[10] Secret of Substance X | Salaryman Reincarnates As Lowest Unfriendly Healer But Works Laborious To Diploma Up

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As the story continues, we find Luciel payinga visit to the adventure guild, drawing the disgusted gazes of onlookers due to his healeroutfit. He meets Master and makes a request for 10barrels of Substance X, shocking everyone. Master then asks him for a favor, and asksif he can do the treatment like he did in Merratoni. Luciel explains that it's not possible sincehe is working under the church. However, Master proposes an alternative, heasks if Luciel can offer treatment as an adventurer, to which Luciel thinks it's possible. Master then goes to fetch substance X, duringwhich Luciel learns from the receptionist.

That the recent appearance of high-level monstershas led to increased casualties among adventurers, and they can't go to the clinic as their chargesare very high. Master returns with the barrel, and Lucielmentions that he will treat the adventurers but his charge is very high. However, he is just messing with them, andquotes his charge at just 1 silver coin per person. We then witness many adventurers severelyinjured, with some barely holding on to life. Just then Lucille appears, and many peopleangrily tell him to leave since he is a healer. Some even suggest killing him, but Mastershuts them up.

He tells them that Luciel is the legendarymaso-zombie healer from Merratoni, and is here to offer help for a single silver coin. Luciel is shocked by the nickname which Masterreferred to him, and the adventures are hopeful. Everyone then starts cheering him out as theMasochist Zombie, and Luciel wonders maybe he should let them die. Luciel then explains to the adventurers thathe doesn't intend to steal business from the clinics, so he won't always be available fortreatment. He hopes they won't resort to violence orstart rioting with the clinics due to their high charges.

He lays out three conditions for his treatment:firstly, the fee will be one silver coin per person; secondly, if he encounters any issueswith someone from the church, they should assist him if possible; and lastly, they muststop from calling him a maso zombie, instead he wants another nickname. Luciel then starts his treatment, and castsan area high heal spell to heal them. The adventurers are happy, and they brainstormsome nicknames for Luciel, such as the cheap healer, the battle crazed healer, the saint,weirdo healer, and finally settle on calling him St. Weirdo. However, they feel it isn’t as good as masozombie, and Luciel wonders, what the hell.

Did he wish for. Later, Luciel meets Cattleya, who inquiresabout his late arrival for the labyrinth visit. He explains that he had to see off the Valkyriepaladin regiment since they’ve been helping him out. We are then shown a glimpse of their sendoff, where Lumina is amazed by the fanfare. However, the crowd cheers them on to performlike Luciel, but they use his nicknames like maso zombie, St. Weirdo, leaving them shocked. Luciel mentions that he plans to stay in thelabyrinth longer this time, but Cattleya is against it.

Luciel assures her that he'll be fine sincehe defeated the monsters in the main chamber, and she agrees on the condition that he returnsonce a week. As Luciel leaves, she hopes that he doesn'tdie. We then see Luciel already back from his visit,and Cattleya is surprised as it hasn’t been even a week yet. She then gives him the weapon, armor, andthe magical items from the pope. She shows him an angel's pillow that willhelp him sleep soundly, ensuring he feels refreshed the next day. She then sends him off but asks him to makesure to check in every week.

Afterwards, we see Luciel back at adventureguild for his dose of substance x . Master asks if it's St. Weirdo free day, referringto Luciel’s weekly off, and Luciel is surprised that he remembers his days off. Luciel asks why he always sees him in thekitchen, and Master mentions he just enjoys it. He then asks Master to send another letterto Merratoni, although he is yet to hear back from them. A few adventurers arrive asking for a sparringsession with St. Weirdo, and Master tells Luciel that death rates and failed missionshave reduced, due to the training and practice.

The new adventures receive. An adventure named Elitz shows up, and hehas been teaching Luciel physical enhancement magic, but Luciel still hasn’t been ableto use it yet. He also wonders why Luciel is stuck at level1, and Luciel mentions it could be because he has not defeated any monsters. Luciel then gets a call for treating the adventures,and he uses his healing magic to heal them all. After that he asks them for any news aboutthe Merratoni and the Valkyrie. He learns that although the Valkyrie’s aresafe, there was death among the templars.

Regarding Merratoni, Brod is kidnapping adventurersand dragging them to his training hall, while Gulgar is trying to invent new recipes withsubstance x. Also, multiple receptionists are getting married,and Luciel is shocked. He worries that his harem members have fallenfor the A-rank beastfolk adventurers. He thinks this is why none of them have respondedto his letters, and is sad that he didn’t even get a wedding invite. It’s been half a year since Luciel beatthe level 20 boss, and he finally manages to defeat the level 30 boss. Cattleya is glad he’s still alive, and tellshim that he has earned 426,549 points.

He then considers buying a magic robe, andpotions with the point he has. He tells her how the area high heal spellhelped in his mission, and she wonders if he’s taking any drugs to improve his skillsas he’s too young to use that spell. She then drags him to pope to come clean aboutit, and Luciel hopes he can learn something about substance x. Cattleya reports to the pope that he has beendrinking substance x for two and half years. When he takes it out they are disgusted byits smell, and wonder if it's some kind of poison. He mentions that he got it at adventurer'sguild, and pope explains that it was originally.

A pill to awaken talents of the new adventurers. A sage tried to replicate the recipe, butit came as liquid, so he renamed it to God’s lament. Luciel mentions that he’s been consuming3 mugs daily until now, and it has made him stronger. Pope appreciates his effort, and Cattleyais impressed that he can drink such a disgusting liquid. Pope then asks him about the monsters he encountered,and he reveals that there were 3 wights, and 5 ghost knights this time.

He was able to defeat them with the area highheal magic, and Pope tells him that he has a potential to become a sage. Luciel shows the item drops, and Pope recognizesthat it belongs to the 3 girls, but doesn’t reveal anything else. Later, Cattleya hands him a letter which detailsthe effects of substance x which he has been drinking, and she looks worried for him. He learns that this was developed by a sageto enhance the 3 primal desires, which includes desire to eat, sleep and sex. However, it was criticized due to its badsmell and was decided to be disposed of.

But the Sage left this medicine with the adventurersguild, hoping that this could become an item that will save the world. Luciel then finds out that its primary effectis to sacrifice one of the 3 primal urges, and transform it to enhance one’s overallphysical ability. Luciel then realizes that he always had thedesire to eat and sleep, and wonders if this is the reason that he could never unsheathhis Excalibur. He wonders if this is why Cattleya was worried,thinking that he is an impotent. He thinks that his excalibur does respondwhen he sees hot babes so there’s still hope, and decides to fall in love after hemakes it through the labyrinth.

With this new motivation he goes deeper intothe labyrinth, and resolves to train harder, so that he can build a harem in the future. This is where the video ends, thanks for watching,and see you in the next episode.

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