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In the universe of anime we are presented with a huge variety of powers. With that, it is clear that some characters end up detaching themselves from the others, since they receive powers so appealing that they practically become invincible. But even though some of these powers are so formidable and cool, many of them can end the life of their own user. In many cases, the character only becomes so powerful because his power has a very high price to be used by him, being extremely harmful to himself. And with today's video, we're going to get to know and remember “10 anime powers that can kill their users”.

The coolest part of watching an anime, without a doubt, is seeing the characters in action and everything they can do with their powers, do you agree with me? And for our happiness, with each new anime that is released, we know a lot of unique powers and abilities! But today, our focus is on catching anime powers that are so harmful, that they might end up killing their own users somehow. Remembering that this list is just our opinion, okay? And let's try to list the powers from the least harmful to the most deadly for the user! And if you like this type of content and don't want to miss any videos here on the channel,.

Then subscribe right now and turn on the notification bell to stay on top of all the news. And of course, if you liked the video, don't forget to leave the ultralike that also helps us a lot to keep producing content like this for you! With that said, let's go to the video. KAIO-KEN – DRAGON BALL This is a technique that Goku learned a long time ago in Dragon Ball Z, when he trained with Lord Kaio. Kaio-Ken basically multiplies all of the user's attributes,.

Increasing their power, speed and all of their combat abilities. The user can increase their powers by 2 times, 4 times, 10 times, 20 times and so on. When this power activates, the user has a dense red aura, and as the Kaio-ken can be magnified several times, the aura also gets bigger according to the intensity of the technique's use. The problem with Kaio-Ken is that it doesn't respect the body's limits, it doesn't care if the body can handle it, that's why this skill is so dangerous. The idea is: the higher the multiplier, the greater the damage to the user's body. That is, using Kaio-Ken is basically killing yourself. In Dragon Ball Z, Goku used Kaio-ken increased 4 times in his fight against.

Vegeta and 20 times during his fight against Freeza on Namek. And you could see that it causes an enormous state of stress in the user, where their vigor is sucked quickly and violently. Already in Dragon Ball Super Goku used the technique expanding by 10 times against Hit and 20 times against Jiren! And it is worth mentioning that he was already in his Super Saiyan Blue form when he used Kaio-Ken. The old Kaio even gave us a brief explanation at the Champa tournament, saying that Goku was already pushing his body into his blue form… and adding Kaio-Ken with that transformation would be like throwing your life away.

In the fight against Hit, Goku himself said that he had less than a 10% chance of succeeding and if he faltered in his energy control, he would have died. Therefore, only a user who has full control of their own ki can learn to control the Kaio-ken. Otherwise, an inexperienced person might pass out or even die after activating the technique. EIGHT INNER GATES – NARUTO SHIPPUDEN The “Eight Inner Gates” are advanced Taijutsu skills very powerful in the Naruto universe, which were mainly used by Might Guy and by Rock Lee throughout history. In short, the “Eight Inner Gates” are natural blockers.

That protect a person's body from overexertion. But this also limits that person to using only 20% of his or her full physical potential. However, with a lot of training, ninjas can learn to “manually” release each of these eight gates, allowing their bodies to reach the maximum potential they have. As a person trains, he learns to open more gates, and each unlocked gate makes the user more powerful. However, this also applies to the amount of damage that person will receive, the more gates they open, the greater the damage to their body. In Rock Lee's fight against Gaara, after opening five gates,.

He became much faster and more powerful, but as a result he was completely incapacitated, and could barely stand up. Up to a certain number of gates open, it is possible to treat bone and muscle injuries with medical ninjutsu. But opening the eighth gate is the riskiest thing there is, as it will surely kill the user, even if he is an extremely well-trained ninja like Guy. When he opened the Eight Gates, it gave him such an absurd amount of power that he was able to head-on and even surpass the Ten-Tails' Madara Jinchuuriki. Guy became so strong that Madara himself assumed he almost died,.

And even recognized Guy as the strongest taijutsu user in the world. However, Guy only escaped death thanks to a jutsu from Naruto that restored his life force, but the bones in his legs were so fragmented that he was forced to stay in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Not even medical ninjas of the caliber of Sakura and Tsunade managed to revert their condition. ORIGINAL TITANS – SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN For a long time in Attack on Titan, how humans turned into titans was a complete unknown. Until it was revealed to us that it all started when a girl named.

Ymir Fritz ended up having her body fused with an unknown creature, which gave rise to the Original Founding Titan, the first titan to exist. From then on, all those who were descendants of Ymir could turn into irrational titans by having a special serum injected into their bodies. And more than that, we also discover that there are so-called “Original Titans”, which basically allow their bearers to assume their human or titanic forms whenever they want. There are a total of 9 Original Titans, namely: the Attack Titan, Female Titan, Quadruped Titan, Armored Titan, Jaw Titan, Bestial Titan, Founding Titan, Colossal Titan and finally the War Hammer Titan.

Those who have one of the Original Titans are called “Titan Shifters” and are considered the most powerful, since, in addition to a giant body, this power provides its holders with various special abilities. However, as Ymir Fritz was killed 13 years after acquiring the powers of the Titan Prime, this ended up giving rise to a phenomenon known as the “Curse of Ymir”, which generated a very high cost for all future Titan Shifters. The curse causes all Original Titan holders to have their lifespans drastically shortened, limiting the lifespan of all titan shifters to just 13 years of life, which starts counting from the first minute they receive their powers.

When approaching this time limit, the user already starts to get weaker and get sick quickly, until he finally ends up dying. EYES OF SHINIGAMI – DEATH NOTE In Death Note there are supernatural notebooks known as “Death Note”, or in Portuguese: “Note of Death”. They basically have the power to kill any human whose name is written on them and originally belong to the Shinigami, who are the Death Gods of that universe. The “Eyes of Shinigami” is practically a “bonus” that comes with anyone who has obtained a Death Note.

It is only up to the new owner of the notebook to decide whether to accept this bonus or not. The new bearer can make an “Agreement of the Eyes” whenever he wants with the shinigami of that notebook and thus obtain the “Shinigami Eyes”. With these eyes, the holder of the notebook becomes able to see the remaining lifespan of any other human, in addition to knowing what that person's true name is. All of this ends up making using the Death Note much easier, since you don't have to go through the trouble of finding out a victim's real name, as this information appears floating above their heads. But to have that power, a great price must be paid. The person must yield.

Half of his lifespan remains for the Shinigami he made the deal with. That is, if by chance, the person was still going to live another 10 years, he will only live another 5 years after making the agreement. If you're going to live just one more year, you're going to live 6 months… and so on. To make matters worse, this agreement has no “reimbursement”. If you lose possession of the Death Note, you also lose your Shinigami eyes, but your life span does not return! So if you have a Death Note, don't make that eye deal. It's worse than a pyramid scheme. HUNTER'S MARK – DEMON SLAYER This is a mysterious mark that can be.

Unlocked by skilled demon hunters. Although we don't have many details about the origin or emergence of the mark, the first known bearer is the legendary Yoriichi, who for some unknown reason was born with that mark. For a hunter to awaken it, he needs to go through some very specific conditions. He must have come into contact with another person who already had the hunter's mark, and then, experienced near-death conditions, surviving a heart rate of over 200 beats per minute and a body temperature of over 39 degrees Celsius. This ends up awakening a mark on the user's body that refers to their breathing style. In Tanjiro's case, his mark looks like fire, and in Tomioka's case, his mark looks like water.

The awakened mark grants its user a gigantic increase in their physical capabilities and even enhances their breathing techniques, allowing them to fight even the strongest demons on an “equal basis”. The mark also gives the user access to the “Transparent World”, which basically allows the user to see their surroundings like X-ray vision, giving them increased spatial awareness and extremely fast reflexes. Not to mention that users with the Mark can still make their nichirin blade take on a crimson color, which is able to nullify or delay the regeneration effects of demons. However, it is said that all those who awaken the mark receive a curse:.

They will never live past their 25th birthday. If someone is over 25 years old and manages to awaken the mark, then they only have a few hours left to live. The only Hunter who managed to live his entire life with the mark was the legendary Yoriichi Tsugikuni, as he was born with the mark and was the first swordsman to awaken its effects. Kokushibo also awakened the hunter's mark, but to escape the curse, he became an oni and dodged the death caused by the mark. Because of the inconsistency of the curse, some fans believe that this is simply a superstition, but since there's nothing to prove it's a lie, there's no reason to doubt it, right?.

BLUE FLAMES – BOKU NO HERO Toya Todoroki, villain name Dabi, is a member of the League of Villains and the Paranormal Liberation Front, being one of the main antagonists of Boku no Hero. Dabi was born with a Quirk that allows him to produce and control highly destructive blue flames from his body. These flames are even more powerful than those of his father Endeavor, who is Japan's current number 1 hero, and become even stronger when Dabi feels strong emotions. However, Dabi's body has a low tolerance for his own flames, due to him inheriting his mother's resistance to freezing temperatures,.

Rather than his father's resistance to high temperatures. Because of this, as his power developed and his flames became more and more powerful, his body ended up suffering severe burns whenever he used his flames for long periods of time. At a certain point in his childhood, when he was training to get stronger, Dabi ended up losing control of his powers and was completely incinerated by his own flames. He ended up surviving that episode thanks to Dr. Garaki, but spent three years in a coma recovering and was left with several sequelae from the accident. As a result of the severe burns he suffered, much of his body has.

Purple and twisted skin, which is attached to the rest of his skin by means of several surgical staples. Furthermore, he has also become incapable of feeling pain, thanks to the damage he has sustained to his nervous system. So even if he uses his flames at full power, his body won't detect any trace of pain. This condition allows Dabi to use his power freely and ignore the potentially fatal burns he may suffer, making him a true monster when in battle. But on the other hand, it also ends up being a huge problem, since he doesn't know when to stop because his body can't take it anymore, making him constantly exceed his own limits.

GON TRANSFORMATION – HUNTER X HUNTER This transformation was achieved by Gon at the end of the Chimera Ants arc, and to this day it is one of the most hyped and remembered transformations in anime. After going through a painful process of mourning the death of his friend Kaito, Gon focused all of his anger towards Pitou, the Chimera Ant who killed him. The amount of rage in Pitou was so great, that it made Gon make an unconscious decision, and he decided to abandon everything, including his own life, in order to gain enough strength to defeat the Chimera Ant. He created a “Nen Condition” where he would gain an absurd amount of nen,.

With the sole purpose of getting enough strength to completely destroy Pitou from the face of the earth. But for that, your full potential and your life would be surrendered in the process. Upon transforming, Gon basically went from a child to his adult self in moments, which for a brief moment gave him powers never seen before. In the end, this power fulfilled its role and with ease. Even though Pitou was a chimera ant of the royal guard and had struck terror into renowned hunters, its power couldn't even reach Adult Gon's feet. However, the price Gon paid for this was immensely high… after Pitou was finally killed, all of Gon's vitality was drained.

He didn't die, but he became so weak and incapacitated that his body just couldn't take it and collapsed, leaving him on the brink of death. It was virtually certain that Gon would die sooner or later, but luckily, he was saved by the help of the entity Nanika. And even though he was cured, to this day Gon has not been able to use Nen again. HUMAN TRANSMUTATION – FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST In Fullmetal Alchemist, there is the law of Equivalent Exchange, where anyone can use alchemy to get any kind of thing done, as long as you can pay for something of equal value. So if you want to get something, something.

Else of equivalent value must be sacrificed in the process. However, there is a huge taboo in alchemy, which is human transmutation. You can also use equivalent exchange on humans, but using this technique always requires a lot more than alchemy textbooks suggest. Even after the Elric brothers tried to use various chemical components of the human body and use human transmutation to bring their mother back from the dead, Alphonse had to pay for the transmutation with his life and Edward had to give up his own leg. And in the end, what they brought back wasn't even their mother, it was just a rotting body. Edward was only able to bring Alphonse back after doing another human transmutation.

, where he gave up his own arm and managed to retrieve his brother's soul, and sealed it in a huge metal armor. Apart from the failed attempt to bring the dead back to life, human transmutation can also be used to create the most powerful weapon in the anime, which is the philosopher's stone. However, to create the stone, it is necessary to sacrifice the lives of thousands of people, and the user of the stone can use it without suffering any collateral damage – in addition to being able to break several rules about the law of equivalent exchange. THE ONE ULTIMATE – NANATSU NO TAIZAI In Nanatsu no Taizai, Escanor is one of the most powerful characters.

And also one of the most beloved by fans. The Lion's Sin of Pride is possessed of a power called Sunshine, which has its strength level based on the intensity of the sun's rays. At night Escanor is a skinny and wimpy guy, and as the day dawns and the sun is intensifying, he gets stronger and more muscular. When noon arrives, Escanor manages to reach the peak of his strength for one minute, activating his “The One” form. In this form, his body exudes so much heat that it even catches fire. His height and muscles increase, along with his magical powers, making him virtually invincible in this mode.

With “The One”, he was once even able to defeat Meliodas in his Assault Mode. However, after having his “The One” overcome by the Demon King, Escanor showed us that he still had an ace up his sleeve, his technique called “The One Ultimate”, an extension of the form “The One” created by Escanor himself. With this power, the Sin of Pride can not only extend the duration of his “The One” by much more than just a minute, but he can also grow even stronger. But in this form, the heat that Escanor releases from his body is no longer his Sunshine, but his own life being burned little by little to keep keeping his “The One” active. At least, with the strength of “The Ultimate One”, added to the strength of all the other Deadly.

Sins, the King of Demons was defeated, but Escanor could not escape death. All of his strength, stamina and vitality were completely destroyed after using “The Ultimate One”, and thus, the sin of pride bid farewell to his friends. NOTORIOUS BIG – JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE In JoJo, Stands are the physical manifestation of their user's soul. Because of this, depending on a person's personality or even mind, this will directly impact your Stand's properties. Unfortunately, a user is never able to “choose” their own Stand. It just spawns randomly for the person after acquiring the power somehow.

Because of this, some stand powers end up not being very useful, or worse: They can even kill their own user! In part 5, when Bucciarati's group was preparing to leave by plane, a mysterious man with a threatening pose approached them. That was Carne, a member of the “Special Unit” – an elite group formed by Mafia boss Passione himself. Mista drew her gun and alarmed the man to stop advancing. Carne didn't care and just kept walking. Then, without hesitation, Mista fired several times, killing the man. As everything seemed resolved, the group boarded the plane and took off.

Little did they know that killing that man was one of the worst decisions they could have ever made. Carne's stand, called Notorious BIG, is only activated after its user dies! But Carne wouldn't be resurrected or anything, he just threw his life away right there when he was killed by Mista! However, this allowed his stand to be activated for the first time. Thanks to the death of its user, Notorious is an autonomous stand. Its appearance is more like a cluster of meat and guts, with a tiny size. However, Notorious's role is to consume things to increase its size. As soon as it was killed by Mista, the Stand merged with the plane and began to devour the bodywork, gradually increasing its size.

The Stand can also merge with human bodies and slowly devour their flesh. Notorious also reacts to anything that moves quickly. If something moves faster than all other objects within a specific location, the stand stops whatever it's doing and attacks that “something”. Even if you try to damage this Stand, it will only cause it to merge with you or scatter its remains further around the environment, increasing the speed at which it consumes things! In the end, Notorious BIG ended up falling into the sea, and since the Stand reacts to speed, it was doomed to always react to ocean waves and never manage to go anywhere. This was quite possibly the deadliest stand.

For its own user that we've heard of in Jojo. And with that, we end our list. Everything you've seen here is just a fraction of the “harmful powers” that exist in anime. There are still many others that we can remember and even meet here on the channel. So, just to reinforce: If you want to see more of this type of video, just comment below. Of course, you also leave some suggestions for us, here. Who knows she doesn't appear in the next video? But tell us, which of these powers did you find the most dangerous of all? Oh, and don't forget the ultralike and subscribe here on the channel. So, you encourage Ultranerd to bring more and more content to you here, okay?.

So that's it guys. Until next time, thanks!

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