13 Years After Humans Left, “Sky Folk” salvage Returned to Colonize Pandora’s Planet

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The movie begin in 2154, the Resources DevelopmentAdministration, or RDA, hires Jake Sully, a paraplegic and former marine. His twinbrother Tom, who worked for the RDA, was killed, and they now need Jake to replace him for theavatar program on the planet Pandora because he is Tom's twin and his genome is the only onethat can activate Tom's Avatar. Jake agrees and is placed in a cryosleep chamber, where he will sleepfor nearly six years while the crew travels to the planet. When Jake arrives, he meets the avatarprogram's head and team, Dr. Grace Aaugustine and Dr. Norm Spellman, who was also a friend ofTom. He discovers that Pandora's atmosphere is toxic to humans and that the land is ruled bya species known as the Navi, which are 10-foot tall blue-skinned humanoids who worship the mothernature goddess Eywa. In order to explore the land,.

Humans temporarily transfer their consciousnessto Avatars. A Human Navi hybrid created by Humans that can only be activated by its biologicalowner. For the first time, Jake and Norm enter their Avatar bodies, and Jake is overjoyed to beable to walk and run for the first time in years. He is then introduced to Colonel Miles Quaritch byTrudy, a combat pilot assigned to the Avatar team. Colonel Quaritch strikes a deal with Jake: hewill join the avatar team on their expeditions in exchange for reporting everything he knows aboutthe Navi and their home tree, which contains the most Unobtanium on Pandora. The RDA is mining thismineral to bring back and sell on Earth, and the Colonel will ensure that the company funds Jake'slegs replacement. Jake concurs. He joins Grace and Norm on their research expedition as their escort.While the scientists are looking for samples. A.

Vicious beast known as the Thanator attacks Jake,tearing him away from the rest of the group. He barely escapes with his life and is soonabandoned in a jungle, struggling to survive, until he is rescued by a female Navy officernamed Neytiri. Neytiri is drawn to Jake's bravery, but she believes he is too stupid and naive.Seeds from the spirit tree land on Jake, and Neytiri interprets this as a sign that he shouldbe taken to her clan, the Omaticaya. Tsu'tey, the heir to the chieftain ship and Neytiri'sfiance, is especially hostile to him. Jake meets Eytukan and Mo'at, the clan's chief and priestess,who also happen to be Neytiri's parents. Mo'at decides to take Jake in and have Neytiri teachhim their ways of life after much deliberation. Jake settles in for the night with the clan andis immediately recalled to the Avatar stimulator..

He informs Grace and Colonel Quaritch ofeverything he has learned. The colonel gives Jake three months to persuade the Navyto relocate or they will bomb their home tree. Grace becomes suspicious of Jake's dealings withthe colonel, so she relocates the team to a remote outpost in Pandora's floating mountains. Neytirispends the next three months teaching Jake the ways of the Navi. She tells Jake that when heis ready, he must choose his own Ikran, a winged beast that the Navis used to hunt, and he willfinally become a warrior. Jake learns to track and hunt wildlife while also beginning to understandthe spiritual connection that exists between all of Pandora's beings. Jake soon becomes sympatheticto the Na'vi and falls in love with Neytiri. After his first clean kill, Neytiri, Tsu'tey, andother Na'vi travel to the floating mountains in.

Search of their own Ikran. Tsu'tey orders Jake tochoose first when they arrive at the Ikran's nest. To choose one, Ikran must first choose him byattempting to kill him. He kills one of the beasts and bonds with it via the nerve endings in hishair. Neytiri pushes them off the cliff, forcing Jake to fly with his Ikran in order to strengthentheir bond. While flying their Ikran, Jake and Neytiri come face to face with the Toruk, a mightydragon-like beast that the Na'vi fear and worship. Only five Na'vi have ever tamed and ridden theToruk, including Neytiri's great-grandfather. The three months are up, and the team returns to thefacility. Colonel Quaritch issues the ultimatum to Jake, but he requests an extension only until hisfinal ceremony, after which he will become one of them and can persuade them to relocate. Jake isfinally accepted into the Omaticaya clan on the.

Day of the ceremony, and now that he is one ofthem, Neytiri takes Jake into the Tree of Souls. The Tree of Souls is one of the Na'vi's mostsacred places, where their ancestors' memories are kept. They can access these memories by connectingtheir nerve endings to the tree's fibers. It is also one of the locations with the mostunobtainable uranium deposits. Neytiri informs Jake that he can now choose a wife; Jake thenproposes to Neytiri, who accepts happily. In the eyes of their goddess Eywa, the two kissand connect their nerve endings under the tree of souls, binding themselves to each other for therest of their lives. As dawn breaks, Neytiri is awakened by the sounds of a large machine tearingup the Tree of Souls, which has come from the RDA. Neytiri tries to wake Jake, but he iscurrently unconscious due to the stimulation..

When Jake awakens, he sees a frantic Neytiridragging him away. He tells the bulldozer to stop, but it keeps plowing. He then climbs the machineand begins destroying the cameras, but the crew fires back. They flee, leaving Neytiri sobbingas the machines demolish their sacred site. Meanwhile, the RDA records Jake destroyingthe cameras and is able to identify him. Jake and Neytiri return to the clan's home tree,where he attempts to persuade Eytukan to relocate for the clan's safety. Tsu'tey accuses Jake ofhaving an affair with his betrothed. Neytiri admits to this and claims that it is irreversiblebecause they are now bonded before Eywa. Norm tries to stop the soldiers from removing Jakeand Grace from the simulators at their outpost, but it's too late. Jake seizes the opportunityto make his final plea, but he and Grace pass.

Out before he can finish. They are returnedto the facility, and Jake's true allegiance is revealed via a video log in which he statesthat the Na'vi will never give up their home. Colonel Quaritch decides to cut the cord andbomb the Na'vi away from the family tree. Grace then informs the company that they cannot destroythe home tree because it will destroy Pandora's biological neural network. The Synapses link themall together like a massive brain. The RDA is not completely convinced, but agrees to give theteam one hour to persuade the Omaticaya to move. Grace and Jake reawaken in their Avatar forms, andJake begins telling them about the RDA's plans. He then admits that he was sent there as a spy,but that things have changed since then. Neytiri, hurt by his betrayal, lashes out at him andflees. Jake and Grace are then kidnapped. The RDA.

Dispatches hovercrafts to the home tree and beginsgassing them. The Omaticaya fights back, refusing to flee, but their arrows are useless against theheavy steel of the crafts. The missiles are then fired by the hovercrafts at the natives and thehome tree. The tree immediately catches fire as the Na'vi flee for their lives. Jack and Graceare chained to their post, unable to flee until mode arrives. She releases them, telling themthat if they are indeed one of them, they should assist them. The firing continues at the rootsof the home tree, eventually breaking the trunk. The home tree collapses, crushing a hundred Na'visto death on the ground. Neytiri searches for survivors and comes across her father, who has ashard lodged in his chest. With his dying breath, he bestows his bow and arrows on her and makesher promise to carry out her responsibilities..

Jakes discovers her in the rubble, but Neytiripushes him away, telling him not to return. Jake and Grace are taken out of thesimulation once more and arrested at the facility, while Jake's Avatarbody collapses among the debris. Trudy breaks the avatar team out of their cell.They hijack one of the helicopters and flee, but Grace is hit in the stomach. Jake stitchesher up as they return to their original outpost, which they relocated higher up the mountainswhere the RDA can't easily reach it. Jake returns to simulation and devises a strategy;once in his avatar form, he summons his Ikran. Jake is aware that the Omaticaya willonly listen to him in one of two ways. They work together to find the Toruk. Withnowhere else to go, the Omaticaya are forced to.

Seek refuge at the last remaining soul tree. Theyhear a strong gust of wind behind them and gasp in horror as they see the Toruk flying towardsthem as they wait for an answer to their prayers. When it lands, Neytiri is surprised to see thatJake has managed to tame the mighty beast. The Na'vi are impressed and awed by this feat. Tsu'teyagrees to join Jake in the fight against the humans when Jake asks him. Jake then approachesthe Na'vi and begs them to save her life. He transports her human body, along with heravatar body, to the Tree of Souls, and the clan performs a ritual in an attempt to transferGrace's consciousness into her avatar form. Grace's wound was too deep, and she died beforethe ritual could be completed. But Jake is well aware that the battle is far from over. Togetherwith Tsu'tey, they rally the Omaticaya and then.

Travel to neighboring clans, enlisting Na'vifrom the plains, seas, and mountains to fight for their homes. By the end of the day, they'damassed over 2000 Na'vi at the Tree of Souls. When Jake learns of the RDA's plans to bomb theTree of Souls, he devises a strategy to lure them through the floating mountains and attackthem there before they reach the sacred site. Jake seeks guidance from Iowa at the Tree ofSouls. As dawn breaks, the RDA launches the hovercrafts and bombs, and the Na'vy clansawait them among the floating mountains. Not long after, the plains clans take commandof the machine suit surveying the grounds. The Na'vi open fire, flying around the hovercraftsand shooting them down with their arrows. They were able to down a few helicopters,but the company's armory is far too powerful..

They open fire on the Na'vi with theirguns, killing a large number of them. Colonel Quaritch notices Jake on theToruk and begins shooting at him. Jake flees the firing line, drawing theColonel's hovercraft deeper into the mountains. Suddenly, Trudy and her helicopter arrive, andshe fires at the Colonel, allowing Jake to flee. Meanwhile, Neytiri's icon is removed, and shefalls to the ground, witnessing the devastation caused by humans. Tsu'tey performs a heroicact against the main hovercraft, rescuing a number of men unloading the bombs beforebeing gunned down and falling to the ground. The Na'vi are overwhelmed, and as they retreatdeeper into the forest, the hovercrafts detect a different movement. Various Pandorian Wildlifecharge at the machines in a matter of seconds as.

The ikran overtakes the skies, destroying theremaining craft. Neytiri interprets this as an offer of assistance from Eywa. Jake thenlands on the main hovercraft transporting the bombs and destroys its machine guns. Heexpertly runs around the craft, dodging fire, and launches a grenade at one of the engines. Thecraft crashes and explodes among the mountains. He fires more grenades at the Colonel's craft,but Quaritch escapes using a mechanical suit. The grenades detonate, and Jake is thrown backinto the air before landing on the ground. The Colonel survives the blow andbegins hunting down the outpost. Quaritch arrives at the simulators just as Neytirilaunches herself at him. Quaritch drags her down and traps her beneath a tree's trunks. Jakeappears and fights him as he is about to stab her..

Jake manages to keep him at bay by breaking hisknife and the protective glass around his suit. The Colonel gasps for air and then turnshis attention to Jake's actual body. He smashes the outpost's glass and destroys thesimulators. As the Colonel drags his body, Jake stabs him in the neck. Neytiri breaks free andfires an arrow straight into the Colonel's heart. She fires another arrow to complete the kill.Meanwhile, Jake emerges from the simulator, dragging his body to reach for the air mask, butthe poisonous air knocks him out and prevents him from breathing. Neytiri realizes what's going onand climbs inside the outpost to put Jake's air mask on. She sees his true body for the firsttime, and they embrace. Jake and Neytiri return to their Avatar form to find Tsu'tey, who begsJake to kill him. In order for him to die a noble.

Death, Tsu'tey acknowledges Jake as his brotherand hands over the chieftainship to him as he breathes his last. Jake accepts it gratefully.The war is now over, and the Na'vi have triumphed. The facility is destroyed, and the humansare sent back to Earth on their ships. Jake, Norm, and a few other humans are allowedto stay by the Na'vi. Jake has been named the new chief of the Omaticaya clan. On his new birthday,he is led to the Tree of Souls by Neytiri, where they perform a ritual that transfershis c onsciousness to his new Avatar Body. After successfully driving humans back to earth,now the Na'vi's are returning to continue their lives peacefully on Pandora. Jake Sully recountshis life since joining the Na'vi as chief of the Omaticaya clan. Neteyam, Lo'ak, and Tuk are hisand Neytiri's adopted children, along with Kiri,.

The biological daughter of Grace Augustine's Na'viAvatar. The children also spend time with Spider, a human boy who was left behind with the humanscientists after the previous group evacuated Pandora because babies could not be cryostasis.While the children see Spider as something of a cousin, Neytiri feels the boy would be betteroff with other humans, in part due to her own hatred of the “Sky People”. While everythingappears to be perfect, Jake's happiness is quickly shattered when RDA ship shuttles begin todescend on Pandora, destroying vast areas of the forest and killing the wildlife. Jake and Neytiriget their children and the other Na'vi to safety, but Jake holds his wife as they watchthe devastation left behind in horror. Colonel Miles Quaritch awakens one yearlater, resurrected in his own Avatar body..

Quaritch quickly realizes what happened afterwatching a video log he left himself before their previous attempted mission to tear downthe Na'vi's Tree of Souls before he and his team were all killed while attacking his formerteammates, all now in their own Na'vi skins. Quaritch decides to lead a team back onto Pandorawith one goal in mind: to kill Jake. The RDA has colonized Pandora and established a mining baseas well as the settlement of Bridgehead City. Jake leads a group of Na'vi in flying theirIkrans to attack human aircraft and supply lines. Neteyam and Lo'ak try to join the fight, but areseverely injured in the process. Jake rescues them but chastises them for putting themselves indanger. The group rejoins the rest of the clan at their camp. Jake and Neytiri talk about how thesechanges are affecting their children's lives..

Meanwhile, Spider follows Lo'ak and Kiri to thehuman research facility, where Norm Spellman and Max Patel are still working. Kiri converses withGrace's Avatar while her body is in the tank. Spider then observes that his Na'vi friends atleast know who their parents are, whereas he knows and resents Quaritch's father. Quaritch andhis team arrive at their base and are greeted by General Frances Ardmore (Edie Falco), who providesan update on their operations since his death. Ardmore informs them of the Omaticaya's advantagesover them before telling them how they can gain their own advantage. The team arrives in theforest at the same time as Jake's children and Spider. While Kiri is lost in nature, the otherkids notice Quaritch and his team surveying the former link unit for humans and their Avatars.He discovers his skeleton inside the AMP suit.

In which he was murdered. The villains discoverthe children and realize they are Jake's children because they have five fingers. When Quaritchmeets Spider, he discovers he is the boy's father. Quaritch summons Ardmore and her team to comedown while he holds the other kids hostage. Jake and Neytiri are summoned to the scene, andboth are taken aback to see their arch-enemy alive and in a Na'vi body. Before they openfire, Neytiri kills some of Quaritch's team. She and Jake are able to reclaim their children,but Quaritch and his surviving teammates retreat, taking Spider with them. Ardmore tortures the boyin order to extract information about the clan's location, but Quaritch intervenes and chooses toget closer to Spider in order to gain his trust. He persuades Spider to accompany him on theirmission, or the scientists will experiment on him..

Jake tells Neytiri that they must leavethe clan now that they are being hunted. While Neytiri is reluctant to leave her home, Jakeassures her that it is in their children's and the clan's best interests. He hands over command toanother warrior, Tarsem, and departs the clan with Neytiri and their children. They fly their Ikrantoward the eastern seaboard, to the Metkayina clan of Na'vi. Tonowari, the clan's leader, and hispregnant wife, Ronal, have gathered the clan. Jake requests shelter for the sake of his family,but Ronal and other tribesmen are quick to dismiss Jake and his children due to their half-humanheritage and the risk of bringing their dangers to this land. Tonowari, on the other hand, respectsthe “Toruk Makto's” accomplishment and allows them to stay; he also instructs his children Aonung andTsireya to teach Jake's children how to adapt to.

Their oceanic surroundings. Quaritch and his teamlead Spider through the forest, with Spider acting as a translator for the Na'vi language, which theteam is still learning. Quaritch is also able to connect with his own Ikran, albeit more forcefullythan the Omaticaya. Jake's children join Aonung and Tsireya, as well as Aonung's friend Rotxo(Duane Evans, Jr.), on their exploration of the reef. Tsireya demonstrates that they communicatewith underwater creatures using sign language and connect to them in the same way that the Omaticayaconnect to their animals. When Lo'ak tries to connect with a creature, he is dragged throughthe water and thrown off. Kiri, on the other hand, has a more natural connection with the creaturesand assists one of them in interacting with Tuk. Jake and Neytiri are shown how to fly the Tsurak,which can move both above and below water..

Lo'ak approaches Tsireya, who demonstrates howto improve his underwater breathing. She also takes him and his sisters deeper underwater byemploying creatures that breathe while resting on their backs. However, Aonung and Rotxo arehostile toward Kiri because she is a half-breed, which leads to Lo'ak punching Aonung in the face.Neteyam joins the fight with Aonung's friends, prompting Jake to chastise his sons for theiractions. Lo'ak is forced to apologize to Aonung by Jake. He does so, and Aonung invites Lo'ak tojoin him and his friends on a hunting expedition. They travel far enough until they trick Lo'akinto pursuing a creature, just as he and his creature are attacked by an Akula, whichkills Lo'ak's mount before pursuing him. Lo'ak tries to swim back up before running outof breath, but the Akula pursues him until he is.

Saved by Payakan, a whale-like creature known asa Tulkun. Lo'ak pursues Payakan and discovers a harpoon lodged in his fin, which he removes andearns Payakan's trust. Jake speaks with Kiri, who has been feeling strange latelyas a result of what she has witnessed. She claims she can feel the mighty heartbeatof their goddess Eywa. Jake assures her that nothing is wrong with her. Tonowari chastisesAonung for leading Lo'ak beyond the reef when it is forbidden, but Lo'ak accepts responsibilityfor everything to keep Aonung out of trouble. Jake tells Lo'ak that his actions have embarrassedthe family, but Aonung grows to respect Lo'ak. Lo'ak tells his siblings, as well as Tsireyaand the other Metkayina, about his meeting with Payakan, but Tsireya informs him thatPakayan is an outcast among the other Tulkun..

Tsireya leads the others to the cove of theirancestors, showing them how the land looks during the eclipse, after Lo'ak attempts to communicatewith Payakan to learn more about his history. She also leads them to the Metkayina Treeof Souls. Kiri can see and communicate with Grace after connecting to the Tree. Kiri, onthe other hand, has a terrible seizure and is brought back to the shore by her siblings.Jake recruits Norm and Max to assist Kiri, but they are ineffective until Ronal tries herhand and successfully revives Kiri. Norm informs Jake that any visions she believes she is seeingare likely the result of frontal lobe epilepsy. Unfortunately, Quaritch's teammate Lyle Wainfleetinforms him of a radar picked up from the gunship on which Norm and Max arrived. The villainsthen meet up with a whaling vessel led by.

Captain Mick Scoresby and Dr. Ian Garvin to gainan advantage, as they are already looking for anti-aging remedies in Tulkun. The Metkayina,including Ronal and her soul sister Roa, form a bond with their Tulkun. Quaritch and histeam arrive soon after. They brutally murder a Tulkun and threaten a Metkayina woman unlessJake and his family's location is revealed. Spider is horrified and tries to persuade hisfather to stop. The villains then set fire to their trees and homes. Quaritch orders his teamto attack in order to attract Jake's attention. Lo'ak tries once more to question Payakanabout what he did to make him an outcast. Payakan opens his mouth, allowing Lo'ak toenter and connect with him. Lo'ak sees Payakan's memories and realizes he attacked the whalersbecause they murdered his mother and family..

Lo'ak tries to tell the Metkayina about the newinformation, but Jake tries to silence him so that they don't further alienate the Metkayina. Lo'akdiscusses this with Tsireya, who believes in him. The whalers launch an attack, launching harpoonsloaded with inflatables and piercing the Tulkun's fins, including Roa and her child. Ronal and theother Metkayina arrive after collecting their material from her, and Ronal weeps in agonyat the loss of her soul sister and her child. Tonowari and Ronal, along with dozens ofenraged Metkayina, lash out at Jake for bringing the villains to their land, as theyexpected. When Jake mentions that the Tulkun will be marked for death by whaler trackers, heinstructs the Metkayina to warn the Tulkun before more of them are killed. Despite Neteyam'swarnings, Lo'ak goes off to warn Payakan..

He is followed by his brother, Tsireya and Aonung,and then Kiri and Tuk. They find Payakan, who has already been tracked. Neteyam alerts Jake, andhe and Neytiri set out to rescue their children. The whalers launch their attack, targetingthe children and Tulkun. Metkayina warriors join Jake and Neytiri in the fight.The children are taken prisoner on the ship after being captured during the struggle.Quaritch orders Jake and company to stand down, holding Lo'ak at gunpoint to demonstrate hisseriousness. Jake is about to surrender when Payakan notices his soul brother in danger andleaps out of the water, slamming down onto the vessel, taking some whalers with him. The Na'viseize this opportunity to charge into battle. They are able to kill the majority of the whalerswith the assistance of Payakan and the Metkayina..

Scoresby tries to harpoon Payakan, buthe wraps the wire around their boat, killing the men and severing Scoresby's arm. Kirimanipulates the ocean environment to kill some whalers after the kids escape. Spider, meanwhile,turns against the other humans and returns to his Na'vi family. Neteyam saves his siblings andtheir friends during the battle, but he is shot. The family arrives at a rock and attemptsto help Neteyam, but he succumbs to his wounds. Neytiri weeps in grief over her son's death,and the rest of the family is devastated. Quaritch contacts Jake, revealing thathe is holding Kiri and Tuk as hostages. Jake enters the sinking ship with Neytiri,Spider, and Lo'ak for the final showdown. In retaliation for Neteyam, Neytiri slaughtersQuaritch's team ruthlessly, just as Jake prepares.

To face his nemesis. Quaritch appears with Kiriand a knife to her throat after Jake frees Tuk. Neytiri grabs Spider and threatens him withdeath. Despite his attempts to deny his concern for and relationship with the boy, Quaritchrelents and lets Kiri go after Neytiri cuts Spider across his chest. Neytiri rescues thechildren, and Jake decides to fight to the death with Quaritch. The ship begins to sinkcompletely, trapping the family underwater. Jake fights Quaritch until he gets him in achokehold and allows him to sink underwater. Lo'ak finds his father, who tells him to leavewithout him because Jake doesn't think he'll make it, but Lo'ak helps him breathe the way Tsireyademonstrated, and they escape with Payakan. Meanwhile, Kiri summons the underwater creaturesto assist her in evacuating Neytiri and Tuk..

Spider swims to save Quaritch, but he abandonshim for his evil deeds and rejoins Jake's family, officially adopting him as a son. Jake is about tobid Tonowari farewell, but he informs him that he and his family are now Metkayina and are welcometo stay. Neteyam's body is then given to the Tree of Souls, and the family is told that he is nowwith Eywa. Jake and Neytiri connect to the Tree, where they can see Neteyam through memories.Recognizing this land as his family's new home, Jake vows to continue fighting andprotecting them, Then the movie end.

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