barely contain the size of hismansion, but his tutors are taken aback because the magic bag they intended to buy is only thesize of the back of a carriage. They believed that what he had created was on the level of anational treasure, but they were concerned that.

Someone might try to steal it from them. However,Cain assures them that he has modified it so that if anyone other than them attempts to pick it up,the weight of its contents will double. His tutors conclude that the bag is even more valuable thana national treasure. They express their gratitude, and bid him farewell with a kiss, hoping tomeet him again in the future when he grows up, while Cain hopes to get more action next time.After that we see that Garm is scolding Cain for recklessly using his powers in the forest,and asks him to be more careful in the future. This is where the video ends. Thanks forwatching and see you in the next part.

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