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As usual, our ritual is to welcome new anime at the start of the season. We will discuss recommendations on what anime will be released in April tomorrow , and btw, I swear I'm really tired, there's a lot of content that I want to discuss, like manga Boruto, which is better than One Piece.

Boruto . so boruto donuts on hiatus boruto versus kawaki battle callback from naruto sasuke battle already tomorrow I really want to play RE4 remake but this time let's take it easy, yes it's fierce, it's fierce, it's really fierce, it's really fierce, it's the most peaceful fandom, Hiruzen and Epep fandom , they want to be insulted by anything, the fans it's still cool,.

So what anime anime will be released tomorrow in spring 2023 after losing to the tTsukasa character and now being his friend, he lost in one shot to Ohma Zio, now he lost to Senku , so he's sorry, season 3 will feature Senku's story who sailed.

To find a new world and a mission to save 7 billion people with his best captain namely Ryusui Nanami according to the current population of the earth, which is 7 billion . After that, he also wants to reveal the source of the revival fluid , namely a nital-shaped liquid that.

Can revive petrified living things, so those of you who follow Dr. Stone really have to watch the spin off, namely the Ryusui where he's going to be a really important character in season 3. If you don't watch it , you're going to be asking questions “Whose kid is this?” So, this anime will be released on April 6, 2023, the job is just to move universes.

At Doctor Strange, there's Doctor Stone, I mean, now in Tonikaku Kawaii, the opening for season 1 is the opening action. What's wrong with the character Tsukasa Tonikaku Kawaii, also known as Tonikawa? is one of the romantic comedy series that has stood out quite a bit over the past year , where in this anime universe Tsukasa.

Will mate with a character named NASA Yuzaki season 1 this anime ends with NASA and Tsukasa attending the festival together in season 1, chemistry as husband and wife There's no coy yet, so I really hope that in season 2 it will continue to focus.

On the cute relationship between NASA and Tsukasa as husband and wife, not even by one, the gold of Tsukasa's universe will be ready for release on April 8, 2023 , more in the shogunate era the Japanese leader is like that, with a ninja theme , but really, ninjas are not magic ninjas,.

Right? that era there was a ninja named Gabimaru who was known as the most feared killer ninja but now he has been caught and imprisoned he will be executed but the problem is gabimaru always fails to die there is no execution method that can kill him and finally.

Gabimaru is given an offer from the executioner if he still wants to live together with his wife he has to get the elixir of immortality from a mysterious island this anime will be released on April 1 2023 Kinoshita, Akane thinks that gamer boyfriends can be as bad as real life girlfriends.

So be careful you women Don't let it be the guy you said was just playing games, but it turns out that he was actually dating another woman in the game to vent his anger . He hit an innocent monster in a video game when venting his anger.

. He even met Akito Yamada . that's the way guys and rude are not the type of ora What Akane likes especially, yes, Yamada is gamer boys who are inexperienced in matters of the heart so it's like an ff player who is impotent when asked “why don't you reply to chat” “booyah we are more important than your chat”.

So that's how this anime squad ff will be released on 2 april 2023 this Mashle anime is set in a story in a world where magic is everything and a person's place in society is determined by its strength or lack of it, well Burnedead, Mash doesn't have magic because since birth.

There are no special signs that show that he is a magic user, therefore he was abandoned by his family but he will be taught self-defense by a man who will take care of him then here bro, he wants to give a better life.

For himself and his adoptive father, actually a story like this is not really a new story, because there are already a lot of anime stories like this, the story of a person without special powers in a world full of magic and powers, especially asta and midoriya , so this anime itself will be released on April 8,.

2023 g is taking the main story of Megumin's character, so it's really the most ideal if Megumin has her own story. So, if you want to watch Dewi Sableng with a masochistic girl , and this spin off has a light novel, the anime adaptation itself is a prequel from the first Konosuba.

Because it takes the setting. 1 year before Aqua and Kazuma came down to this world where the character Megumin used to be told that she was a genius from a magic clan who had to face the god of darkness because she was playing with black kittens in a forest so this story is really special for Megumin especially most of you will definitely watch this spin off because your waifu.

At Konosuba is sure that Megumin is ready, just be ready Megumin will be ready for release on April 6, 2023. The story tells about a character named Tenjou, Yuuya, since he was young, he has lived in his grandfather's house , now he is at school. bullied to the max, even the wounds he got were so bad d he had to ask for school leave.

Now when he was on leave he cleaned his grandfather's house and found a room he had never seen before this grandfather was a person who had strange objects as a result of his travels around the world when this tenju tidied up those things he found a door well out of curiosity Tenju opened this door.

And he can enter a world full of magic where this world can give him a very cool skill even like cheat coy that's why the title has the meaning “I got a cheat skill in the world that is unmatched in the world real” the info is that this anime will be released on April 3 2023 the info is this anime is experiencing a change in animation because now JC staff is taking over.

, it's been 5 years bro , but don't worry coy JC staff is really pro when it comes to problems with beloved waifu so get ready Just with this anime from the days of my knee I like pain that will be released on April 3, 2023, one of the mangaka who also made the same Kaguya story but this time Akasaka chose a more interesting story in my opinion.

About a journey in the idol music world while revealing the dark secrets of the idol industry Oshi No Ko tells the story of 2 children of a young idol who very famous named ai hoshino namely Hoshino, Aquamarine and Hoshino, Ruby, now one of Hoshino's children, Ai used.

To be a doctor but now she is reborn as a child of a famous idol so one of her children is someone's reincarnation This anime will depict a dirty life in the idol industry when they follow in their mother's footsteps to become idols because Kaguyasama has finished, so.

Now this manga is still continuing the story and continuing in Kaguya-sama's footsteps into the Japanese box office and that's why they made a big profit, that's why yesterday there is a scene of the moon demon that leaked, season 3 itself will tell about an arc called a fight in a sword-making village after the incident in the entertainment district where the tanjidor sword.

And the swords of his friends started to break down, now because the people who made their swords were already big , the swords they made it's always broken by tanjidor he doesn't want to make swords for tanjidor anymore , so from here, like it or not, he has to go directly.

To his hometown from Haganezuka . this isn't fasting right because there's a scene where Ka nroji the pillar of love and the scene was animated by one of the best anime studios, the visual of which is ufotable.

This anime will be released on April 9, 2023 , so I think that's the anime that will be released in spring 2023, what do you think what anime recommendations do you write? in the comments column as usual

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