[1080p] Hirogaru Sky! Precure OP (Mounted Creditless)

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(Sky-High Fly) Soar into the sky, higher than the highest point Let's go to a broader world! Precure Precure(Shiny sky) (Sunny blue sky) (Fly High) Rainbow prism after the rain The sky tells us something's beginning.

(The sky tells us) I reached out to see what it is Then in my hand, I found the light of hope Quickly, catch! Catch! Overcoming despair We'll become stronger Wipe your tears Wipe your tears(Are you ready? Go) Take OFF.

Take OFF(with wings of courage) Soar into the sky with the highest spirits Change your frustration into glittering hearts The unknown world and the future are full of possibilities We're friends linked together under the same sky Continue to tomorrow, miracles! Hero Girl Sky! Precure

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