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Welcome to the world of Elemental where firewater land and air residents coexist in a place called element city today we're diving deep intothe creation the characters and the hidden gems of this Pixar Masterpiece so buckle up and getready to be blown away by these fascinating facts about Elemental welcome to channel frederatorthe Cartoon Central of the internet before we begin we publish new videos every week so be sureto subscribe to our Channel and ring the bell to get notified about our latest videos and with thatout of the way let's get into the video number one elemental is a film that hits close to home forits director Peter song the story is based on his life with his parents immigrating to the USA fromKorea not speaking a word of English and settling into the Bronx they even opened up a grocerystore named Suns fruits and vegetables similar.

To ember's family opening up their store in thefilm number two the opening of the film really celebrates immigration sun hadn't thought about itthat way initially he was very naive as a kid and a bit of a jerk to his parents because growing upin that world he didn't realize how hard it was to be a new immigrant number three the movie reallyand truly relates to son's own experiences like assimilating into a new culture at a young age butalso marrying outside of his community causing a bit of a culture Clash number four producer DeniseReem also relates to this as her grandparents came to America from Ireland number five the filmis meant to be Universal as everyone comes from somewhere number six every member of the crew wasencouraged to bring their own personal stories to the table one scene in particular that came asa result was when ember's parents looked for an.

Apartment only to have doors shut in their facesthis story came from a story artist named bohem buchiba who actually ended up storyboarding thescene number 7. son's parents passed away during the production of the movie making it even moreemotionally resonant number eight he dedicated the movie to his parents and wants the movieto encourage everyone to go home and hug their parents if they can number nine the creation ofElemental required Pixar to upgrade and buy more computers the film used over 151 000 cores spreadacross three large rooms on the Pixar campus for comparison Toy Story had 294 cores Monsters Inchad 672 cores and Finding Nemo at 923. so yeah 151 000 number 10 the final frame of Elemental wasapproved on Friday March 24 2023 someone was moved to tears when wrapping up the projectnumber 11 and speaking of Tears son says that.

He'd be a water Elemental if he lived inelement City because he's a big crybaby number 12. the film's plot revolves around Embera fire element who loves working at her family's convenience store but struggles with her fierytemper when a plumbing accident at the store summons Wade a water element health inspectorthe two meet and fall in love the story explores their Journey as they navigate the differences andchallenges posed by their Elemental Natures number 13 the movie was pitched based on the idea of Fireand Water connecting and if this was even possible number 14 the movie started with Amber sawn wantedto build a city that would support ember's journey of identity and belonging which led to manydesign choices being made that would support the plot in unique ways number 15 element Cityconsists of key districts designed for the various.

Elements who settled there the city evolvedas each element arrived number 16 water was their first establishing the canal system amongother foundational aspects of the city number 17 Earth followed the the city is built on a Deltawhere earth and water meet number 18 air was next and much later fire the city isn't well suitedto fire as a result this approach underscores the fact that ember is forced out of her comfortzone into a city that she's never before explored number 19. you might think that creating fireor air characters would be the most challenging task for the animation team however it was thewater characters that proved to be the hardest obstacle water required the use of reflectionand refraction so the team used some cheats to make the characters both realistic and cartoonythe water characters have an outline that helps.

Define the character's body and expressionsalong with an always flowing exterior so they feel and look like water and not glass number 20the lighting for Wade changed in every shot and he could look like anything from jelly to a ghostwith just a minor adjustment number 21 Elemental took seven years to make both in the studio andat home home number 22 the pairing of Fire and Water people as the main characters was Elementalthe immediate tension and conflict between these two elements created a visual punch of oppositesdesigning the characters to embody this idea was a challenge number 23 the team had to create newsoftware and overcome technical hurdles to bring the characters of Ember and Wade to life number24 the concept required the team to understand that each character literally embodies theirelement character supervisor Jeremy Talbot said.

That ember is fire she's not something on fireWade is water he's not something wet number 25 this made walk Cycles particularly challengingas each element would have to move in completely unique ways number 26 the singular nature of thecharacters in Elemental forced Pixar to rethink when the effects Department would get involved ona typical Pixar project the effects team wouldn't start working until after the characters had beendesigned and animation had been completed number 27 of course the technical aspects of thesecharacters have to support the personalities and characteristics of the elements as well Whendeveloping Elemental Sun had to think about what water and fire really were and how that wouldplay out in a story number 28 Sun said that fire is often seen as temper and passion but that youhave to look deeper and see what it really means.

To burn bright number 29 contrasting this wateris transparent so Wade described as a go with the flow guy is prone to tears at unexpected momentsan emotional trait that director Peterson admits he shares number 30 taking these opposites andfinding the Venn diagram where they overlap was the basis of everything that would come to be anelemental number 31 the screenplay was written by Brenda Sue who was a creative consultantfor turning red number 32 the portrayal of element city was inspired by many the earlier liveaction films the Pixar creative team turned to the great filmmakers of the past for inspiration oninventing an entire big city and making it appear Lush and attractive they looked at how cities wereshot in classic films like Roman Holiday and were inspired by the work of the late cinematographerGordon Willis number 33 despite the film's rich.

Backstory and sweeping visuals the theme ofElemental is simple and personal it's about wanting to thank our parents for the sacrificesthey've made and connecting to something that feels real and truthful this personal journey isat the heart of the film making it relatable to kids adults and families alike number 34 AmberLumen is voiced by Leah Lewis who is best known for her roles as Ellie Chu in the half of it andGeorgia fun in CW's Nancy Drew series number 35 her performance in the half of it showcased hervoice which really stood out to son he heard how raspy and Smokey it was but she also had greatvocal control this is is what made her perfect for the role of Ember number 36 Wade Ripple is voicedby Mamadou athi who starred in Netflix's Uncorked and the show oh Jerome no number 37 he was ashow-in for the role after son saw his performance.

In oh Jerome no his ability to cry realisticallyand humorously is what really sold his performance number 38 the film features several celebrityvoice actors in its International dubs in the European French dub actors Adele X archopolis andVincent Lacoste play Ember and Wade respectively number 39 Pixar regular Ronnie Del Carmenprovided the voice of Bernie Amber's father number 40 Kai Ava Hauser a non-binary voice actorplays Wade's non-binary sibling Lake it's nice to see casting that aligns with the identity of thecharacter number 41 Lake also has a girlfriend and the girlfriend's name will surely perk up theears of Animation lovers her name is Ghibli a clear reference to the Beloved anime ProductionStudio Studio Ghibli number 42 there are a few less big names than one would expect in this Pixarflick one cast member who may stand out to some is.

Joe Pera a comedian best known for his Adult Swimseries Joe para talks with you Hera voices Fern grouchwood and overgrown Earth elemental number43 of course I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the talents of Catherine O'Hara Canadian Superstarand shit's creek Alum who voices Wade's widowed mother number 44 there's also a cute littlemascot-like character named Claude played by Mason wertheimer he's been described as a JiminyCricket type seeing something in Ember that she doesn't see yet herself number 45 the film wasannounced in May of 2022 with the general themes being introduced and son was announced as theDirector number 46 in September of that very same year during the d23 Expo a first first look atthe film was shown featuring a scene where Ember and Wade are walking through the park Wade triesto impress Amber by making a rainbow across the.

Water number 47 the film debuted at the 76th Khanfilm festival on May 27 2023 and received praise for its animation musical score and emotionaldepth however some critics found its storytelling underwhelming number 48 the film was released inthe United States on June 16 2023 number 49 the film's release was delayed in the United Kingdomin Ireland to July 7 2023 making it one of the few modern American films to be delayed from aUK release number 50. this is Pixar's first true rom-com and it takes cues from romantic films likeGuess Who's Coming to Dinner Moonstruck and Amelie number 51 Beyond just being a love story abouttwo individuals Elemental is also a family love story the relation between Ember and her father isparticularly important as it shows what a parent will sacrifice to allow their kids to pursuetheir dreams number 52 following in this genre.

Vein Elemental does not have a villain insteadthe film focuses on life family and relationships this unique approach adds depth to the story andmakes it more relatable to audiences number 53 as of July 5th Elemental has grossed over 195 milliondollars worldwide against a budget of 200 million number 54. Elemental had the lowest three-dayweekend debut for a Pixar film since Toy Story which premiered in 1995 in far fewer theatersthan Elemental and earned 29.1 million without adjusting for inflation number 55 element Citythe setting for Elemental is a thriving colorful Metropolis home to interconnected communities ofpeople made of the four elements of classical lore water fire air and Earth the city is designedto reflect the diversity and vibrancy of a real world immigrant neighborhood much like the Bronxwhere director Peterson grew up number 56 the.

Design of element city was inspired by citiesand architecture all over the world including Venice and Amsterdam the team researched portcities to understand how a country welcomes people in and other immigration hubs around theworld they also looked at buildings in Brazil with Earth designs and buildings in the MiddleEast with watery shapes number 57 the production team spent many hours watching point of view Citytours on YouTube to get inspiration for element city as they were unable to travel to citieslike Venice and Amsterdam for research due to the covid-19 pandemic number 58 ember's parentsBernie and Cinder voiced by Ronnie Del Carmen and Sheila Omi run a bodega like shop in elementCity the shop specializes in imports from Fireland and other fire friendly products reflecting theImmigrant experience of establishing businesses.

That cater to to their home country's needsin a new land number 59 some examples of fire products at the store are kids juice boxes whichare actually small kerosene cans with metal straws and a lighter fluid baby formula Ember deliversbags of wood chips not potato chips and fireplace cells sparklers buy two get one free by thecash register number 60. director Peterson used to imagine the periodic table as a series ofapartment buildings with individual apartments in which Cobalt would live next door to Nickel thischildhood imagination influenced the creation of Elemental for example the wetro schedule featuresa similar shade and a park in the film called periodic park has a grassy grid that's reminiscentof the periodic table number 61 filmmakers use color to help convey ember's emotions when sheloses her temper the color of her Flames goes.

From yellow orange red Hues to purple and nearlywhite number 62 filmmakers working to frame each sequence allowed for up to a 15 percent growthof a fire character's Flames ensuring the whole character would be visible without completelyfilling the frame number 63 animators referenced footage of water balloons to inspire how Wade'sinternal water volume might flow between poses his form breaks on occasion with water droplets and hehas the ability to flow into and out of external water sources number 64. Pixar is known for hidingEaster eggs in their films that represent past projects future ones and even outside influencesin Elemental director Peter son and producer Denise Reems favorite Easter eggs come not fromother movies but from their personal lives for instance there's a chair from the University thatRheem attended in fire-ish number 65 Zone also.

Included a tribute to Ralph Eggleston the personwho hired him at Pixar 23 years ago and who passed away the previous year this hidden tribute toEggleston comes in the form of a Scion reading eat at Ralph's two cents number 66 of course Pixar aregot an A113 Easter egg in here a classic reference to a calart's classroom that many staff oncelearned in Elementals reference to A113 comes in a unique form as the movie uses the periodic tableto help pull it off the wetco transit sign for element City includes three symbols for differenttrain lines a h and a l with the first in a circle and the latter two in squares H is the atomicsymbol for hydrogen which has an atomic number of one on the periodic table a l is the symbol foraluminum which has the atomic number 13. therefore the sign is coded A113 number 67 Elementalincludes another classic Pixar Easter egg by.

Showing the Pizza Planet truck the iconic vehicledebuted in Toy Story and has become the Studio's signature hidden detail as a version of it hasappeared in every movie number 68 the planet on the science club poster during a flashbackof Wade's past is an Easter egg referring to Pixar's next film ilio it closely resembles theconcept art revealed that the d23 Expo number 69 there's also a secret Elio character included asone of elemental's Easter eggs producer Denise Reem confirmed in an interview that there isa character from the upcoming movie hidden somewhere in this movie number 70. there areplenty of Elemental pun Easter eggs as well this comes naturally since much of the film takesplace in a bodega-like store and the majority of these puns are themed around fire or wood themedproducts number 71 the air Elemental characters at.

Play in Elemental might seem somewhat familiar toPixar aficionados as the air people in many ways resemble the look of gods the main Cloud featuredin Sun's short partly cloudy number 72 at the movie theater in element City there's a posterfor a movie called The Good elephant a parody of Peterson's movie The Good dinosaur number73 of course Wade and Amber are at the theater to see something currently playing the Marqueereveals that they're attending a screening of tide and Prejudice a water themed version of the JaneAusten romance novel Pride and Prejudice number 74 there's also a comic at the fireplace whichseemingly features the character Arlo on the cover number 75 the cars franchise gets a special shoutout from Pixar through the inclusion of Flagstone tires an ad for Flagstone tires is shown on thesigns of the stadium during the windbreakers and.

Crop dusters game how about those team namesthough number 76 the characters Ember and Wade were inspired by the personalities of sun andhis wife ember's hot temper reflects son's wife's passionate nature while Wade's emotional naturemirrors San's own personality number 77 another personal tie-in comes in the form of ember'sstruggle she's torn between being with Wade or following in her parents footsteps and running thefamily business reflecting not only Sun's personal experience but that of many of the animators andstory retailers number 78 Elemental is the fourth animated film scored by Thomas Newman followingFinding Nemo Wally and Finding Dory number 79 Carl's date a Pixar short featuring charactersfrom up yes that includes Doug played before the movie marking the first time in five years thata short was played before a Pixar film the last.

Time this happened was before The Incredibles 2in 2018 number 80. speaking of up Peterson just so happens to be the inspiration for the young andenergetic Boy Scout Russell number 81 some of the promotional posters for Elemental were parodiesof previous Pixar films and were posted online however ember's poster which parodied turningred was quickly taken down due to the Canadian wildfires that were happening at the time number82 Elemental was first hinted in the Pixar film light year on a drink called Wade water I wonderif something like that's in bad taste in element City number 83 the language of the fire peopleknown as fireish was based on the sounds fire makes David J Peterson of Game of Thrones and duneFame created this language number 84. Peterson has named Jesse Sams as a co-creator of pyrish andhas criticized the lack of credit she's received.

For her work on this language number 85 LeahLewis went through a long three-step audition process this process included two auditions onzoom and a six hour in-person audition number 86 Mamadou athi found the recording studio workto be shockingly exhausting he described the process as draining but exhilarating as he hadto put every bit of himself into the performance creating images in his mind and doing take aftertake number 87 Leah Lewis also shared her thoughts on the pressures of playing a character who willsoon populate store shelves in the form of Pixar merchandise she described the experience as crazyand unreal especially considering she used to to buy such merchandise as agile number 88 bothLewis and authy highlighted the importance of director Peterson's guidance during the recordingprocess his Direction helped them understand their.

Characters better and deliver performances thatwould resonate with audiences number 89 despite the physical separation of the recording boothLuis and API managed to form a strong emotional connection with their characters number 90 thedesign challenges that came with injecting Seoul into fire and water elements were immense he drewtwo hands one of water one of Fire coming together they didn't touch but the temperature from onehand would heat the water to its boiling point and then there'd be a cooling down effectit was kind of like Goosebumps when you were about to touch someone for the first timenumber 91 during the early stages of character design Ember looked terrifying sort of like amonster out of The Lord of the Rings the team had to work hard to control the flame and makeAmber look less intimidating and more appealing.

Number 92 the filmmakers interviewed over 100first and second generation immigrants at Pixar about their personal experiences to develop thestory building from this variety of experiences the fire people the latest group of Elementalbeings to immigrate to element City are depicted via a range of cultural signifiers number 93 thecity is also pretty accurate when it comes to how immigrants got there the filmmakers researchedvarious ports and entryways used all across the world number 94. of course the boiling pointof water was well researched as well to make sure nobody could come in and hit them with an umactually number 95 during pre-production it was suggested that Wade and Ember have a babymade of steam a fun idea for sure and one that opens up a lot of possibilities for otherElemental hybrids but it didn't end up making.

It into the movie Number 96 with all of the talkof the four elements some folks might assume that Elemental was partially inspired by avatar TheLast Airbender fans of Aang and the gang would be a little disappointed though as someone hasdismissed any such connection he loves the show and watched it with his kids but feels the twoworlds are very different no martial arts in elemental number 97 there are sports though themost popular yet fictional game in element city is called airball number 98 lots of differenttechnology was designed to make element City feel even more complete production designerDon shank says Design Elements inspired new technology which inspired new design gotta lovewhen inspiration gives way to more inspiration number 99 they'll look for the movie ended uplanding on a delicate balance between physics.

Logic and cartoony appeal says shank number 100 asthe way each one developed over time would shape their world that's how the fire people ended upmaking things like glass and Ceramics number 101 this idea extended out into the World At Largewith things like cooking pots stove burners and more being incorporated into fire peoplearchitecture number 102 2. Elemental features and original song performed by love called stealthe show it plays during Ember and Wade's first date as well as during the end credits Number 103when the movie was first announced a lot of people pointed out similarities to FireBoy and WaterGirla series of Cooperative puzzle platforming video games developed by Oslo albed the similaritiesare striking but the idea of a fire water Duo is definitely not novel Shark Boy and Lava Girlanyone number 104 early concept art shows a family.

Of fire Elementals having a super hot dinner ofburning logs some said he thought it would be fun if the fire Elementals love to eat hot foodnumber 105 at first Sun considered letting Amber do superhero-like things shooting fire from herhands and the like however this didn't match the emotional tone of the movie number 106 Elementalwas made from the ground up to be seen in 3D it was always supposed to be seen on the big screenin that format and wasn't simply a post-conversion job number 107 interestingly enough Star Wars hada big impact on this movie the idea of Immaculate reality was often referred to during productionwhere the team would design things knowing that they had a fictional history even if that lorenever played out on screen the world would feel more real to audiences because of it son firstheard about this idea from George Lucas on the.

Making of Star Wars and that's a wrap on ourElemental Journey we hope you enjoyed these 107 facts about Pixar's Elemental remember just likethe Lumen family we all have a spark that makes us unique keep that flame alive and until nexttime remember frederator loves you did you enjoy our list what facts do you think we missed let usknow in the comments below and while you're there like And subscribe to see more great videosevery week and remember frederator loves you thank you

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